GENERAL ELECTIONS AN ACT to Repeal 1738, Section 18, Chapter 60, of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware entitled "General Elections" and to substitute in lieu thereof a new section providing for Ropes or Chains used at Polling Places.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That 1738. Section 18, Chapter 60, of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware entitled "General Elections", be and the same is hereby repealed and a new Section substituted in lieu thereof as follows :

1738. Section 18. ROOM FOR HOLDING ELECTIONS; INSPECTOR TO PROVIDE; LOCATION; PLAN OF; ENTRANCE; CHANGE OF VOTING PLACE; NOTICE; FURNITURE; BOOTHS; DUTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTIONS AS TO: It shall be the duty of each Inspector of Elections in this State, outside the City of Wilmington, to provide a room for the holding of any general or special election in his Election District, which shall be adapted to the requirement of this Chapter. Said room shall be at the place established by law in each election district for the holding of elections, or in as close proximity thereto as practicable, having due regard to the convenience of the voters. If the Inspector shall select a place for the holding of any general or special election in his Election District, other than the one established by law, he shall do it in time to give the notice of holding such election required by law. Said room shall have a door or entrance of easy or convenient access, and, if practicable, a separate means of exit. It shall be provided on the outside with a passage at least four feet wide and with a railing, rope or wire on each side, commencing at least thirty feet away from and leading to the entrance to such place of election and passing the place assigned for the challengers, and thence to the room in which the election is held. The Inspector shall provide for the room a railing therein separating the part of the room to be occupied by the Election Officers from the remainder of the room. He shall also provide a 'suitable table and chairs for the use of the Election Officers. The table shall occupy such a position in said room as to enable the Election Officers and the Challengers hereinafter provided for to easily communicate with each other. He shall cause to be constructed in the room at least one booth for every one hundred and fifty voters, or fractional part thereof, in each election district ; provided that there shall not be less than three booths at any one Election District. The booths shall be at least three feet square and six feet high, if the ceiling will permit it. They shall each contain a shelf properly constructed and a cardboard box fastened to the booth to contain the ballots hereinafter provided for, and shall be so constructed and arranged that all the Election Officers in the room can see whether more than one voter enters any of them at any one time.

In the City of Wilmington, it shall be the duty of the in City of Wilmington Department of Elections to select a voting place in each election district within the City, and to provide the room, in which the election is to be held, to construct therein the necessary number of booths, and to do all other things required to be done by the Inspectors of Election outside of the City of Wilmington, in and about the furnishing and fitting up of said room.

If at any time it shall be impracticable to hold the election in any Election District at the place appointed by law, the Inspector of such Election District or other officer authorized to hold the election therein shall have power to appoint some other place in said Election District as near as can be conveniently obtained to the place appointed by law ; and he shall give public notice of the place so appointed, by advertisements posted in at least .five of the most public places of the Election District, if circumstances will admit of such notice being given, but if not, then he shall give such public and general notice as the circumstances will permit.

Approved April 22, 1931.