Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, James P. Truss, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Richard C. McMullen, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. B. Stayton Company, A. B. & W. Corporation, A. C. Layman Machine Company, A. C. Mellichampe, Inc., A. Fink & Sons, Inc,, A. & F. Tile and Marble Co., A. K. Bennett Hotel Corporation, Ltd., A. 0. Best Corporation, A. P. Taliaferro, Jr. & Company, Inc., A. L. Erlanger Amusement Enterprises, Inc., A. Spain & Co., A. T. Baynes Co., A. W. Drilling Co., Abbey Radio Service, Inc., Abbott Engineering Company, Abel & Company, Incorporated, Adco Oil Company, Addison-Saunders Associates, Inc., Adford Corporation, Admiral Products Company, Admiral Refining Company, Aeroland Oil Company, Affiliated Hosts, Inc., Agence Internationale De Publicite, Inc., Agricultural Chemical Works, Inc., Agricultural Development Association, Air Conditioning Equipment Corporation, Air-Pake-Age, Inc., Air Valve Bottle Corporation, Airflo Keg Corporation, Airflo Keg Sales Corporation, Airlane Refining & Transport Company, Ltd., Airway Cargo Express, Inc., Akoa Corporation, Al Krenkel Chevrolet Company, The, Alabama Realty Company, The, Alabama Land and Mineral Company, Alabama Snailshell Mining Company, Incorporated, Alamo Petroleum Corporation, Alban-Towers Pharmacy, Incorporated, Alex Valet Service, Inc., Alexandria Motor Company, Incorporated, Alfred A. Dorsey, Inc., Alice Norman, Inc., All American Motor Sales, Inc., All-American Stencil Co., All-Oil Heater Corporation, Allan Fruit and Steamship Company of Mexico, Inc., Allegheny Packing Company, Allied Autos, Inc., Allied Research Laboratories, Inc., Alloyed Metals Corporation, Allyne Refrigeration Corporation, The, Alpha Springs Company, Alta-Idaho Gold and Copper Mining Company, The, Altar Consolidated Mines, Inc., Alton Corporation, Amar Banking and Trading Corporation, Amarillo Townsite & Land Company, American and Moroccan Phosphate Corporation, American Aid Society, American Association of Boat Builders and Repairers Inc., American Acoustic Company, American Austin Corporation, American Austin Parts Corporation, American-Balkan Corporation, American Bond & Trust Company, American Bureau of Investigation, Inc., American Carpatho Russian Lemko Citizens Association, American Cash Register Corporation, American Cooperative Trading Syndicate, Inc., American Cotton Finance Corporation, American Credit Agency, Inc., American Duplex Motors Inc., American Dyestuffs Association, American & Foreign Claims Bureau, Inc., American & Foreign Discount Corporation, American Furniture Associates, Inc., American General Properties, Inc., American Gold Producers, Incorporated, American Industrial Finance Corporation, American Institute of Medicine and Surgery, Inc., American Intercoastal Steamship Corporation, American International Association, Incorporated, The, American Loan Company of Connecticut, American Locker Company, American Metals Recovery Corporation, American Mutual Society, American Oil Royalties Corporation, American Pharmacal Company, American Plate Glass Company, American Publishers, Inc., American Resources, Inc., American Spigot Company, American Standard Exports Corporation, American States Public Service Company, American Stock Yard Company, American Tradeships, Inc., American Transom Co., Inc., The, American Typesetting Corporation, American Union Telephone Company, American Veneer Company, Incorporated, American Wafer-Paper Corporation, American World Traders, Incorporated, "Americanadian" Inc., Amulet Mines Corporation, Anatmos Metals & Furnace Corporation, Anania Company, The, Anchorage Corporation, Anderson-Stromenger, Incorporated, Anglo American Mill Company, Anglo Asiatic Corporation, Ltd., Anglo-South American Investing Corporation, Animated Air, Inc., Apartment Estates Club of Ameri
ca, Inc., Archery Company, Inc., The, Argo Asbestos & Rubber Corporation, Argosy Mining Company, Arizona Goldfields Development Corporation, Arkansas-Oklahoma Smokeless Coals, Incorporated, Arkansas Southern Oil Company, Inc., Arkmo Gin Company, Arlington House Furnishing Company, Armstrong Realty Corporation, Arnold-Blair-Rottner Inc., Arroyo Gardens Development Co., Art Craft Sign Co., Inc., Arthur Hopkins Productions, Inc., Asher Realty Company, Associated Brake Engineers, Inc., Associated Cleaners, Dyers and Tailors of Delaware, Inc., Associated Developers, Inc., Associated Dyeing & Printing Company, Inc., Associated Properties Corporation, Associated Publications of the Far East, Inc., Associated Publishing Co., Inc., Associated Wine & Liquor Retailers of America, Inc., Assured Investments, Inc., Astor Cab Corporation, Astra Company, The, Athetone Products, Inc., Atlantic Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Atlantic Discount Corporation, Atlantic Investment Co., Atlantic Merchantile Company, Inc., Atlantic, Pacific and Oriental Company, Atlantic Products Corporation, Atlantic Screen Service, Inc., Atlas Crane Company, Inc., Atlas Export Steel Products Corporation, Atlas Wrecking & Salvage Corporation, Atwood Multiple Writer, Inc., Audited Industries Finance Company, Audrey Gift Shoppe, Inc., The, Audubon Contracting & Building Co. Inc., Autan Corporation, Auto-Mould, Incorporated, Automatic Awning Manufacturing Co., Inc., The, Automatic Printing and Stationery Company, Automobile Discount Corporation, Avocet Corporation, Automotive Development Corporation, Alexanderplatz Corporation.

Babcock Steamship Corporation, Baker Hall Corporation, Bag-by Hall, Inc., Baker-Nagle Co., Baker-Righter Corporation, Bald Eagle Company, Bancshares, Ltd., Band Box Cleaners Inc., Bandera Oil Corporation, Bankee Corporation of America, Bankers Income Corporation, Bankers and Merchants Bureau, Inc., Bar-Bar Chemical Company, Barber & Ross, Inc., Barge Sheridan One Company, Barnet Lumber Products Corporation, Bavarian Luxburger Brewing Company, The, Beacon Laboratories, Inc., Beacon Sales Syndicate, Bear Creek Coal Company, Beasley-Eastman Laboratories, Incorporated, Beatlo's Upstairs Trunk Stores, Inc., Beauty Arts Distributing Company of Washington, Beaver Reclamation Oil Company, Bell Paper Box Company, Bellas Processing Corporation, Belle-

Franklin Oil Co., Inc., The, Belmont Goldfield Mining Company, Ben Birkenfield, Inc., Ben Wofford Drilling Corporation, Beneficial Loan Society of New Haven, Beneficial Personal Safe Deposit Company, Benkirp Aircraft Engine Corporation, Benneweiss Gold Mines, Inc., Berkshire Mortgage & Finance Corporation, Best Publishers, Inc., Best Tool Company, Inc., The, Best's Valet Service, Inc., Bethlehem Hatchery and Poultry Farms, Inc., Better Housing Institute, Inc., Biederman, Incorporated, Big-4 Mining Co., Big Four Gold Mining Company, Bilmarjac Corporation, Biltwell Homes Corporation, Birmington Textile Company, Bla-Seaport Gas Corporation, Blue Boar Gold Mines, Inc., Bold Chemical Company, Bond Electric Corporation, Bonded Commodity Corporation, Bonita Petroleum Corporation, Borco Potash Development Corporation, Borstein Electric Company, Bourbon Cooperage Company, Inc., Boyd Business University, Inc., Braak Corporation, The, Brandle & Smith Co., Brandt Products Company, The, Brandy-Wine Brewing Company, Brazil Gold, Silver and Oil Syndicate, Incorporated, Bridgeside Athletic Club, Brightwood Motor Sales Company, Brintnall Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Delaware, British Fuel Patents, Inc., Brooke V. Beyer, Inc., Brookland Avenue Realty Co., Brown Coal Company, Brown-Rotan Inc., Brownback Heck Incorporated, Bryan Corporation, Bryan-Foster Casket Company, Inc., The, Bryant & Rogers, Incorporated, Bryer Chemical Corporation, Buckley Radio Laboratory, Inc., Buena-Vista Products Corporation, Builders and Dealers Finance Company, Building Cleaning and Preservation, Inc., Building and Management Corporation, Burton Building Company, Buschel, Inc., Business Incorporators Company, Butler-Kuhn Corporation, Buttonless Fly Company, Baker Properties, Incorporated, The, Bergstan Patents Corporation, Blom Soap Company, Incorporated, Budge-It, Incorporated, Blue Hen Farms, Inc., Bullion Imports, Inc., Bunsen Oil Burning Corporation.

