AN ACT to amend Chapter 117 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware relating to the Court of Chancery.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That Section 7 of Chapter 117 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware, being Section 3850 of the said Revised Code, as the same was amended by Chapter 216, Volume 34, Laws of Delaware, be and the same is further amended by striking out said Section and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

3850, Sec. 7. ORDERS FOR APPEARANCE; UPON FAILURE OF SERVICE AND AFFIDAVIT; PUBLICATION OF; UPON DEFAULT; DECREE PRO CONFESSO; ENFORCEMENT BY SEQUESTRATION OR DELIVERY OF PROPERTY DEMANDED; PAYMENT UPON SECURITY FOR RESTITUTION; PROCEEDINGS IF SECURED NOT GIVEN; FOREIGN ATTACHMENT:-If, after subpoena or other process issued, any defendant therein named shall not appear in obedience to said process and according to the rules of the Court, the Court may, on affidavit that such defendant is out of the State, and cannot be found to be served with process and that there is just ground to believe that he intentionally avoids such service, make an order for his appearance on a certain day and give notice of such order as the Chancellor shall direct. And if the defendant shall not appear, after such notice, according to such order, the Court may order the plaintiff's bill to be taken pro confesso, and may thereupon issue process to compel the performance either by sequestration of the real and personal property of such defendant or part thereof, sufficient to satisfy the plaintiff's demand, or by causing possession of the estate, or effects, demanded by the bill, to be delivered to the plaintiff, or otherwise, as the case requires. And the Court may also order the plaintiff to be paid his demand out of any property so sequestered, upon his giving approved security, in a sufficient sum, to abide any order of the Court for the restitution thereof upon the defendant's appearing to defend the suit, and paying such costs as the Court shall order. If such security be not given, the property sequestered, or whereof possession shall be decreed to be delivered, shall remain under the direction of the Court in the hands of a receiver or otherwise, until the defendant's appearance, or until such order shall be made therein as the Court shall think just.

If it shall appear in the bill of complaint that the defendant or any one or more of the defendants is a non-resident of the State of Delaware, the Chancellor shall have power to compel the appearance of the defendant by the seizure of all or any part of his property, which property may be sold under the order of the Chancellor to pay the demand of the complainant, if the defendant shall not appear, or shall otherwise default. Such property shall remain subject to said seizure and may be sold to satisfy any decree made in the cause, unless security sufficient to the Chancellor shall be given to secure the release thereof. The Chancellor shall have power to make all necessary rules respecting the form of process, the manner of issuance and return thereof, the release of such property from seizure and for the sale of the property so seized. Any transfer or assignment of the property so seized as aforesaid after the seizure thereof shall be void and after the sale of said property is made and confirmed, the purchaser shall be entitled to and have all the right, title and interest of the defendant in and to the property so seized and sold and such sale and confirmation shall transfer to the said purchaser all the right, title and interest of the defendant in and to said property as fully as if the defendant had transferred the same to the purchaser in accordance with law.

Approved April 12, A. D. 1927.