Delaware General Assembly


WHEREAS, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this state.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, C. D. Buck, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. B. C. Corporation, "A" "B" "C" Engineering Company, Inc., A. Chalikian, Inc., ABC Distributors, Inc., A. E. Braunfeld, Inc., A. F. G. E. Purchasing Association, Inc., A. G. McGregor Engineering Co., A. & M. Trucking Corporation, A. M. Carneiro & Co., Inc., A-P Oil Company, A. S. Dunning Incorporated, A. V. Lawless Motor Co. Inc., A. W. Middleton Holding Company, Inc., A. Weiner & Co., Inc., A. W. Strong Company, Acme Construction Co., Acme Auto Finance Co., Inc., Acme Distributing Corporation, The, Acoustical Laboratories, Inc., Aco Oil Corporation, Acme Products Corporation, Acqua-Pruf Company, Incorporated, Accessories Research Corporation, Acme Trading Company, Inc., Adometer Corporation of America, Adams Investment Company, Aeronautical Development Company, Aeronautical & Automotive Co., Inc., Agavan Corporation, Air Equipment Corporation, Affiliated Investments Corporation, Air Refrigerating and Processing Company, "After the Show, Inc.", Ajax Union Mining Company, Inc., Alaska Asbestos Inc., Albert B. Eggers Stores Inc., Alabama Coals, Incorporated, Alaska Chandalar Mines Company, Albemarle Corporation, The, Algabeno Corporation, The, Algerian DeglettNoor Date Gardens, Inc., Albert Ely Ives Inc., Alexandria Ferry Company, Alexander Film Service, Inc., Albert Grigg & Company, Albert Guggenheim Distilleries, Inc., Alaska Ketchikan Gold Mining Company, Inc., Alaska Kobuk Mines Inc., Albert Lea Syndicate, Alabama Mills Company, Aljo Securities Co., Inc., Alabama Warehousing Company, All America Tin Plate and Steel Corporation, Allen Discount Corporation, Allegheny Glass Corporation, Allen Gasoline Company, Alpha Holding Company, Allied Industrial Utilities, Inc., Allen Land & Building Co., Allied Organization Corporation, Alliance Plan, Inc., Alpha Printing Company, Alma Petroleum Corporation, Allith Prouty Company, All States Van & Delivery Co., Allen-Walker Associates, Inc., Amalgamated Atlantic Seaboard Network, Inc., Amalgamated Broadcasting System, Inc., Amusement Concessions, Inc., Ambassador Hotel Corporation, Amkorp, Inc., Amaranth Inc., Ambassador Market Company, Inc., Amador Reindeer Company, Amusement Service Corporation, American Air Race Association, Inc., American Air Aces, Inc., American Austin Car Company, Inc., American Carbon Company, American Corporation Bureau, American Cremaker Company, American Cable and Conduit Co., American Clipon Corporation, The, America China Export & Import Company Inc., American Department Stores Corporation, American Electric Brake Corporation, American Eryol Corporation, American Eagle Gold Mines, Inc., American Forwarding Company, American Flax Corporation, American Furniture Manufacturing Company Limited, American Gas Appliance Company, American Gold Mines Consolidation, Inc., American Glass Machine Corporation, American Importers, Ltd., American Indemnity Corporation, American Investment and Realty Co., American Kerament Corporation, American Land & Building Corporation, American Legion Home Incorporated, American Leaders Securities Corporation, American Minerals Company, American Mutual Sales, Inc., American Neon Light Company, Limited, American New Fashion Sales Corporation, American New Fashion Heel Corporation, American Orphans Protective Association, American Public Affairs Association, American Protective Counselors Corporation, American Producing Company of Cuba, Inc., American Rediscount Corporation, American Radio & Television Corporation, American Specialties, Inc., American Storage and Moving Company, America's Theatres Pictures Corporation, American Tax Lien Corporation, American Truck Association, American Train Control Corporation, American Ukrainian Bureau, Inc., American-West Indies Holding Corporation, Anderson Reduction Company, Anglo-American Founders Corporation, Anglo-American Press Association, AngloCanadian Funding Co., Inc., Antonio Gasbarro Company, Anthracite Gas and Oil Co., Anglo-Mexican Mfg. Co. Ltd., Ann Murdock Sales Corporation, Anthracite Mechanical Mining Company, Anigraphic Process Co., Inc., Annealing and Plating Corporation, Ann Reno Schools Inc., Annette Simpson Design Studio, Inc., Apex Corporation, Appalachian Gold Mining Corporation, Appliance Sales and Service Company, The, Aridice Corporation of America, Ards-ley Corporation, The, Arundel Company Inc., Arizona Dredging and Power Corporation, Arkansas Fuel Company, Arrow Hockey Club, Inc., Armstrongs, Inc., Arizona Lincoln Mines, Inc., Arrowhead Lake Company, Arthrogen Products Corporation, Arena of Pittsburgh, Inc., The, Art Craft Pen Company, Association of Creditors of Governments, The, Associated Gold Mines, Ltd., Associated Holding Corporation, Associated Hotels Inc. of New England, Ashmun Investment Company, Assets Liquidating Corporation, Associated Market Traders, Inc., Associated Metal Lath Manufacturers, Inc., Associated Operations, Inc., Associated Realty Corporation, Associated Shippers of America, Inc., Associated Shops, Inc., Associated Underwriters Corporation, Atlantic Brewing Company, Atlas Coal Corporation, Atlas Coal & Coke Co., Atlantic Corporation, Atlas Fireworks Company, Inc., Athens Gas Corporation, Atkin Industries, Inc., Atlantic Mortgage Company, Atlantic and Pacific Petroleum Corporation, Atlantic Paper Tube Corporation, Atlantic Seaboard Natural Gas Company, Inc., Auto Aircraft Investing Corporation of America, Automatic Drink Corporation, Automatic Florzone Heating Co., Inc., Automatic Molding Machine Corporation, Auto-Motive Finance Corporation, Automotive Parts Jobbers Association, Inc., Auto Servant Equipment Corporation, Aviation Tubing and Manufacturing Company, Inc.

B. & B. Luncheonette, Inc. B & B Products of Delaware, Inc., B & B Underselling Store Inc., B. D. Rose, Inc. Del., B. Finberg Inc., B. Glanckopf, Inc., B. G. Desmond Manufacturing Corporation, Bahama Isles Foods Corporation, Baker Electric Drill Company, Inc., Baker's Eye Rest and Specialty Company, Baltimore Acceptance Corporation, Ballard Plymouth Company, Balkeit Radio Company, Bantam Corporation, Bankers County Club, Bandalloy Piston Company, The, Bankers Realty Company, Barker Bakeries Incorporated, Barium Corporation of America, Barron Chemical Company, Inc., Barr and Dougherty Incorporated, Barshova, Incorporated, Barton Research Development. & Manufacturing Corporation, Battle Creek Personal Thrift Service, Inc,. Bay Auto Service Co., Bay Brothers Lumber Company, Baxter & Green, Inc., Bayhead Lumber Company, Beaver-Bethnal Gold Mines, Limited, Beausite Corporation, Beaver Finance Corporation, Beaux Publishing Corporation, Beacon Societies, Inc., Beatty & Wise, Inc., Bechtel Loan and Mortgage Company, Bellefonte Academy and School of Aeronautics Inc., Bel Monte Manufacturing Co., Belle Mead Sweats Inc., Bell Rese Industries, Incorporated, Bemis Redwood Company, Belmar Upholstered Furniture Company, Bell-Veatch Company, Beneficial Loan Society of Plainfield, Beneficial Loan Society of Waterville, Benish Restaurant Company, Inc., Ben's Auto Top & Body Co., Bentwood Farm, Incorporated, Bentleys, Incorporated, Bentley Mercantile Corporation of Delaware, Berger Bros. Inc., Berks County Bottling Works, Inc., Bergen County Holding Corporation, Berkmont Company, Bergsland Motor Company, Berol Corporation, The, Berkeley Springs Mineral Water, Incorporated, Beyer International Brick Corporation, Bethlehem Oil Corporation, Betsy Ross Kitchens, Inc., Better Ways, Incorporated, Big Bear Brands, Inc., Bigley Contracting Co., Big Cone Building Corporation, The, Birchmont Beach Hotel, Inc., Biscoe Company, Bingham-Lorimer Manufacturing Co., Bitrodite Paving Company, Biscayne Steamship Corporation, Bingman-Smith Oil Co., Black-hawk Brewing Company, Black Cat Corporation, Black Hawk Hotels Corporation, Blaise-Iberville Garage, Inc., Blackstone Oil Company, Blanche Wolf Corporation, Bloomsburg Anthracite Coal Mining Company, Blue Bird Hosiery Shops, Inc., Blue Jack Mining Company, Bloomington Personal Thrift Service, Inc., Blue Ridge Gardens Company, Blue Streak Products Company, Inc., Blocks Social Club, Bodine Cereal Beverage Company, The, Boardwalk Interest Company, Bohn Refrigerator Company, Books in Brief Inc., Bonner, Brooks & Co., Inc., Booth & Denton, Inc., Booth Fisheries Company, Bonicot, Inc., Bonded Liquor Stores Service Company, Bond Pool, Inc., Boral Alloy Products Corporation, Borger Land & Grain Co., Borrello Motor Company, Bowman Company, The, Boyer-Nugent Towing Co., Inc., Boxboard Products Co., Bowers Sign Corporation, Bowman Securities Corporation, Bradley Lumber Company, Brake Service Company, Brandywine Arms Hotel, Inc., Brewery & Distillery Securities Corporation, Breweries, Inc., Breezy Music Publishing Corporation, Breece Manufacturing Company, Breuer Wholesale Drugs, Inc., Brick Hotel, Inc., Brigham Petroleum Company, Bridgeside Realty Company, British Agencies Limited, Brooks and Anderson, Inc., Broussard Company, Inc., The, Brookline Country Club, Broomfield, Incorporated, Brooks, Inc., Brown Bros & Brown, Inc., Brown & Chipley, Incorporated, Brown-son Library Association, Brown's Mills Financing and Construction Corporation, Brown, Meier & Hemenway, Inc., Brownsboro Oil Corporation, Brownie Razor Co., Inc., Brown and Styring, Inc., Bryto Products Co., Buchner Company, The, Buckeye Sales Corporation, Bullfrog Corporation, Building Code & Directory, Inc., Bunny Farms Products, Inc., Building and Finance Co., Bunker Hill and Original Amador Mines Consolidated, Inc., Buffet Incorporated, The, Buffalo Manufacturing Corporation, The, Building Materials Exhibits Salons, Inc., Budget Purchase Plan, Inc., The, Burgemeister Brewing Company, Bureau of Commercial Economics, Inc , Bureau of Sponsored Education and Vocational Training, Ltd., Inc., Burkart Corporation, Burlyn Systems, Inc., Burk-Stone Company, Burnham Ark-Tex Properties, Inc., Business Accounting Machines, Inc., Business Specialists, Inc., Buzza Clark Inc.

