Delaware General Assembly


WHEREAS, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this state.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, C. D. Buck, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. B. A. Engineering Corporation, Abrasive Brush Corporation, A. E. Fitkin & Company Limited, Abbey Gold Placers, Inc., A. H. Blank Theatre Corporation, A. J. Powell Co., Aarrock Security Company, A. S. Henderson Co., Inc., A. & W. Root Beer Company of Virginia, Acme Automotive Equipment Company, Inc., Active Auto Radiator Corporation, Acco Engineering Company, Accommodation Loan Corporation, Ace Publishing Co., Ackerman & Rosenthal, Inc., Acme Works,- Inc., Adsby Corporation, Advance Duplicator Company, Adco, Inc., Ads-In-Air, Inc., Adolph J. Schippert, Inc., Advanced Motors Corporation, Advisory Management Corporation, Adelphia Machinery Company, Inc., Adams Productions Corporation, Advance Welding & Alloys, Limited, Aeradio Corporation of America, Air Cooling & Conditioning Corporation, Airflex Corporation, The, Affiliated Distributors, Inc., Ajax Engineering Co., Inc., Air Express Corporation, Air Flow Company, Akme Flue, Inc., Ajax Gold Mines, Inc., Aircraft Gasoline Corporation, Aero Gasoline, Inc., Airport Grills, Inc., Aetna Oil Company, The, Air-O-Gas Equipment Co., Air Promotion Service, Inc., Ajax Paper Company, Affiliated Purchasers, Inc., Air Service of Pittsburgh, Inc., Air Transport Engineering Corporation, Aldine Apartments Company, Aleograph Company, The, Alabama Graphite Corporation, Alexander Hamilton Plan, Inc., Albertamax Holding Corporation, Alans, Inc., Albert Industries, Inc., Albert J. Mellon, Inc., Algiers Oil Company, Inc., Albert Products Co., Alaska Products Corporation, Albemarle Park Company, Alger Soap Company, Inc., All American Holding Corporation, Allied Brotherhood Corporation, Allegheny-Butler Gas & Oil Company, Alloidal Corporation, Allied Cement Industries, Inc., Allied Drug Stores Company, The, Allied Equities, Ltd., Allied Freight Distributors of Delaware, Inc., Allied Motion Picture Advertising Corporation, Allied Motors Company, Inc., Almerican Products Company, Allied Producers, Inc., Alliance Realty Corporation, Almar Realty Corporation, Allied Rock & Materials Co., All State Petroleum Corporation, Allenco Stores, Incorporated, All States Power Corporation, Allenhaight Texas Oil Co., Allied Television Industries, Inc., Alpar Theatre Enterprises, Inc., Alpar Tea Company, Inc., Allied Telephone Utilities Co., Altoona Butter Co., Altoona Flying Service, Inc., Altheatrust, Incorporated, Alta Sales Corporation, Aminco Corporation, Amazon Corporation, The, Amiesite Corporation, Amorskin Corporation, Amalgamated Depositors, Inc., Amex Gold Mines, Ltd., Amory Hotel & Realty Co., Amasco Incorporated, Amico Laboratories, Inc., Amber Projection Screen Corporation, Amusement World Corporation, American Association for Repeal of Eighteenth Amendment, American Alloy and Steel Corporation, American Agricultural Association, American Assembling Machine Company, American Business Corporation, American Brazilian Exploration Corporation, American Church Histories, Inc., American Capital & Management Corporation, American Conduit Corporation, American Cotton & Commodities Corporation, American Corporation, The, American Cotton Association, American Coke and Chemical Contracting Co., American Cement Sheet Lath Company, American Chamber of Secret Service, Inc., The, American Devices Corporation, American Export Corporation, American Foreign Agencies Co., Inc., American Family Aid Society, American Fireworks Company, Inc., American Floating University, Inc., American Gold Standard Mining Co., American Gem Corporation, American Girl Products Company, The, American Hospital and Clinic Association, American Industrial Service, Inc., American Intercontinental Corporation, American International Wines Corporation, American Ichthyol Company, Inc., American Loan Company of Evansville, American Loan Company of Kansas City, American Loan Company of Philadelphia, American Lumber Company, American Miersbe Corporation, American Metal Coating Company, American-Mex Mining Corporation, American National Terminals, Inc., American National Agency, Inc., The, American North China Trading Company, Inc., American Navigation Company Inc., American Organization Corporation, American Preferred Investors Corporation, American Properties Corporation, American Petroleum Producers Corporation, American Protestant Corporation, The, American Rock Asphalt Company, American Radio System, Inc., American Radio & Sound Advertisers, Incorporated, American Retailers, Inc., American Realty & Improvement Company, American Road Machinery Company, American Supply Company, Incorporated, American Silica Refining Company, The, American Seismos Co., Inc., American Stemmer Corporation, American States Public Utility Corporation, American States Water Service Company, American Theatres Corporation, American Traders, Inc., American Television Exhibitors, Inc., American Toasted Sandwich Company, American Tung Oil Products Corporation, American Television Laboratories, Incorporated, American Typewriter Exchange, Inc., American Temperance Life Insurance Company, American Travel Sea Company, Inc., American Title & Trust Company, American Water Heater Company, Anderson Metal Ring Corporation, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division No. 1, Anthony Corleto, Inc., Angostura Ginger Ale Inc., Annapolis Hotel Bus Terminal, Inc., Annapolis Hotel Terminal Company, Annapolis Hotel Corporation, Anglinservice, Inc., Antiphyminol Laboratories, Inc., The, Annapolis Management Corporation, Andrea Process Corporation, Anthony Salmon, Incorporated, Apex Amusement Company, Aqua Engineering Company, Apple Electrical Mfg. Co., The, Apple Gum Corporation, Appalachian Gas Corporation, Appollo Holding Corporation, Appalachian Mining Corporation, Apache Oil Corporation, Apex Sample Book Co., Apparel Trading Corporation, Arthur August & Company, Inc., Arlington Apartments, Inc., Arrar Corporation, Arco Crown Cork & Cap Co., Inc., Arnold and Company, Arlington Candy Company, Ardee Company Inc., Arthur E. Claus & Company Inc., Arrow Foods, Inc., Arcade Garment Shop, Incorporated, Ariston Ice Cream Company, Arrowhead Investmetit Corporation, Arthur I. Fink Inc., Arvolin Luboratories, Inc., Architectural Magnesite Products, Inc., Arizona Mine and Milling Co., Army, Navy, and Marine Purchasing Corporation, Arbuckle Oil Corporation, The, Arab Petroleum Corporation, Arthur S. Haney, Inc., Arcweld Shipbuilding Corporation, The, Armadrol Securities Corporation, Arthur Theatres Corporation, Associated Battery Co., Inc., Associated Building Employers of Detroit, Inc., Asher Fire Proofing Company, Associated Garners, Inc., Asocia, Incorporated, Associated Industries, Inc., Associated Ice Company, Associated Industries of Venezuela Inc., Association of Manufacturers of Full Fashioned Hosiery, Inc., Associated Management Service, Inc., Aston Oil Company, Associated Oil Company, Ash-Pak Co., The, Associated Process Patents, Inc., Assets Realization Co., Associated Realty Operators, Inc., Associated Sales Company, Associated Sparton Distributors, Inc., Associated Tourists Homes, Incorporated, Associated Telephone Investment Company, Atlantic Amusement Co., Athens Baking Co., Inc., Athens Baking Corporation of America, Atlantic Coast Express, Inc., Atlas Crushed Stone Co., Inc., Atlantic Construction & Engineering Company, Atlas Dental Manufacturing Company, Inc., Atlantic Gas and Power Company, Atwood Holding Corporation, Atlas Holding Company, Inc., At-Last Specialty Company, Inc., Atlanta Nehi Bottling Company, Atoka Petroleum Co., Inc., Atco Products Corporation, Atlantic, Pacific & Gulf Oil Company, Atlantic, Pacific & Gulf Refining Company, Atlas Shoe Manufacturing Company, Autotel Corporation, The, Automatic Control Sales Corporation No. 1, Automatic Control Sales Corporation No. 2, Automatic Control Sales Corporation No. 3, Automatic Control Sales Corporation No. 4, Automatic Control Sales Corporation No. 5, Automotive Devices Corporation, Augustine Davis Company, Avocado Growers, Incorporated, Aurisk Gold Mining Company, Inc., Aurora Gold Mining Company, The, Aztec Gold Fields Exploration & Development Co., Automatic Merchandising Machine Corporation, Avongrove Packing Corporation, Auto Parts Company, Auditorium Supply Company, Inc., Avoca Silk Corporation, Auburn Sales, Inc., Automatic Wood Co., Inc.

Backus Corporation, The, Badger Corporation, The, Badenhausen Engineering Corporation, B. & if Poultry Farm, Inc., B. M. P. Company, Inc., Baender-Nelson Engineering Company Ltd., Baff Poultry Corporation, The, Bagnall Spring Support, Inc., Bailey Company, The, Baker-Rushing Oil & Development Corporation, Baltic-American Feed Corporation, Ball Cab .Company, Balch Foundation Incorporated, Banks and Bryan, Incorporated, Bantin-Carlson Engineering Industries, Inc., Banner Gold Mines, Inc., Bank Stamp Co., Inc., Bank Vault Service, Ltd., Barling Aircraft Inc., Barbey Company, Inc., The, Barker Machine Company of Delaware, Barbour Petroleum Corporation, Barnes-Blanken Printing Company, Barnes Emulsion Co., Ltd., Barnsdall Mining Company of Idaho, Barr Hotel System, Inc., Barrier Lake Copper Corporation, Barrett Securities Corporation, Barry Sales Corporation, Barth-Lourens Corporation, Bartles-Scott Oil Company, Bates Service Company, Inc., Bavarian Brewing Company of Wilmington, The, Bay Bridge Development Co., The, Baxter Laundries Incorporated of Illinois, Baxter Laundries Incorporated, Beaux Arts Lighting Studios, Inc., Beatrice Corporation, The, Beatrice Mabie, Inc., Beam-O-Lite Manufacturing Company, Beaver Oil and Gas Company, Bearcat Products Company, Bear Tractor Corporation of America, Beaver Valley Paper Company, Bedaux-Anderson Corporation, Beck Incorporated, Becker Research Laboratories, Inc., Beeman Chicle Corporation, Beitzell and Horning, Inc., Bee Line Company, Bellevue-Griswold Hotel Company, Belmont Water Company, Inc., Benham Engineering Co., Ben Franklin Press, Incorporated, Bennett and Howells Coal Company, Benjon, Inc., Benjamin's, Inc., Beneficial Loan Society of South Bend, Beneficial Loan Society of Terre Haute, Beneficial Loan Society of Des Moines, Beneficial Loan Society of Davenport, Bendien's World Service, Inc., Ben Wood Corporation, Bergers Enterprises, Limited, Inc., Berth Finance Corporation, Berk-Leigh Farm Incorporated, Berkley-Robinson, Inc., Berge-Rose Coal Company, Beryllium Corporation of America, Bertles & Pile, Incorporated, Betty Bolton, Incorporated, Best Kid Company, Inc., The, Bibelot Brothers, Inc., The, Bible Corporation of America, Big Dipper Oil & Gas Corporation, Bill Lynch Auto Laundry Inc., Big States Telephone Co., The, Bilt-Well Parlor Frame Co., Birdsall & Robinson, Inc., Binghamton Scale Manufacturing Company, Inc., Birmingham Theatrical Amusements, Inc., Black Cat Amusements Inc., The, Blankenhorn & Co., Inc., Blanchard Securities Corporation, Blabon-Sandura Company Inc., Black Servant Manufacturing Company, Black & White & Yellow Cab Co., Blue Motor Transit Lines, Inc., Blue Ridge Coca Cola Bottling Company, Blue Ridge Investment Company, The, Blue Seal Malt Corporation, Blum Stores, Incorporated, The, Bogardus-Hawk Co., Bontex Cleaners, Inc., Bop Corporation, Bonaccord Corporation, Bolivian Power & Light Company, Bond Torpedo Company, Borst Engineering, Incorporated, Boston Investors, Inc., Boston Mountains Oil Corporation, Borden Method Incorporated, The, Borushak & Rubenstein Incorporated, Boulevard Properties Corporation, Ltd., Bowers Signs, Inc., Bradford Products Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, Bradford-Tioga Gas and Oil Company, Brandywine Construction Company, Brandywine Motors, Inc., Branded Products Corporation, Brandywine Real Estate and Improvement Company, Brandywine Summitt Camp Meeting Association, The, Brevoort Co., Inc., Brewery Engineering & Financing Corporation, The, Bridgeville Auto Co., Briarfield Holding Corporation, Brighton Realty Co., British-American Metals, Inc., Broadway Dry Corp., Broadway Productions, Inc., Brockperton Productions Corporation, Bronx-Hudson Realty Company, Broom Realty Company, Brooks Securities, Inc., Brown's Mills Novelty Manufacturing Company, Brown Realty Corporation, The, Bruce Evans Corporation, Brushton Enterprise Real Estate Company, Buckley Brothers Corporation, Buckingham Products Corporation of Delaware, Building Construction & Remodeling Co., Buffalo Electrical Equipment Corporation, Buffalo Grain Corporation, Building Mechanic's Association, Buffalo Mineral Company, Builders' Mortgage and Finance Co., Builders Needs, Incorporated, The, Budget Plan Corporation, The, Buena Ventura Company of Cuba, The, Burg Co., The, Bureau of Foreign Service, Inc., Burgess National Detective Bureau, Inc., Burke's Stores Inc., Burton-Page Company, Burnham Red River Bowie Properties, Inc., Business Clinic, Inc., The, Business Systems Corporation, Bush Service Corporation, Butte Central Mining and Milling Company, Byerly Crest Corporation, Buyers Information Bureau, Inc., Buyers Mart, Inc., The, Butchart-Nicholls Company, The, By-Products Surplus Corporation, Buyers' Service, Incorporated.