C. Kenyon Company of California, C. M. C. Construction Co., C. M. Simpler & Co., C. Wayne Gould & Company, Cadillac Mining Corporation, California Comstock Gold Mines, Ltd., California Gold Fields Development Co., California Gold Lode Mines, Inc., California Gold Mines, Inc., California Gulch Placers, Inc., California Majestic, Inc., Call "Jack" The Plumber, Inc., Callan Motors, Incorporated, Calvey Motor Company, Calway Corporation, Cam-

bridge Amusement Enterprises, Inc., Cameron Properties, Limited, The, Canadian Mines of Delaware, Inc., Canadian Natural Resources, Inc., Canyon Lease and Royalty Company, Capital Beef Company, Inc., The, Capital Bus Terminal, Inc., Capital Distributing Corporation, Capital Kosher Sausage and Provision Company, Cargert, Inc., Carick, Inc., Carthage Marble Corporation, Cashin, DeVries & Co., Catalene Products Corporation, Cave Hill Gold Mining Company, Cedar Tree Press, Inc., The, Ceotex Company, The, Central Credit & Investment Company, Central Eastern Power Company, Central Natural Gas Company, Central Properties Inc., Central States Service Company, Centralized Service, Inc., Century Benefit Association, Century Pipe Line Company, Cerathenus, Inc., Certified Concrete Company, Chandler Candy Company, Channel Gold Mines, Ltd., Chapman-Meehan Casket Company, Charber Machinery Corporation, Charles F. Heartman, Limited, Charles L. Wagner, Inc., Charter Coal Company, Charter Mutual Benefit Association, Charwel Corporation, Chase-Scott Model Gin Compress and Cotton Package Company, Chelsea Exchange Corporation, Chemical Industries, Inc., Chemical Service, Inc., Cherry Valley Nursery, Inc., Chesapeake Mortgage Company of Maryland, The, Chicago Farm & Produce Corporation, Chicago, Ohio & Mississippi Transit Co., Church-Members Service, Inc., Cinemacolor Corporation, Circolo Recreativo, Inc., Citizens Benefit Association, City Central Corporation of America, City Ice & Beverage Co., Clark Fastner, Inc., Clarke, Lewis Investment Company, Claverhouse, Incorporated, Clay Industries, Inc., Clay Sewer Pipe Sales Promotion Corporation, Clendaniel Seed & Plant Co., Inc., Clinic Pharmacy, Incorporated, Clinton Distilleries Corporation, Cloiton Inc., Closure Corporation, The, Club Candies Inc., Club Heidelburg, Co-operative Industries, Inc., Co-operative Motors, Inc., Code Authority of the Brush Manufacturing Industry, Inc., Code Authority for the Limestone Industry, Inc., The, Coalotem Corporation, Cokel, Inc., Coker Photo-Offset Corporation, Cold Blast Feather Company, The, Collapsible Metal Case Corporation of America, Collapsible Steel Quilt Co., Inc., Colonial Press, Inc. of Washington, D. C., Columbia Airlines, Inc., Comanche Drilling Company, Combest Oil Co., Combination Chemical Company, Inc., Commerce Agriculture and Industry, Ltd., Commercial Broadcasters, Inc., Commercial Bullfrog Hatchery, Inc., Commercial Business Corporation, Compressed Air Service Corporation, Compton Mines Corporation, Cone Patents Corporation, Conlin Petroleum Corporation, Conlin Petroleum Producing Corporation, Consolidated Automatic Merchandising Corporation, Consolidated Durma-Viatic Dispensaries, Inc., Consolidated Gas Utilities Co., Consolidated Ozone Corporation, Consolidated Waterways Transportation, Inc., Construction Products Corporation, Continental Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Continental Distilleries, Incorporated, Continental Distributing Company, Continental Public Utilities Corporation, Continental Trustee & Deposit Corporation, Continuous Torque Transmission Corporation, Cook Realty Corporation, The, Coolair Inc., Coolspring Bluestone Company, Cordrey Limited, Cosmopolitan Players, Inc., Cote D'Or Corporation, Cotton Club of Washington, D. C., Inc., Cotton Garment Code Authority, Inc., Cotton State Portland Cement Company, Cottontex Products Company, Council of the National Society Magna Carta Dames, The, Council of the Society of Descendants of Knights of The Most Noble Order of the Garter, The, Cove Point Beach, Incorporated, Craven Estate, Inc., Credit Adjustment and Loan Bureau, Inc., Crescent Holding Company, Crist's Auto Repairs, Inc., Croghan Mining & Milling Company, Inc., Crookston Safety Razor Co., Crouch-Bolas Aircraft Corporation, Crown Furniture Lines, Inc., Crown Lumber Company, Crystal Palace, Inc., Curtin Chemical Corporation, Cut-Rate Furniture Co. of Norristown, Clayton's, Inc., Chicago Heating & Piping Association, C. B. Kelly & Co., Inc., C. and C. Trucking Corporation, C. E. Bowers, Inc., Calamata Importing Co., Cann Brothers & Kindig, Inc., Chase Model Bale Gin Compress Company, Chevy Chase Amusement Corporation, China Well Drilling Corporation, City Coal & Ice Company, Clothing Research Corporation, Coal Feeder Corporation, Coast Insulating Co., Code Authority of the Dog Food Industry, Inc., Cognac Brandy Consortium, Inc., Coleman Companies Inc., Colmar Corporation, The, Columbia Accounting Machine Co., Inc., Columbia Advertisers Incorporated, Combined Gold Producers Syndicate, Inc., Consolidated Motembo Company, Consolidated Placers Company, The, Consumers Service, Inc., Cooper Sparkelite, Ltd., Coupon Grocery Stores, Inc., Cream Separator Bottle, Inc., Crescent Specialty Company, Inc., Curtiss Candy Sales, Inc., Cyanide, Gold & Tungsten Mining Corporation.