Caldwell & Associates, Inc., C. A. Carney, Inc., Cairo-Bridge and Terminal Company, Calvert Club, Inc., California Crushed Fruit Corporation, C. F. J. Corporation, California Frank's Western Attractions, Inc., Claska Gold Mines, Inc., California Income Corporation, Cady Lumber Corporation, California-Mother Lode Gold Mines, Inc., C. Morrison Smith & Co., Inc., C-O-X Production Co., California & Oregon Lumber Company, C. Privitera, Inc., C. R. Cummins, Inc., Calmaid Shoes, Ltd., C. Stuart Phillips, Inc., C. & S. Furniture Stores, Inc., California United States Bond and Mortgage Corporation, C. W. H. Beyer & Co., Cameo Cinema Products Company, Cambrian Mining Corporation of Canada, Camp Shohola Inc., Canadian-American Distillers Corporation, Capitol Amusements, Inc., Caneal Coal Company, Capitol Candy School, Inc., Canary Food Products Company, Cane Harvester Corporation, Capital Management Corporation, Cantwell Mutual Insurance Company, The, Capitol Park Holding Corporation, Capital Wholesale Lumber & Millwork Corporation, Capitol Washing Machine Patents Corporation, Carl Baking Corporation, Cariboo Channel Mines, Ltd., Carolina Distributing Co., Inc., Carla Doreen Cosmetic Corporation, Caron-duPont, Incorporated, Carolina Exploration Company, Carnation Farm Products Company, Carlings Hotel, Inc., Cardinal Line, Inc., The, Carolina Mills, Inc., Carl N. Corwin Co., Carlton Pipe Line Company, Caravan Studio, Inc., The, Caroleen Securities Corporation, Carroll Mills Corporation, Caruso, Incorporated, Casco Development Company, Castle Motor Company, Central American Securities Company, Cellochrome Corporation, Central Industrial Company, Caton Lightning Conductor Company, Central Menu Service Inc., The, Central Okla Gas & Utilities Corporation, Central States Construction Corporation, Central Speedways, Inc., Central Transportation Company, The, Central Valley Corporation, Central West Public Service Company, Champion Mining & Milling Co., Chain Store Realty Corporation, Charleston Dry Dock and Machine Company, Charles E. Huber, Inc., Charles E. Winters and Company, Charpalas Foundation, Inc., Charles L. Hoyland Company, Charles M. Sledd Farms, Inc., The, Charles Restaurant Company, Chanotype System, Inc., Chandler Store Systems, Inc., Chemico-Biologic Laboratories, Inc., Cherokee Corporation, Chattanooga Coaster Company, Chemical Dusting Corporation, Chase & Gilbert, Inc., Chemicals, Ltd., Chesterfield Mines, Incorporated, Chemical Oil & Gas Company, Chase Williams Corporation, Children's Book Club of America, Inc., Chinati Corporation, China Cities Service Corporation, Childs Coal Company, Chippewa Oil, Gas, Coal & Clay Company, Chiriqui Properties, Incorporated, Chicago Produce Merchants Cartage Company, Chicago Research Corporation, Chinese Republic Publishing Company, Inc., The, Citizens Company of Minnesota, Cinatol Company, Circo Development Company, Citizens Discount and Investment Company, Incorporated, Citro Excavating Company, Cinamette, Incorporated, The, Christ-Light Ministry, Inc., City Loan System Inc., Civic Music Association of Philadelphia, Christiana Memorial Park, Inc., Clarkson Coal and Dock Company, The, Clarkson Coal Mining Company, Clark's Dollar Stores Inc., Clark Properties, Inc., Clarksburg Packing Company, Cleaners and Dyers Sales and Service Corporation, Club Amusements, Incorporated, Clifford & Chapman, Inc., Club Chantecler, Inc., Clutchless-Gearless Transmission Corporation, The, Clinch-Mitchell Construction Co., Clover Valley Mineral Water Co., Inc., Coaster Corporation of America, The, Coal Engineering Service Company, Incorporated, Codisco Corporation, The, Cod-O-Lene Corporation, Coffee and Tea Importing Company, Col-Cotta Glazing Company, Cold Storage Transportation Company of Brazil, Colman Securities Company, Collison and White, Inc., Colonial Chemical Corporation, Columbia Discount Company, Columbia Fruit and Candy Company, Inc., Colonial Mortgage Investment Company, The, Colonial Village Pool, Inc., Colonial Wholesalers Inc., Commonwealth Bond Corporation, Commonwealth Corporation, Commonwealth Development Company, Commercial Holding Company, Inc., Community Hotel Corporation of Alhambra, Commercial Industrial Loan System, Inc., Commercial Money Corporation, Compania Mecurio de Wadley, Commercial Refrigeration Co., Inc., The, Concord College, Inc., Concord Manor Development Company, Condit Service, Inc., Conroe Corporation, Connor's Dairy Inc., Consolidated Brands, Inc., Consolidated Baking Company, Consumers Coal Co., Constructors Equipment Company, Construction and Finance Corporation, Consumers Farm Corporation, Consolidated Furniture Companies, Consolidated Mining and Milling Company, Consolidated Mortgage Corporation, Construction Materials Corporation, Consolidated Press and Machinery Corporation, Consolidated Press Association, Consumers Supply Company, Continental Air Conditioning Co. Incorporated, Continental Aircraft Engine Company, Continental Clay Products Corporation, Continental Distillers & Importers Corporation, Continental Mining and Development Co., Continental Products Corporation, Continental Securities Company, Incorporated, Continental Securities and Holding Company, Continental Transportation Corporation, Conways Theatre Ticket Offices, Inc., Cook Book Corporation, The, Cook Baking Company, The, Co-operative Hosiery Sales Co., Cooper Amusements, Inc., Cooney Engineering Company, Corn Belt Land & Investment Company, Corozone Company of America, The, Corona Coal Company, Corbin Door Jamb Corporation, Cordovado Gold Dredging Co., Corporation Representation Company of Delaware, Corporation Security Underwriters, Incorporated, Cortes Corporation, Cosgrove-Meehan Coal Corporation, Cosden Oil Co., Costa and Petersen, Incorporated, Costa Rica Oil Corporation, Country Club Estates, Inc., Cox Baking Co., Inc., The, Coxe and Lloyd Leather Company, Cox Process Corporation, Crandall Realty Company, Crex Carpet Company, Creo-Dipt Corporation, Credit Finance Company, Credit, Incorporated, Creamery Managing and Marketing Company, Credit Service Exchange, Inc., Cronston Company, Inc., The, Cross Investment Company, The, Crown Beverage Company, Crystal Bottling Co., Crystex Corporation, Crownton Mining Company, Crown Point Gold Mining Company, Crystalene Products Corporation, Crown Printing Company, Cryshold Realty Holdings Corporation, Cuban-American Management Co., Cuban-American Corporation, The, Cue Bag Advertising Service, Inc., Cuban Estates Corporation, Cumberland River Power Company, Curl and Bennett, Inc., Curtis and Brother Company of Pennsylvania, Curtiss Baby Ruth Investments, Inc., Curtiss Gum Company, Curtis J. Cox, Incorporated, Curo Process Company, Custom Construction Company, Inc., Cynchro Electric Manufacturing Co., Custer-Hyantha Gold Mining Company, Inc., Customers Savings Bureau, Inc.