C. A. Oesterman, Inc., California Auto Laundry Company, C. Burpee Wenger & Co., Inc., Caldino Chemical Corporation, Caldant Corporation, Calhon Company, The, Cabinet Corporation of America, C. F. Stores, Incorporated, Cadle & Fellows, Inc., C. H. Buck & Co., California Medicinal Springs Co., Calcium Products Corporation, California Peach & Fig Growers, Inc., Caliposa Quicksilver Mines, Inc., C. R. Hope, Inc., C. R. P. Rodgers, Inc , California Refining Company, Cafe San Remo Co., California Sierra Gold Mines, Inc., C. W. Dannenhauer, Inc., C. W. Beam Company, Inc., Camp Company, The, Cammack Clark & Company, Inc., Campbell and Co. of Washington, D. C., Camden Glazed Paper Mills, Inc., Cambria Investment Company, Camp Sales Corporation, Camp Saginaw Inc., Cambria Truck & Sales Co., Canadian-American Motor Co., Inc., Cantor & Esack, Inc., Capital Finance Corporation, Capital Finance and Mortgage Company, Capital Gasoline Company, Inc., Capital Housing Corporation, Capital Laundry, Inc., Capon Mineral Water Company, Capital Reserve Corporation, Capitol Tour Association, The, Carolina Discount Corporation, Carmax Estates, Inc., Carolina Fuel and Transportation Corporation, Carefree Heat, Incorporated, Carolina Investment Corporation, Carl M. Hansen, Inc., Carey Newsbox Co., Inc., The, Carolina Wood Products Company, Carpenter & Brunsdale Co., Castype Corporation of America, Cash Income Corporation, Casa Lambros, Inc., Cashewnut Products Company, Inc., Central Atlantic States Service Corporation, Century Bottle Co., Inc., Cemetery Consultants of Chester, Inc., The, Catania Construction Company, Centrex Corporation, Cesiano De Archangelis, Inc., Central Delivery Company, Inc., Central Filling Stations, Incorporated, Cement Floor Finishing Company, Cayuga Gas Company, Inc., Central Gas Corporation, Central Gas and Electric Company, Century Holding Corporation, Central Hotel Company, Catalini, Inc., Central Loan & Investment Company, Century Masonry Cement Company, The, Century Manufacturing Company, Certibilt Mortgaging Co., Inc., Central Montana Utilities Co., Central Petroleum Corporation, Century Roofing Products Corporation, Centrifugal Recoveries Company, Central Screw Company, Inc., Celina Securities Inc., Central States Petroleum Company, Central Tile Company, Inc., Central Telephone Company, Century Trading Corporation, Central Utilities Corporation, Central West Construction Company, Champion Coal Company, Chagres Corporation, Chamouni Coal Company, Chaiken Dental Center Incorporated, Chamberlin Hotel Corporation, Chain Theatrical Enterprises, Inc., Charles C. A. Baldi Company, Inc., Chandler & Collier, Incorpoiated, Charles G. Bristow, Inc., Charles Gallery Incorporated, Charles H. Bauer Company, Chas. K. Shaw Corporation, Chapman Lumber Company, Character Loans Inc., Chas. M. Smith Company, Chapwood Securities Corporation, Chas. S. Marshall, Inc., Charles S. Salin & Company, Charles W. Harrison Mortuary Service, Inc., Chester Cab Sales & Service, Inc., Check-Checker, Inc., Cheyenne Creek Oil & Gas Company, Chesapeake & Delaware Steamboat Co., Chester Economy Refrigeration Co., Inc., Cheshire Kitchens, Inc., Chevron Lubricants, Inc., Cherokee Land, Irrigation and Investment Company, The, Chestatee Mining Company, Cherner Motor Company, Chemical Metal Solvents Corporation, Chemical Paper Company, Chateau Paris, Inc., Chesapeake Public Service Company, Chester Valley Lime and Products Company, The, Chil Aire Corporation, Chic-American Distributing Co., Inc., Chicago Artificial Ice Corporation, Chicago Cab Company, Chilean Cinema Corporation, Chic Dress Company, Chisholm Oil Company, Chicago Pacific General Agency Company, Chicago Union Securities Corporation, China Woodworking and Dry-Kiln Co., Inc., Cinder Building Units, Inc., of Chicago, Citibanc Corporation of Huntington Park, City Gas Co., Inc., Christopher Gebicke, Inc., Christiana Lodge No. 10,287 Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America, Inc., Cimarron Mining Corporation, Cilos Printing Machinery Co., Inc., Clark-Johnson, Inc., Claremont Realty Co., Inc., The, Clerkenwell Corporation, Cleanall Corporation, Clement Contracting Company, Clifford-Adams Property Company, Clover Farms Dairy Co., Clients Reinvesting Corporation, Coast-To-Coast Features, Inc., Coal Carbonization Company, Coast Copper Company, Coastal Farms, Inc., Coast's, Inc., Coastal Pipe Line Company, Coil & Co., Coggins Gold Mines, Inc., Cohen Hardware Company, Inc., Coin Machine Operator's Association of Washington, D. C., Inc., Coherency Manufacturing Company, ColemanBronner Corporation, Cold Carbonic Corporation, Coliseum Incorporated, The, Collateral Bankers, Incorporated, Collier's Cafe, Inc., Collins Process, Inc., Colonial Antique Shop, Incorporated, Color Corporation of America, Columbia Funeral Parlors, Inc., Colonial Food Shops, Inc., Colonial Investors Corporation, Colombia Lumber Corporation, Columbus Marine Corporation, Columbia Nitecoach Lines, Inc., Columbia News Agency Incorporated, Columbia Prudential Corporation, Columbia Storage Co., Colonial Theatre Company of Boston, Commercial Building Corporation, Commercial Credit Finance Company, The, Community Collateral Corporation, Comfort Community Stores, Inc., Commercial and Domestic Security Corporation, Commercial Discount Corporation, Commercial Finance Service, Inc., Commerce Grocery Company, Inc., Commonwealth Guarantee Corporation, Commerce Holding Co., Commercial House and Window Cleaning Company, Inc., Commercial-Industrial Corporation, Commercial Industrial Farm and Manufacturing Corporation, Commonwealth Plays, Inc., Commonwealth Petroleum Corporation, Commercial Rabbit Company, Community Realty Corporation, Community Swimming Association Incorporated, Commercial Steamship Company, Commercial Supply Company, Inc., Commonwealth Service Corporation, Community Transportation Company, Commonwealth Wool Company, Inc., Conlin Brush Electroplating Corporation, Condon Engineering Company, Concrete Engineering Company, The, Concord Live Stock Farms, Inc., Concord Loan Company, Congo Products Company, The, Conco Serv-Ice, Inc., The, Confectioners Syndicate Inc., Conemaugh Valley Motor Sales Inc., Connecticut Roofing Tile Manufacturing Corporation, Conn & Thurman Inc., Consolidated American Corporation, Consolidated Battery Company, Conservation Corporation, The, Construction Company of North America, Consolidated District Steam Co., Inc., Consolidated Darwin Mines Corporation, Consolidated Eastern Mines, Inc., Consumers' Food Stores Inc., Consolidated Gold Mines, Inc., Consolidated Gold Mines of America, Ltd., Consolidated Hospitals Incorporated Ltd., Conservative Investors, Incorporated, Consolidated Management Association, Consolidated Power & Light Corporation, Consolidated Realty and Investment Corporation, Consolidated Royalties Corporation, Consolidated Sound Equipment Corporation, Consumers Tobacco Company, Consolidated Tailoring Company, Constant Vision Corporation, Conveyor Autowash of Washington, Inc., Continental-Breakfast Service Co., Continental Exploration Company, Continental Five Cents to Two Dollars Stores, Inc., Continental Guarantee Trust Company, Conway Mill and Lumber Company, Continental Metal Company, Contractors Paving Corporation, Continental Smoked Fish Corporation, Continental Utilities Development Corporation, Co-Operative Chocolate Company, Co-Operative Fuel Supply Company, Cooper Brothers, Inc., Copee Duplicator Corporation, Cooper & Griffin, Inc., Cope Printer Company, Co-Operative Rabbit Raising and Marketing Association, Coppered Strip Steel Company, Co-Operative Theatres of America, Inc., Corpus Coast Oil Co., Corporation Control Institute, Cornwall Co., Inc., Corozone Company, The, Cornish Gold Mining Company, Ltd., Cornplanter Lumber Company, The, Corporation Perfecting Co., Cosgrove Corporation, The, Cosmic Products Corporation, Cosmos Theatres, Inc., Cotton Machinery Corporation, Counties Securities Corporation, Cox Multi-Color Photo Company, Crawford Burial Case Company, The, Crazy Crystal Corporation, Crane Company, The, Crawford Gatlin Inc., Craig and Hutchinson Company, Credit & Adjustment Service Company, Cripple Creek Gold, Inc., Credit Fraud Protection Bureau, Inc., The, Cresswell Trading Corporation, Crompton, Inc., Cross Motor Corporation, Cross Steamship Company, Inc., Crosby, Welch & Shook Inc., Crozite Building Units, Inc., Crystal Carbon Ice Company, Crystal Rock Company, Cuban & American Engineering & Contracting Co., Inc, Cuban American Trading Co., Inc., Cummings Brothers Funding Company, Cumberland Lime Company, Cuban Reclamation Company, Curtis Air Control, Inc., Curtis and Brother Company, Cushing Lighting Corporation, Cushing Lamp, Incorporated, Cuthbert Realty Company, Cynara Realty Corporation, Cushion Spring Rubber Co., Inc.,