D. C. Plastering Company, Inc., D. J.McCarthy Studios, Inc., D. M. D. Taxi Corporation, D. R. Altick, Inc., Dahlia Oil Company, Daily Racing Form Publishing Company, Dakota Finance Company, Daniel E. Hogan, Inc., Davis-Paradis Watchmen's Clock Corporation, Dayatnite Lamp Corporation, De Costa, Inc., de la Roza Engineering Corporation, Delaware Mirror & Plate Glass Co., Degn Corporation, The, Delmar Union Store Company, Denny Shoes, Inc., De Plan, Incorporated, Dealers Service and Discount Corporation, Deauville Mining Co., Deerpark Breweries, Inc., Dela.-RiverBeach-Farms-Inc., Delaware Ave. & Broom St., Inc., Delaware Fruit Juice Company, Delaware Poultry Farm, Inc., Delaware Pretzel Company, Inc., Delaware-Western Mining Corporation, Delco Auto Supply Co., Delmarva Ice Cream Co., Inc., Denti-Set Corporation, Delhaven Dairy Farms, Inc., Delicious Orchards, Inc., The, Delmar Clearance House, Inc., Delmarva Printing and Publishing Company, Delta Land & Timber Company, Delvatex Petroleum Corporation, Denny Refrigeration Company, Inc., The, Discount & Sales Corporation, Display Corporation of America, The, Display Products, Inc., Distillers Import Corporation of America, The, District Food Specialty Company, The, Dixie Development & Dairying Company, Dixie Transportation Company, Dobbston Realty Corporation, Dodge Manufacturing Corporation, Domestic Credit Securities Corporation, Dominant Refining Company, Doud Insulation Company, Inc., Doughboy of Allegheny County, Inc., Douglas Popcorn Whisky Company, The, Dougparm Inc., Dove Coal Company, Inc., Dover Hosiery Mills, Inc., Dover Motors Corporation, Dr. George C. Melody Laboratories, Incorporated, Dr. W. 0. Coffee Co., Draper Telephone Company, The, Dresden Corporation, The, Drigard Products Corporation, Dual-Brake Corporation, The, Dubus Pump & Machinery Co., Duchess Mining and Milling Co., Dulce Mines, Inc., Duluth Talkies, Incorporated, Dunmore Mt. Airy Corporation, Dunmore Mt. Airy, Inc., Duo Corporation, Dur Productions, Inc., Durman Petroleum Corporation, Dutch Kitchen of Delaware, Inc., Dwelly Pearce Corporation, Diamond State Warehouse Company, The, Dakota Corporation, Democratic Club of Upper Darby, Inc., Diatomite Oil Refining Corporation of America, Divisional Code Authority For Cement Gun Contractors, Inc., Divisional Code Authority Retail Solid Fuel Industry, Division No. 31, Inc.,

Divisional Code Authority for The Roofing and Sheet Metal Contracting Division of the Construction Industry, Inc.

E. A. London Inc., E. C. Lynch Ticket Agency, Inc., E. H. Bell, Inc., E. J. Frankel Inc., E. R. Mullen Stores Inc., The, Eagle Corporation, East Coast Airways, Inc., Eastern Blenders, Inc., Eastern Impex Company Limited, The, E. M. Bryan Company, Eastern Machinery Corporation, Eastern Shore Farm Associates, Inc., Easy Roller Screen Company, Eberhardt & Co., Eclipse Textile Devices, Inc., Economy Gas Generator Sales Corporation, Economy Oil Transportation Corporation, Ed F. Thomas & Company, Inc., Eddie Dowling Productions Corporation, Edgar A. Coleman Sales Company, Edman Manufacturing Company, Educational Corporation, Edward L. Mayer Company, Inc., The, "8 In 1" Fuse Corporation, Elam Electric Heating System, Inc., Electric Contracting Company, Electric Control Corporation, Electric Elements, Incorporated, Eagle Auto Stores Company, Electric Switch Heating Corporation, Electrical Trade Publishing Co., Electro Lime and Ice Corporation, Electrogear Corporation, Electro-Geophysical Corporation, Electro-Plastic Products, Incorporated, Elkhorn Corporation, The, Ellinger Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc., El Peten Petroleum Corporation, Elsmere Leather Company, Emfra Bouquet and Co., Inc., Empire Industries Corporation, Empire Silk Company of California, Emporia Gold Mines, Inc., Equity Finance and Investment Corporation, Erin, Incorporated, Ernest M. Loeb Company, Inc., The, Ernst Company, Eros Amusement Corporation, Esperanza Gold Mining Company, Estate Conservation, Inc., Estate Managers General Fund, Inc., Ethical Laboratory Inc., Ethine Company, Inc., Euclid, Inc., Eugene Meredith, Inc., Eureka Oil and Gas Corporation, Eureka Saw Mill Company, European Sprinkler Company, Evanston Investors Corporation, Excel Brick and Tile Corporation, Excelsior Gold Mines Company, Expando Company, E. Bowen's Son, Inc., East Side Mutual Association, Eastern University, Inc., Emerald Sports Club, Equities of Friends Inc., Equitable Industrial Loan Corporation.

F. Irving Walls & Co., F. W. Cleveland & Son, Incorporated, Fairmount Plating Company, Inc., Fame Mining Company, Inc., The, Family Loan and Mortgage Company, Farmers Market Company of Washington, D. C., Farmers Market, Inc., The, Farrell Com-

pany, The, Fashion Lane, Inc., Faultless Heater Corporation, Fayette Securities Company, Feather Butte Gold Mines, Inc., Federal-American Restaurant System, of Washington, D. C. Inc., The, Federal Holding Company, Federated Hotels, Ltd., Felton Theatre Company, Inc., Fermoid Products Co., Inc., Ferrous Magnetic Corporation, The, Fidelity Distributors, Inc., Fidelity Management Corporation, Filco Corporation, Filtermatic Manufacturing Co., Finchley, Chicago, Inc., Fidley Ridge Gold Mining Company, Inc., Fireproof Specialties Company, First Empire Corporation, First National Trust Company, First New York Pennsylvania Corporation, First State Supply Co., Fisher Foundry Company, Flettner Corporation of America, Floating Incinerators, Inc., Florida Citrus Marketing Corporation, Florida-Collier Coast Hotels, Inc., Florida Fruit Wine & Distilling Co., Inc., Flower Valve Co., Flywheel Welding Co., Inc., Fluck Brothers Company, Fontaine Needle Corporation, The, Food Processing Company, The, Forest City Corporation, Fork Run Producers, Inc., Foundation Commerce Corporation, Foundation Company of Washington, Four Cohans, Inc., The, 4-Square Stations, Inc., Francis W. McDermott, Inc., Franco-American College, Inc., Frank B. Connelly, Inc., Frank Di Giuseppe, Inc., Frank's Garages, Inc., Frank & Seder Department Store Co. Inc., Franklin Coal & Coke Company, Franklin County Coal Company, Inc., Franklin Poultry Company, Inc., Franklin Shoe Repair, Inc., Frasers, Limited, Fred Norris, Inc., Frederick Higman Trucking Co., Frederick Falkin & Company, Freeman Gas Company, Freeman-Thompson Shoe Company, Frejo Builders, Inc., Friendly Finance Corporation, Fuller Restaurant System, Inc., The, Fullerton White Corporation, Funsten Brothers and Company, Furmoto Chemical Company, Inc., The, Futurist Enterprises, Inc., F. P. & E. Construction Company.

Gandell, Inc., Garcia Mining and Developing Co., Garden Seed Company of America, Garland Corporation, The, Gaskoal Corporation, Gel-Sten Duplicator Co., Gene's Laundry and Cleaning Company, Inc., General Adjustment Service, Incorporated, General Aircraft Corporation, General Electric Hammer Corporation, General Foundry Machinery Corporation, General Governors, Incorporated, General Kiln and Furnace Corporation, General Metals Corporation, General Metals Development Company, Geneva Realty Company, George E. Boyle, Inc., George H. Lockwood, Inc.,