Da Costa Coffee Corporation, D. Di Carlo and Company, Incorporated, Dalton & Fulla, Inc., Dallas Korn-King Service Company, D. M. Hinkle & Company, Inc., D. Miller & Sons, Inc., D-V-A-Tor Company of America, Inc., Danville Brewing Company Incorporated, Dan S. Laub Company, David Lupton's Sons Construction Co., Davis Amusement Co., Davis Manufacturing Company, Davis Ponycycle Corporation, Daytona Beach Theatres, Inc., De Camp Consolidated Glass Casket Company, Deepsea Exploration and Salvage Corporation, Dehydrated Foods Corporation, D'Elia Kaufman & Kines, Inc., Del-Mar-Va Grain Company, Delta Orchards Corporation, Delmonico Wine and Liqueur Company, Inc., Delaware Brewing Co., Inc., Delaware Beneficial. Association, The, Delaware County Army and Navy Veterans Association, Delaware Hercules Chemical Corporation, Delaware Jewish Mutual Beneficial Association, Delaware Licensees Association, Inc., The, Delaware Manufacturing and Development Company, Delaware Patent Company, Inc., Depositors and Distributors Corporation, De Nu Products Corporation, Desk Equipment Corporation, Fettling-Hamilton Company, Detroit Housing Corporation, The, Dew Construction & Development Co., Inc., Dexter & Carpenter, Incorporated, Deverell and Picciotti, Inc., Diesel Light & Power Company, Inc., Diamond Toy Co., District Acceptance Corporation, District Baking Co., Inc., Dixie Curtain Company, Inc., Direct Distributors Incorporated, District Investment Corporation, Discount Purchasing and Liquidating Corporation, Distillers Patents Holding Corporation, Distributing Syndicate, Inc., Dixon Truck Service Company, Inc., Doherty-Brem Company, Dominican Sisal and Development Corporation, Dominican Tobacco Incorporated of Delaware, Dover Credit Bureau, Incorporated, Doraldina, Inc., Dorrco Slate Company, Dormer & Whitney, Inc., Dr. James E. Adkisson Clinic, Inc., Du-Mor Corporation, Duewna Mining Company, Du Ro Asphalt Products Company, Inc., Duffy's Glass Products & Construction Corporation, Dulche Loading Machine Company, Duquesne Beverage Co., Duplex Foundries, Inc., Duplex Heater Company, Duplex Spark Plug Corporation, Durham & Company, Dust Recovery, Inc., Dynamic Balance Co., Dyersburg Cotton Products Company, Dynes Hotel Company, Inc.

Eagle Creek Gas & Electric Corporation, East Coast Corporation, Easton Cooperage Company, The, Eagle Creek Gas and Oil Company, The, Easton Company, Earl E. Garber & Co., Inc., E. G. Fike & Son, Inc., Earl H. Johnson Coal Company, Eastern Laboratories Corporation, Earth Movers, Inc., Eagle Oil Corporation, Eastern Oklahoma Mortgage & Investment Company, Eastern Oil Corporation, The, E. & R. System, Inc., Eastern States Amusement Company, Eastern Supply Company, The, Easy Stages, Inc., Eastern States Mfg. Co., East Side Tire & Supply Co., E. S. Hughes & Co., Inc., Eastern Torridaire Sales Co., Ebarr Co., The, Economy Coal Company, Economy Hosiery Co., Economy Window Cleaning Company, Inc., Edwin B. Self-Incorporated, Edgewood Enterprises, Incorporated, Edwin H. Weil Corporation, Edward Hines Western Pine Company, Eddington Pure Rye Whiskey Distilling Company, Efficiency Realization Corporation, Ltd., Eden Wine Products Company, Ednel Wolf Corporation, Eighth Street Amusement Company, Electric Air-Conditioning Corporation, Electric Carpenter, Inc., Elbert Garage, Incorporated, Electrolytic Iron, Inc., Electric Limestone Company, The, Electronic Research Corporation, Electro-Technical Coatings, Inc., El Triunfo, Inc., Elmwood Farms, Inc., Elliot-Rodgerson Company, Elliot Treatment-Western Service, Inc., Englert Brothers Company, Eos Cosmetics, Incorporated, Engineering Development Associates Inc., Equity Investors & Distributors, Inc., Equities Improvement Company, Empire Lab., Inc., Empire Publishing Co., Inc., The, Emery, Peck & Rockwood Development Company, Equitable Sales Corporation, Empire Sheriffs & Police Officers Association, Empro Tile Corporation, Etex Oil Corporation, Essex Publishing Company, Incorporated, The, Evans Corporation of California, The, Everett Industries, Inc., Evansville Operating Corporation, Exchange Royalty Company, Everlasting Sales Company.

F. A. Durrant Advertising Co., Falls & Company, Family Finance Co. of Bethlehem, Fairview Gold Mines, Ltd., F. H. Ayres Agency of America, Inc., F. M. McConihe & Co., F. P. Edwards, Inc., F. Pinet Shoe Company, Inc., Family Security Corporation, F. W. Walter & Sons, Inc., F. & W. Grand-Silver Stores, Inc., Farrell and Clark Inc., Farm Products Chemical Company of America, Farmers Trading Company, Inc., Farmers Union Exchange, Inc., Federal Building Realty Corporation, Federal Chemical Co., Federal Land ind Livestock Company, Inc., The, Federal Mercantile Company, The, Federal Research Corporation, Federal Securities Company of Texas, Ferrocon-Grid Products Corporation, Ferroid Products Corporation, Fibrone Corporation, Fimanic Corporation, The, Fidelity Gas & Oil Co., Fibel Industries, Incorporated, Filmoid Products Corporation, Fibro Products Company, Fidelity Realty Corporation, Fifth Street Service Station, Inc., Fidelity Securities Trading Corporation, Firner Aircraft Corporation, First Choice Pictures, Inc., Fink's Hotel, Inc., Findon Manufacturing Co., First Montrose Corporation, The, First National Title and Abstract Company, First National Company of Boone, Iowa, First State Brewing Company, First Self Adjustment Brake Co., The, First Utilities Company, Fine Upper Leathers Corporation, Fiske Gold Mining Co., Inc., Flexible Buck Anchor Corporation, Flannery Manufacturing Company, Flexible Record Corporation, Flexo Safety Razor Corporation, Florida Bullfrog and Associated Industries, Inc., Flowerfields, Incorporated, Florenz Land and Building Corporation, Flores Mining Company, Flowery Mines Company, The, Food Securities, Inc., Founders Corporation, The, Ford C. Close Company, Inc., Form Distributing Company, Inc., Forty-Five, Incorporated, Four Hills Gold Mines Company, Inc., Fox Midland Theatre Company, Four and One Club, Ford Restaurant Systems, Inc., Fox Rocky Mountain Theatre Co., Foss-Southmayd, Inc., 4707 Connecticut Avenue Corporation, The, Forrest Theatre Operating Co., Franklin Aircraft Corporation, Frank Bowne Jones Co., Incorporated, Fradel Car Door Corporation, Frankfort Corporation, The, Franklin Commercial Discount Corporation, Franklin House, Inc., Frank Kurlansik, Inc., Francis Kelly & Co., Incorporated, Frank L. Fanning, Incorporated, Fraternal Order of Eagles, No. 2009, Inc., Fraser Patents Company, The, Franklin Realty Company, Incorporated, Frank Sutcliffe Inc., Freeman & Cahn, Inc., Frew Hall, Incorporated, Freeny's, Inc., Fresh-Keeping Package Corporation, Frenklore Manufacturing Company, Inc., French Sport Shop, Inc., Friedberg's, Inc., Fruit Juice Machine Company, Friends Mutual Association, Fruit Products Co., Irk.

G. B. Emsley, Inc., G. H. Breymann & Bro., Inc., G. M. Gustafson Company, Gause-Beard Plywood Company, Gaulus Corporation, The, Garrett Chevrolet, Inc., Garden State Holding Co., Inc., Gardiana Theatres, Inc., Garbers of Washington, Inc., General American Shares Corporation, Gerardine Corporation, The, General Distilleries, Inc., General Enterprises, Inc., General Hotels Corporation, General Homes & Development Corporation, Gerly, Ltd., George Lunch, Inc., Germantown Loan & Finance Company, General Leather Industries Inc., General Mortgage Co., General Oil Corporation, General Protective Laboratories, Inc., Gery Realty and Building Products Corporation, Georgia Tung Oil Corporation, General Television Corporation, General Water Works and Electric Corporation, George Y. Scoch Co., Gibraltar Casket Company, Gibson-Howell Sales Co., Gillies Lake Porcupine Gold Mines, Incorporated, Gillam Lubricator, Inc., Glenrock Athletic Association, Glassophane Corporation, Glycolite Company, Glenmore Co., Inc., The, Globe Construction Company, Inc., Globe Manganese and Copper Co., Globe Oil Company, Globe Television and Phone Corporation, Globe Welding Company, Inc., The, Gold Bar Holding Corporation, Gold Belt Mines Corporation, Golden Crest Mines, Incorporated, Golf Equipment, Inc., Goldberg & Einhorn, Inc., Gold Mines, Inc., Gold Star Mining Company, Gold Standard Mining Company, Gold Standard Mines of America, Ltd., Gold Seal Electrical Company, Inc., Goodbam, Inc., Goodrich-West Ports Steamship Company, Gorin Construction Company, Incorporated, Graf Enterprises, Inc., Grain Processors Corporation, Graphite Corporation of America, Gray Cab Sales Corporation, Grand National Air Lines, Inc., Granada Oil Company, Greek-American Citizenship Club, Inc., Greenbriar Apartment Company, Great Lakes Flowers & Bulbs, Inc., Green Lamp League, Inc., The, Green Lane Hosiery Company, Great Lakes Detroit Terminal Company, Greater Manhattan Corporation, Green Parrot Coffee Shoppe, Inc., Grey-ling Realty Corporation, Griffin & Bland Hotel Company, Gruenewald Brewery, Inc., Guggenheim Bros., Inc., Guardian Deposit & Discount Corporation, Guardian Finance and Discount Company, Gustafson Hardware Company, Gulf Mortgage & Development Corporation, The, Guaranteed Mortgage Company, Gulf Products Corporation, Gulf Shore Corporation, Gurley-Williams Engineering Corporation, The.

