Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, James P. Truss, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Richard C. McMullen, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

Abruzzi American Club Inc., A. A. I. Laundry, Incorporated, Abbott's Brandy Company, A. B. Equipment Company, A. B. C. Ice Company, A. B. C. Shares Inc., A D V National, Inc., A. E. L., Inc., A. H. Tunstall Corporation, A. Sanguigni Sons Co., A. Smart Building Co., A. V. Kozak Company, Action Advertising, Inc., Accumulative Finance Corporation, Accumulative Income Corporation, Ace Knitting Mills, Inc., Acme Land and Fur Company, Incorporated, Acme Loan Service, Inc., Acme Ribbon and Carbon Company, Inc. of Brooklyn, Acoustical Corporation of America, Adams Clothes, Inc., Adirondack Diatomite Mining Corporation, Adrosol Company, The, Adam Hoche Corporation, Advance Holding Corporation, The, Advance Hose Mfg. Co., Adcraft Products Corporation, The, Advertising and Selling, Incorporated, Admiral Tea House, Inc., The, Aeon Mercantile Corporation, Afro American Trading Corporation, Affiliated Bankers Inc., Airkure Corporation, The, Aeromotive Corporation, Airgraf Communications, Incorporated, Air Conditioning Industries, Inc., Aiken Corporation, Air-Control Systems Inc., Airex Engine Corporation of America, Akron Gold Mines, Inc., Air Ice Research and Development Corporation, Aeriform Industrial Works, Ltd., Air Line Sea Foods, Inc., Agnew Oil

Burner Corporation, Airkure Products Corporation, The, Airways Pipe Line Company, Air Power Inc., Alaskan-American Paper Corporation, Albert Bender, Inc., Alcoholic Beverage Dealers' Association, Aldrich Blake, Inc., Alcazar Food Shoppe, Inc., Alcoma Gas & Oil Corporation, Alexandria Ironworks & Engineering Corporation, Albany-Rensselaer Terminal & Shipping Corporation, Albert Thomas Inc., Allied Construction Industries of Delaware, Inc., Alliance Corporation, The, Allentown Cable & Machine Company, Allen & Drew, Inc., Allegheny Developments Company, Allied Fruit Stores, Inc., Allied Fuels, Inc., Allied Holding Corporation of Delaware, Allyn's Inc., Allison Laboratories, Inc., Alpine Motors Corporation, Allen Oil Company, Inc., Alpha Pi Lambda Sorority Inc., All Wave Radio Corporation, Alseco Corporation, Alton-St. Louis Bridge Company, Amidon Corporation, Ambler Laundry Company, Amalgamated Petroleum Corporation, Amplion Products Corporation, Amazon Products Company, American Automatic Circuit Breaker, Inc., American Automotive Corporation, American Auto Laundry Association, American Anigraphic Corporation, American Appliance Company, American Association of Pools and Beaches Inc., American Broadcasting System, Inc., American Bond & Share Corporation, American Bottling Co., American-Continental Wines & Liquors, Inc., American Discount Company, American Eastern Trading Association, Ltd., American Equipment Company, American Electric Power Corporation, American and European Oil Corporation, American Family Magazine Corporation, American Fiduciary Corporation, American Farms and Land Company, Incorporated, American Finance and Surety Corporation, The, American Fuel & Clay Products Company, American Geophysical Engineering Corporation, American Gold Co-operative Association, American Homes Corporation, American Health Earth Corporation, American-Italian Hotel, Inc., American International Terminals Corporation, American Individual Mausoleum Corporation, American Life Association, American Leaders, Inc., American Land and Finance Company, Inc., American Mines Corporation, American Medicine Corporation, American Manufacturing and Mining Corporation, American Natural Health System, Inc., American Participations, Inc., of Delaware, American Power Corporation, American Rack Company, American Scientific Expedition, Inc., American Stages Inc., American Steel Road-Base Corporation, American Synthetic Asbestos Corporation, American Tin Company, American Wurtzilit Company, American Thiberge Corporation, American Zymos Company, Anders & Heckman, Inc., Andmill Manufacturing Corporation, Anchor Milling Company, Inc., Andoris Oil Co., Anglo-American Superfuel Corporation, Anton Busch Company, Inc., Anthracite Combustion Equipment Company, Angora Products Corporation, Approved Service System Incorporated, Archon Rubber Heel Corporation, Arrow Auto Safety Signal Corporation, Arrow Building Block Co., Arizona Biltmore Corporation, Argyle Cafeteria Co., Inc., Argo Crude Oil Purchasing Company, Arrow Club, Inc., The, Archibald C. Jones, Incorporated, Arbel Corporation, Arinosa Corporation, Arcadia Dining Car Company, Arden Dairies Inc., Artistic Hairdressers Association of America, Inc., AreyHauser Company, Artex Memorial Shop Inc., Argus Oil Corporation, Arrow Trade Mark, Inc., Asch-Beck Corporation, Associated Contracting Company, Inc., Ascot Company, Associated Independent Druggists of America, Inc., Astrin's, Inc., Association of International Patentees Incorporated, The, Associated Mills Corporation, Association of Service Station and Garage Operatives, Inc., Associated Supply Company, Inc., Associated Tire and Supply Co., Association of Wine and Liquor Producers of France, Inc., Atlantic Advertising Agency, Inc., Atlantic Club, Incorporated, The, Atlas Collecting Agency, Inc., Atlantic Construction Corporation, Atlas Engraving Company, Inc., Atlantic Finance and Discount Company, The, Atcomoco, Inc., Atlantic Investment & Development Co., Atlantic Motor Sales, Inc., Atlantic Motor Freight Co., Atlantic and Pacific Finance Company, Avileo Airplane Corporation, Avery Corporation, Autosales Corporation, The, Automatic Canteen Company of Pennsylvania, Aviation Diesel Engine Co. Ltd., Automatic Equipment Inc., Austin Homesteads, Inc., Automatinvestors Incorporated, Aviation Industries and Research Corporation, Limited, Audubon Motor Company, Auburn Park Hospital, Inc., Automatic Parts Corporation, Aubrey Poultry Farms, Inc., Auto Signal Company.