Georgetown Auto Company, Gerald R. Nocton, Incorporated, Gibraltar Finance Corporation, Gibsonville Townsite Gold Mines, Inc., Gilco Light Company, Gillett Miracle Laboratory Products, Inc., Girard Equipment Company, Girvin Exploration Company, Glen Park Company, Glenridge Oil Corporation, Globe Brewing Company, Inc., Godfrey Conveyor Co., The, Gold Bar Mining Co., Gold Crown Mining & Development Corporation, Gold Dome Mining Company, Incorporated, Gold Eagle Mining and Milling Company, The, Gold Medal Film Co., Inc., Gold Recoveries, Incorporated, Gold Ridge Mining Corporation, Gold Rush Mining Co., Inc., Goldberger Securities Corporation, Golden Age Liquor Corporation, Golden Ace Mining Company, Golden Arrow Oil and Gas Company, Inc., The, Golden Chain Mines, Inc., Golden Eagle Lines, Holding Company, Golden Plume Mining Co., of Calif., Goldmont Inc. of Delaware, Gordon's Incorporated, Gore Co., General Contractors, The, Grady Oil Company, Grant Mountain Gold Mines Company, Grape Vine Mountain Gold Mines Co., Inc., The, Gray-Den Oil Company, Inc., Great Basin Oil Company, Great Eastern Trust Company, Greenbank Valley Milling Company, Greenville Bridge & Ferry Company, The, Greenville Greenhouses, Inc., Grey Line Transportation Co., Inc., Grocery Story Products, Inc., Guarantee Mortgage Finance Company, Guerrero Trading Company, Guevara Fruit Company, Inc., Gulf Coast Corporation, Gum-Lac Stencil Corporation, Guthrie Company Incorporated, Guy A. Willey Motor Company, General Mining & Smelting Co., General Roofing & Sheet Metal Works, Inc., General Sales & Advertising Co. Inc., General Sales Associates, Inc., General Sales Co. Inc., General Street Utility Corporation, General Telephone Corporation, Georgia Cotton Cooperative Association, Glenn-Ann Oil Company, Inc., Gold Mining Machinery Corporation, Grant's Pharmacy, Incorporated, Great American Union, Green Lantern Country Club, G. B. Wilkinson Estate Incorporated, Gadsden Copper Company, Gainesville Gas & Electric Company, Gaylord's, Inc., General Spar Corporation, Gardenia Grocery Company, Gardens Corporation, The, Gatennala Holding Company, Gibilton, Inc., Gillock & Co., Inc., Goldchain Consolidated Mines Co., Glenwood Mills, Incorporated, Gordon Buckout, Inc., Grand Cinema Corporation, Greendale Exploration Company, Gold Recovery Mining and Milling Corporation.

H. A. Davis Company, H. B. Wright Company, H. Bates Garments, Inc., H. C. Zeamer, Incorporated, H. & M. Engineering Company, Inc., Hagerstown Brewing Company, Hair Wave Machines Corporation of America, Halcyon Products, Inc., Hall Gold Mines, Inc., Halstead Oil Company, Inc., Hamilton Stuart Productions, Inc., Hamilton Trading Corporation, Harbor Sand, Inc., Harris Brothers Corporation, Harrisburg Motors Incorporated, Harry Cragin Lumber Co., Harry I. Day, Inc., Harvard Terrace Development Corporation, Harville Construction System, Inc., Hawaiian Securities Agency, Inc., Hayden-Bookhultz, Inc., Hays Gold Mining Company, Inc., Hazelton & Wilkes-Barre Corporation, Health Budget Systems, Inc., Health Container Sales Corporation, Heat-Rite Company, The, Heating Appliances and Equipment Co. Inc., Hedden Holding Company, Hedden Realty Company, Henderson Food Products, Inc., Henflo Corporation, Henry C. Samuels, Inc., Henry Field Company, Henry Rose Inc., Hercules Acceptance Corporation, Hertz Drivurself Stations, Inc. (Alabama), Hester Price, Inc., Hickman Plastering Co., Inc., Hide Sales Co., Inc., Hijos De Agustin Blazquez, Incorporated, Hillpine Corporation, The, Hillside Corporation, Hilliard Company, Inc., Holmes Restaurant Corporation, Home Beverage Co., Home Finance Investment Company, Home Land Corporation, Home Town Newspapers, Inc., Hommel Wine Company, The, Hopkins & Shaffer, Inc., Hotel Fensgate, Inc., Howe Finance Company, Inc., The, Hubbard Company, The, Huckleberry Mountain Mining Corporation, Humboldt Mines, Inc., Hunter Machinery Company, Hupp Motors Export Corporation, Hurley Laundry Machinery Corporation, Hurt Building, Incorporated, Hydrolator, Inc., H. L. Cannady Company, Hardwood Manufacturers' Institute, Inc., Health Preservation Laboratories, Incorporated.

I-O-Dine Laboratories, Inc., Idaho Mining & Exploration Company, Idaho Precious Metals Corporation, Ideal Plan Inc., The, Igo Mining Corporation, Ilba Publishing Company Inc., Iliff Jones Company, The, Illini Building Corporation, Illinois Home Builders, Incorporated, Imperial Citrus Cooperative Association, Imperio Azteca Studios, Inc., Improved Lithography Corporation, Income Properties Corporation, Independent Investment Company, Indian Creek Company, Indiana Consumers Gas & By-Products Company, Indiana-Kentucky Oil Company, Inc., Individual Picture Distributors, Incor

porated, Industrial Construction Co., Inc., Industrial Corporation, Industrial Refinance Corporation, Inland Industries, Incorporated, Inland Iron Works Company, Inn at South Palm Beach, Inc., The, Innes Investments, Inc., Insurance Systems Incorporated, Insured Investments, Inc., Integrity Homes Inc., Integrity Supply, Inc., International Agencies, Incorporated, International Brake Beams, Incorporated, International Catholic Trust Company, International Housing Corporation, International Mining & Milling Corporation, International N. S. E. Sales Corporation, U. S. A., Interstate Realty Investment Corporation, Investment Finance Co., Investment Realization Company, Inwall Fixtures, Inc., Iris Pearl Paste Corporation, Island City Finance Company, Inc., Italian Stores Corporation of Philadelphia, Income Protective Syndicate, Italian American Club of the Twenty-First Ward, I. B. S. Benefit Association, Indiana Central Telephone Company, Inland Construction Co., International Distillers Corporation, Iodine Compounds, Inc., Isabey Paris, Incorporated, Island Airlines, Inc., International Patent Products Corporation, International Trade Mart, Inc., International Wine and Liquor Clearing House, Inc., Interstate Abstract & Title Guaranty Company, Interstate Chain Store Properties, Inc., Iran-American Developments, Ltd.

J. B. Shenk-Inc., J. D. Milans Sons, Inc., J. E. Rose, Inc., J. Irvin Strain, Incorporated, J. Joseph Finn, Inc., J. K. Larson Propeller & Boat Corporation, J. M. Griffin Lumber Company, J. T. Robertson Company, Inc., The, Jack G. Ways Funeral Home, Inc., Jack and Jill Shop, Inc., Jackson Engineering Corporation, Jackson Garage, Incorporated, Jacob K. Altemus Machine Company, Inc., James A. Cannon, Inc., James C. Langley & Co. (Kansas Division) Incorporated, James Haldas, Inc., James N. Ginns Investment Company, The, Jas. P. McCabe Co., James R. Buck and Co., Jamestown Farmers & Merchants Corporation, Janssen Engineering Corporation, Jay-rose Millinery Co., Inc., Jiffy Corporation, Jimmie's Beauty Salons, Inc., Joerns Brothers Manufacturing Company of Delaware, John Hancock Reniger, Inc., Johnson Supply Company, Inc., Johnstown-Somerset Smokeless Coal Company, Jones Service Station, Inc., Jonjo Mines, Ltd., Joseph Gibbs Inc., Joeph J. McLaughlin, Inc., June Petroleum Corporation, Justo De Acevedo Y Cia., S. A., Inc., J. H. Lutten & Son, Inc., J. W. Dana and Company, Jackson Asphalt

Company, James Porter Investment Co., The, Juvenile Products Company, Inc.