Hadley Anthracite Company, H. B. W. Securities Corporation, H. E. Whelan, Inc., H. H. Kahrs--"Cosmos"--Trading Corporation, H. J. Mann & Company, H. L. Carey Company, H. & M. Cash Market, Inc., H. N. D. Parker Mfg. & Pub. Co., The, H. P. Inc.: H. Russell Brand Patent Holding Corporation, H. Samuel Leonard, Inc., H. W. Morgan & Sons, Incorporated, Haiti-Caribbean Corporation, Hahn's Cleaners Inc., Hairtona Company, The, Haggerty, Inc., Hahn & Malloy Co., Inc., Hamilton Chemical Company, Inc., Hammond Syndicate Inc., Hancock Beverage Company, Happy Daze, Inc., Hancock Liquid Sulphur Company_, Hanford Petroleum Company, Harold C. Heermann Inc., Harlem Merchants Company, Inc., Hare Mfg. Co., Harry E. Gladman, Inc., Harris Electro-Medical Corporation, Harry Mitchell Brewing Company, Harriman Royalty Corporation, Harry Spivack Co., Harrison's South Bend Food Fountains, Inc., Harry Wolf, Inc., Hastings Brothers Company, Inc., Haug Machinery Company, Hazeleton Cooperage Co., Hay and McClure Incorporated, Headley Good Roads Company, Heggie Simplex Boiler Company, Heiser's Delicatessen, Inc., Helgenberg Plumbing, Inc., Helen Wick Investment Company, The, Hepburnite Corporation, Henrys Linen Supply Co., Inc., Henry Price Wright Company, Inc., The, Henry S. Hagert, Incorporated, Hentee Securities Corporation, Herndon Coal Company, Hercules Fibre Company, Hesperia Gold Mining and Dredging Corporation, Hercules Molybdenum Corporation, Herbert Sterilizers, Inc., Higman Express, Inc., Hickory Hill, Inc., High Powered Oil Company of Pa., Inc., High Silica Cement Corporation, The, High Street Store, Inc., Hillside Oil Company, Hirshowitz Brothers, Inc., Historic Films, Incorporated, Hix Royalty Co., Hochreich-Bregman, Inc., HochreichBregman Holding Corporation, Hoche Products Corporation, Hofbrau Breweries, Incorporated, Hoffecker Bros. & Hall Company, Hoffman Coal Company, Inc., Hoffman Chemical Corporation, Hollywood, Inc., Holly Oak Community League, Incorporated, Holland System Breweries, Inc., Holmesburg Golf Club, Inc., Homewood Amusement Company, Home Bakery Company, The, Honduras Development Association, Inc., Home Heat, Inc., Home Investment Company, Home Makers' Co-operative Association of Philadelphia, Horace G. Rutter, Inc., Horsathon, Inc., The, Horton Sweets Corporation, Hotel Properties Corporation, Hughes Franklin Theatres Company, Ltd., Hultman & Powell Corporation, Hugo W. Newberg, Inc., Hunter Baltimore Rye, Inc., Huntmor Investment Company, Hurricane Lighter, Inc., Hunter National Bonded Warehouses, Inc., Hurst Oil Co., The, Hydrocarbon Chemical Corporation, Hydrauger Corporation, The, Hyman Manufacturing Co., Inc., Hygiene Products Corporation, Imperial Brewery Corporation, Ia Coal Company, Illinois Corporation, The, Ideal Construction Company, Inc., I. C. Wilson Lumber Company, Importation Distributing Corporation, Illinois Die Casting Co., Import & Export Corporation, Ideal Home Construction and Loan Company, Imperial Hosiery Mills, Inc., Improved Industries Corporation, Illinois-Iowa Bridge Company, Ice-Kream-Pak Co., I. Magnin & Co., Inc., Imperial Orchard Company, The, Imperiplas Products, Inc., Imperial Theatres, Inc., Independent Coke & Coal Co., Insurance Credit Club, Independence Colony, A National Membership Association, Ingram & Co., Inner Circle Securities Co., Indiana Eastern Gas Corporation, Industrial Finance Holding & Home Corporation, Income Foundation Distributors of Washington, Inc., Income Foundation Distributors, Inc., Insurance Finance Corporation, Industrialists, Incorporated, Industrial Methods Company, Industrial Milk Processes Corporation, The, Independence Philadelphia Corporation, Industrial Realty Shares, Inc., Indiana Southwestern Gas & Utilities Corporation, Industrial Shares Inc., Industrial Traffic Association, Insulated Top Company, Industrial X-Ray Laboratories, Inc., Inter-American Air Transport Inc., International Beverages Corporation, International Brewing Company, International Battery Corporation, International Bureau of Resorts and Travel, Inc., Interocean Commerce Corporation, Interdependent Credit Corporation, International Cafe, Inc., International Cutlery, Corporation, International Cutting Die Manufacturers Association, Interstate Engineers & Contractors, Inc., International Food Products, Inc., International Fireproof Products Corporation, International Forest Products Incorporated, International Hydrocarbon Corporation, Interstate Investors Incorporated, International Knitting Mills, Inc., Intermountain Laboratories, Inc., International Laboratories, Inc., International Liquid Coffee Company, Interstate Mortgage and Discount Company, Inc., Inventors Manufacturing Corporation, Investors National Counsel Co., International Opera Company, International Police Foundation, Inc., Investigation & Research Corporation, Interstate Reporting Bureau, Inc., Interstate Retail Beverage Corporation, The, Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, Inc., Investors Sales and Service, Inc., Invincible Shock Absorber Corporation, International Turbine Corporation, Investors Trading Corporation, Investors Underwriting Corporation, Irvin Cobb Hotel Company, Isaac D. Hunt, Inc., Island Fisheries Association, Ltd., The, Iowa-Minnesota Public Service Company, Italian Marble Mosaic Co., Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge Company.

J. A. Andrew Co., Inc., J. B. Sheppard Supply Co., Jard Container Corporation, J. D. Evans Engineering Corporation, Jacob Daniels, Inc., James D. Stroud, Inc., J. D. Hollingshead Company, The, J. E. Eckstein Corporation, J. E. Lauer, Inc., James Haggarty, Inc., J. H. Kim Co., Jacques, Inc., James J. Cardiff Silk Company, J. and J. N. Harman Company, J. K. Sharp, Inc., Jacket Library, Inc, The, J. Laurance Banks, Incorporated, J. M. Grier Company, Jamaica Mining Company, Inc., Jacques Manufacturing Corporation, Jamestown Mortgage Corporation, Jackson Oil Company, Jackson Personal Thrift Service, Inc., J. R. Brossard & Company, Inc., J. R. Ackerman Corporation, J. T. Williams Company, James Thacher Productions, Inc., Jennings Associates, Inc, Jim Butler Tonopah Mining Company, Jennings & Company, Jis Corporation, Jensen's Cafe, Inc., Jefferson Corporation, Jersey Colloidal Company, Jeunesse D'or, Inc, Jean, Inc., Jenkintown Motors, Inc., Jenkins Steamship Company, The, Jersey Winchester Corporation, John Dew Industries, Inc., John Graf Brewing Company, John M. Duff, Jr., Inc., Jolly Manufacturing Company, John P. Seery, Inc., John P. F. White Construction Company, John S. Holden Co., Joal Securities Co., Inc., Joseph A. Gartner, Inc., Jordan's Inc., Joseph M. O'Connor, Inc., Joyce-Moore Social Club, Inc., Joseph Sidewater, Inc., Justice Credit Corporation, Julian J. Chisolm Inc.

K. A. Blending Company, Inc., Kale Corporation, K. Dorfman, Inc., K. F. H. Investment Corporation, K. H. Simmons Corporation, Kallman & Morris Evening Dresses, Inc., Kantos Corporation, Kauffman Co., Kansas & Eastern Gas Corporation, Kaufman's Fur Shop, Inc., Karsmile, Inc., Kegs Corporation of America, Keit-Engel, Inc., Kehrer Motor Company, Kellogg-Dils Inc., Ken-green Gas Utilities Corporation, Kentucky Hydro Electric Company, Kentucky Products Company, Kentucky Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Corporation, Kentucky Tex Oil Corporation, Keystone Gravel Company, Kettleman Hills Corporation, Keystone Heating & Equipment Corporation, Keystone Jersey Corporation, Keystone Manufacturing & Sales Co., Keylock Petroleum Co., Keystone Transportation Co., Inc., Kiel Corporation, The, Kim's, Inc., Kidd Products Corporation, Kingsberg Corporation, The, Kinematic Corporation of America, Kingsbury Commercial Company, Kismet Mines, Incorporated, King & Queen Holding Corporation, King & Queen Sales Corporation, Klegan Coal Co., Inc., Knut-Kola Corporation, Knoeppel & Minor, Incorporated, Kohler Aviation Corporation, Korn-King Service Company, Krupot Gold Mines Corporation, Kulp Coal Company, Kuhnsville Hotel, Inc., Kwick Manufacturing Company, Ky Oil & Gas Development Corporation, Kulair Products Corporation, Kuhn Pressure Motors, Inc.

