Responsibilities & Functions

    The Controller General's Office provides fiscal analytical staff to the Joint Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). In this role, the staff of the Controller General's Office drafts and produces the Budget Bill, the Bond Bill and the Grant In Aid Bill as well as participates in all Administration and Legislative (JFC) Budget Hearings.

    All bills are reviewed by the Controller General’s Office for fiscal impact after they have been introduced. If a Fiscal Note is required there will be an indication in the LIS system and the fiscal note will be attached to the bill upon completion.

    All federal grant applications are reviewed by the Controller General's Office prior to being voted on by the Clearinghouse Committee.

    The staff of the Controller General's Office performs year round fiscal and policy duties with state agencies on behalf of the Legislature. The analysts also have responsibility for legislative policy areas and initiatives.

    General Fund transfers, changes in spending authority (AAs), personnel critical reclassification requests and a variety of individually applied for funding sources all pass through an analyst and the Controller General for approval.

    The Office of the Controller General provides continuing staff support to legislators, standing committees and ad hoc committees of the Legislature. The office also participates as staff and/or members of several statewide committees.

    The LIS system was created in Controller General's Office, by the Legislative Information Systems (LIS) group.  It is currently supported by DTI’s Application Delivery team, in conjunction with the LIS group.