AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to amend Chapter 111 of the Revised Code, in relation to sale of lands and tenements under execution process," passed at Dover, February 1, 1877.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

SECTION 1. That Section 1 of Chapter 478, Volume 15, Laws of Delaware, be and the same is hereby amended by striking out all of said section after the word "process," in line 27 thereof, and substituting therefor the following, namely : "notice of such sale as aforesaid shell also be advertised for two weeks previous to the time of said sale in two newspapers of the county wherein the said property is situated to be settled by the sheriff: Provided, That not more than three insertions per week shall be made in any one newspaper : And provided further, That if there is only one newspaper published in said county at said time, the sheriff may select a newspaper in one of the other counties, and if there shall be no newspaper in said county he may select two in the other counties : And provided further, that the publishers of said newspapers shall not be paid for such advertising a higher rate than their ordinary charges for transient advertisements."

Passed at Dover, March 3, 1879.