Lacette Company, The, Lab Electric Company, Laclede Gas and Electric Company, L. & H. Transportation Co., L. L. Harr & Company, Incorporated, Lacma Laboratories, Inc., Lacer Manufacturing Company, Inc., L. M. Decker Co., Laboratory Products, Inc., Laird Products Company, Inc., Labor Products & Ice Company, Labette Petroleum Company, La Rue Chemical Co. Inc., La Salle Bottling Company, La Trinidad Mining Company, La-Tokas Company, Lambros Continental Gardens, Inc., Lambda House Corporation, Landis Analysis Corporation, Landis Press, Inc., The, Lancaster Royalties, Inc., Larry's Apparel Co., Lansdowne Corporation, Laredo Hotel Company, Lash & Black, Inc., Lau Motor Company, Inc., Layne-Bowler Chicago Company, Lawyers' Charter Service Company, Lawrence Martoia Inc., Layton and Owens Manufacturing Company, Lawrence Regan and Company, Le Roi Cinnabar Mines, Incorporated, Leader Tobacco Company, Limited, The, Ledyard Heckscher & Company, Leechburg Lead & Zinc Mining Company, Lehr Brothers, Incorporated, Legal Clearance Corporation, Lehigh Distributing Company, Inc., Legal Incorporating Co., Inc., Lenape Oil Company, Lemae Petroleum Corporation, Lewiston-Auburn Personal Thrift Service, Inc., Lewis C. Frank Corporation, Lewis-Kite-Walter Company, Lewis Oil Corporation, Liberty Brace-Belt, Incorporated, Lichtin's Pharmacy, Inc., Lightnin' Tacker Company, Light Weight Noiseless Electric Street Car Company, Lincoln Development Corporation, Liner Holding Company, Inc., Lincoln Pleasure Park, Inc., Liquidating Corporation of America, Lite Corporation of America, Lippincott & Co., Incorporated, Little Food Fair, Inc., Lipschultz Finance Corporation, The, Lirames, Inc., Littodd Mining & Smelting Company of America, The, Lititz Motor Sales, Inc., Llano Oil and Development Company, Inc., Loeb Department Store Company, The, Loeber-Gossard Shop, Inc., Loew's Ohio Theatres, Inc., Loop Coal and Dock Company, Longfellow Leasing Company, Inc., Loncashire Realty Company, Long Vein Gold Mining Corporation, Louisiana Coastal Lands, Inc., Loughborough Development Corporation, Louisville Gas Royalties, Incorporated, Louise Manufacturing Company, Louisville Seed Company, Lou-Val Company, Inc., Loxcreen Company, Inc., LugerBuur Furniture Company, Luminus Color Corporation, Lulu Mining Corporation, Lum-Ray Manufacturing Company, Lupton Steel Equipment Corporation, Lyon Development Company, Inc.

M. & G. Stores, Inc., M. G. Moshithes Land Co., Inc., M. H. Brennan Co., Inc., Macklee Investments, Inc., M. J. Corporation, M. Otlin, Inc., M. P. Lamoureux Motor Co., Machinery Pipe & Supply Co., Mahood Corporation, Majestic Distributors Inc., Mai-son's Inc., Maier Pipe Company, Maison Rue, Inc., Manufacturers' Agents, Incorporated, Mandale Coal Company, Manstyle Clothes, Inc., Manchester Damp Wash Laundry Co., Manufacturers Finance & Mortgage Loan Corporation, Man-Jack Land & Building Corporation, Manayunk Merchandising, Inc., Manselli Safety Helicoplane Corporation, Marge Corporation, The, Marion Coal Company, Mariposa Company, The, Marathon Exhibition Company, Marie Hailstone O'Connell, Inc., Marion Realty Company, Maria Santissima del Carmine Italian Catholic Mutual, Beneficial Society, Margaret Withers Shop of Washington, Inc., The, Margaret Withers Shops, Incorporated, Marketing Associates, Inc., Markham & Company, Inc., Marshall Fuel & Iron Corporation, Marshall Flour Mills Company, Marshall-Matheson Company, Martin Aeroplane Corporation, Maryland Furniture Co., Inc., Martine Haubret, Inc., Mason Credit Company, Masoneal Gasoline Co., Mas Royalties Corporation, Masonic Star Publishing Corporation, Mastertype Corporation, Mass Production Corporation, Mata-Hari, Incorporated, Maxso Company, The, Mavin Corporation, The, May Development Corporation, Mautal Mines, Inc., Matzka Products Corporation of Delaware, Maural Realty Company, May Radio and Television Corporation, Maytham Steamship Company, The, Medical Arts Drug Company, Mechanics Association, Incorporated, Medway Corporation, Mechanical Devices Corporation, Medicinal Dispensing Corporation, Mechanical Dispensers, Incorporated, Medow, Inc., Meletis Manufacturing Co., Melsons Sanitary Stores, Inc., Memphis Mines, Inc., Merdel Beverage Company, Inc., Merchants Foundation, Inc,, Mercantile Mortgage and Discount Company, Inc., Meramec Portland Cement & Material Company, Merton and Company, Merrimac Coaster Company, Messrs. Daniels & Co., Inc., Messinger's Merchants Lunch Rooms, Inc., Merrittstown Social Club, Metropolitan Brewers, Inc., Metropolitan Credit and Discount Corporation, Metropolitan Chain Stores, Inc., Metals Equities Management Corporation, Metal-Maide Corporation, The, Metallurgical Process Corporation, Metals Powder Co., Inc., Metropolitan Truckers Assoc., Inc., Meter Washing Machine Company, Mexican Autorefrigeration Corporation, Mexican Engineering Corporation, Mexican Mining Company, Midwest Debentures, Inc., Midland Engineering Corporation, Midland Interstate Corporation, Midland Materials Company, Middletown Sales and Service Company, Midland Steamship Corporation, Middle States Public Service Company, Midwesco Theatres, Inc., Midwest Theatres, Inc., Mid-West Railway Supply Company, Mid Western Battery Co., The, MidWest Monarch Corporation, Milk & Ice Cream Dealers Association of Greater Pittsburgh, Military Outlet Corporation, Miller, Coke & West Corporation, Mills Electrolien Corporation, Miller Lock & Safe Co., City Miller Pork Products, Inc., Miller's Quaker Trucking Company, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Milton Cemetery Improvement Company, The, Milton Shirt Co., Miquelon Automotive Products, Inc., Minnesota Carbon Black Company, Minwa Corporation, The, Mineral Crystals Corporation, Minquadale Fire Co. Inc., Minnetonka Holding Company, Mines & Metals Corporation, Minute Make-Up Co., Inc., Mineral Products Manufacturing Company, Miracle Refining Company, Inc., Mississippi Gas Company, Miss-Lou-Ala Development Co., Missionary and Relief Workers Association, Mississippi Valley Utilities Corporation, Modern Associates, Incorporated, Modernice Corporation of America, Modoc Gold Mines (Inc.), Modern Investment Company, Model Market, Inc., Mod-Urn Coffee Service, Inc., Montague Construction Corporation, Monterey Inn Company, Monbar Inc., Monumental Perfect Brew Company, Monju Realty Corporation, Moorehead Mines, Inc., Moody Third Corporation, Morgan Mining Company, Inc., Morris Sales Company, Morris-Yost Welding Corporation, Mortgage Company of America, Mortgage Company of Pennsylvania, The, Mort Farr, Inc., Mortgage Finance Company of Baltimore, The, Motion Picture Foundation of the United States of America, Inc., Motor Service Garage Company, Moto-Vita Corporation, Mountain Corporation, The, Mt. Lebanon Brick and Supply Company, Mt. Ophir Mining Company, Mountain Park and Amusement Company, Mount Pleasant Brewing Co., Mountain Ridge Mining Company, Mountain States Credit Corporation, Mount Vernon-Woodberry Cotton Duck Co., Mount Zion Cemetery Association, The, Mrs. E. M. Edwards Co., Inc., Munsch Laboratories, Inc., Munlock Toy Company, Myersdale Coal & Coke Corporation, Mutual Housing Company, Inc., Mutual Profit Corporation of America, The, Mutual Protective Society of 'America, Mutual Products Company, McCoid-Armstrong, Inc., McCaughey Bros. Inc., McClatchy Bateman Company, McClafferty Engineering Company, The, McChesney Gold Mines, Inc., McDonald Steel Erecting Company, Inc., McElroy Oil Corporation, McElwee Printing Company, Inc., McFall Financing Corporation, McGuckin Clark Publishing Company, McKeesport Manufacturing Chemists, Inc., McLean Publishing Company.

