18 Delaware Laws 83rd General Assembly

  1. CHAPTER 16 -

    AN ACT to Amend Section 15, Chapter 9, of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware.

  2. CHAPTER 22 -

    AN ACT Concerning the Appointment of Electors Of President and Vice President.

  3. CHAPTER 33 -

    AN ACT to amend chapter 345 of volume 16. of the Laws of Delaware.

  4. CHAPTER 165 -

    AN ACT to exempt from taxation certain property in the city of Delaware City.

  5. CHAPTER 211 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 212, Volume 17, Laws of Delaware.

  6. CHAPTER 212 -

    AN ACT concerning the acknowledgment of Deeds in Foreign Countries.

  7. CHAPTER 213 -

    AN ACT concerning Assignments of Mortgages.

  8. CHAPTER 218 -

    AN ACT to enlarge the time for holding the Superior Court in Now Castle County.

  9. CHAPTER 220 -

    AN ACT in relation to the Action of Replevin.

  10. CHAPTER 221 -

    AN ACT in Relation to Mortgages.

  11. CHAPTER 223 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 4 of Chapter 106 of the Revised Code of theState.

  12. CHAPTER 229 -

    AN ACT for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and for other purposes.

  13. CHAPTER 239 -

    AN ACT to expediate the trial of Criminal Cases.

  14. CHAPTER 241 -

    AN ACT relating to taxes for County and Municipal Purposes.

  15. CHAPTER 244 -

    AN ACT to regulate the building of Wharves on Broad Creek.

  16. CHAPTER 246 -

    AN ACT in relation to the service of criminal process in certain cases.

  17. CHAPTER 247 -

    AN ACT to amend an act entitled, "An Act Taxing Manufacturers, and for other purposes," Chapter 24, Vol. 14, Delaware Laws.

  18. CHAPTER 456 -

    AN ACT to change the name of Broad Creek in Sussex County to Laurel River.

  19. CHAPTER 459 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 16, Volume 18, Part 1, of the Laws of the State of Delaware.

  20. CHAPTER 460 -

    AN ACT taxing Telegraph Companies doing business in this State.

  21. CHAPTER 465 -

    AN ACT to exempt from Taxation certain Property in the Town of Newport and adjacent thereto.

  22. CHAPTER 478 -

    AN ACT authorizing the appointment of one additional constable in New Castle County.

  23. CHAPTER 546 -

    SECTION 1. That the name of the corporation created by the act entitled "An Act to incorporate the Ferris Reform School," passed at Dover, March 10, 1885, is hereby changed from `The Ferris Reform School" to "The Ferris Industrial School," by which last name the said corporation shall hereafter be known, and under such new name it shall be entitled to and shall hold, exercise and enjoy all the property, rights, powers, privileges, franchises and immunities now and heretofore held and enjoyed by said corporation in any manner whatever.

  24. CHAPTER 553 -

    AN ACT in relation to a State Hospital for the Insane.

  25. CHAPTER 554 -

    AN ACT in relation to the licenses of deceased inn or tavern proprietors.

  26. CHAPTER 555 -

    A. FURTHER SUPPLEMENT to the act entitled An Act to regulate the sale of intoxicating liquors, passed at Dover, April 10, 1873.

  27. CHAPTER 618 -

    AN ACT to regulate the navigation of St. Jones' River.

  28. CHAPTER 619 -

    AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An Act regulating Pilots and Pilotage of and in the Bay and River Delaware."

  29. CHAPTER 625 -

    AN ACT to re-Incorporate Delaware College.

  30. CHAPTER 661 -

    AN ACT to prevent bogus sales within the City of Wilmington.

  31. CHAPTER 671 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 25 of Chapter 84 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Delaware.

  32. CHAPTER 674 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 89, Revised Code.

  33. CHAPTER 677 -

    AN ACT to define certain duties of the Justices of the Peace.

  34. CHAPTER 678 -

    AN ACT to amend Chap. 99, Revised Code.

  35. CHAPTER 679 -

    AN ACT to amend the act entitled "An Act in relation to Mechanics' Liens," passed at Dover, March 20th, A. D. 1870.

  36. CHAPTER 680 -

    AN ACT in relation to the advertisement of sheriff's sales.

  37. CHAPTER 681 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 1 of Chapter 90, of Vol. 14, Laws of Delaware, entitled "An Act concerning corporations."

  38. CHAPTER 697 -

    AN ACT declaring "Memorial Day" a legal holiday.