K. J. Heller, Inc., Kelgord Corporation, The, Kema Products Corporation, Kempton Motors Corporation, Kenberdor Silver-Lead, Inc., Kenilworth Amusement Corporation, Kent County Development Corporation, Kentucky Bonded Products Corporation, Kentucky Coal Agency, Incorporated, Kentucky Consolidated Gas Company, Kentucky Gas & Petroleum Co., Kentucky National Coal Corporation, The, Keyes Advertising Corporation, Keystone Construction Company, Keystone Home Builders, Inc., Keystone Jobbing House, Inc., Keystone Mines, Inc., Keystone Oil Corporation, Kimberley and Carpenter, Inc., Kineo Oil Company, Kixmiller Coal Mining Company, Kleen-O Chemical Products Company, Kludas Electro-Mechanical Devices, Inc., Kozy Korner, Inc., Kurtz Brothers, Inc., Kwik Kindler Corporation, Krystal Chemical Company, Inc., K. R. Publishing Corporation, Kansas City Select Corporation, Katona Mining Company, Kellum Company, The, Kentav Corporation, Kerner Corporation, Keystone Oil Land Company, Inc., Knox Cave Inc., Kochs, Inc., Kuebler Brewing Company, Inc.

. N. Miller Engineering Corporation, Lachenmaier & Munger, Incorporated, Laco Production Company, Laird, Schober Co. of Mass., Lakes To Sea Carloading Corporation, Lambert Chemical Company, Lamoka Coal Company, Landairwater Industries, Incorporated, Landon Associates, Inc., Langer Fuel Saving Corporation of America, The, Larzelere Publishing Company, The, LaSalle Utility Investment Company, Leary Grean Company, Leased Motor Service Corporation, Lee Fibre Products Corporation, Leford, Inc., Lencel Corporation, The, Levy & Glosking Inc., Lincoln & Associates, Inc., Lincoln Distributing Corporation, Lincoln Equipment Company, Lincoln Pictures Corporation, Lincoln Road Machine Co., Linkins, Inc., Liquid Container Corporation, Logan Mining and Machine Company, The, Long Beach Securities Company, Lookout Broadcasting Corporation, Lost Emigrant Gold Mining Company, Louisiana Baking Corporation, Lucky Sixteen Advertising Displayer, Inc., Luden's, Inc., Delaware, Lydia Perkins Health & Beauty Products, Ine., Lincoln Aid Association, Live Stock Association of America, The, Local Retail Code Authority for Wilmington, Inc., Lancaster Dry Goods Company, Lang Body Company, The, Lea-Mex Gas Company, Lititz Springs Distilling Company, Lyon's Cafeterias, Inc., Lyons Department Stores, Inc., Lyons Mid-Continent Corporation, Loyal Aid Fraternity, Incorporated.

M. DeMay & Co., M & T Placer Gold Mines, Inc., Macsmines, Inc., Magnesite Mining & Manufacturing Company, Major Oil & Gas Company, Make-Klean Inc., Maltese Cross Gold Mining Company, Mammoth Gold Mines, Inc., Mandes Realty Company of Washington, D. C., Marble Hall Swimming Pool, Inc., Margo Petroleum Corporation, Marigold Oil Corporation, Mariposa Mining Corporation, Marjon Corporation, Marquette Cement Sales Corporation, Martino, Inc., Marvel Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., Marvelous Crystal Corporation, Mason Tire & Rubber Corp., The, Mathieson Auto Boat Corporation, Matthews American Laboratories Limited, Inc., May's, Inc., Mayfair Company, The, Mayfair Piece Dye Works, Inc., McAuley Automatic Trap Company, McBride Brothers, Incorporated, McCaulley Mortgage and Investment Co., McClelland Herb Company, McCloy Company, McCoy's Laboratories, Inc., McGee, Fleisher & Company, McGlinn Distilling Company, The, McMahan Baking Company Inc., McMenamin, Inc., Me-We Corporation, Meares Mining Corporation, Mechanical Retailers Inc., Melody Construction Company, Mercantile Corporation Company, Mercantile Finance Corporation, Mercantile and Realty Company, The, Merchandising Corporation of St. Louis, Merchants Finance Service Corporation, Merchants & Mechanics Loan Association, Inc., Mercury Sales Corporation, Metallic Arts, Inc., Metropolitan Cleaning and Dyeing Company, Metropolitan Food Corporation, Meve Corporation, The, Mexican Industries, Inc., Meyers Mens Shop, Inc., Michigan Food Purveying Corporation, Mid-Cities Utilities Corporation, Mid-City Securities Corporation, Mid-Continent Income Shares, Inc., Midas Camera-Projectors Corporation, Middletown Hotel, Inc., Midvale Steele Export Company, Midwest Stove and Enameling Company, Millard Jr., Inc., Miller Casket Company of Washington, D. C., Miller Products, Inc., Milton Thomas Company, Inc., Mineral Developments, Inc., Mineral Life Corporation of Dallas, Mineral Park Gold Mining Company, Mines Engineering Corporation, Mining and Development Corporation, Minneapolis Transfer & Warehouse Company,

The, Mirror Products Corporation, Mississippi Valley Iron Company, Mizpah Extension Company of Tonopah, Model Home Construction Company, Modern Envelope Co., Ltd., Modern Inventions Manufacturing Company, Modern Publications, Inc., Modern Sign Studios, Inc., Mofrage Petroleum Corporation, Mohawk Corporation, Mohawk Mines, Incorporated, Molas Lake Silver Mines, Inc., Monarch Manufacturing Company, Inc., Monarch Mines and Smelters, Incorporated, Monitor Gold Mining Co., Monogram Corporation of America, Monopack Film Industries, Inc., Mooney Boat Corporation, Morris Engineering Company, Inc., Morris Oil Development Corporation, Morris T. Baker Company, The, Mortgage & Acceptance Corporation, Mortgage Investment Company of Washington, Mother Lode Apex Co., The, Motor-Nu Corporation, Motor Power Equipment Company, Motor Sales Corporation, Motorway Express Agency, Inc., Mountain Valley Water Company, Mt. Pleasant Mines, Inc., Musical Research Products, Inc., Muskogee Sand and Gravel Corporation, Mutual Industrial Bankers, Inc., Myers Service Station, Inc., Men's Neckwear Code Authority ,Inc., Metropolitan Aid Society, Milk Fund Foundation of America, Incorporated, Modern Aid Association, Motor-Rail Company, Motor Cleansing Corporation, Maas Construction Company, The, Malcolm Arizona Gold Corporation, Manufacturers' Merchandise Advertising Association, Marge Ann Oil Company, Marquette Iron Company, Maurer, Phillips & Co., Inc., Meon Engineering Corporation, Mercury Producers, Incorporated, The, Meret Co., The, Metropolitan Fund, Incorporated, Michigan Sulphur and Oil Co., Milada Dress Shop, Inc., Mineral Products, Inc., Model Cooperative Grocers, Inc., Modern Auto Loan Company, Modern Washer Corporation, Morning Telegraph Sports News, Inc., Moulded Pulp Corporation, Mutual Mortgage Company of Chicago, Inc., Maryland Mortgage and Guaranty Company.

