Joint Resolution appointing Commissioners to Run and Mark the Division Line between the Counties of Kent and Sussex.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

That Andrew Lord and Thomas Curry of Sussex county, and Nicholas R. Johnson and Charles J. Harrington of Kent county, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to run and mark the division line between the counties of Kent and Sussex from a fork in the Mispillion creek at the junction of the Tan-trough branch and Beaver-dam branch to the line dividing the State of Maryland and Delaware; and that William A. Atkinson be surveyor to assist said commissioners. That the said commissioners shall procure and cause suitable stones to be set on said line at such distance apart as shall be deemed necessary and proper and make returns of their proceedings to the next Grand Assembly, together with a plot showing the courses and distances of said line and location of the stones by them established, and that upon the approval by the General Assembly of the return of said commissioners the said return and plot shall be recorded in each of the counties of Kent and Sussex, and the original thereof filed in the office of the Secretary of State. That thereupon the line so established shall be and become the line between the said counties, and the record of said return and plot shall be received in evidence in all questions in which the line between the said counties may arise. The said commissioners and surveyor shall receive such compensation as the General Assembly may determine and allow, but the laborers employed by said commissioners and the cost and expenses incurred in securing stones for marking said line, and the getting of the same, shall be paid by the State Treasurer upon the orders of the said commissioners out of any money in his hands, not otherwise appropriated.

Adopted at Dover, March 9, 1893.