Delaware General Assembly


WHEREAS, in the death of Honorable Carroll B. Massey, who was an honored and respected member of the House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in the One Hundredth General Assembly, this State has lost a useful and valued servant; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting that this General Assembly give public expression and offer its sympathy to the family of the late Mr. Massey in their bereavement, now therefore

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

That the General Assembly, on behalf of the citizens of the State of Delaware, does hereby express deep regret at the death of the Honorable Carroll B. Massey, of Dover, and emphasizes their full and sincere appreciation of his services to his State;

That we extend to his family the sincere sympathy of this General Assembly;

That a copy of these resolutions be spread at large upon the Journal, a copy delivered to the press, and a copy sent to his family.

Approved February 4, 1935.