N. B. White, Inc., Narrative Publishers, Inc., Nanticoke Tribe, No. 21 Improved Order of Red Men, Incorporation, Nash Products Co., Natural Cheese Corporation, Natural Food Company, The, Natural Gas Conservation Company, Natural Hard Metals Corporation, Navajo Indian Blanket Corporation, Nationwide News, Inc., Nevada Pacific Ranches, Inc., National Address Plate Company, Inc., National Association of Retail Beverage Dealers, National Association of Boat Builders and Repairers, Inc., National Business Enterprise Association, National Breweries Securities Association, Inc., National Bond Deposit Machines Syndicate, National Breweries Enterprises, Inc., National Christian Society, National Cast Stone Products Corporation, National Comfort Company, Inc., National Chiropractic College, Inc., National Clay Products Company, National Dress Stores, Inc., National Distributing Company, National Facade Corporation, National Finance Loan Service Corporation, National Fil-I-Ment Glare Eliminator Corporation, National Fibre Corporation, National Fibre Box Company of Pennsylvania, National Fibre Products, Inc., National Home Aid Society, Inc., National Investors Management Board, Inc., National Institute Eng., Incorporated, National Investment Securities Company, National Loan & Guaranty Co., Inc., National Leather Goods Co., Inc., National Neon Lights, Inc., U. S, A., National Offices Corporation, National Organizers of America, Inc., National Oil and Mining Company, National Pure Water Corporation, National Retail Counsellors, Inc., National Restaurant Institute, Inc., National Radio Advertising Corporation, National Sales System, Inc., National Small Loan Service, Incorporated, National Standard Gold Mines, Ltd., National Sound Studios, Inc., National Steam Barge Lines Corporation, National Stave Corporation, National Service Stations, Inc., National Service Advertising Company, National Service Publishing Company, National Trade Council, Incorporated, National Telepost Company, Inc., National Towel Vendors, Ltd., National Vehicle Advertising Corporation, National Vitamin Corporation, Neal's Food Mart, Inc., Nedick's Corporation, Neil Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, The, Neovita Company, Inc., Nevada-Mexico Mining Corporation, Nevin Van Lines, Inc., New Centrifugal Threshing Machine Company, The, New Deal Sales Corporation, New Deal Valet Service Co., The, New Era Tool and Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, New England Galleries, Inc., New England Brewing Company, New Era Holding Company, The, New Era Freezer Corporation, New Era Products Company, New Laundry Company, Inc., New Lake Mokoma Company, Newfoundland-Labrador Film Company, Inc., Newman Lake House, Inc., New Process Water Corporation, The, Newdeal Syndicate, Inc., News Transatlantica, Inc., The, New Tex Brewing Company, New York Cloak Shop, Inc., New York and Gulf States Line, Inc., New York Penn Oil & Gas Company, Inc., New York Transportation Company, New York Weekly, Inc., New York & Western Airlines, Inc., Nicollet Hospitals, Incorporated, The, Nifty-Jiffy Corporation, Nile Restaurant, Inc., Noblok-Cabinet Company, Nobis Cafeteria, Incorporated, Noah Mac-Dowell & Co., Inc., Norris Coal Co., Normanwood Corporation, The, Normandy Company, The, Norma Hosiery Shoppe, Inc., The, Northwest Amusement Company, Inc., North American Investors Company, North American Shipping & Mortgage Co., Inc., North American Finance & Investment Company, North American Mutual Life Insurance Company, North American Commerce Company, North City Drug, Inc., Northwest Company, The, North Central Corporation, Northeast Department Store Inc., Norwood Equipment Corporation, North Jersey Aeroland Corporation, Northern Kentucky Telephone Company, Inc., Northwest Radio Show, Inc., North Star State Hotel Company, Northern States Realty Corporation, Norva Steamship Company, Northwest Theatre Circuit, Inc., Nuway Corporation of America, Nu-Deal Beverage Company, Nu-Surface Products Company, Nu-Tread, Inc.

Oakland Amusement Corporation, Oakland Farms, Inc., 0. W. H. Industries, Incorporated, 0-Zoine Medical Co., Inc., The, Oceanic Salvage Corporation, Oilwater Burner Company, Oil & Gas Royalties, Inc., Ohio Investors, Inc., Oil Service Company of Washington, D. C., Okaw Stove & Enameling Co., Oil Well Flow Meter Corporation, Oliver American Trading Company, Inc., The, Old Colonial Benefit Association, The, Old Colony Wine Company, Inc., Old Germania Brewing Co., Old Guard Lubricants, Inc., of Philadelphia, Old Maryland Rye Corporation, Old Port Brewing Corporation, Omega Upsilon Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, Orion Company, Orient Importing Co., Inc., Ore Roasting Development Company, Oscar Green & Co., Owens Aircraft, Inc., Ozark Development Company.

Pacific Banana Corporation of Costa Rica, P. C. Holter and Co., Inc., Pacific Deep Sea Fishing Corporation, Paducah Electric Company, P. La Boccetta & Sons, Inc., Paducha Ohio River Bridge Company, P. Prodromou Company, Pack Shops, Inc., Paint Products Corporation, Pan American Wine & Liquor Importing Company, Panama Associated Industries, Incorporated, Pan-American Utilities & Mining Corporation, Pan-American Exploration Company, Pan-American Transportation Company, Pappas Bros & Co., Pan-Harmonic Corporation, Palace of India, Inc., Parma Corporation, Parlin Industries, Inc., Paragon Operating Company, Paragon Royalty Corporation, Patterson Engineering Company, Inc., Patapsco Finance & Investment Company, Patoka Holding Corporation, Paul Jones Contracting Corporation, Pecan Corporation of America, Peerless Dress Company, The, Peco Manufacturing Corporation, Pearsons-Taft Company, Pearl Valley Oil & Gas Company, Pelton Products, Inc., Peirce Securities Company, Peirce-Smith Converter Company, Penn Aid Society, Inc., Penn-Butler Hotel Company, Penn-Champ Oil Corporation, Pennsylvania Democrat, Inc., Pencharz Export Corporation, Penn General Securities Company, Pennsylvania Investment Holdings, Inc., Pennsylvania Lime Company, Pennsylvania Motor Freight Lines, Inc., Pennsylvania National Detective Agency, Inc., The, Penn Propeller Company, Pennsylvania Producing & Royalty Corporation, Penn Petroleum Company, Penn-Rye Distillery Company, Penn-Seaboard Corporation, Penn Thrift Corporation, Penn Valley Lumber Distributing Corporation, Penn Wheeling Coal Corporation, Penn Wayne Oil & Gas Corporation, Penn York Distilleries, Inc., Persian-American Trading Corporation, Personal Finance Company of Augusta, Maine, Personal Finance Company of Claremont, Personal Finance Company of Kenosha, Personal Finance Company of Matamoras, Personal Holding Corporation, Peoples Investment Company, Peoples Motor Service, Inc., Perpetual Management Corporation, Peoples Oil & Gas Company, Perfection Products Co., Percy P. Trump, Jr., Inc., Personal Rating Service, Inc., The, Perlman & Rogal Co., Perco-Steril Machine Corporation, Petrolier, Inc., Pflug, Inc., Pete-brook Investment Corporation, Petrilli Motor Corporation, The, Peter Penrose Inc., Peter Schemm & Son's Brewing Company, Petroleum Technical Associates, Inc., Philadelphia Bus Terminal Inc., Philadelphia Creamery Products, Inc., Philadelphia Garage Company, Philadelphia Insurance Brokerage Corporation, Phillips-Jones Employees' Investment Corporation, Philadelphia Legion Convention Corporation, Phoenix Oil Engineering Company, Philadelphia Optical Institute, Inc., Photometric Products Corporation of America, Phillips-Perryman Co., Inc., Philadelphia Petroleum Company, Photo Process Corporation, Physicians & Surgeons Exchange Accounting, Inc., Philadelphia Steam Heating Company, Phi Theta Sigma, Inc., Philadelphia Union Bus Terminal, Inc., Pickard Corporation, Pictures Holdings Company, Inc., Pilot Chemical Corporation, Piper, Drake & Schumacher, Inc., Pioneer Gas and Illuminating Company, Pines Hotel Company, The, Pioneer Industries, Inc., Pineora Pecan Growers, Inc., Pittston Beverage Company, Pittsburgh Beverage Company, Pitman Institute, Inc., Pittsburgh-McAlester Coal Company, The, Playland Athletic Club, Inc., Placer Gold Producers Corporation, Play-Goers' League, Incorporated, The, Planet Oil Company, Pleasant Pastime Company, Inc., Plymouth Patent Development Corporation, Plymouth Rock Gold Mines Company, Polygraphic Company of Washington, Pollock Oil Company, Popular Education, Inc., Port Orford Cedar Products Company, Portable Power Tool Corporation, Porphyry Reserve Copper Co., Potsdam Brewing Corporation, Poston Clay Veneering, Inc., Power Development Corporation, Powdered Fruit Juice Products, Inc., Potomac River Corporation, Powermor Utilities Corporation, Prairie du Chien Bridge Company, Pre Cote Corporation of Kentucky, President Corporation, President Hotel Corporation, Premier Mushroom Company, Producers Coke Company, Progressive Development Company, Producing Engineers Corporation, Pryor Engineering Corporation, The, Provident Hotel Corporation, Prime Knitting Mills, Inc., Provident Mortgage Corporation, Professional Oil Company, Profit Sharing Sales Corporation, Prosperity Thrift Corporation, Pro-Tex-U Mutual Casualty Co., Progressive Winding Company, Inc., Purety Beverage Company, Puritan Chemical and Solvents Corporation, Publix Enterprises, Inc., Publix-Fitzpatrick-McElroy Inc., Public Interest Corporation, Publix-Kansas Inc., Publix-Kentucky Inc., Pyramid Lighter Co., Puritan Laundry Company, Inc., Publix Netoco Portland Corporation, Pure Paint Manufacturing Company, Puraqua Products and Ice Company, Public Service Ice Corporation, Public Service Gas Corporation, Purity Supply Co., Public Service Corporation of Nebraska, Public Service Equities Company, Publix Westfield Theatres, Inc.

Quality Desserts Corporation, Quality Food Markets, Inc., Quaker Neon Sign Company Inc., Quintette Realty Company, Queen Underwear Company.

Radio Animated Merchandising, Inc., Rademacher Corporation, The, Rackarock Drilling Co., R. D. Arveson, Inc., Radio Electric Service Company, Inc., R. E. Wilsey & Company, R. H. Steward Sanatorium Company, Raiment, Inc., Radiopolis, Inc., R. L. Rankin, Inc., Radio Mineral Locating Company, R. McAllister, Inc., R. P. Whitty Company, Inc., Radio Real Estate Exchange Corporation, Radio Television Industries Corporation, Radio Talking Pictures Corporation, Rana Investment Company, Rand Peach Company, Rancho Rea Co., Rassman Brewing Company, Incorporated, Rawmer Corporation, The, Raymond Construction Company, Ray & Davidson, Inc., Ray D. Lillibridge, Incorporated, Raritan Engineering Co., Inc., Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, Inc., Red Boy, Inc., Redlhammer & Bomboy, Inc., Recreation Bowling Company Inc., Reading Chemical Company, Red. Comet News Corporation, Realty Corporation, The, Real Estate Management Company, Refrigerating Equipment Company, Real Estate Trust Company, The Real Estate Sales Company, Recovery Finance Corporation, Reduction Furnaces, Inc., Reading Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Re-New It Cutter Co., Realty Owners Service Inc., Red Oak Airport Corporation, Refinery Products Distributing Co., Republican Association of Roxborough, The, Republic Bancorporation, Rehabilitation Corporation, The, Regnaw Corporation, Regent 5 Cent & 10 Cent Lunchrooms Inc., Regina Gas Company, Reliance Industrial Bankers, Inc., Remington Machine Company, Reliance Oil Company, Reg Reb Company, Regal Restaurant Corporation, Regent Realty Company, The, Renraw Realty Company, Reliance Tailoring Company, Reliable Tire Company, Inc., Rhodes Alkali & Chemical Corporation, Rhodes Corporation, Retailing Executives, Incorporated, Retailers Mutual Fund, Inc., Restaurant Owners Commissary. Inc., Richard Furniture Co., Richmond Hammered Ring Company, Ricardo Mines, Inc., Ride-O-Graph Corporation, Riedel & Sons Mfg. Co., Rio de Oro Placer Company, Rio Grande Properties Company, Rio Yaqui Produce Company, Rittenhouse Drug Products, Inc., River Excursion Company, The, Ritzi, Inc., Riviera Wine. Company, Roaken Corporation, The, Robelle Investment Co., The, Robert Raymond Company, The, Robert Welch Corporation, The, Rock City Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Rockmar, Inc., Rockland Products Corporation, Romano Bros. Antique Reproduction, Inc., Rogers Furniture Company, Rodgers Investment Co., Inc., Roge Laboratories, Inc., Rodgers Motor Co., Rodgers Utilities Corporation, Roseland Amusement Company, Inc., Rosen Brothers, Inc., Roosevelt City Annex, Inc., Roosevelt City Heights, Inc., Roosevelt City Manor, Inc., Roslyn Concrete Products Co., Inc., Roosevelt-Garner Club of Clifton Heights, Pa., Inc., Roosevelt Gold Mines Limited, Rossco Sales and Service, Incorporated, The, Rotoserve Corporation, Rothstein-Goldstein Co., Inc., The, Rotoray Sign Corporation, Royland Corporation, Royce Corporation, Royalty Engineers, Inc., Roy I. Carter Drilling Company, Rowe Institute Inc., Royal Linen Products & By-Products Corporation, Roydon Products Company, Royal Sisters Inc., Rulite, Incorporated, Ruggles-Jackson Co., The, Rudemar Products Corporation, Russell Island Land Company, Russell Maguire & Co., Russell Oil Company.

S. & C. Specialty Company, The, S. M. Biron & Sons, Inc., Safety-Plate Corporation of Pennsylvania, S. R. Stronge Inc., S S and H Oil Company, Safety Sash Corporation of America, The, S. W. Straus & Co., Inc., St. James Corporation, The, Salvatore Cantera & Son, Inc., Salisbury Distributors, Inc., Sally Frocks Inc., Salvage Investment Corporation, Samuel Lakin Company, Samet Laboratories, Inc., Salzer Oil Corporation, Samuel Story & Son, Incorporated, Sandy Creek Oil & Gas Co., Sanitary Disposal Corporation, Santa Dorotea Estates, Inc., Sanitary and Heating Publishing Corporation, San Jude Mining Corporation, San Joaquin Finance Corporation, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc., Sanitary Research Bureau, Inc., Sanitary Service Corporation, Satisfaction Products, Inc., Savannah & Atlanta Railway Company, Savonal Corporation, Savoy Engineering Corporation, Save-theOdd-Cents System, Inc., Schaffhauser Brewing Corporation, SchatzBrau Brewing Company, Schiaparelli, Inc., Schillers, Inc., Schmidt Brewing Company, Schuylkill Beverage Co., Schuylkill Carbon Beverage Company, Scranton Airways, Inc., Seaess Corporation, Seaboard Discount Corporation, Security Discount Corporation, Security Ice and Cold Storage Corporation, Seaboard Mortgage Company of Baltimore, Seaboard National Health Foundation, Ltd., Sea-Resistant Cement, Inc., Securities & Realty Management Corporation, Selector Corporation, Seidel's Drug Stores, Incorporated, Selden Electric Indicator Corporation, Seminole Mortgage Loan Corporation, Seiders-Mather Corporation, Selden Steam Generator Corporation, Selected Securities Corporation, Sensibar Transportation Company, Sesler-Rush, Inc., Sewage Treatment Corporation, Shanghai Commercial Services, Inc., Shanghai Express Company, Inc., U. S. A., Shamokin Mining and Developing Corporation, Shafter Oil Company, Shamokin Produce Company, Inc., Shanghai Spectator, Inc., Shasta Coal Company, Shawnee Credit Corporation, Shaw Systems, Inc., Shasta View Gold Mines Corporation, Sheppard Import, Inc., Sherman Shoe Stores, Inc., Shirley Oil & Development Co., Shook Tire Stores, Incorporated, Silverbrook Coal Supply Co., Silver Dollar Tavern, Inc., Sigmund's, Inc., Silvers, Inc., Sierra Madre Gold-Silver Mining Company, Sidewinder Mining Corporation, Silvey Oil Corporation, Silox Pure Water Company of Philadelphia, Siegel's Realty Corporation, Simon and Co., Skouras Bros. Enterprises, Inc., Skateon, Inc., Sisk Pharmacal Co., The, Sixteenth Street Terrace Development Corporation, Stutz-kin Yarn Company, Small Oil & Pipe Line Co., Smith Amusements Incorporated, Smith & Strevig, Inc., Snyder Company of Phila., Inc., The, Socarnat Corporation, Sodasan Company, The, Sofis Catering Co., Soap Products, Ltd., Societe Suisse de Valeurs et de Portefeuille Co., Sonery Company, The, Soronow Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Southern Amusement Corporation, Southwest Bondholders Corporation, Southern Building Investment Company, Southern California Gold Mines, Inc., Soyex Company, Inc., Southern Enterprises, Inc., South Eastern Development Corporation, Southwest Gas Utilities Corporation, Southeastern Industrial Loan Corporation, South Plaza Corporation, Southern States Loan & Savings Co., Southern Securities Corporation of Washington, D. C., Southern Textile Corporation, Southern United Hotels Corporation, Southern Well Drilling Co., Speedway Sports Corporation, Space-Saving Furniture Corporation, Sportflight Aircraft Corpora. tion, Spot Diner, Inc., The, Spool-O-Wire Fastener Corporation, Spic & Span Cleaners Inc., Spinning Wheel Publishing Company, The, Spuncrete (North China) Limited, Spruce Scranton, Inc., Spring Street Properties, .Inc., Spring Valley Club, Stack & Company, Stacey-Trent Company, The, Stambaugh Construction Company, The, Standard Combustion Corporation, Standard Controls, Inc., Standard Dairy Products, Inc., Standard Electric Equipment Corporation, Standard Food Products, Inc., Standard Floor Company, Stanfield Gold Mines, Inc., Standard Group, Inc., Standard Painting & Contracting Co., Stanley Plumbing & Heating Co., Stanley Patents Corporation, Standard Piping and Fitting Company, Standard Road Marker Company, Standard Rock Asphalt Corporation, Standard System Investment Company, Standard Trading Co., State Brewing Co., Inc., Star Confectionery House Inc., Stape's, Inc., Statewide Security Corporation, Statewide Theatres Corporation, Sterling Beverage, Inc., Stetson-Blackman Corporation, The, Sterling Brewing Company, Stein & Company, Sterling Distributing Company, Inc., Steel Furniture Manufacturing Company, Sterling Ink Co., Stencil Research Institute, Inc., Stephen R. Jones, Inc., Steamship Washington Irving Corporation, Stover Co., Inc., Stonwell Gold Recovery Corporation, Stone's, Inc., Stone, Tile & Lumber Co., Inc., Strauss Light Corporation, Straus Management Corporation, Strange Printing Company (Incorporated), Structural Products Corporation, Sturmack Company, Inc., Studio D'art, Inc., Sturges-Morse, Ltd., Styltone Mens Shop, Inc., The, Suburban Oil Company, Superior Amusement Corporation, Superior Chemical Company, Inc., Supertint Corporation, Superoil Company, The, Sun Engineering, Inc., Superior Finance & Securities Corporation, Summers-Gardner, Inc., Sun Garden Canning Co., Superior Incinerator Company of Texas, Superior Investment Company, Supreme Loan Company, Summit Oil and Gas Company, Supreme Office and Window Cleaning Company, Sunbeam Oil & Gas Company, Super Pictures, Inc., Sun Ray Silk Mills Corporation, Superior Sales Corporation, Suzette Shoppe, Incorporated, Sulphur Vapor Bath Company, Superior Waste Disposal Company, Syndicated Enterprises, Inc., Swartz & Funston, Inc., Swinger's, Inc.

T. M. Smitham, Inc., Tagiti Bay Lumber Company, Tavern Equipment, Inc., Tamarack Gold Mines, Ltd., Tamaqua Holding Corporation, Talisman Pictures, Inc., Targan Sheet Metal Works, Inc., Taylor & Watson, Incorporated, Television and Associated Industries, Inc., Tenney-Conrad, Incorporated, Texart Corporation, Texas Development Company, Technical Development Corporation, Testing Engineers, Inc., Terry Export Lumber Company, Texhoma Gin Company, Texacal, Inc., Texacala Mining Company, Tennessee Neon Company, Tenants Service, Inc., Tenth Street Corporation, Textile Service Corporation, Telegraph and Telephone Age., Inc., Tennessee Valley Properties, Inc., Third and Brady Streets Corporation, Theatre Display Corporation, Tharmit Fabrics Inc., Theatregoers and Producers, Inc., Three Centuries Distillers, Inc., Thomas Holding Company, Thomas J. Regan Co., Thos. L. Blackwood Co., Thunderbolt Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Thompson Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc., Thomas Productions, Ltd., ThruService, Inc., Threemor Sales Corporation, Timothy Club, Inc., Tom Ayoob Co., Tomato Buyers, Incorporated, Toledo Beach Caroussel Company, The, Toltec Corporation, The, Toronto Apartment Company, Topkis Manufacturing Corporation, Trans-Europa Corporation, Transatlantic Financial Corporation, Trailerships, Inc., Traveling Library, Inc., The, Traveling Markets, Incorporated, Tri-Pie Corporation, The, Trans-State Corporation, Tri State Consolidated Telephone Company, Triplex Safety Glass Company of Philadelphia, Travawell Tours, Inc., Trau & Trau, Inc., Trustees System Discount Company of Chicago, Tularosa Basin Gas & Oil Co., Inc., Tung Oil Company of the United States, Tulsa Rolling Mills Company, Tumble Snuffer Company, Twin City Rubber Tire Company, Twenty-first Ward Prosperity Association, 2124 I Street, Incorporated.

U. S. Consolidated Paint & Varnish Corporation, U. S. Munitions Manufacturing Corporation, U. S. Foot Tricycle Corporation, U. S. Tung Oil Co., U. S. Treasury Mines Company, Universal Air Conditioning, Ltd., Universal Air Power Electric Corporation, Universal Breweries, Inc., University City Syndicate, Inc., Ltd., Universal Gas Corporation, Universal Home Specialties, Inc., The, Universal Home-Hospital and Temple, Inc., Universal Marine Aircraft, Inc., Universal Metal Sections Company, The, Universal Radio Corporation, Unity Sales Company, Universal Strander Corporation, Unity Service Company, Uncle Willie's Tire Stores, Inc., Union Auto Sales Company, United Agency, Inc., United Alloy Corporation, United Air Industries, Inc., United Brewing & Sales Corporation, United Building Service, Inc., United Bond and Mortgage Company, United Distillers Importers, Inc., United Finance Company, Union Gulf Line Steamship Corporation, Union Gas, Light and Power Company, United Industrial Bankers Incorporated, United Laundries of Florida, Inc., Union Oil Corporation, United Petroleum Engineering Company, United Premium Supply Co., United Producers, Inc., United Plywood Sales Corporation, Union Realty and Investment Company, United Realties, Inc., United Supply Stores, Inc., United Securities Corporation of America, The, United States Capital Corporation, United States Dirigible Corporation, United States Equipment Corporation, United States Finance Corporation, United States Holding Corporation, United States Travel Association, United Veneer Company, Utility Finance Company, The, Uris Holding Corporation, Utilities Hydro & Rails Shares Corporation, Utilities Supply Company.

Vacuum Rejuvenator Corporation, Valley Port Oil Corporation, Valuable Patents Commercial Corporation, Val-Toon Company, Inc., Varney Air Service, Ltd., Van Gordon Construction Company, Varityper, Incorporated, Varstovia Mines, Inc., Venezuela Gold Fields Corporation, Vermiculite Mines, Inc., Veelock Manufacturing Co., Velvet Pad & Ink Co., Vertrex Patent Corporation, Victor Amusement Company, Inc., The, Victor Holding Corporation, Viking Oil Corporation, Views Publishing Company, Vis-Audio Corporation, Virginian Corporation, Virginia-Carolina Tobacco Corporation, The, Virgbe Inc.

W. A. Brooks Furniture Company, Incorporated, W. A. Hutton & Company, W. B. Carter and Company, Inc., W. B. L. Distributing Corporation, W. C. Keithley & Son, Inc., Waft Corporation, Wahlgren-Carlson Optical Company, Wabasha Corporation of Delaware, The, W. and D. Company, W. Franklin Hodges Company, Wagner's Gas Stations, Inc., W. G. Becker, Inc., W. G. Wetmore Construction Company, Wade-Hunter, Inc., W. J. High-field Company, W. J. Schoonover Company, Waa-Kee Corporation, W. L. Edison Manufacturing Corporation, The, W. M. Bashlin, Inc., W. M. Rankin Company, Wahlgren Optical Company, Wagner's Tire Shops, Inc., Walker Drug Company, Inc., The, Wallace Securities Corporation, Walters Bottling Company, Inc., Walter G. Keen Agency, Inc., Walmore Investment Corporation, Walter J. Quinn & Brother, Incorporated, Walter M. Ivey Company, Walnut Realty Company, Wanamaker Beauty Culture School, Inc., Warmet Company, Warner's Renowned Remedies Company, Warrant Corporation, Warren Flight Beam, Inc., Warren Oil Corporation, Washington Brokerage Exchange, Inc., Washington Cleaning & Dyeing Co., Inc., Washington Daily Record, Inc., Washington Gold Mines of California, Inc., Washington Legal Bureau, Inc., Washington-Maryland Realty Corporation, Washington Mortgage Investment Company of Reading, Washington Professional Service Association, Inc., Washington State Theatres, Incorporated, Watkins Company, The, Water Engineering Finance Company, Water Mining Corporation, The, Waterville Personal Thrift Service, Inc., Wayne Manufacturing Company, Weibel Brewing Company, The, Weidner's Hotel, Inc., Welagan Co., Inc., Wellmax Corporation, The, Welte-Tripp Organ Corporation, Wenger Bros., Incorporated, Westend Club, Western Counties Gas Company, West Grove Canning Company, Inc., West High Pharmacy, Inc., West Indies Minerals, Inc., West Kentucky Electric Power Company, Western Logging Company, Westmoreland Observer Publishing Company, West's Pharmacy Inc., Western Royalty and Development Company, Western and Southern Lumber Corporation, Western Service Corporation, Western Venetian Blind Company, Western Water Mining Corporation, The, Wheeler Brothers, Inc., White Cab Corporation, White Enamel Refrigerator Company of Illinois, Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc., White-hair & Sinclair Incorporated, Whitemarsh Valley Market Inc., Widemann Brewing and Distilling Corporation, Widow's Mite Corporation, William E. Vogelback & Company, Inc., Wilby's, Inc., Wm. M. Duffy, Inc., Willshay Oil & Gas Corporation, Williams Rotary Still Corporation, Wilmingtonians, Inc., The, Windsor Corporation, The, Windham Corporation, The, Wise Co-operative Shoe Retailers, Inc., Winthrop Orchards Inc., The, Woco Pep Company of Montgomery, Incorporated, Wolf Edger Co., Wonder Heater Co., Wonder Water Company, Inc., Woodland Avenue Gift Shop Incorporated, Woodland Clinic Inc., Ltd., Wood-Peterson-Giffin, Inc., Woodridge Stationery and Printing Company, Woodrow Wilson University, Inc., Woolaway & Ault Inc., World Development Corporation, World Trading and Finance Company, Ltd., Wright Little Watchman, Incorporated, Wurzburger Breweries, Inc., Wulfsohn Company of China, Incorporated, The, Wyoming Avenue Savings & Loan Association.

Xetal Corporation.

Yale Brewing Company, Yellow Breeches Milling Company, The, Yardley Company, Yaqui Company, Yellow Cab Company of Kansas City, Yaqui Fruit Company, Yardsmore Golf Club Manufacturing Company, Ye Old Country Club of Bethlehem and Allentown, Yorktown Breweries, Inc., Young and Company, Young, Gordon & Co., Ltd., Young Novelty Company, Yocum and Power Company, York Valley Lime & Stone Co.

Zandstra Chemical Corporation, Zenith Limestone Company, Zeloid Products Corporation, Zenor Publishing Company, Inc., Zerbey Recreation Company, Zumo Soap Company.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, C. D. Buck, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this fifteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-first.

(Great Seal)

By the Governor:


W. D. SMITH, Secretary of State.