Natalocs Products Corporation, National Anti-Chain Store League, Inc., National Bowlagame Mfg. Corporation, National Brokers, Inc., National Chain Stores Corporation, National Cigarette Sales Syndicate, National Depositors, Inc., National Flavoring Specialists, Inc., National Family Magazine Publishing Co., National Houses, Inc., National Keg Corporation, National Liquor Brands, Incorporated, National Marine School, Inc., National Metal Alloys

Corporation, National Motor Boat Sales, Incorporated, National News Associates, Inc., National Non-Skid Tire Chain Corporation, National Patent Products, Corporation, National Publications, Inc., National Realty Valuation Corporation, National Refinance Corporation, National Reserve Company of America, National Sales Corporation, National Steel Rockers, Inc., National University Guild, Inc., National Utilities Company of Alabama, National Wine Corporation, National Wingless Aircraft, Inc., Natural Research Corporation, Naudain & Company, Navajo Drilling Company, Navajo Gold Mining Co., Naval Constructors, Inc. (Yourkevitch Patents), Navidad Development Company, Neal & Robinson, Inc., Neolithic Products Company, Neptune Line Company, Nevada Silver Consolidated Co., Inc., New Deal Coal Company, New Jersey Tobacco Growers, Inc., New York Airways, Inc., Newport Insurance Agency, Inc., Nibley Shamrock Mines, Inc., Nicberg Corporation, Nicol-let Hotel, Incorporated, Nigger Heaven Dome Oil & Gas Co., Nip-sic Peat Works, Inc., Norbridge Company, The, Norment & Company, Inc., North American Pulp & Paper Corporation of America, North Shore Investment Co., North & South Motor Lines, Inc., Northampton Brewery Corporation, Northern Cambria Trading Corporation, Northern Mines Limited, Northern States Holding Company, Northern Utilities Company, Northwest Stellarene Company, Inc., Notaway Consolidated Mines, Inc., Nova Scotia Sea Foods, Inc., Nudeal Laboratories Company, Nudeal Publishing Co., Inc., No. 1 Tug Boat Co., Inc., Naive-Spillers Corporation, National Fisheries Association, National George Washington Foundation, Inc., National Home Relief Association, National Mutual Company, The, National Protective Union of America, National Relief Association, National Union Life Association, Nations Benefit Association, The, N. Simon, Inc., Nasife Motor Service Corporation, Nat's Delicatessen, Inc., National Association of Comfortable Manufacturers, National Builders Incorporated, National Dog Food Manufacturers Association, The, National Educational Research Association, Inc., National Home Mutual Benefit Association, National Millinery Association, Incorporated, National Motion Picture Corporation, National Producers of D. E. P., Inc., National Radiator Corporation, National Travel Checks Holders Association (Inc.), Near East Water Development Corporation, New York United Hotels, Inc., New & Novel Devices, Inc., Newark Box

Toe Co., Newark Land Company, Newton Oil and Gas Company, North American Exploration Co., Nu-Enamel International Corporation, Northwestern Natural Gas Corporation.

0. K. Broadcasting Company, Comulgee Mortgage Loan Company, Oil Equipment Company, Oil Heating Engineers, Incorporated, Oil Payment Purchase Corporation, Oil Properties, Inc., Oil Ridge Oil & Refining Co., Oils, Incorporated, Oklahoma General Gas Company, Old English Co. Inc., The, Old Fashioned Extract Company, Oldham Patents Corporation, Oliver Properties, Inc., "On-ley Trucking Company Inc.", Olsen Mechanical Products Corporation, Olympic Hotel Company, Olympic Resort Co., Inc., Optical Color Projection Corporation, Oro Grande-Grass Valley Gold & Silver Mines, Inc., Oronoco Company, Owens Development Corporation, Old Delaware Bank Association, Odol Products, Inc., Oklahoma Central Utilities Company, Oklahoma Star Gas Company, Oriental Film Productions, Incorporated, Owen E. Williams Holding Company.

P. Schlampp & Son, Incorporated, P. J. C. Corporation, P. & L. Pipe & Tool Corporation, Pacific Coast Sugar Manufacturing Company, Pacific Distributing Co. of California, Inc., Pacific Distributing Co., Inc., Paco, Incorporated, Padfield-Public Contact, Inc., Palmer Gas Products Corporation, The, Pan American Fisheries, Ltd., Pan American Fruit Corporation, Pan-American Laboratories, Inc., Panel Company, Inc., Paris Coal Mining Co., Inc., Park View Market Co., The, Parker Equipment Corporation, The, Patents Research & Engineering, Incorporated, Patrick Duluth Corporation, Patton & Co., Paul Brown & Co., Paul Henon, Inc., Paulus Hook Realty Co., Papaya Industries, Inc., Peacock Mining-Exploration Corporation, Peacock Special, Machine & Drilling Co., Pelithe (China) Ltd. Inc., Pelosi, Inc., Penn Alchemy Corporation, Penn-Gene Dairies, Inc., Penn Treaty Welding Company, Pennsuco Farming Company, Pennsylvania Cold Mix Association, Inc., Pennsylvania Syndicate Gas and Chemical Company, Penntroleum Corporation, Pere Marquette Hotel Company, Perfectaire Corporation, Perfection Steel Company, Personal Finance Company of Calumet, Personal Finance Company of Cedar Rapids, Personal Finance Company of Concord, Personal Finance Company of Council Bluffs, Personal Finance Company of Dover, Personal Finance Company of Dubuque, Personal Finance Company of Eau Claire, Personal Finance Company of Green Bay, Personal Finance Company of Janesville, Personal Finance Company of Madison, Personal Finance Company of Maine, Personal Finance Company of Manitowoc, Personal Finance Company of Marinette, Personal Finance Company of Milwaukee, Personal Finance Company of Point Marion, Personal Finance Company of Portsmouth, Personal Finance Company of Racine, Personal Finance Company of Sioux City, Personal Finance Company of Superior, Personal Finance Company of Wisconsin, Personal Thrift System, Incorporated, Peters Petroleum Corporation, Petroleum Developers, Inc., Petroleum Producers, Inc., Petroleum Properties, Inc., Petroleum Corporation, Philadelphia Fund, Inc., Philadelphia Varnish Company, Philip M. Jullien & Co., Photo Process Research Corporation, Picadilly Amusement Enterprises, Inc., Pinehurst Plantation, Inc., Pioneer Gold Dredging Co., Pipe Production, Ltd., Pittsburgh Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company, Pittsburgh-Goldfield Mining Company, Plans Development, Inc., Plaza Pie Company, Plymouth Finance Company, Polarice Distributors Corporation, Polbe Inc., Port Neches Petroleum Corporation, Potomac News Service, Inc., Potter Manufacturing Corporation, Powell Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc., Precious Metals Exploration Co. Ltd., Precision Products Company, Preferred Credit Corporation, Primrose Company, Inc., Progress Baking Equipment Co., Inc., Progressive Mechanism Corporation, Property Owners' Service, Inc., Provident Appraisal, Inc., Provident Loan Association of America, Prudential Finance Corporation, Public Food Stores, Inc., The, Pueblo Petroleum Co., Puncture-Proof Tire Co. of America Inc., Purdy Egg Products, Inc., Puritan Productions, Inc., Pacific Movement Association, Incorporated, Paper and Paper Box Makers Union of America Local No. 100, Philadelphia Bowlers Club, Philadelphia Entertainment Contractors Association, Inc., Philip C. Haibach, Inc., Pomona Orchard Company, The, Progress Casket Co., Pacific Distilleries Inc., Pacific Transit Company, Ltd., Park Mortgage and Ground Rent Company, The, Patent Digest Corporation, PBA Investors Corporation, Peacock Motor Wheel Corporation, Pennsylvania Nationwide News Service, Inc., Perfect Laundry Machinery Company, Philmore Gasoline Corporation, Pine Dome Development Company, Pioneer Gas Utilities Company, Pioneer Ice Cream Company, Phila. Hydrant

Company, Plant-Food Chemicals, Inc., Polarice Corporation, Privex Corporation.

Quintex Lens Company, The, Quick Service Garage, Inc.