D. B. Cogswell & Company, Incorporated, D. C. Refining Co., Inc., D. E. W. Amusement Corporation, D. F. S. Auto Company, Inc., The, D-N Corporation, Dakota Utilities, Inc., D. Wendell Phillips, Inc., Daniel Bros., Incorporated, Daniel B. Frazier, Inc., Daniel I. Murphy, Inc., David C. Reid, Inc, Davenport Medicine Co., David Maimin & Co., Inc., Davis Solid Truss Brake Beam Company, Dealer Advertising Corporation of America Inc., Death Benefit Association of The Junior Order of United American Mechanics of the State of Delaware, De Bear Motor Car Company, Dean Corporation, The, De Luxe Service Laundry, Inc., DeMiltFriedland, Inc., Decorative Development Inc., Deehi Food Products Co., Deegee Trust, Incorporated, DeLacto Corporation, Delisco, Inc., Delman Shoe Salon, Inc., Delaware Amusement Supplies, Inc., Delaware Army and Navy Stores Co., Delaware Building Supply Company, Delaware-Cape May Ferry Corporation, Delaware Cosmetics, Inc., Delaware Distributing Company, Delaware Fireworks Specialty Mfg. Co., Delaware Home Builders, Inc., Delaware Ledger Printing and Publishing Company, Delaware Land Corporation, Delaware Paper Box Company, Delaware River Production Company, Delaware Railway Specialty Company, Delaware Trading Stamp Company, Dempster Mining Corporation, Denmark Light and Telephone Corporation, Depositors Mutual Estate, Inc., Dennis Realty Co., Inc., Departmental Securities Corporation, The, Detroit Auto Body Services, Inc., Desmonds, Inc., Detroit and Ironton Railroad Company, Dermacine Laboratories, Inc., Detroit Packing Company, Detroit Specialty Products Corporation, Devine Detective Agency, Inc., The, Dew Drop Oil & Gas Corporation, Dick's Barber Shop, Inc., Dibeco Corporation, The, Digby Corporation, The, Dietz & Dietz Inc., Diamond Health Food Company, Inc., Diamond Machine Company, Diamond Marathon, Inc., Diamond Motor Parts, Inc., Diamond State Window Shade Co., Discount and Finance Corporation, District Finance Corporation, Distributors Incorporated, District Mill and Lumber Company, Distillation Products, Inc., Direct Royalty Sales Corporation, District Sales Corporation, Diversified Securities Corporation, Dixie Stages, Inc., Dirtex Sales Co., Inc., Distributors & Underwriters Corporation, Doloway's, Inc., Domestic Maid Sales Division, Inc., Donnor Corporation, Ltd., Donovan-White Company, Douglas Exchange Corporation, Dover Finance Corporation, Dover News Agency, Inc., Dow Brick & Tile Co., Inc., Downey and Company, Downs Mining & Milling Corporation, Downes Music House, Inc., Downtown Tire Service, Inc., Drug Advertising Service, Incorporated, Driscoll Drive Corporation, Dresher Fur Farm, Inc., Dri Frost Equipment Corporation, Druid Fraternity, Inc., The, Dress Holding Corporation, Drinks, Inc., Dresden Investors, Inc., Drake Investment Co., Drug Manufacturers Syndicate, Inc., Dr. Pepper Kay Bottling Company, Drillers Supply, Inc., The, Drewry & Sons Company, Duluth Buick Company, Dulin's Cafe Lunch, Inc., Duplex Fire Alarm Company, The, Dutcher Construction Corporation, Durant Hotel Corporation, Ltd., Dust Recovering and Conveying Company, The, Dyamol Corporation, Dyrektor Signal Sales Corporation.

E. A. France & Company, E. A. Gallagher Trucking Corporation, East Arkansas Lumber Company, Earle Beauty Shop, Inc., Eastern Bec Company, Earlybird Corporation, E. C. Brown, Incorporated, Eastern Dredging Company, E. E. Thompson & Co., E. E. Hanna Company, Eastern Gas Company, E. H. Stackhouse Re-grooving Tool Company, Inc., The, E. H. Shannon Inc., Easy Housekeeping Shop, Inc., Eastern Institute of Electronics, Inc., Eastern Improvement Corporation, The, E. M. Ellis Corporation, E. M. Wright Furniture Company, Eagan Manufacturing Company, Eastern Ohio Development Corporation, The, Eagle Paint & Supply Co., Eastern Radiumized Applicator Company, Inc., Eastern Royalties Corporation, Eastern States Decorators, Inc., East Texas Natural Gasoline Corporation, Eastern Times, Inc., Eastern Trade and Travel Inc., E. Tosse & Co., Inc., Economy Box & Machine Company, Economy Blower Co., Inc., Economy Burner & Engineering Company, Echo Dale Gardens, Inc., Economy Decorating Company Incorporated, Economy Fish & Poultry Market, Inc., Edward Bayuk Company, Edmund Burke Corporation, Edbert Card & Letter Shop, Inc., Edid Company, Inc., Edwanna Corporation, Edham Co., Inc., The, Egan and Fullmer, Inc., Educational Films Exchange Inc., of Pittsburgh, Edward Hines Yellow Pine Co., Edward J. Jennings, Inc., Edmond M. Miller, Incorporated, Egyptian Mausoleum Company, Edgar M. Hoopes Advertising Agency, Incorporated, Efficiency Service, Inc., Effron Stores Corporation, Edward Tailoring Company, The, Eilert Brewing, Inc., Eichhorn Heel Corporation, Electrical Appliance Finance Company, Electric Blanket Sales Company, Electro Color Ray Company, Electro Chemical Corporation of America, Elbros Corporation, Elizabeth C. Norris System of Hair Growing & Beauty Culture, Inc., El Caimital Fruit Company, Electric & Gas Industries, Incorporated, Electrochemical Hydrocarbon Corporation, El Juan, Inc., Electraply Laboratories, Inc., Electric Management and Engineering Corporation, Electrical Record Publishing Co., Inc., Elben Realty Co., Inc., Elektra-Steem Heating Corporation of New Jersey Electric Steel & Iron Development Inc., Eleftheros Typos Publishing Co., Inc., Electric Television & Broadcast Corporation, Electromatic Votemachine Corporation, Eleventh Ward Democratic Club, The, Ellis Channel System, Incorporated, Ellay Company, The, Elra, Inc., Ella Oil Company, Eller Realty Corporation, Engineering Appliance Corporation, Emulsified Asphalt Distributors, Inc., Emerson Bowling Parlors Co., Empire Bond & Financial Corporation, Empire Bond & Mortgage Corporation, Emerson Corporation, Empire Displays Company, Inc., Empire Engineering Corporation, Engineers Equity & Improvement Company, Empire Fiscal Corporation, Equitable Finance. and Mortgage Company, The, Equitable Finance Company, Emil's Laboratories, Inc., Emelsa Mining Corporation, Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, Incorporated, Equitable National Realty Company of America, The, Emergency Rain Cape Co., Empire Refinery Products, Incorporated, Engineering Share and Bond Corporation, Emerson's Scientific Farming Corporation, Erie Drug Co., Inc., Erie Iron and Steel Company, Esembe Company, Eureka Finance & Funding Co., Inc., Estates Holding Company, Esskaye Movement Inc., The, Eureka Mica Manufacturing Corporation, Esslinger Oil Company, Estates Realty Company, Incorporated, Excell Corporation, Exmar Corporation, Evans-Duner & Company, Exclusive Glove & Corset Shops, Inc., Exchange Investment Corporation, Evangeline Novelties, Inc., Expansion Rim & Wheel Co., Exchange Oil Company.

F. B. Liquidating Company, F. B. Downing Corporation, Falls City-Rulo Bridge Company, F. G. Elliott Hardware Company, Fair, Inc. of the District of Columbia, The, Fair, Inc. of Baltimore, The, Factory Outlet Co., F. Polish, Inc., Fanfax Publishing Co., The, Falconian Petroleum Corporation, Fairmount Realty Co., Famous Story Pictures, Inc., F. W. Service Corporation, The, F. W. Lietzow Corporation, Farmers Acceptance Corporation, Farmandairy Corporation, Farmers National Market, Inc., Farmers Supply Co., Farrell and Sons, Inc., Fassette Finance Corporation, Fashionlox, Incorporated, Fawn. Sandwich Shops, Inc., Federal Bridge and Power Company, Fellers Beverage Corporation, Fensgate Corporation, Federal Construction Company, Federal Economy Gas Generator Company, Inc., Federal Land and Securities Company, The, Federal Mines Corporation, Federal Motor Tours, Inc., Federal Oil & Development Company, Feeder Patents Company, Federated Theatres, Inc., Ferdinand Anderson, Incorporated, Fetter-Davis, Incorporated, Fern Fabrics, Incorporated, Fifth Avenue Theatre Corporation, Fidelity Cast Stone Co., Inc., Fidelity Commercial Company, Film Fire Prevention Company, Fidelity Investors Inc., Fidelity Service Stations, - Inc., First American Helicopter Company Inc., The, First Depositer Corporation, First Farm Mortgage Company, Fink Laboratories, Inc., First Mortgage Syndicate, Incorporated, First National Guaranty Company, First National Management Corporation, Fire-O-Larm Company of America, First Pictures Securities Corporation, Fire Protection Company of America, Finance Realty and Investment Corp., First Securities Holding Corporation, Finance Shares Corporation, Fischer Consolidated Manufacturing Company, Fisher Investment Corporation, Fitz-Geoffrey, Ltd., Flex-able Blade Co., Inc., Flanders Company, Fletcher & Company, Flake Gold Recovery Company, Flanagan, Inc., Fleetway, Inc., Fleetwood Sales, Inc., Flintlock Corporation, Fly-Flu Corporation, Flintridge Inc., Flint, Inc., Florsheim Shoe Store Company, Food Distributing Co., Foodtown Kitchens, Inc., Food Specialties, Inc., Foster Associates, Inc., Foshay Building Corporation, Fourseam Block Collieries Company, Fox Chase Lumber & Merchandise Company, Inc., Fordworth Company, Incorporated, Ford Cash & Carry Cleaning Company, Forty and Eight Legion Athletic Association, Fox Lake Gold Mines, Inc., Fox-New England Theatres Inc., Fort Pitt Flask Equipment Company, Ford Robbins, Inc., Fort Steuben Riding School, Inc., Franks Auto Supply Co., Frankford Amusement Company, Frankford Bowling Recreation, Inc., Frank Berman, Inc., Fr. Bergner and Company, Franklin Cafeteria, Inc., Fraser Company, Inc., The, Franwood Corporation, Franklin Drugs, Inc., Franklin Finance Company, Frank Kovatch, Jr., Inc., Frapau Mineral Reduction Corporation, Franklin Optical Company, Franklin Plan of Alabama, Inc., Franklin Plan Corporation, Franklin Plan of Kentucky, Inc., Frank Rubenstein & Co., Inc., Francis W. Hoopes, Inc., French-American Cosmetic Corporation, Freneau Corporation, French Gulch Gold Mining Company, Fred J. Schaefer Co., Inc., Fred L. Dennis Company, Incorporated, Fred L. Hawk Sales Co., Inc., Freez-O-Meter, Inc., Frederica Packing Co., The, Frederica and Philadelphia Navigation Company, Fred Stone Concerts, Inc., Freezer Sales Company, Fry Company, Inc., The, Friction Devices Company, Frymier and Hanna Company, Fry Industries, Inc., Friel and McLeister Company, Furniture Fabrics Corporation, Fulton Knitting Mills Company, Fulton R. Gordon Productions, Inc., Full Value Postage Corporation, The.

Gamble Chemical and Equipment Co., Gammon Catering Company, Gailey Ice Cream Company, Inc., Gachi Lead Silver Mining Company, Gaithersburg Motor Co., Inc., The, G. M. Gest, Inc., Gano Oil Company, G. S. Keeley, Inc., G. T. Young Co., G & W Trust Company, G. W. Hotel Corporation, Gardner Corporation of Washington, D. C., The, Gas-Electric Corporation, Garrison Fire Detecting System, Inc., Gas Heat Corporation, Gasoyl Heat Inc., Gas Lift Engineering Corporation, Garage Services, Inc., Gas Service Company of Key West, German-American Inventors and Industrialists Society, Inc., German-American Construction Co., Inc., General Advertising Company, General Auto Investment Company, Inc., General Automatic Merchandising Corporation, The, General Automatic Lock Nut Corporation, General Brokerage Co., Inc., General Benzol Corporation, Georgian Co., Inc., The, Germantown Coal Co., Inc., George C. Moon Company, George C. Priestley Company, General Engineering Industries Corporation, General Eastern Airways Corporation, General Exposition Company, Inc., General Factors, Inc., General Founders Corporation, Georgetown Furniture Company, Getzoff, Gill & Co., Inc., General Gold Corporation, George Geffner Inc., Gem Holding Company, Gest Holding Corporation, General Industrial Alcohol Corporation, General Industrial Management Corporation, General Metal Stamping Corporation, General Macaroni Corporation, Georgia National Savings Certificate Company, General Plastic Products, Inc., General Pharmaceutical, Inc., General Parts Corporation, General Power and Light Company, George Q. Palmer Corporation, The, General Research Laboratories, Inc., Gernet Ryan Company, General Research, Inc., General Real Estate Company, Inc., General Specialties Corporation, General Seal & Lock Corporation, General Television Manufacturing Corporation, General Tanning Co., General Transportation Corporation, General Utilities Holding Company, General Ventures of Canada, Incorporated, George V. Garrick, Inc., George Washington Foundation, Incorporated, Geo. W. Potter & Company, George Washington Travel Publishing Company, George Washington Memorial Campaign Committee, Inc., Gibson Development Company, Gibson Theatres, Incorporated, Gilpin Company, The, Gilhal Corporation, Gill-Doyle Corporation, Gilmour Rosslyn Steel Co., Gladiators of America, Inc., The, Globe Amusement Company of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Glasser's Auto Wrecking Co., Inc., Glan-Aid Company, The, Globe Bindery, Inc., Globe Clothier's, Inc., Globe Coal & Coke Co., Inc., Glen Logan Corporation, Globe Metal Company of Philadelphia, Glidden Oil Corporation, Gold Bar Mining Co., Golf Engineering & Service Co., Goldenberg Furniture Company, The, Golden Guernsey Dairies, Inc., Gold Hill Development Company, Golden Hawk Mining Company, Goldenberg's Inc., Gold Leaf Consolidated Mining Company, Gold N Dry Corporation, The, Golden Products Company, Gold Seal Television & Supply Corporation, Golden Shell Nut Corporation, Golconda-San Juan Mines, Inc., Gold Seal Appliance Corporation, Good Housekeeping Company of Erie, Gommels Sales Co., Goodie Shop, Inc., The, Goodrich Transit Company, Goss Gas Generator & Burner Co., Gould's, Inc., Gould Television, Inc., Gowin United Companies, Graceland Farm, Inc., Grandanor Corporation, Grays Ferry Corporation, Grand Haven Radio Corporation, Grand Island Hotel Company, Great American Paper and Board Mills, Inc., Green Bay Company, Greene County Limestone Company, Great Eastern Shares Corporation, Great Eastern Corporation, The, Green Gold Cosmetic Company, Greenwood Realty Company, Green Tree Company, The, Great Valley Anthracite Corporation, Great Western Paper Corporation, Great Western Utilities Corporation, Greyhound Airplanes, Inc., Grelck-Hovey Patent Company, Gregory Ratoff Theatrical Enterprises, Inc., Greyhound Securities Corporation, Griffith Beauty School, Inc., Growers & Canners Warehouses, Inc., Grossman-Keeley Electric, Inc., Groome MacMillan Corporation, Grocery Products, Inc., Guardsmen of America, Incorporated, Gulf Coast Securities Corporation, Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company, Gulf Coast Pipe Line Company, Guardian Deposit and Savings Company, The, Guarantors Investment Corporation, Guy Megargee Paper Co., Inc., Guaranteed Mortgage and Bond Corporation, Guanajuato-Mother-Lode Silver-Gold Corporation, Guiberson Oil and Investment Company, Guaranty Plan, Inc., Guide Publishing Co., Gulf Pecan Orchard Company, Guided Radio Systems, Inc., Gypsy Tea Shop, Inc., Guy T. Berry Mfg. Co.

