Joint Resolution in relation to the Unpublished Law Reports.

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Slate of Delaware in General Assembly met:

That Robert G. Houston and Robert H. Van Dyke be and they are hereby authorized and requested to prepare for publication and to publish the decisions of the law courts of this State decided subsequent to those contained in the sixth volume of Houston's Reports and prior to the retirement of Hon. John W. Houston as Associate Judge of the Superior Court of this State; and that the law applicable to the distribution of the law reports of this State and the payment for the same by the State Treasurer on warrant duly drawn shall apply to the publications authorized by this resolution. That the said Robert G. Houston and Robert H. Van Dyke, in their discretion, may publish the criminal cases in the same volumes with the civil cases or separately; and for their services rendered in the preparation of the aforesaid reports shall together receive the sum of two hundred dollars for each volume, of the usual size, so published, to be paid by the State Treasurer at the same time and on a similar warrant as that for the payment for the reports aforesaid.

Adopted at Dover, March 22, 1893.