Delaware General Assembly


WHEREAS, In the death of Albert W. Cummins, a member of the editorial board of the News-Journal Co., on February 14, 1935, the State of Delaware has lost one of its most beloved citizens, whose interest in the public welfare and whose civic pride was admired by his thousands of friends throughout the State, and

WHEREAS, through his editorial comments the citizens of this State have been enabled to gain sound opinions on various matters of National, State, County and Municipal importance, and

WHEREAS, his patriotic work, fraternal work, newspaper affiliations and interest in college life have stamped him as one of the outstanding men of his era in the State, now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that this One Hundred and Fifth General Assembly, The Senate and House concurring therein, extend its expression of regret and sympathy to the members of the family of Albert W. Cummins, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be sent to members of his family and the press.

Approved February 25, 1935.