B & B Transportation Company, B & B Motor Company, Bacardi Corporation of America, The, Bagdad Copper Products, Incorporated, Bachman's, Inc., B-U Company, B. R. & D. Security Corporation, Bain's Cafeterias, Inc., Baker Chemical Company, Bakers Oven Equipment Corporation, Baltimore Oil Engine Com-

pany, Banan-N-Freeze Novelty Corporation, Bankers Discount Corporation, Bambino Products Corporation, Bard Creek Mining Corporation, Baranof Chicagof Gold Mines Company, Inc., BardenStorrier, Inc., Barometer Advisory Service, Inc., Barnyard Inc., Bates Paint Service Co., Inc., Baxter Corporation, The, Bay Meadows Fruit Company, Bay Products Corporation, Bay State Distillers, Inc., Beaver Creek Placers, Inc., Beachland Development Corporation, Beaux-art Gardens, Inc., Beauticians Wholesale Supply & Equipment Co., Beaver Point Lumber Corporation, Bell Gold Mining Company, Bell Motor Company, Bellevue Mushroom Farms, Inc., Belvedere Mortgage Co., Ben Bernhardt Dial Painting Co. Inc., Bender's Department Stores, Inc., Benjamin's Loan Office, Inc., Berkshire Broadcasting Corporation, Berks Farms, Inc., Berlin-Ocean City Electric Bakery Company, Berger Investments, Inc., Berger & Thompson, Incorporated, Beryl Gold & Silver Company of Mexico, Inc., Bern-wood, Incorporated, Better Food Products Company, Inc., Beverly Hall Association, Betsy Ross Shoe Corporation, Big Four Production Company, Big Horn Mining Company, Big Horn Gold Mines, Inc., Bickel Surf Motor Company, Big 3 Automatic Machinery Co., Inc., Birmingham Homesteads, Inc., Bis Publishing Co., Black Hawk Gold Mines, Inc., Bismarck Elevator & Investment Company, Blue Band Shoes, Inc., Blue Ridge Coal & Coke Company, Blue Springs Estates, Incorporated, Blue Star Markets, Inc., Bogdan Industries, Incorporated, Boda Tire Service Inc., Bonanza King Extension Ltd., Bonanza Mines Company, Bonita Oil Corporation, Botany Consolidated Mills, Inc., Boss Machine Company, Inc., "Botts" Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Boyd Corporation, Bowling Green 'Metals Corporation, Bowling Green, Incorporated, Bradford Corporation, The, Brandywine Dairy, Incorporated, Bradt's Oil Company, Inc., Brady Process Company, Braun's Alambra Preparations Inc., Braude-Macksoud Radio Manufacturing Corporation, Brandt's Perfect Pipe Cleaner, Inc., Brewington-Smith Inc., Briggs Bituminous Composition Company, Brightman & Co., Inc., Brights and Haynes Glades Ditch Company, The, Bricklayer's Independent Union of America, Britt Motor Co., Inc., Broadcasting Company, Inc., Broadway Garage, Inc., Brockway Transport, Inc., Brookin Corporation, Brown & Day, Inc., "Brown Jug Packers," Inc., Browning, King & Co., Inc., Brunswick Associates Corporation, Buckeye Tile Co., Buist Community Athletic Association, Builders Capital Corporation of Westchester

