AN ACT validating as deeds certain instruments intended to be conveyances of real property.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. An instrument which by its terms purports to alienate or convey lands, tenements or hereditaments situated in this State and which prior to the first day of January A. D. 1927 was signed by the person or persons who at the time were the owners of the lands, tenements or hereditaments mentioned therein and which was also acknowledged by such owner or owners before an officer authorized by the Laws of Delaware to take acknowledgments, as the act and deed of such person or persons, shall be deemed and held to alienate or convey the title, estate and interest, both at law and in equity, of the owner or owners signing and acknowledging such instrument as aforesaid according to the true intent and meaning of such instrument notwithstanding that the said instrument is not under the seal or seals of the said owner or owners and notwithstanding that the said instrument does not contain the words commonly known as the "use Clause" and/or the word "grant" and/or the words "bargain and sell"; provided, that no right of dower or curtesy shall be barred or released except when the person who would have such right of dower or of curtesy shall have signed and acknowledged the instrument aforesaid ; and provided further, that nothing in this Act contained shall preclude any action or right of action, either at law or in equity, which any party in interest would have had if the instrument aforesaid had been under the seals of the persons executing the same and had been in the customary form of a deed in this State and this Act had not been passed.

Approved April 20, A. D. 1927.