R. W. Smith, Inc., R. W. Smith Milling & Baking Co., The, Radio News Features, Inc., Railroad Timetable Distributors, Inc., Ralph Fuhrmann Company, Inc., Rancho San Carlos, Inc., Rayn-OShyne Products Corporation, Razek Development Laboratories, Inc., Re-Seal-It Metal Cap Corporation, Real Estate Tax Investment Corporation, Realty Building Corporation, Realty Construction Company, Realty Holdings, Inc., Rearwin Airplanes, Inc., Rector Collateral Corporation, Red Hill Mining Company, Inc., Reinhold Von Rosen Company, Inc., Reliance Management Corporation, Reliance Realty Corporation, Relvin Co., The, Renewal Investment Corporation, Renna Method Incorporated, Rep Products Corporation, Repard Inc., Repertoire Actors' Guild, Inc., Republic Radio Manufacturing Corporation, Research Club, Inc., Research Products Corporation, Resilite Corporation of America, Resolute Lateral Drilling Corporation, Retrieve Oil Corporation, Revelation, Inc., Rex Gold Mining and Milling Company, Rex Poster Printing Co., Inc., Rextex, Inc., Rhine Wrecking Co., Rhoads Feed Mfg. Co., Rice & Bergerson Mfg. Co. Inc., Ridge Line Oil Company, Ristig, Incorporated, Ritz Carlton Hotel Company of Hollywood, Ltd., The, Ritz Foot Appliance Company, River-Lake Chemical Company, Inc., Ritz Oil & Gas Company, Robert W. Savage Investing Corporation, Roberts-Randall Corporation, The, Roberts Resort Hotel Company, Robspahr Metallic Ink Co., Rockwood Brewery Corporation, Rocky Mountain Mining and Smelting Corporation, Rogers & Young, Inc., Romano Submarine Engineering & Salvage Corporation, Romona Restaurant, Inc., Rose Mines, Incorporated, Rosen and Rice Motor Company, Inc., Rosenbaum Grain Corporation, Rotary Electric Company, Rotor Ice Machine Corporation, Roy Beer Taverns, Inc., Roy H. Bjorkman, Inc., Royalty Investment Corporation of New York, Royalty Properties, Inc., Ruler and Company, Rush Equipment Corporation, Russell H. Davis-Howard Hayes, Inc., Read Realty Co., Reliable Life Association, Retail Meat Trade Code Authority, Inc., Retail Kosher Meat Trade Code Authority, Inc., R-B Oil Company, R. & H. Simon Corporation, Radio Club America-France, Radio

Club, America-Poland, Rapoport Ostrovsky Corporation, The, Realty Acceptance Corporation, Reciprocal Feed Distributors, Inc., Reeves Coal & Dock Company, Inc., Renaud Parfumeurs, Inc., Republic Oil and Sulphur Company, Resilient Rayons, Incorporated, Reunited Corporation, Robert E. Hopkins & Company, Rolind Oil Company, Rosser Company, Inc., Rex Sales Corporation.

S. E. Ola Beverage Company, S. M. Chemical Company, Inc., S. M. Sanzetti Inc., S. R. Weaver Inc., S. S. Lard & Co., Sa-Lax Corporation of America, The, Safety Devices Corporation, Safety Mining Machine Co., of Meyersdale, Pa., Safety Sling Products Corporation, Sager Vacuum Pen Company, Sales, Incorporated, Samoa Gold Mines Corporation, Samuel Edelsman Company, San Antonio Gold Mines, Inc., San Jose Cement Corporation, San Juan Gold Incorporated, San Mateo Gold Mines, Inc., Sandboe Mining Company, The, Sanitary Fowl Plucking Machine, Inc., Sao Paulo Coffee Growers Sales Corporation, Saunders Motor Co., Inc., Savage Battery Corporation, Scharf & Brenner Inc., Schenley Apartment Corporation, Schussler's Sea Food Inn, Inc., Schwartz Company, Inc., Scientific Research Laboratory, Inc., Scott Manufacturing Company, Screen Radio-Shorts, Inc., Sea-Maid, Inc., Seaboard Packing Corporation, Searcy Petroleum Company, Inc., Second Hand Buyers' and Sellers' Listing Bureaus of America, Inc., Second Utilities Syndicate, Incorporated, Secured Finance Company, Security Depositary Corporation, Security Owners' Protective Bureau, Inc., Seneca Realty Company, Senger Transportation Company, Servicised Laboratories, Inc., Sexton-Rhodes Wine and Liquor Company, Shanghai Stevedoring Co., Shapiro Construction Corporation, Shapiro Management Corporation, Sharing, Inc., Sharpe Manufacturing Co., The, Sharpless Motors Corporation, Shed Mountain Production Company, Sheridan Gold Mining & Development Company, Shinn Devices Corporation, The, Shur-Gro Fertilizer Company, Sierra Corporation, The, Signals Oil Corporation, Ltd., Sigua Manganese Corporation, Simpson Power Units, Inc., Siskiyou Gold Mining Co., Slater's Gas Trove Distributing Corporation, Slatington-Bangor Slate Syndicate, Inc., Slip-On Mfg. Co. Inc., Small Loan Investment Company, Smart Corset Shoppe, Inc., The, Smyrna Transportation Co., Snelham Corporation, The, Soocana Mining Corporation, South Coast Company, The, South Coast Managers, Inc., Southeastern Land Co., Inc., The, South-

ern Menhaden Corporation, Southern States Manufacturing Co., Inc., Southern State's Vending Co., Inc., Southland Gravel Company, Southwest Gas Company, Southwestern Minerals, Inc., Southwestern Sales Corporation, Southwestern Smelting Company, Sovereign Oil Corporation, Spectrocolor Corporation, Spic & Span, Inc., Spinach Products Company, Sportland Incorporated, Spray-Dried Sugars, Inc., Staklor Laboratories, Inc., Standard American Glass Corporation, Standard Automatic Signal Corporation of Delaware, Standard Portland Cement Co. Inc., Standard Tank Car Company, Stape's Delicatessen, Inc., Star Aluminum Company, Star State Oil Corporation, Starrett Corporation, The, State Founders, Inc., Statzell, Inc., Stauffer Petroleum Corporation, Steel Products, Inc., Steel-Rok Products, Inc., Steelman Poultry Farms, Inc., Steen Dredging Corporation, Sterling Mines, Inc., Stevens Bros. & Shafer, Inc., Stockholders Protective Committee Inc., Stokes Stores Company, Stone Cabin Consolidated Mines, Inc., Stratosphere Rocket Corporation of America, Stuart Briton & Co., Inc., Suburban Land Developing Company, Sunset Stores, Inc., Super Diesel Corporation, Super Service Station, Inc., Superior Explosives Co., Inc., Superior Gas Saving Co., Inc., Superior Grating Corporation, Surbrug Chocolate Corporation, Susquehanna Oil & Gas Company, Sussex Amusement Company, Swift Land Company, Swing Ice Corporation, Sigmund's Beauty Supply Co., Southern Benefit Association, Southern Hospital Benefit Company, Sunset Security Life Association, S. W. Forrester Oil Corporation, St. Louis Properties Corporation, St. Marks Club, The, Savannah Breweries, Inc., Save Sales Company, Schober Company, Inc., The, Serbo-American Institute, Inc., Sheet Piling Corporation, Ltd., Skillkrafters Corporation, The, Smirock, Incorporated, Societe D'Archives, Incorporated, Societe D'Etude Pour L'Encouragement Du Tourisme Americain En France, Inc., Sorensen Company, South & Central American Metal Export Corporation, South River Factory Corporation, Southmere Farms and Fruit Company of Indian River, Florida, Spanish Amusement Club, Inc., Sperry Realty Service, Inc., Spider Engine Corporation, Standard Construction Company, Standard Products Company, Standard Telephone Company, Stapper & Co., Inc., Suburban Properties Corporation, Sun Petroleum Incorporated, Sweets Company of America, Incorporated, Sylvania Corporation, The, Sierra Oil Corporation.