H. B. Wilder Company Inc., H. Burstein & Co., Inc., H. B. Tribby, Inc., H. Bucholtz Son & Co., H. D. & M. Sales Corporation, H. Daniel Sorg, Incorporated, Haarmeyer Furniture Co., H. F. Dinkelacker Inc., H. F. Wilcox Loan and Investment Corporation, H. H. Potts Corporation, H. L. Patton Company, H. L. Roberts, Incorporated, H. M. Behre, Inc., H. R. King Co., The, H. S. Goodson Sales Company, H. V. Eva Motor Company, H. W. Pettingill Company, Incorporated, The, H. Weintrub & Co., H. W. Nelson Company, H. W. Daniels Company, Hair Care Institute, Inc., Hairbak Company of America, Inc., Hall Arch Company, Hale's Bedding Stores Inc., Halco, Inc., Hamilton Credit Corporation, Hamilton Drug Company, Hamilton Holding Company, Hamilton Paper Industries, Incorporated, Hamilton Plan Corporation, Handy-Andy Community Stores, Inc., of Corpus Christi, Hanes Bros., Inc., Hannah Manufacturing Corporation, Harbor Construction Corporation, Harbor Dredging Co., Harmony Wrecking Company, Harry C. Maynard, Inc., Harris. Hahlo, Inc., Harry Kaufman, Inc., Harry P. Grier, Jr., & Company, Harry's Service Stations, Inc., Harriman Sales Agency, Inc., Harry Toplan, Inc., Harry W. Greene Construction Company, Hart Bros. Construction Co., Harto Corporation, Hart Loan Society of Scranton, Hart Loan Society of North Philadelphia, Hart Loan Society of Allentown, Hasco Realty Company, Hat Shop Inc., The, Hazleton Company, The, Hayes Middlesex Corporation, Health Air Corporation, Health Beverage Co., Hearn Brothers Security Corporation, Hedwal Company, The, Health Products Corporation, Health Products Corporation of America, Healing Waters, Incorporated, Heim & Breker Mfg. Co., Heidelberg Furniture & Rug Company, Henningsen Construction Company, Inc., Henry Clarke Inc., Herald Company, The, Heralds Finance Company, Her Trading Corporation, High Grade Realty Company, Highfield Realty Company, Highway Stations of America, Inc., Highway Shuttle Spreaders, Inc., Hillpot Company, Hilton Hotels, Inc., Hill Read, Inc., Hindu Toilet Luxuries Corporation of America, Hobson & Company, Incorporated, Hocker Corporation, The, Hodgkins Securities Corporation, Hoffman Construction Company, Hoffman-Rotter, Inc., Holland Hand Laundry, Inc., Holding Investments, Incorporated, Hollander Manufacturing Company, Inc., Holland Stores, Inc., Hood Bros., Incorporated, Honkers Club, The, Home Grocery Company, Hoodland Inc., Homecrafters, Inc., The, Hope Mining & Reduction Co., Inc., Home Owners Service Corporation, Hometown Realty Corporation, Homosassa Realty Corporation, Home Utilities, Inc., Hotel Cassidy Inc., Houston Coal Companies, Hough Driving Control Company, Hotel Delaware, Incorporated, Household Furniture Company, Incorporated, Hotel Haddam, Incorporated, Hotel Marion Company, Household Necessities, Inc., Hosiery Stores, Inc., Hotel Securities Company, Hotel and Traveler Associates, Inc., Howards Cleaners, Inc., Hudson Bay Fur Co., Inc., Hub Bottling Company, Inc., Hudson Shares Corporation, Hudson Torpedo Company, Humming Bird Motor. Corporation, Hugh Pitcher Company, Inc., Hunt Leather Company, Huron Navigation Corporation, Hush Publications of Delaware, Inc., Huston, Rawls & Co., Inc., Hydrogenation Corporation of America, Hydrozone Company, Hy-Fox Apparel Dept., Inc., Hydro-Golden Gasoline Corporation, Hyman & Lieberman-Justman Co., Inc., Hydroil and Refining Company.

Illinois Bankers Securities Company, Iceyaire Cabinet Corporation, Idlehour Club, Igeebar Corporation, Illidela Corporation, Imperial Crown Royalty Corporation, Imperial Dyeing Company of America, Inc., Illusion Displays, Inc., Illinois Empire Company, Ideal Finance Corporation, I. Fisher & Son Inc., Ideal Glass Company, Illinois-Indiana Natural Gas Co., Idaho-Montana Gold Mining Corporation, Imperial Poultry Products, Inc., Ide-Parker Company, I. Rich & Co., Inc., Illuminated Screen Posts Advertising Co., Inc., Ideal Tire Service, Inc., I. Wilson, Inc., Industrial Administration, Incorporated, Individual Credit Corporation, Insulation Corporation, The, Industrial Coal Company, Industrial Construction Company, Insulation Contracting Company, Insurance Equities Corporation, Industrial Engineering & Construction Company, Independent Electric Fixtures Inc., Industrial Finance Co., Individual Finance Co. of North America, Independent Fuel Company, Inc., Independent Finance Co., Indestructo Glass Products Corporation, Industrial Gas Engineering Corporation, Infantwear, Inc., India Investment Corporation, Independent Merchants Association, Inc., Inland Marine Underwriters, Incorporated, Inserting and Mailing Machine Corporation, Indiana-Ohio Theatre Corporation, Insurance Premium Finance Company of America, The, Independent Patent Holding Company, Instill Refiners Incorpoarted, Incan Sales Co., Instan-Starter, Inc., Indian Swan Orchard Company, Indiana Trading Corporation, Inter-Allied Mining Corporation, International Airways Corporation, Interlocking Arch Company, Interstate Acceptance Corporation, Interstate Bankers Trust Co., International Brokerage and Finance Corporation, International Burners Corporation, Interstate Bridge Company, Interest-Chek Corporation of America, Integrity Construction Company, International Crown and Cork Corporation, Inter-Continental Commercial Company, Interstate Contracting Company, International Combustion Engineering Corporation, International Christensen, Incorporated, International Combustion Tar & Chemical Corporation, International Desk Company, Integrity Developers Company, International Equipment & Finance Corporation, International Finance & Discount Corporation, Inventors Finance Corporation, International Information Service, Inc., International Importing Corporation, International Investment Securities, Inc., Inter-Lingual Press of America, Inc., Intercoastal Lumber Corporation, Investment Mortgage Company, International Match Corporation, Inter-Ocean Lines, Inc., International Oil Light Signal Corporation, Interior Oil & Development Company, International Patent Commercialization Company, International Production Corporation, Interstate Public Service Corporation, International Real Estate Corporation, International Re-Insurance Corporation, Inter-Regional Properties Inc., International SaLax Corporation, International Superpower Corporation, Investors Securities Corporation, International Television & Broadcasting Corporation, Interstate Telephone Company, Investment Trustees Incorporated, International Utility Corporation of Ohio, The, International Utility Corporation, The, Island Airways, Inc., Iron City Furnace Foundry and Mining Co., Italian Cigar, Inc. of Pittsburgh, The, Iola Construction Material Company, Italian Citizens Beneficial Society, Iron City Heights Realty Company, Itasca Export Corporation of New York, Israel Furniture Company, Iowa Home Builders, Inc., Iowa Land Corporation, Italian Mutual Beneficial Society--Prince of Naples, of Wilmington, Delaware, Island Park-Long Beach, Inc., Isaac Silver & Brothers Company, Inc., Ionetic Therapy Institute (Incorporated), Isle of Wight Water Company.

J. A. Greene & Co., James A. Hirons & Company, J. A. McKeever Company Inc., J. B. Rex Company, James B. Lynch & Company, Jane Dene Products Corporation, James Davis Wall Paper & Paint Co., J. E. Cunningham Co., James E. Atkinson--E. L. Deacon Company, J. F. Ahlers Production Company, The, Jadu, Inc., J. I. Gore & Co., J. J. Higgins Insurance Service, Inc., James K. Stone and Co., J. L. Hanson, Inc., J. L. Winslow Medical Group, Inc., The, Jacobson's Meat Market, Inc., J. M. McNiece Company, Jacob Oxman, Inc., Jacobson Plastering Corporation, J. P. Foley Construction Co., Inc., The, J. Parry Lukens Company, J. R. Crawford, Inc., J. R. Swigart Corporation, J. S. Cuthbertson Incorporated, J. Wesley Ash Amusement Company, Inc., J. Willard Heisley & Co., Inc., J. W. Barnes, Inc., J. W. Cooper Corporation, Jefferson Airways Incorporated, Jefferson Beach Amusement Company, Jersey City Cold Storage Company, Jim Cloud Inc., Jewish Community Center of Wilmington, Delaware, Inc., Jennison Company, Inc., Jet-O-Plane Corporation of America, Jeannin Steel Wool Corporation, Jemison Seibels & Company, Jennings-Wurlitzer, Inc., John A. Hawthorne, Jr., Inc., Johnston & Davies, Inc., John F. Burke, Inc., Johnston Foundation Company, John H. Gibson & Co., Inc., Jofre, Inc., John J. Schellberg, Inc., John J. Shanley & Co., Inc., John J. Gardner Company, Johnstown Luncheonette, Incorporated, John L. Cummings Company, The, John M. Finn, Inc., John Marsh Florist, Inc., John McIntyre Inc., Johnston Pistons & Rings, Inc., John S. Dobbins & Sons, Funeral Directors, Inc., Johnstown Sand & Supply Co., John Van Range Company, The, Joseph Bass & Co., Jos. F. McCarthy Incorporated, Jordan, Kelleher & Company, Inc., Joseph M. Tomlinson, Incorporated, Jordan Motors, Inc., Joseph R. Jones, Inc., Jones Speed-Indicator Corporation, Joseph Seka Company, Julius Estees Incorporated, Juno Mines Company, Inc., The, Justright Packing Company, Junior Plan Corporation, Julius T. Pantley Company, Juvenile Thrift Society.

K-B Cut Rate Drugs, Inc., Kadow Foundation, Inc., Kamp's Pure Food Market Company, K. S. Products Co., Inc., Kansas City Industrial Loan Corporation, The, Kansas City Distributing Corporation, Karmial Corporation of America, Kate Crane Gartz Foundation, Inc., Kanola Corporation, The, Kaufmans Department Stores, Inc., of Uniontown, Pa., Kaymo Electric Boat Corporation, "Kant-Glare" Manufacturing Co., Kant-Krode, Inc., Kari-Keen Manufacturing Co., Inc., Katolox Laboratories, Inc., Keefer and Company, Kearny Liquidation Corporation, Kemozone, Inc., Kellogg Radiator Corporation, Kellogg Service, Inc., The, Kenilworth Co., Inc., Kenneco Corporation, Kenwood Corporation, The, Kennedy and Davis Company, Kenwood Investment Co., Kenney & Johnson Incorporated, Kent Motors Inc., Kennedy Products Corporation, Keystone Composition Co., Kettle Creek Refining Company, Keystone Hotel Corporation, Keystone Investing Corporation, Keystone Laboratories, Inc., Key Men of America, Incorporated, Kerma Products Corporation, The, Keystone Realty Company, Keystone Textile Company, Kim Chemical Products Company, KimPai Company, Kingsbury Beverage Co., Inc., King David Cigar Company, Inc., King Edward Pharmacy Inc., King's X Incorporated, Klik Corporation, Kleinberg, Ostroff & Co., Inc., KleanRite Auto Laundry Company of California, Klear-Seal Corporation, Knickerbocker Funding Corporation, Knit to Fit Mills, Inc., Knit Goods Corporation of America, Kostic Beverage Co., Kovalite Company, Konetzka Clothing Corporation, Krug Aircraft Engineering Company, Kraco Manufacturing Company, Kraus & Shaw, Inc., Kupkreem Incorporated.

La Bonne, Inc., L. Barrett Co., The, La Capitale Publishing Co., Inc., La Casa Company, Lacy Chevrolet Company, Ladson Corporation, La France Dollar Cleaners & Dyers Inc., L & H Investment Corporation, Lafayette Investment Company, L. & M. Investment Company, Lakin Manufacturing Co., The, L'Opinione Italian Publishing Company of Delaware, Lackner Products Corporation, Lake-Railey Marine Recovery Corporation, La Rosa Electric & Refrigerating Co., Inc., La Salle Loan Corporation, Lake Shore Development Co., Lake of the Woods International Bridge Company, Lamb Expedition to Northern Tibet, Inc., The, Lambert Products Co., Inc., Lane Drug Stores Inc., Land Estates, Inc., Lander and Kahn, Inc., Lancaster Shenandoah Company, Land Title Realty Company, Langhorne Speedway Association, Inc., Latin-American Expedition, Ltd., Lath Corporation, Phila., Latherizer Sales Company, Inc., The, Laura Rose, Inc., Lawrence Gas Production Corporation, Leblang Holding Corporation, Lebros Orange Drink Co., Inc., Leader Stores, Inc., Leadway Stores Corporation, Ledogar & Company, Incorporated, Lee T. Ward Co., Leighton Chicago No. 2 Co-Operative Dairy Lunch Co:, Leighton Chicago No. 1 Co-Operative Dairy Lunch Co., Leighton Chicago No. 3 Co-Operative Lunch Co., Leighton Holding Corporation Ltd., The, Lehigh Natural Gas Corporation, Lenox Building Company, Lennoco Corporation, Leonard & Holt Mortgage Co., Lenolt National Securities Corporation, Levine Bros. Company of Minnesota Incorporated, Lerner Bros. Inc., Leseman Fredrick Co., Lester Investment Company, Leue Oil Company, The, Les Tours Apartments, Incorporated, Lewey, Inc., Ligonier Bluestone, Inc., Liberty Foundation, Inc., Lido Hand Bags, Inc., Liberty Industrial Bankers of Maryland, Inc., Liberty Pharmacals Corporation, Liberty Securities Company, Life Service, Incorporated, Lincoln College Preparatory School, Inc., Lintex Corporation, The, Lincoln Extension, University, Inc., Lincoln Holding and Investment Corp., Lincoln Lines, Inc., Lincoln Press, Inc., Lindsay Paper Company, Lincoln Storage Company, Linea Venezolana, Inc., Little Brown Jug, Inc., The, Little Falls Holding Company, Liquid Food Process, Inc., The, Livingston Home Supply Company, Inc., Little Shrine Corporation, Little Sol's Men's Shop, Inc., Liptak and Schaeffer, Inc., Lockwood Foods Corporation, Logan County Marketing Company, Loizeaux Studios, Inc., Loomis Building Corporation, Lorimer Corporation, The, Loranz Finance Company, London & Mexico Mining & Smelting Company, Limited, Loomis Publishing Company, Lone Star Mortgage Company, Lone Star Securities Company, Love and Coffman Co. Ltd., Louise-Flowers, Inc., Louise Hand Laundry Inc., Louis Josloff, Inc., Louis Mansky and Co., Inc., Lovshar Realty Co., Lower California Petroleum Corporation, Lupasa Company, Inc., Luxury Cab Co., Luxtron Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, Lumber & Pulp Trading Corporation, Luco Products Corporation, Lub-Ri-Gear Petroleum Co., Inc., Lucky-7-Stable, Inc., Lumber Terminals, Incorporated, Lumen-X Displays, Inc., Lytle Anthracite Company, Lyric Amusement Company Inc., Lynn Concrete Co., Inc., Lyons Storage Battery Company.

M. A. Closky, Incorporated, Mackie & Co., Inc., Mack Corporation, The, Maccar Corporation, M. E. Bailey Engineering Corporation, M. G. C. Natural Gas Company, Mackee-Heller, Inc., MacKirdy Industries, Incorporated, M. J. Mann Co., Mack-Landis Vacuum Gear Shift Company, M. M. Kahn, Inc., MacMillan National Oil Corporation, Macolite Products Corporation, M. Patrick Inc., M. S. Investment Corporation, M. Steinberg Company, Inc., Mac Tag Laboratories, Inc., M. & W. Company, Magic Advertising Machine Corporation of America, Magnesia Cement and Carbonic Gas Company, Magistral Copper Company, Magi Gold Corporation, Madcine Theatre Corporation, Maidstone Acres Corporation, Majestic Coal Company, Major Corporation, The, Maher Engineering and Construction Company, Maine Industries Corporation, Main Line Hotels Corporation, Major Royalties Co., Mammoth Channel Gold Mines Corporation, Malva Medicine Company, The, Malcolm Manufacturing Company, Maplewood Building Company, Mansfield, Bolton & Kent, Incorporated, Manville Coal Company, Mapleton Corporation, Manufacturers Millinery Stores, Inc., Manufacturers' Outlet Millinery Co., Mann Securities Co., Management Trading Corporation, Manos Theatres Inc., Marchwood Construction Company, Marathon, Inc., Marco Oil Company, Markle Hotel Company, Marshy Hope Improvement Company, Marshall Laboratories Inc., Maryland Assets Realization Company, Mary Agnes Mining Company, Maryland Credit Corporation, Marysville Development Company, Mary E. Nugent, Inc., Marydell Farm Products Co., Inc., Martin F. Connor Incorporated, Maryland Holding Corporation, Martin News Pictures, Incorporated, Martin Stotter, Inc., Mas Patent Bottle Corporation, Master Masons Inc., Master Production Co., Massey Real Estate Company, Mathios Coffee Pot, Inc., Matlack Corporation, Mathug Marine Operating Company, Inc., Matoil Service & Transport Co., Mathiasen Shipping Company, Inc., Mat-Tey Company, The, Mathiasen Towing Line, Inc., Mayflower Art Company, Mavis Bottling Company of Philadelphia, The, Maywood Corporation, Mavis-Deal Hosiery Co., MatteoFilomena-Moffa & Son, Inc., Max Feldbaum Inc., Mayflower Accessories and Garage Company, Mayflower Hotels Management Corporation, Mayona Pharmacal Company, 'Mattituck Steamboat Company, Inc., Mavis Securities Company, Mayhew Steel Products, Inc., Mayfair Tailoring Company, Max Zimmerman, Incorporated, Meade Baking Company, Medallion Corporation, The, Mechanical Engineering and Construction Corporation, Mechanical Merchandisers Company, Inc., Mechanicsburg Manufacturing Company, Mee-Oakes Corporation, Mechanical Operating Corporation, Medicinal Products Co., Inc. of Pennsylvania, Medical Products Laboratories, Inc., Medvedkin's Pharmacy, Inc., Meadow Realty Corporation, Med Theatre Company, Me-U-Laboratories, Inc., Mellite Co., Inc., Meldor Corporation, Meline Mortgage Company, The, Mellinger Tire & Rubber Co., Mendenhall Gold Concentrator Company, Mentho-Nova Corporation, Mentone Oil & Refining Co., Merchants' Cooperative Stores, Inc., Merchant Minute Men Association, Merchant Oil Co., Inc., The, Mercantile Printing Company, Merchant-Theatre Corporation, Metropolitan Art Alliance Inc., Metropolitan Bond and Mortgage Co. of America, Metro Hotcl Company, Metropolitan Investment Company, Metropolitan Motor Speedways, Inc., Metropolitan Productions Company, Ltd., Metropolitan Service Inc., Metropolitan Shirt Co., Metcalf Stationery Company, Mexico City Dairy Corporation, Mexico-Cuba-American Aviation Corporation, Mexican National Petroleum Corporation, Mexican National Gas Company, Michel Angelo Studios, Inc., Middleton's Bakeries Corporation, Midland Cigar Corporation, Midwestern Food Products Corporation, Midwest Laco Company, Mi-Lady-Beautiful Appliance Corporation, Michigan Natural Gas Company of Delaware, Mid-Penn Corporation, The, Midtown Realty Co., Middle States Paper Mills Inc., Midwest Trading and Securities Corporation, Mid-Way Service, Inc., Mid-West Baking Corporation, Mid-West Incinerator Corporation, Milan Brewing Corporation, Milford-Dover Bus Co., Inc., The, Mile High Plunge, Inc., The, Milestone System, Inc., of Washington, The, Miller-Carlin, Inc., Millards Delaware, Inc., Mills-Fogarty Corporation, Miller Hardware Co., Miller's Millinery, Inc., Miller Owens Corporation, Millersville Press, Incorporated, The, Millards Philadelphia, Inc., Mills Realty Corporation, Millards Specialty Shops, Inc., Milwaukee Theatre Circuit, Inc., Minneapolis Artificial Ice Rink, Inc., Minerals Beneficiation, Incorporated, Minter Bros. Candy Co., Minnesota & Dakota Telephone Company, Miner-Edgar Chemical Corporation, Mineral Holdings, Inc., Mineral Products Trading Company, Minquadale Service Station, Inc., Ming Toy Inn, Inc., Minnesota Western Railroad Company, Mission Oil Company, Modern Apartments, Inc., The, Modern Builders Inc., Modernesque Corporation, Modern Cutlery Company, Inc., Modern Fireproof Construction Co., Moe's Incorporated, Model Incinerator Co., Modern Psychologist, Inc., The, Modern Thinker, Inc., The, Modern Toy Building Company, Model Transportation Company, Inc., Modern Wholesalers, Inc., Mogul Products Corporation, Mojave Placer Mining Company, Incorporated, Limited, Montgomery Acceptance Corporation, Monarch Brewing Company, Mondaid Burner Company, Monte Cristi Magnetite Corporation, Monte Carlo Cut Rate Beauty Shoppe Inc., Monocacy Corporation, Montgomery County Motor Company, Inc., Monumental Products Corporation, Montana Rand Corporation, Monessen Real Estate Company, Monthly Record Company, The, Montello Shoe Company, Inc., The, Moodna Corporation, Moody-Seagraves Company, Moonmans Starall-Saveall Stores, Inc., Moon Track Company, Inc., MooreCreekmore Construction Company, Moreau, Inc., Morris Goldman, Incorporated, Morgan-Texas Corporation, Mortgage-Bond & Title Corporation, Morton and Company, Mortgage Capital Corporation, Mortgage Company of Alabama, Mortgage Discount Company, Morton Freight Service, Inc., Mortgage Guarantee Company of America, Mortgage Purchasing Company of Birmingham, Mortgage Reconstruction Corporation, Mort Supply Company, Mosby Amusement Company, Motors Finance Company of America, Motor Finance Corporation, Mother Nature Corporation, Motilones Oil and Development Company, Motion Picture Corporation of America, Mount Carmel Ice and Beverage Company, Mountain States Theatre Corporation, Mountain View Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Mount Vernon Motors Corporation, Mount Whitney Corporation, Movie Stamps, Inc., Muchnick & Wang, Inc., Mul-Hain Finance Corporation, Multicell Radiator Corporation, Muller Walboard Co. Inc., Muncie Gear Company, Mundo Oil Company, Munrio Steamship Corporation, Municipal Water Company, Murnan Ship Building Corporation, Mushroom Trade Association, Mutual Auto Sales Company, Myrtle Holding Corporation, Mutual Loan Company, Inc., Mutual Life Insurance Company of America, Mutual Natural Gas Company, McCrory Realty Corporation, McCrory Stores Corporation, McDougall Terminal Warehouse Company, McGonagle Motor Sales Corporation, McLean and Galvin Real Estate Improvement Company, McLean Manufacturing Corporation.

N. B. Inc., Nacooga Mining Company, Narco Oil Company, Nason Coal Company, Nash Jewelry Co., Nayarit Consolidated Mines Corporation, Natural Fuel Company, Inc., Natural Food Centre, Inc., Natural Gas Associates, Inc., National Aircraft Corporation, National Apple Orchards, Inc., National Association of Automotive Mechanics, National Association of Sub-Contractors' Councils of America, National Bean Marketing Association, National Chemical Corporation, National Combustion Engineers, Inc., National Cooperative Stores, Inc., National Capital Holding Company, Incorporated, National Depositors Corporation, National Devices Corporation, National Duluth Agency, Inc., National Economic Association, National Electric & Engineering Co., National Exploration, Inc., National Film-Ad Service, Inc., National Flag Distributors, Inc., National Fidelity Company, National Funeral Homes and Service, Inc., National Founders Inc., National Garment Company, National Gas & Power Corporation, National Industries, Inc., National Insuring Scrip Corporation, National Investment Counsel Corporation, National Institute Inc for the Improvement of Memory, National Individual Mausoleum Company, National Investment Syndicate, National Library Bureau, Incorporated, National Linens Company, National Laundry Machinery Company Inc., National Men's Wear, Inc., National Margarine Company of America, National Meat Company, The, National Mortgage Company of Baltimore, The, National Neon Sign Company, National Pharmaceutical Laboratories Corporation, National Profit Sharing Club, Incorporated, National Phonexchange, Inc., National Public Address System, Incorporated, National Paper Can Company, National Reorganization Board, Inc., National Reserve Foundation, Inc., National Sanz Corporation, National Soda Fountain Service Co., National Steel Equipment Company, National Studios, Inc., National System Extension Corporation, National Society of Refrigeration Service Engineers, The, National Synthetic Wood Co., National Taxicab Advertising Company, National Tourist's Guide, Inc., The, National Traffic Advisory Corporation, National Thrift Corporation of America, National Transportation Company, National Utilities Development Company, National Vault Corporation, Neb Cab Company, Inc., Nebraska-Dakota Bridge Corporation, Nehi Associates Inc., Nelson and Chase & Gilbert Company, Neeld Construction Company, Neff Lumber Company, Inc., Necto Yeast Corporation, Nevada Charter Trust Company, Nequoia Corporation, Neon Displays, Inc., Nevada-Juneau Mining Company, Neo Products Company Limited, Newspaper Acceptance Corporation, New Amsterdam Brewing Company, New Current Digest, Inc., The, Newtype Connector Corporation, Ney Co., New England Cotton Stores, Inc., New Health Foods Company, New Mexico Producing & Refining Co., Ltd., New Orleans Trading Company, Inc., Newark Securities Company, New York Construction Company, New York Home Foundation Corporation, New York Natural Gas Corporation, New York & New England Airways, Inc., New York and New Jersey Steamship Corporation, New York Texas Oil Company, Nichlos Oil and Refining Company, Nichlos Royalty Company, Nickerson Stadel Mining Co., Inc., Nicholas Well and Pump Corporation, Niederman, Inc., No-Ho Manufacturing Company, Noo-Ah's Products Company, Non-Refillable Containers, Inc., Norcross Carrot Company, Norco Corporation, Norristown Cadillac-Olds Company, Normat Company, The, Norfolk Holding Corporation, Norristown Realty Company, Norma Steamship Corporation, North American Distributing Corporation, North American Engineering, Inc., North American Postal Buildings Corporation, North American Diary and Novelty Company, North California Gold Mining, Ltd., North Carolina Securities Company, Northern Illinois Oil Producing Company, Northern Kentucky Equity Corporation, Norton Motor Sales Company, Northern Plumbing and Heating Supply, Inc., Northeastern Public Service Company, Northern States Fur Corporation, Northern States Oil Company, Northern Trading Corporation, Northeastern Utilities, Inc. of America, Northland Utilities Company, Notxa Corporation, Novelty Fireworks Co., Inc., Nugget Hill Gold Mining Company of Delaware, Nu-Way Auto Laundry & Garage, Inc., Nu-Way Ice Systems, Inc.

O'Day Investigation Bureau, Inc., O'Donnell Shoe Corporation, 0. Edwin Decker Bronze Foundry Inc., 0. K. Furniture Company, Oak Lane Laundry Company, Oak Leaf Packing Company, Inc., Oakheart Realty Company, Oceanic Instruction Bureau, Inc., Official Journal of New Jersey State Building Trades Council, Inc., Oklahoma Gas Utilities Company, Oil Interests, Inc., Oklaken Oil Company, Oklahoma Steel Corporation, Oil Service and Engineering, Inc., of Delaware, Oklahoma Woodchuck Zinc Lead Company, Old Dominion Dairy Farms Inc., Oliver-Gray Corporation, Ole Hanson Finance Company, Omaha Ice & Cold Storage Company, Old New Bedford Draperies Inc., Olenick's Prime Meats, Inc., Olean Sales Corporation, Old Walnut Inn, Inc., Oppenheim and Company, Incorporated, 1800 Phelps Place, Inc., Oral Advertising Corporation, Original Bar-B-Q-Lunch, Inc., Organaire Corporation, Organic Chemicals, Inc., Orange Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Orocir Corporation, Orchestraphone Company, Orange Development Company, Oregon Game Farms, Inc., Orr's Garage, Incorporated, Oregon Gold Mines, Inc., Oriole Hosiery Mills Inc., Oroville Inn Building Company Ltd., Ortho-Krome Screen Company, Orazada Mines, Inc., Ora Realty Corporation, Orient Restaurant Inc., Osage Oil and Gas Corporation, Osage Syndicate, Inc., Outten, Reed & Co., Owen Advertising Service, Inc., Oxford Amusement Company, Owen Cementing Corporation, Oxford Corporation, Owens General Lubrication Corporation, Owl Hill Consolidated Mines, Inc., Overnight Motor Freight Service, Inc., Overall Radio Corporation.

P. & A. Rate Company, "P. B." Net ,Co., Pacific Coast Auto Court Corporation, Pacific Empire Holdings, Incorporated, Pacific Freight Lines Inc., Pacific Garage Co., Pacific Holding Corporation, Ltd., P. J. Fuller Construction Company, Inc., Pacific Sulphur Corporation, Packard Sweater Mills Corporation, P. S. Craig Holding Corporation, Pacific Used Car Exchange, Inc., Packard Utilities Corporation, P. W. Chapman & Co., Inc. of the Pacific Coast, Pajo Amusements, Inc., Page Cotton Company, Pahlavi Trading Corporation, Pan-American Imports, Inc., Pan-American Broadcasting System, Inc., Pan American Coffee Company, Pan American Royalties, Inc., Pan-American Industrial Corporation, Panaroma Advertising, Inc., Pan Continental Oil Corporation, Palestine Home Construction Finance Corporation, Pamlico Realty Company, Paper Service Company, Inc., Paris-Hecker Hosiery Co. Inc., Park Lodge School, Ltd., Paramount Manufacturing Company, Paradise Publishing Company, Paramount Profit-Sharing Association, Paramount Package Delivery, Inc., Paramount Packers, Incorporated, Park-Plaza Company, Paris Pattern Company Inc., The, Paramount Restaurants, Inc., Paramount Signaling Corporation, Paraguay Tea, Inc., Paramount Taxicab Corporation, Parrott & Company, Inc., "Pavecure" Corporation, Ltd., Paul E. Gaire, Inc., Patrician Holding Corporation, Paul L. Battey Inc., Payrock Mining Company, Pasadena Mercantile Finance Corporation, Patrick Properties, Incorporated, Patents Protective Company, Paul R. Althouse Inc., Patent Rights Co., Peabody and Company, Peck and Hills Furniture Company, Peerless Improved Flat Glass Corporation, Peerless Investors, Inc., Peirce Development Company, Peking Temples Company, Inc., Pennsylvania Automobile Corporation, Penn Animal Industries Inc., Penn Auto Lock Tile Company, Penn Bottling Works, Inc., Pennwood Clock Corporation, Pentagon Corporation, Peninsula Exchange, Inc., Pennsylvania Finance Company, Penn Franklin Lubricating Company, Pennsylvania General Finance Corporation, Pennsylvania Gasoline Drill Company, Penn Hall Hotel Co., Penick and Hughes, Inc., Penndashery, Inc., Penetrating Iodine Corporation, The, Penn-Ken Gas and Oil Corporation, Pennrock Lubricants Corporation, Penn Lexington Land Company, Penn Mining Syndicate Inc., Penn Merchandise Co., Inc., Pennayo Oil & Gas Co., Penn Products Corporation, Pennoco Petroleum Corporation, Pennsylvania Radio and Television Institute, Inc., Pennsylvania Saturmix Co., Penn Shoals Realty Company, Penn Treaty Finance Company, Penn Theatre Ticket Company, Pennsylvania Utilities Corporation, Perry Addleman and Company, Perkiomen Clothing Company, Peoples Coal Company, Permatite Corporation, Personal Finance Company of Alton, Personal Finance Company of Ambridge, Personal Findnce Company of Aurora, Personal Finance Company of Bloomfield, Personal Finance Company of East Orange, Personal Finance Company of Fairmont, Personal Finance Company of Kalamazoo, Personal Finance Company of Kearny, Personal Finance Company of Kokomo, Personal Finance Company of Lorain, Personal Finance Company of Martinsburg, Personal Finance Company of Millville, Personal Finance Company of Moline, Personal Finance Company of Mount Clemens, Personal Finance Company of Muncie, Personal Finance Company of Perth Amboy, Personal Finance Company of Punxsutawney, Personal Finance Company of St. Joseph, Personal Finance Company of Sedalia, Personal Finance Company of Sheboygan, Personal Finance Company of Toledo, Personal Finance Company of Western Detroit, Personal Liberty League, Incorporated, The, Personal Loan Service, Inc., Personal Products Corporation, Peppard Properties, Incorporated, Peoples Service Stations, Inc., Perfect Sleeve Ironer Manufacturing Company, Peoples Theatre Company, Petroleum Development Corporation, Peter's Hairdressing, Inc., Pfeifers, Incorporated, Pettibone Mulliken Holding Corporation, Pettibone-Mulliken, Inc., Pettit Oil Corporation, Petrelli Rotary Deisel Engine Co., Petroleum Southwestern Corporation, Philadelphia Air Service Inc., Phosphorone Corporation, Philadelphia Credit Mutual Inc., Philadelphia District Cleaners and Dyers Trade Association, Inc., Phila. Equipment & Supply Co., Phillips Livestock & Real Estate Company, Inc., Photomaton Operating Corporation, Philadelphia Painting Contracting Co., Inc., Philadelphia Securities Corporation, Phila. Service Inc., Phillip Sklar, Inc., Philadelphia Steel and Wire Company, Pick Barth Holding Corporation, Pikes Hikes, Inc., Piggly Wiggly Hawkeye Stores, Inc., Pioneer Candy Company, Pilgrim Company, Pilocura Company, Pingree C. Hughes, Incorporated, Pioneer Electric Company, Pilsmuen Importing Co., Inc., The, Pine Institute of America, Inc., Pilsner Liquid Malt Co., Pioneer Management Corporation, Pippert Press, Inc., Piqua Strawboard Company, Pioneer Tanker Corporation; Piper-Wilson Exploration Company, Pittsburgh Boxing Arena, Inc., Pittsburgh Bureau of Analysis, Incorporated, Pittsburgh Bridge Club, The, Pittsburgh-"Crawfords", Inc., The, Pittsburgh Cereal Products Co., Pittsburgh House Moving Company, Pittsburgh Store Fixture and Equipment Co., Pleasure Crafts, Inc., Plastilac Corporation, Placer Gold Mines, Inc., Plastico, Inc., Plainview Oil Corporation, Pleisure Pictures, Inc., Plaza Securities Corporation, Pneumatic Appliances Corporation, Plymouth Securities Company, Polin's Dress Shop, Inc., Pocahontas Hotel Corporation, Pollock'.s, Incorporated, Point to Point Company, Inc., Popular Motion Pictures Corporation, Porcupine Mining Company, Port Orford Cedar Co., Inc., Porto Rico Airport Company, Powers Brothers, Inc., Poultry Factors Corporation, Powdered Fuel Burner Corporation, Possum Hollow Antique Shop, Inc., Powder Mill Club, The, Postal Radio Corporation, Powell Signal Belt Company, Powers Waterproofing and Converting Company of Pennsylvania, Pratt Orchard Company, Premier Cereal & Beverage Co., The, Preferred Oil Burners, Inc., Presentation Productions, Inc., Premier Products Corporation, Ltd., Presto Primer and Reducing Valve Corporation, Premium Service Advertising Co., Preserved Woods, Incorporated, Progressive Automatic Corporation, Prosperity Bonds, Inc., Printing Corporation of America, The, Prosperity-Equality League of America, Inc., The, Provident Foundation Management Corporation, Producers Finance Corporation, Protective Foods Inc., Ltd., Prince Hall National Memorial Association, Incorporated, Progressive Labor Union, Progressive Mortgage & Finance Company, Progressive News Service, Inc., Psycho-Physical Revelation Centers & Press, Inc., Progress Players, Inc., Protectaco Paint Corporation, Protective Realty & Mortgage Co., Prosperity Shares, Inc., Providers System, Inc., Professional Service Corporation, Prudence Securities Corporation, Progressive System Inc., Produce World, Inc., Punta Alegre Sugar Company, Publix-Dubinsky Brothers Theatres, Inc., Pure Foods Manufacturing Company, Pure Foods, Incorporated, Publix-Iowa, Inc., Public Industrials Corporation, Pyro Lectric Company, Inc., Publix-Lorain Corporation, Public Motor Service, Inc., Publix-Missouri, Inc., Publix-Nebraska, Inc., PublixOhio Corporation, Pure Pennsylvania Oil Company, The, Pulp Products Corporation, Purdy Petroleum Corporation, Pyramid Sales Corporation, Publicity Service Corporation, Public Trust Company, The, Public Utilities Development Company, Purity Water Distilling Corporation, Pure White Packing Co., Inc.