County, Bullseye Displays, Inc., Buenaventura, Inc., Bullion Salvage, Inc., Builders Specialty Company, Burlington Industrial Alcohol Co., Burnoil Utilities Company, Burns & Company, Burns Oil & Gas Corporation, Burress Ry-Hy Gate Company, Bus Center of Washington, Inc., The, Bus Center, Inc., Bushmill Distilling, Brewing and Winery Company, Butter Ring Pastries, Inc.

C. A. Kephart, Inc., Cal Corporation, California Delaware Gold Mines Corporation, C. E. Strausser, Inc., C. F. Kirk Company, Cali-ware, Ltd., C. Morrison Smith Securities Co., Inc., C. L. Pierce & Company, California New York Mining Co., Inc., C. R. McCann Company, California Sales Co., Inc., Cafe Superior, Inc., C & S Corporation, C. S. Specialties Corporation, C-S-O Laboratories, Incorporated, Calaveras Central Mining Corporation, C. W. Gale Distillery Corporation, Cameron Company, Inc. of New York, Cambridge District Parsonage Asso. of the M. E. Church, The, Camp Ridgedale Company Inc., Campbell Upholstering Co., Canadian American Mines, Ltd., Capital Club, Inc., Cane11 Corporation, Capitol Drilling Co., Capitol Furniture Company, Incorporated, Canners Finance Corporation, Canyon Gold, Incorporated, Capital Liquers, Inc., Canadian Minerals Holding Corporation, Capital Mortgage Loan Company, The, Capital Range & Heating Company, Carbonox Corporation, The, Cardinal's Club, Inc., The, Carbon Dioxide Sales Corporation, Card Finance Company, The, Caribbean Food Products, Inc., Cardo Laboratories, Inc., Carlisle Loan Co., Inc., The, Carmac Metal Products Corporation, Carbonic Manufacturing Corporation, Carroll-Hobson Company, Carroll Lumber Company, Carton Container Company, Casady Coal Mines, Inc., Castle Co., The, Casco Laboratories, Inc., Central American Import & Export Corporation, Cathay Ceramics Co., Inc., Central Agency Service, Inc., Cellulose Corporation of America, Century Clay Company, Central Discount Corporation, Catlett-Davis Oil Corporation, Cavalcade Film Corporation, Central Funding Corporation, Central Grain & Merchandising Corporation, Century Industrial Corporation, Century Model Mart, Inc., Central Management Company, Inc., Central New York Gas Corporation, Central Products Company, Central Pipe Line Company, Cedar Point Toboggan Company, Cathay Studios, Ltd., Central States Corporation, Central States Petroleum Corporation, Central States Edison Company, Central States Investment