T. A. Maxwell Salvage Company, T. K. Jones and Brother Hardware Company, T. K. Simmons, Inc., Tacoma Amusement Company, Talbot Non-Corrosive Linings Company, Tamaulipas Coal and Coke Co., Inc., The, Tampa Phosphate Company, Inc., Tech Corporation, Telephoto & Television Corporation, Temple Salatorium Company, Inc., The, Terminal Oil Products Corporation, Tex Style Corporation, Texapenn Commissary Company, Texas Oil Mills, Limited, Texas Variety Store, Inc., Texzona Oil Company, Theodore Mitchael Co., Thermal Control Corporation, Thermo Humid Appliances, Inc., Thomascolor Corporation, Ticket Forecasts Company, Inc., Tidalwave Oil Corporation, Tim Kee Gold and Silver Mines, Inc., Titan Gold Development Co., Titus County Oil Company, Todd Publishing Corporation, Tourist-Camp Owners' National Association, Inc., Towers Enterprises, Inc., Town Talk Dining Room, Inc., Town Talk Sandwich Shops, Inc., Traffic Regulator Signal Company, Trans-Americas Petroleum, Ltd., Transatlantic Trading Company, The, Transcontinental Broadcasting Company, Inc., Trebreh & Company, Tri-State Casket & Coffin Company, Tri-State Mining Company, Inc., The, Triangle Corporation, Triangle Realty Co., Trio Specialty Company, Trutone Negative Corporation, Turner Brothers Inc., Tuscarawas Oil & Gas Company, Twin City Theatre Company, Temple Anthracite Coal Company, Temple Financial Corporation, Terminal Research and Development Company, Timberlake Corporation, The, Tobacco Stemming Corporation, Tom Moore and Associates, Inc., Torchlight Oil Corporation, Triangle Poster & Printing Company of Chicago.

U. S. Canadian Coal Development Co., Ltd., U. S. Crockery & Glass Exchange, Inc., U. S. Motor Lines, Inc., Uncle Bill's Book Shelf Company, U-Needa Lunch, Inc., Union Guaranty Company, The, Union Investors Corporation, Union Seaboard Investment Corporation, Union Simplex Train Control Co., Inc., Union Sulphur and Oil Corporation, United Acceptance Corporation, United Amusement Company, United Automatic Rifles Corporation, United Aviation Corporation, United Barber Shoppes, Inc., United Chain Theatres, Inc., United Commercial Acceptance Corporation, United Film Libraries, Inc., United Fish Company, Inc., United Food Market, Inc., United Holdings, Inc., United Industrial Company, United Land Company Incorporated, United Leaf Tobacco Company, United

Liquor Stores Corporation of America, United Mother Lode-Gold Mines, Inc., United Moving Picture Exhibitors, Inc., United National Advertisers Sample Service, Inc., The, United New Mexico Industries Incorporated, United Savings Investment Fund Inc., United States Gum Corporation, United States Land and Lumber Company, United States Mining and Development Company, Universal Bronze and Metal Corporation, Universal Card Accounting Machine Corporation, The, Universal Highway Flare Company, Inc., Universal Machine Corporation, Universal Memorial Marker Company, Utilities Gas Company, Utility Coal Company, United Trust-shares, Inc., Union of Russian Societies of St. Michael and St. George, Inc., United Aid Society, United Benefit Association, United States of America Citizens Law League, Inc., The, Universal Protective Society of Delaware.

Valdez Gold Consolidated Inc., Vamps Distributing Corporation, Van-Dee Canning Company, Vanadium Mining Corporation, Velvetine Oil Corporation, Vescon Corporation, The, Vibrodent Corporation of America, The, Vibrolithic Pavements, Incorporated, The, Vicine Products Company, The, Victor Royalty Company, Victory Chemical Products, Inc., Vimm Products Corporation, Virgin Copper Company, Virginia Dairies, Inc., Virginia-Pennsylvania Steamship Company, Visual Display, Inc., Vita-Lux Products, Inc., Vitamines D Products Corporation, Van Der Stucken Texas Estate Company, Venetian Enterprises, Inc., Villard Foundation, Inc., The, Virginia Products Corporation, Valley Motor Parts, Inc., Vaniva Products Company, Inc., Vienna Pine Laboratories, Inc.

W. C. Pool, Inc., W. E. Stewart & Co., Incorporated, W. H. Y. Nu Products Corporation, W. L. Stewart & Co., Inc., W. M. P. Taylor, Inc., W. Virden Marshall, Incorporated, Wade Hall Company, Wade Oil & Gas Company, Incorporated, Wagner Church Goods Co. Inc., Wagners-Publishers, Inc., The, Wake Development Company, Walbrisner Corporation, The, Walcott & Campbell Spinning Company, Walciensian Weavers, Incorporated, Wallpaper Research Corporation, Ward, Rhodes and Company, Incorporated, Warren Mill and Lumber Company, Washington Cab Sales Corporation, Washington Construction Company, Incorporated, Wash-

ington Fuel Oil Engine Company, Inc., Washington Stations of Service, Inc., Watkins-Whitney Corporation, Watson Rubber Stem Tube Company, Wave Hotel Corporation, Waverley-Keeling, Inc., Wayne Farm Foods, Inc., Weir's Amusements, Inc., Wells & Dutcher Inc., West American Gold Mines, Inc., Western Car Advertising Company, Western Management Corporation, Western Mines Corporation, Western Process Pigment Company, Western Scientific Co., Ltd., White, Hentz & Co., White Springs Distillery, Inc., Whoopee Manufacturing Corporation, The, Wichita Mining Company, Wilco Engineering Company, Wilderness Outfitters, Inc., The, Wilke-Groetsch Company, William Jaffe Co., Inc., Williams Brothers, Palmer & Company, Incorporated, Wilmington Cape Fear, Inc., Wilmington Maytag Co., Wilmington Public Market, Inc., Wilro Corporation, Wilson Park, Inc., Winhyde Corporation, Wilvea Corporation, The, Winthrop Brokerage Company, Wirz and Waidman, Inc., Wisseman Gold Mines Inc., The, Wm. H. Wise & Co., Wm. L. Hill, Inc., Wolverine Sales Company, The, Wonder Cap Company, Inc., The, Wood Office Furniture Associates, Incorporated, Wood Trucking Co., Wright Hosiery Mills Co., The, Wyoming-Montana Mines Corporation, Wyoming Star Fox and Fur Company, West Electric Hair Curler Corporation, Western Life Association, Western Mutual Benefit Association, Wilf Brothers, Inc., Wilmington High School Athletic Association, Wm. M. Mayew, Inc., Won-Way Pen Corporation, Washington Radium & X-Ray Laboratory, Incorporated, Watseca Gold Mining Corporation, White Arrow Coffee Pot Corporation, The, Whitman Sound Systems, Ltd., William Muir Oil Company, Wilson & Weaver, Inc., Wood-Rodgers Development Corporation, Wood Sound-Visual Systems Inc., Woodwork Sales Company.

X Retail Stores Inc.

Y. T. S. Corporation, Yadgi Sponge & Chamois Co., Inc., Yangtze Gorge Line, Inc., Ybry, Inc., Yellowstone Holding Corporation, Yerger & Harvey, Ltd., Yor-Pen Incorporated, Yorkville Gold Mines, Incorporated, Yoquivo Mining and Reduction Corporation, Young Motor Company, Youngs Advertising Agency Incorporated, Yount-Rothwell Oil Company, Youth-O-Matic Co., Inc., The, Yukon Gold Mining Corporation, Yuba Oil Company, Inc.

Zem-Zem Corporation, Zenker Notion Company, Zlot Mines, Inc., Zonolite Corporation of America.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Richard C. McMullen, Gov-

ernor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set

my hand and caused the Great Seal to be here-

unto affixed this eighteenth day of January, in the

(Great Seal) year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and

thirty-nine and of the Independence of the United

States of America, the one hundred and sixty-third.

By the Governor: