Delaware General Assembly


Be it enacted by the Senate of the State of Delaware, the House of Representatives concurring therein:

THAT HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 8, in reference to the introduction of new business as changed and modified by House Concurrent Resolution No. 21 and House Concurrent Resolution No. 25, be and the same is hereby further changed and modified in such manner and to such extent as to permit the introduction and consideration of the following:

Senate Bill, Entitled: An Act To Amend An Act, Being An Act To Authorize The Town Council Of Georgetown To Borrow Money And To Issue Bonds To Secure The Payment Thereof For The Purpose Of Providing A Sewer System And Sewage Disposal Works For Said Town And To Control And Regulate Same, Being Chapter 156, Volume 37, Laws Of Delaware.

Senate Bill, Entitled: An Act To Amend An Act Entitled, An Act To Amend Chapter 90 Of The Revised Code Of The State Of Delaware (1915), Relative To The Regulation Of The Hours Of Employment Of Females," Approved April 1, 1935.

Approved April 24, 1935.