Trust, Inc., Cavalier Trading Company, Cell-U-Base Corporation, Central West Benefit Association, Champion Associates, Inc., Champagne Brendel, Ltd., Champagne Brands Corporation, Charles C. Phillips Chemical Company, Charles Conrad, Incorporated, Chancellorsville Homestead Community, Inc., Charles Horton Company, Charles Malandra, Inc., Charles 0. Lyon Company, Charter & Transfer Trust Company, Checker Cab Company, Cheverly Corporation, Chemical Gas Vault Corporation, Checksit, Inc., Chemical Laboratory Inventions Company, Cherokee Mines Inc., Chemical Products Company, Chestnut Realty & Investment Company, Inc., Chestnut St. Theatre Co., Chester Valley Ice Cream Company, China Fine Art Academy, Inc., The, Chicago Mill Flooring Company, Chicago Process Company, Chicago Realty Shares Inc., China Wing on Finance Co., Inc., The, Civic Building Syndicate, Circus Exhibition Company, Circle Oil Company, Inc., Cinnabar Reduction Corporation, Cine' Synchro, Inc., Classic Pictures Inc., Clay Products Company, Inc., of Indiana, Clarksville Social Club, Clare T. Gucker, Inc., Cleveland Wrecking Company, Clifton Corporation, Climax Finance Company, The, Club La Riviera, Clinical Supplies, Inc., Coastal Gasoline, Inc., Collins Manufacturing Co., Inc., Collier Service Corporation, Collapsible Tube Manufacturers Association, Inc., Colonial Mortar Co., Columbia Associates, Inc., Colvin Corporation, Columbia Distillers Products Corporation, Color Films, Inc., Colored Independent Republican Club, Colovada Mines, Inc., Columbia Mining Corporation of America, Columbia Oil and Gas Company, Columbia Pump & Engineering Corporation, Columbia River Pine Mills, Inc., Columbia Sales & Service Corporation, Colonial Syndicate Ltd., Commercial Brokers, Inc., Community Builders of America Inc., Compania de Telefonos de Barranquilla, Committee For A Sound Dollar and Sound Currency, Inc., The, Combined Investors Corporation, Combustion Machinery Corporation, Compania Nacional De Aviacion, Inc., Community Refineries Corporation, Community Superservice Company, Inc., Commercial Steel Company, The, Combined Shares, Inc., Commodity Trading Corporation, The, Commonwealth Warehouse & Storage Company, Inc., Conciliation Bureau, Inc., The, Congress Mining Company of Delaware, Connecticut Valley Brewing Corporation, Consolidated Associates Inc., Consolidation Coal Products Company, Consolidated Distillers, Inc., Consolidated Distributors, Inc., Consolidated Food

Products, Inc., Consolidated, Newspapers Corporation of New York, Consolidated Trading Co.--China--Inc., Consolidated Trading Corporation, Consolidated Western Distilleries, Incorporated, Continental Brokers, Inc., Continental Central Corporation, Continental Petroleum Engineers Inc., The, Continental Radio News Service, Inc., Continental Realty Co., Continental Underwriters, Inc., Cooks Peak Mining and Milling Company, Cooperative Corporation Company of Delaware, Coronado Gold Mines, Inc., Corco Oil Refining Corporation, Cornell Packing Corporation, Cosmetic Laboratories, Inc., Corn Mining Co., Corsair Mining Corporation, Cosby Producing and Royalty Company, Cotton Blossom Show Boat, Inc., Craftsman Building Company, Incorporated, Crane Honey, Inc., Crandall Theatres Corporation, Crescent Commercial Company, Inc., Srestmont Farms Improvement Co., Cregan & Mallory Co. Inc., Credit Neerlandais Co., Credit Relief, Inc., Cronel Company, Limited, Cronan & Company, Crown Brewing Company, The, Crystal-wrap, Inc., Crown Rubber Sundries, Inc., Crystal Silver Corporation, Cuba Chicago Corporation, Cuban Cane Products Co. Inc., Current News Features, Incorporated, Cycle of Equity, Inc., Cycle Finance Company.

Dairy Can Corporation, D. C. Realty Company Inc., Daily Dog Walking Service, Inc., Dalworthington Gardens, Inc., D. M. A. Finance Company, Dalles Southern Railroad Company, The, D. S. K. U. Corporation, Darwin Oil and Gas Corporation, Davenport Cement Co., Davis, Hastings & Company, Day Estates, Inc., Dawson Hotel Inc., Dease Lake Gold Mines, Inc., Decorative Folding Doors, Inc., Dejoy Radio Corporation, Deep Sea Engineering Corporation, Delmar Ice Company, Del-Plaza Farms, Inc., Delaware Avenue Holding Company, Delaware Aviation Corporation, Delaware Business Loan Co., Inc., Delaware Bowling Alleys, Inc., Delaware and Chesapeake Steamship Co., Delaware County Bridge Club, Delaware Club, Delaware Homestead Community, Inc., Delaware Holding Corporation, Delaware-Kent Orchards, Inc., Delaware Mortgage Company, Delaware Pants Company, Inc., Delaware Stevedoring Company, Dennison Development Corporation, Denver Pacific Railroad Company, Development Engineers, Inc., Diamond Core Drillers' Union, Inc., Diess Importing Co., Inc., Diamond State Motors, Inc., Diamond State Amusement Company,