Quaker City Builders' Co., Quaker City Linoleum Co., Inc., Quality Lubricating Corporation, Quaker Maid Candies, Inc., Quartz Mountain Consolidated Gold Mines, Incorporated, Quality Tire Service, Inc.

R. A. Oxenham, Inc., Radex Brush Corporation of America, R. B. Shull Co., R. B. Phelps Stone Company, R. Braymes Co., Rademaker Chemical Company, Radbill Coal & Supply Co., Rains County Lease & Royalty Pool, Inc., Ra'chell Shoppe, Inc., Radio Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Inc., R. D. Wyly, Inc., R. H. Walker Products Co., Incorporated, R. H. Arnold Co., Incorporated, R. J. Williams Company, Inc., Radio-Keith-Orpheum Western Corporation, R. M. Travis Corporation, The, Railroad Men's Educational Time and Information Book and Railroad Workers Manual, Inc., The, Radio Networks Surveys, Inc., Ralph Oil Co., Radio Productions Corporation, Raleigh Properties, Inc., Railway Products Company, R. T. Belding Company, Rankin-Masse Corporation, The, Rapid Concrete Construction Units-Incorporated, Rapid Depth-Drill Corporation, Raw Foods Corporation, Raven Honey Dew Mills, Inc., Raymond Oil Co., Raymer Pictures, Inc., Reed Associated Merchants, Inc., Re Cigar, Inc., Redwood Creek Lumber Co., Reclamation Company of America, The, Reading Cold Storage and Ice Company, Redencion Company, The, Reed & Co., Red Dart Motor Transfer Company, Realty Foundation, Incorporated, Reading Hudson, Essex Motors, Inc., Reed Hotel Company, Realty Investment Company of Philadelphia, Rees Manufacturing Corporation, Ready Reference Directory Company, Reclaimo Sales Corporation, Redman Steamship Corporation, Redbird Steamship Corporation, Refugio-Woodsboro Oil and Gas Company, Reif Appliance Corporation, Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company, The, Renotrat Corporation of America, Reliance Construction Company, Reis Cigar Company, Reliable Commercial Company, Republic Engineering & Management Company, Reliance Funding Company, Republic Gas Corporation, Reliance Industries, Inc., Republic Insuranceshares Corporation, Republic Industrial Finance Corporation, Regal Necropolis Company, Regal Publishing Corporation, Reiner's Rotaprint Inc., Reliance Trust Company, Respro Corporation, Research Development Company, Revenue Founders Corporation, Revenue Gold Mines Company, "Review, Inc.", Rhode Island Gardens, Inc., Reward Oil Company, Rex Oil Company, The, Rex Tool Company, Inc., Richcar Corporation, Richard Gordon Waugh Corporation, Rich Oil Corporation, Richardson & Peterson, Incorporated, Richfield Realty Corporation, Richmond Sand Company, Riverdale Company, Ritz-Carlton Restaurant & Hotel Company of Atlantic City, The, Rite Flavor Poultry Products Company, RKO Southern Corporation, Rite-Wa Mfg. Co., Robert Hammond Construction Co., Inc., Robert Kemp, Inc., Roberts Nash Motor Company, Robin Hood Nut Company, Robinson Supply Company of Penna., Rochester Laboratories, Incorporated, The, Rodax Corporation, Roller Estates, Incorporated, Roller Float Manufacturing Co., The, Ronkonkoma Realty Development Corporation, Rose Brothers Company Ltd., Rosenberg Bros., Inc., Rose Brothers Corporations, Inc., Roosevelt City Centre, Inc., Roosevelt City Foundation, Inc., Roseburn Corporation, Ross Co., Inc., Rooney Corporation, Roslar Corporation, Roofing Engineering Service Co., Inc., Rosens, Inc., Rosenblum & Jaffe Bros., Inc., Rosmor Minnesota Realty Co., Ross NO-Washer Faucet Mfg. Co., Ross Realty, Inc., Rotary Construction Company, The, Rothey Deer Club, The, Roubert, Inc., Roy H. Risser, Incorporated, Royal Laboratories, Inc., Rowan Mines, Inc., Royal Outfitting Company, Inc., Royal Pastry Company, Inc., Rowen & Rowen, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Michigan, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Nebraska, Inc., Royal Tire Service Inc., Roy and Waldis, Inc., Rubel Corporation, The, Rudolph Finance Co., Inc., Rubin-Weiss, Inc., Russian American Trading Corporation, Rutlo Company, Inc., Russell Erskine Hotel Co., Inc., Ryan-Lite Corporation, Rutledge Motors, Inc., Rutledge Printing Company, Russell Woodworking Corporation, The.

S. A. Healy Co., Safety Dry Cleaning System Corporation, S. F. Smith Remedies Co., Inc., S. K. Kurtz Company, Inc., S. M. Goldbert Specialties Corporation, S. N. Wilcox Co., Sa-Pen Inc., Safone Products Corporation, Sager Systems, Inc., S. W. Straus Investing Corporation, S. W. Straus & Co., Incorporated, St. Andrews Bay Lumber Company, St. Antonio Di Padova Italian Catholic Mutual Beneficial Society, of Wilmington, Delaware, Saks and Company, St. Elmo Mining and Construction Company, The, St. Louis Realty Finance Company, St. Louis Western Natural Gas Corporation, St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Sal Ammoniac Production Corporation, Salon De Beaute', Inc., Salem Engine Works, Incorporated, Samuel Frank Foundation Society, The, Sales Guild Inc., The, Samson Products Co., Inc., Salisbury Signal Corporation, Sanasep Corporation, Sanitene Corporation, Sangabriel Canyon Development Co., San Diego Corporation, Sanitary Ice Products, Inc., San-I-Sal Laboratories, Inc., San Jose Cement Company, Ltd., San-Pro-Tex Company, The, Sani-Paper Products Company, Sanitary Seal Corporation, Sarnoff-Irving Hat Stores, Inc., Sauvage, Ltd., Satuco Products Company, Savasort Corporation, Scenic Club Sporting Grounds of America, Inc., Ltd., Schaefer Chemical Corporation, The, Schade Purolator Company, Schenley Bridge Club, Inc., Schiffs', Inc., Scheiwe Poultry Farms, Inc., Schnitzer Construction Co., Schoenfeld Company, Schuylkill Chemical Products Co., Schuler Shoe Co. Inc., The, Schulte-United 5c to $1. Stores, Inc., Schuylkill Valley Metals Company, Schwartz Motor Truck Corporation, Science and Salvage Associates, Inc., Scout Motors, Inc., Scottish Petroleum, Incorporated, Scranton Glass Instrument Company, Scranton Securities Company, Scranton Throwing Company, Inc., Segreti Brothers, Inc., Secured Bond Corporation, Sealands Corporation, The, Seaboard Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd., Sealed Duplicating Records, Inc., Seaway Equipment Corporation, Seaford Gas Company, Security Investment & Finance Co., Seaboard Industrial Corporation, Security and Peoples Mortgage Company, Seeger Realty Corporation, Security Savings & Loan Association, The, Seaboard Surety Corporation of America, Securities Shares Management Corporation, Selected Associations Management Corporation, Seppelin Automatic Merchandising Corporation, The, Serv-A-Smok Inc., Seneca Co., Inc., The, Sericite Mining Co., Sentenac Minerals Corporation, Semmes Motor Company, Seppelin Oil Corporation, The, Seneca Petroleum Company, Self Siphon Manufacturing Company, Inc., Service System, Inc., Sellers Service, Inc., Selby-Western Hotel Company, Serv-Yur-Self Corporation, Seventh & Flower Building Co., Ltd., Seymour & Harrison, Inc., Seventh Street Auto Rental, Ltd., Seven Wells Corporation, Shamokin Beverage & Ice Co., Shanghai Lumber and Coal Co., Inc., Shaw Apartment-Hotel Company, Shasta Consolidated Gold Mines, Inc., Shaster Mining and Milling Company, Shares in The South, Inc., Shellpot Marathon Corporation, Shelbyville Mills, Inc., Shell Novelty Corporation, Sheffield Oil and Development Company, The, Shemen Oil and Gas Company, Sherman Commission Company, Inc., Sherman and Krakau Co., The, Sherson, Inc., Sherco Manufacturing Company, Sheubrooks & Middleton Co., Shiffer Corporation, Shockley & Company, Shorty's Clothing Store, Inc., Shiawassee Coal Company, Shofner Rabbit Club, Shoppers Service Inc., Sierra Gypsum Products Co., Ltd., Silver's Hair Dressing Company, Silver Lake Manor, Incorporated, Silver-Marshall, Inc., Silver-Marshall, Incorporated, Silver Springs Paradise Company, Sid W. Jensen Incorporated, Siems-Woodbury Realty Co., Inc., Simmons Air & Gas Lift Corporation, Simplex Battery & Manufacturing Co., Sioux City Theatre Corporation, Simplex Pile Foundation Corporation, Simpson Speed Unit Corporation, Siosi Western Oil Corporation, Skinner Horse-Hoof Combination Sweep Co., Skyway, Inc., Skouras-Publix Theatres Co., Sixth and Pierce Street Building Corporation, Skouras Securities Company, Six Wheel Company, The, Smith's Stationery Service, Inc., Smith, Schumacker & Company, Snow Point Placer Mines, Ltd., Snax Stores, Inc., Solidbrite Corporation of America, Sobel & Corson, Inc., Society for Adult Education, Inc., Solar Furniture Company, Inc., Soliday Painting Company, Inc., The, Societa Si Francisco di Piola, Sommers Match Corporation, Southwest American Corporation, Southwestern Acceptance Corporation, South American Development Company, South American Hair Dressing Corporation, South American Line, Inc., Southwest Bank Shares Corporation, Southern Cities Motor Express, Inc., Southaven Corporation, Sound Communications Corporation, Soundform Corporation, Southwestern Corporation, South Chicago Consumer-Credit Finance Co., Southern Cities Public Utility Company, Southern Farms Consolidated, Inc., Southern Gold, Inc., Southern Investment Security Company, Southern Kansas Gas Company, Southern Mexico Light and Power Co., Southgold Nevada Mines Company, Southwestern Natural Gas and Oil Corporation, Southern Petroleum and Gas Corporation, Southern Public Service Company, Southern Realty & Investment Company, Southern Security & Commodity Exchange, Inc., Southern States Royalty Company, Southwestern States Oil Corporation, Sound & Time Corporation, Southern Tea Rooms, Inc., The, Specific Chemical Corporation, Specialties, Inc., Specification Motoroil System of Texas, Inc., Specification Motoroil System, Inc., Sperry Rail Service Corporation, Spic and Span of Wisconsin, Inc., Spic and Span of Rhode Island, Inc., Spic and Span of Maryland, Inc., Spic and Span of Massachusetts, Inc., Spic and Span of Illinois, Inc., Spic and Span of Pennsylvania, Inc., Spic and Span of Minnesota, Inc., Spic and Span of Michigan, Inc., Spic and Span of Washington, D. C., Inc., Spic and Span of Connecticut, Inc., Springer Auto Laundries, Inc., Sprayer & Chemical Corporation, Spreewald Corporation, Springfield Corporation, Spraline Chemical Products Company, Springfield Lake Pavillion Company, Spurrier Lumber Company, Stagabal Company of America, Staaf Manufacturing Co., Sta-Set Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Stainless Steel Corporation, Standard Automatic Sales Corporation, Standard Brewing Corporation, Standard Furniture Company, The, Standard Laboratories, Inc., Standard Malt Products Company, Standard Motor Transportation, Inc., Standard Investment and Development Company, Standard Nut Margarine Company of California, Ltd., Standard Newspaper Corporation, Standard Preserving Company, Standard Stainless Steel Corporation, Standard Safety Clamp Company, Standard Supply & Equipment Company, Standard Steel Propeller Company, Standard Truck Service Inc., Statler Cafeteria and Restaurant Corporation, Statuary Display Corporation, State Merchants' League, Inc., Star Mortgage Company, Star Mining Company, Star Produce Company, Inc., Sterling Automotive Products Corporation, Stein Cosmetics Company, Inc., Stewart Curtis Packers Inc., Sterling Drug Company, The, Stewart & Foulk, Inc., Steel Furnaces Corporation, Stewart-Hinton Co., Steel Inventories Corporation, Steen Manufacturing Corporation, Stephenson & Stephenson, Inc., Stein's United Food Markets, Inc., Steel Wool Pad Corporation, Stiles Manufacturing Corporation, The, Stilwell Steel Windows, Inc., Stock & Bond Trading Company, Stockwell-Kling Corporation, Stockton Oil Company, Stock Service, Incorporated, Stone Department Stores, Inc., Stopshok Wheel Company, Incorporated, Strand Feature Company, Strafford Hosiery, Inc., Strowger Telephone Securities, Inc., Structural Waterproofing Co. of Pennsylvania, Studebaker Associates, Inc., Sunbury Automobile & Machine Shop, Inc., Sun Burner Corporation, Sulphrogan Corporation, The, Superior Company, The, Sussex Corporation, The„ Summerheat Corporation of America, Sutherland Collapsible Paper Box Company, Sunbury Coal Company Inc., Sullivan Engineering Corporation, The, Superior Enterprises, Inc., Surety Engineering Company Inc., The, Sun-Gazette Broadcasting Co., Supersteam Generator Company, Sunni-Glo Orchards Company, Summit Improvement Company, Surety Investment Corporation, Supreme Lodge of the World United Order of Loyal Americans, Inc., Super-Marine Systems Inc., Supreme Oil & Gas Corporation, Sunnydale Packing Corporation, Surgical Products, Inc., Sussex Pipe Line Company, Surety Realty Co., Inc., Sun Securities Corporation, Supreme Signal Company, Superior Tube Company, Inc., Szalatnay Book Publishing Co., Inc., Syer Corporation, The, Syndicate 5c-10c to $1 Stores Inc., Sylvania Hosiery Company, The.

T. A. Oakey & Co., T. K. Kelly Sales System, Inc., T. L. Chapman & Co., T. S. Hose Associates, Inc., T. W. Realty Corporation, Talley Aeronautical Corporation, Taylor Aircraft Company, Tab Beverage Company, Taljess Corporation, Tanners Egg Yolk Manufacturers Association for Research, Tabor Engineering Company, Ta-Go Laboratories, Inc., Tabasso Holding Co., Tahamo Oil Company, Tabloid Productions, Inc., Tar River Mining Corporation, Taxpayers' Research League of Delaware, Inc., Taxpayers' Union, The, Tex Austin's Forked Lightning Ranch, Inc., Tenmen Association, Inc., Terrill Bond & Mortgage Company, Textile Container Corporation, Teko Corporation, Tempador Company, Tennessee Enterprises, Inc., Tetela Gold Mining Corp., Inc., The, Terminal Heating Elements Corporation, Temple Laundry, Inc., Texas Livestock & Finance Corporation, Television Manufacturing Company of America, Inc., Terminal Operating Company, Texas Oklahoma Securities Company, Tennessee River Marble Producers, Inc., Textyle Silk Corporation, Terminal Sales Corporation, Television Sales & Service Corporation, Texas Syrup Company, Texworth Securities Corporation, Tenrem Securities Co., Thermo-Change Specialties Company, The, Thistle Down Jockey Club, Inc., Thermalene Gas Products Company, Theoda Investment Company, "Thermo-Master" Corporation of Delaware, Thermal Products, Incorporated, Theatre Service Corporation, Theodore Stark Construction Company Inc., Three-B Products, Inc., Thorne Company of Delaware, The, Thomas C. Foster & Company, Inc., Thuomond Estates, Inc., Thornton Holding Company, Thompson-Levering Corporation, Thrift Loan Foundation, Incorporated, Tidewater Coal Company, Tillman, Inc., Tierney Soda Fountain Company, Tim Calculating Machine Co., The, Title & Investment Company of Maryland, Times Real Estate Company, Time Service Bureau, Inc., Timblin Shale & Clay Products Company, Inc., Tom's Auto Service, Inc., Toepfer and Bellack Inc., Togrite Co. of Delaware, Tolley Cake Corporation, Toggery Shops, Inc., Tobacco Stemming Machine Company, The, Tourist Garage and Motor Repair Company, Topkis-Jolles Co., Inc., Toridheet Oil Burner Company of Philadelphia, Towne Specialty Shops, Inc., Townsend Securities Corporation, Tonott Trading Corporation, Trans-Atlantic Construction Company, The, Train Control Appliance Company, Trident Company, The, Tranart Engineering and Testing Laboratories, Incorporated, Transportation Finance Corporation, Triune Gold Mining Company, Travel Guild International Inc., Transportation, Inc., Triptalk, Inc., Traung Label & Lithograph Company, Tri-Motor Company, Tremaine Motors Corporation, Travellers Oil Company, Trenton Oil and Gas Company, Trenton-Philadelphia Steamboat Co., Transportation Storage Co., The, Tri-State Oil Company, Tri-State Contractors, Inc., Tri-State Petroleum Corporation, Trent Stores, Inc., Tri-State Construction Company, Trade and Travel, Inc., Traffic and Transport Associates, Incorporated, The, Tractor-Truck Equipment Company, Trusco Company of Baltimore, Troy and Company, Truax Electric Company, Tropical Fruit and Steamship Corporation, Troy Laundry Wet Wash Company, Trustees Mortgage Company, Tropical Papaya Corporation, Trustees System Company of Pennsylvania, Trustees System Company of Baltimore, Trustees System Company of Wilmington, True Value Shoe Co., Inc., Tulip Drill Grinder Mfg. Co., Inc., Tunnel Machine Manufacturing and Engineering Company, Tung Oil Corporation of America, Tung Oil Plantation, Inc., Turntable Garage and Service Station Company, The, Turbine Patents Corporation, Turn-Rite Process Co., 20th Century Coach Lines of Pennsylvania, Inc., Twin City Sporting Club, Incorporated, Twentieth Century Press Inc., Limited, The, Two Nine Six Nine Wilshire Corporation, Ltd., Twelve Seventy Seven Euclid Realty Company.

Uhler Hotels Company, Ulitsky's, Inc., U. I. Theatre Circuit, Inc., U. S. A. United Service Association, U. S. Postal Meter Corp. of N. Y., U. S. Transcit, Inc., U. S. Travelers Hospitalization Corporation, Universal Basic Products Corporation, Universal Clock & Globe Corporation, Uniclox Corporation, Universal Devices Corporation, Universal Gas Corporation of Frewsburg, New York, Universal Guaranty Company, Universal Hotel Associates, Inc., Universal Institute, Inc., Universal Installation Service Company, Uniform Lights & Plates Company, Universal Laundry & Machinery Company, Inc., Unique Manufacturing Co., Inc., Unit Oil Company, University Realty Company, Incorporated, Universal Traffic Signal Co. of Ohio, Inc., Universal Traffic Signal Company, Inc., Unkel Wholesale Lumber Storage and Forwarding Company, United Aerial Surveys, Inc., United Art Productions, Inc., United Artcraft Productions, Inc., Union Aircraft Corporation, Union and Brotherhood of North Italy, The, United Cash and Carry Stores, Inc., United Discount Serice, Inc., Union Deposit and Savings Company, The, United Greyhound Racing Association, United Gas & Electric Utilities Corporation, Union Gas Corporation, United Gas Service Company, United Heat and Power Corporation, United Holding Company, United Italian Import Corporation, United Kaolin Corporation of America, Union Land Company, Union Mortgage Corporation, United Motor Freight Co. Inc., Union Mortgage Guarantee Company, United Manufacturing Company, Inc., United Newspapers Corporation, United Order of Tents of J. R. Giddings and Jollifee Union, Incorporated, United Oxide Company, United Personal Loan Co., Inc., United Protective Association, United Protestant League of America, Inc., The, United Pacific Securities Corporation, United Sales Corporation of New York, United Structural Engineers, Inc., United Service Community Stores, Inc., Union Sales Corporation, Union Southern Company, United Shareholders, Inc., United States Automotive Engineers, Inc., United States Acceptance Corporation, United States Bond & Mortgage Corporation of Tennessee, United States Bond & Mortgage Corporation, United States Circus Corporation, United States Clariphone Corporation, United States Feldspar Corporation, United States Record Corporation, United Trust Company, United Television and Communications Company, Incorporated, Utility Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., Utility Improvement Co., Inc., Urban Publications, Inc., Urumaco Petroleum Corporation, Utah Recreational Ranches, Inc.

Vacuum Ovens, Inc., Valhalla Corporation, Van Alstyne Motor Corporation, Vanity Dress Shops, Inc., Vanity Frock, Inc., Van's, Incorporated, Vaqueros Major Oil Company Ltd., Variety Productions, Inc., Vapor Phase Oils, Inc., Vergobbi & Company, Vermiculite Company of America, The, Venture Gardens Co., Vending Machine Corporation of America, Venezuelan Oil Exploration Company, Veterans' Repeal League, Inc., The, Venable Syndicate Inc., Victoria Amusement Corporation, Viking Concrete Machinery Company, The, Victor Finance Corporation, Victor Food Products Co. Inc., Victor Gloves, Incorporated, Victor Motor Service, Inc., Victor Mauck Inc., Viking Oil Sales Corporation, Victor Oil Company, Victor Rubber Corporation, Vincent Cianci & Co., Inc., Viscosity Engineering Corporation, Vivid-Glow Cosmetics, Inc., Vita-Gum Sales Corporation, Vitaglo Holding Corporation, The, Vitalax, Inc. of Mineral Wells, Texas, Vitsas, Inc., Vitrified Products, Inc., Visual Radio Corporation, Visible Vendors, Inc., Vulcan Brazing and Machine Co., The, Voicewriter Co., Vorr, Incorporated, Voorhies, Incorporated, Vulture Pioneer Mining Corporation, Vulcan Soot Cleaner Co., The, Vortex Wing Corporation.

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Yiddish Amusement Co., The, Yacht Mayflower, Inc., The, Yertson's Service & Machine Co., Inc., Yeast Vitamin Foods Corporation, York Auto Supply Company, Inc., Young's Candy Products Co., Inc., York Gold Mining Company, Young's Hats, Inc., Yorkshire, Inc., Yorgey's Laundry, Inc., York Oil Corporation, York Petroleum Company, Yuba Pass Mining & Resort, Inc., York Refrigerator Sales Co., Inc., Yorktowne Tire Company, Inc.

Zimgould Chemical Company, Zac Gas Producer Corporation, Zerozone, Incorporated, Zinco Mining Company, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, C. D. Buck, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord one- thousand nine hundred and thirty-six and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixtieth.

(Great Seal)

By the Governor:


W. D. SMITH, Secretary of State.