The, District of Columbia Rehabilitation Corporation, The, Dirigo Corporation, The, District Holding Company, Direct-Line General Telephone Company, Dix Machine Co., Inc., Dixie Power Company, Dixie Producers Inc., District Tax Corporation, Dohm Building Company, Dockery Drugs, Inc., Dohan Glazed Kid Company, Domestic Heating and Air Conditioning Corporation, Domestic Oil Co., Donahoe's, Incorporated, Don Juan Mining Corporation, Donaldson Realty Company, Inc., Dos Cabezos Mining & Smelting Co., Douglas Corporation, The, Double D. Gold Mines Limited, Dorrance Plumbing, Heating & Mfg. Co., Double Stitch Welt Shoe Corporation, Doughten Seed Company, The, Druggists' Confidence Builder Association, Inc., Druggist's Fountain Supply Company, Du Bois Industrial Corporation, Du Bois Silk Throwing Company, Du Chemin Corporation, The, Dublin Inn, Incorporated, Dual Motors Corporation, Duluth Buick-Oldsmobile, Inc., Duluth Subsistence Homesteads, Inc., Dunlop Mining and Development Company, Duntile-Dunbrik Corporation, Durango Placer Gold Mining Company, Durango Gold, Inc., Duarble Goods Shares Ltd., Dutch Park Group Mines, Inc., Dure Realty Company.

Eagle Gold & Platinum Mining Co., Inc., The, Eastern Engineering Corporation, Eagle Fruit Stores, Inc., E. F. Kemp, Inc., E. & G. Products Company, Eagle Igniter Corporation, E. J. Wagner Corporation, The, Eastern Kentucky Exploration Company, Eagle Laundry Company, Eastgate Market, Incorporated, The, Easthom-Melvin Company, Inc., Eastern Manufacturers, Inc., Eastern Shore Poultry Farms, Inc., Eastern Shore Wholesalers, Inc., Eastern Saturmix Company, Eastern States Construction Corporation, Economic Developments, Incorporated, Eckels Engineering Corporation, Economy Retail Liquor Store, Inc., Economy Shoe Stores, Inc., Edgar A. Coleman Sales Corporation, The, Effanay Company, Inc., Eddie Dowling Pictures Corporation, Edmund L. Barto Construction Corporation, Electric Broom Corporation, The, Elite Cleaners, Inc., Electrecorder Corporation, Elevator Engineering College, Inc., Electric Eye Corporation, El-Gas Heater Company, Inc., Elks Home Building Association, Electrical Industries, Inc., The, Electric, Inc., Elgentrust, Incorporated, Electro Mineral Co., Inc., The, Electric Servant Distributing Corporation, Electrified Sugar Company, El Trio Game Farms, Inc., Ellery A. Baker and Company, Incorporated.

Elliott-Chapman Coal and Coke Company, Elleardsville Ice and Ice Cream Company, Emerson Chemical Company, Energetic Food Products Corporation, Endgrain Floor Company, Ember Glo Oil Burner Corporation, Equitable Petroleum Corporation, Empire Security Trust Company, Empire State Oil & Gas Co. Inc., The, Empire State Chemical Corporation, Empire State Wine Corporation, Erne Oil Development Company, Estate Administration Distributors, Inc., Eternium Corporation, The, Estate Managers Accumulative Fund, Inc., Estate Managers Bond Fund, Inc., Estate Managers Income Fund, Inc., Express Advertising Corporation, Eureka Lode Mining Company, Inc., Excelsior Oil Co., Executive Pharmacy, Inc., Eureka Reporting Co., Inc., Express Steamship Corporation.

F. A. Poth's Sons, Inc., Famous Dairy Products Company, Falls Development Corporation, Fabric Flame Proofing Corporation of America, Fairview Fruit Packing Company, Fannettie Land Corporation, Family Protective Association, Inc., Fairhaven Productions, Limited, F. P. Newport Corporation Ltd., Famal Securities Co., Factory Supplies Co. (Inc.), Fabric Treatment Institute, Inc., F. V. Warren Company, Far Western Placer Mining Corporation, Farmers & Consumers League of the United States, Inc., The, Farmers Realty Company of Newark, Federal Co-operative Drug Stores Association, Felton Council No. 15 Junior Order United American Mechanics, Incorporated, Feinstein and Company, Inc., Federal Charter Trust Company of Delaware, Federal Fastener, Inc., Federated Fishing Boats of America, Inc., Federal Public Service Corporation, Federal Shipping and Trading Corporation, The, Federal Union Investment Corporation, Federal Wood Products Corporation, Fernwood Athletic Club, Ferdinand Company, Ferguson Company, The, Fetzer Greenhouses Inc., Fidelity Charter Service, Inc., Flab Den-Tite, Inc., Filament Export Corporation, Film Inspection Machine Company, Inc., Fidelity National Aid Association, Film Securities Corporation, Fifth Street and Hennepin Avenue Building Corporation, Firesteel Coal Company, Inc., First National Corporation of Beverly Hills, Ltd., The, Fireside Players, Inc., First Trans Continent Investment Corporation, First Texas Paper Can Company, Five Counties Coal Company, Flannery Bolt Company, Flannery Investment Company, Flexible Mower-Blade Co., Inc., Floyd Coal Co., Inc., Flintflex Corporation, Foot Appli-

ante Guild, Inc., The, Foam Corporation, 4-C Products, Inc., Foster Drug Company, The, Fourcault Glass Sales Company, Fortuna Gold Mining Co., Forest Hills Calvary Corporation, Fortuna Mining Company, Foundation Petroleum Corporation, Fortune Tobacco Company, The, Four Winds Marine Club, Inc., Frankford Canning Company, Franseen, Fair & Foss, Inc., Frankson Holding Company, Frank J. Bender's Sons, Incorporated, Franklin Porcelain Company, Franklin Railway Products Company, Fred A. Bientzle Supply Co., Inc., French Button Works, Inc., Freeland Bobbin Corporation, Free-dames Corporation, Freed Television & Radio Corporation, Friendship Club, The, Friendship Conclave No. 1 of the Heptasophs or Seven Wise Men, Incorporated, Fruit Stores Service Corporation, Fruitvale Oil Company, Funeral Directors Acceptance Corporation, Fuel Products Improvement Association Incorporated, Fulton Securities Company, Fueloil-Watergas Corporation.

G. J. A. Holding Corporation, G. M. Piggott, Inc., G-P-M Mining Company, G. T. Restaurant Co., Gateway Bridge Company, Gas Generator Corporation of America, Garten Holding Corpora. tion, Gateway Laboratories, Inc., Gasone Products Corporation, Garo Products, Inc., Gates Social Club, General Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company, General Burner Service Company, General Council of Retail Tailors, Cleaners and Dyers, Inc., General Core Barrel Corporation, Gerloffs Drive It Yourself Company, Inc., General Enterprises of Texas, Inc., German Equal Rights Forum, Inc., General Electronics International Corporation, General Electronics Corporation, Geo. H. Zollman Fruit & Produce Co., Gheen's Incorporated, General Industrial Corporation, George E. Boyle, Inc., George J. Hanley Corporation, Georgia-Kennedy Pharmacy, Inc., General Marketing Corporation, Germatoll Medicine Company Incorporated, Gerard Manufacturing & Distributing Corporation, General Mining Corporation, General Marketing Counselors, Inc., General Minerals, Inc., General Naval Supplies, Inc., General Properties Company, Gene Palmer, Incorporated, George P. Elliott Company, General Radio Manufacturing Corporation, General Realty Company of Pittsburgh, Georgia Silica & Mineral Co., General Tire and Resoles, Inc., The, General Wines & Spirits Corporation, General Weatherstrip Company, Gerotor Licensing Co., Gianni Corporation, The, Gilpin Coincidental Lock Company, Gilcrease Oil Company of

Delaware, Globe American Commercial & Financial Company, Ltd., The, Goldie Ahearn, Inc., Goldfields of America, Ltd., Gold Cross Corporation of China, Goldstone Consolidated Mining Company, Golden Eagle Lines Incorporated of Arizona, Golden Eagle Lines, Incorporated of Missouri, Golden Eagle Lines, Incorporated, of Texas, Golden Eagle Lines, Incorporated, of Oklahoma, Golden Eagle Lines, Inc., Golden Eagle Beverage Company, Goldring Holding Corporation, Goldring's, Inc., Gold Ledge Mines and Holding Company, Gold Mines of America, Inc., Gold Ore Processing Corporation, Gold & Silver Extraction, Inc., Goldring Stores Corporation, Goodstay Company, Graustark Brewing Corporation, Grand Central Mining Co. of America, Grandview Distillery Corporation, Granold, Inc., Grand Realty Corporation, Greater America Association, The, Great American Benefit Association, Greenhill Coal Company, Great Eastern Natural Gas Co., Inc., Great Eastern Stages, Inc., Great Eastern Securities Corporation, Great Lakes Securities Company, Green Lane Silk Company, Green Rock Oil and Gas Company, Great Western Broadcasting Association, Inc., Grey-stone Mining Corporation, Group Hospitalization System, Incorporated, Grocery Manufacturing Company, Guilford Broadcasting Company, Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Development Co. Inc., Guardian Financial Corporation of Monessen, Guardian Financial Corporation of Shamokin, Guardian Financial Corporation of Sharon, Guardian Financial Corporation of Hudson County, Gum Hollow Oil Co., Guilford Island Lumber Company, Gustav Muller & Son, Inc., Gulf States Development Company, Incorporated.

H. Adams and Co., H. A. Burns Corporation, The, H-A-P-I-A Health Institute, Inc., H. A. Page, Jr., Motor Company, H. C. Johnson Woodworking Company, Incorporated, H. D. Johnson, Inc., H. F. Wilcox Aeronautics, Inc., H. Denburger Contracting, Company, H. K. Realties, Inc., H. Lange Corporation, Haddon Lake Land Company, H. M. D. Exploration, Inc., H. Porter Distilling Company, Inc., H. V. Short Mfg. Co., H. W. Prahl Incorporated, HaDees Kindling Corporation, Hamilton Beverage Co., The, Hall & Donahue, Inc., Hagen Marine Construction Co., Hamilton Car-tiara Cotton Mills of Liverpool, Inc., Hamilton Gas Company, Hamilton Loan Society of Pennsylvania, Hamilton Mortgage Company, Inc., The, Hamilton Shares, Incorporated, Hamilton Utilities

Corporation, Happy Hills Incorporated, Hanover Land Company, Hand's Transmission Company, Harlan Coals, Incorporated, Harley Real Estate Corporation, Harms Scalp Service, Inc., The, Harmer Steel Products & Supply Company, Harper Steel Form Corporation, Harmony Toy & Novelty Corporation, Harry's Auto Supply Stores, Inc., Harrison's Food Fountains, Inc., Harry L. Harris, Inc., Harry Levi & Company of Delaware, Harrisburg Stanley Spring Works, Inc., Harval Devices, Inc., Hattiesburg Homesteads of Mississippi, Inc., Hawkes Investment Corporation, Hazard Gas Company, Heart of America Hospice, Inc., The, Heacock & Cheek Company, Heetquick Oil Burner Corporation, Health Plan Inc., The, Health Sanitation Service Company, Inc., Heidsieck & Co., Inc., Helios Corporation, Henry C. Weis, Inc., Henry Holt and Company, Henault Scis'o Co.., Hester Farms, Inc., Herculo Pump Co., Inc., Herman Straus & Sons Company, Inc., Hickory Coal Corporation, Hight Elevator Corporation, Hillcrest Farms, Incorporated, Hohensee Developments, Inc., Hoffman Garage Corporation, Homespun Company, Inc., The, Holly Farms Corporation, Holstad Coffee Company, Home Foundation, Inc., Home Improvement Finance Corporation, Home Loans Inc., Home Thrift Publishing Company, Hornitos Mines, Inc., Hotel Biloxi, Inc., Houston Gardens, Inc., Hotel Guest Service Corporation, Hospital Service Sales, Incorporated, Houck Electric Advertising Corporation of Delaware, Howard Ricketts, Inc., Hudson Branch Ditch Company, Hudson Finance Corporation, Hudson Food Products Company, Huber Refining Co., Hudson Theatrical Club, Inc., Hudson Theatres Corporation, Hugh C. Ernst Associates, Ltd., Humes Investment Company, Hugh M. Brinkley & Company, Hydrex Asphalt Products Corporation, Huntman Stabilizer Corporation, Huxley Foundry, Inc., Hydro Refining Company.

Ideal Glass Container Corporation, Ideal Advertising Corporation, Imperial Beverages Corporation, Immediate Benefit Society of United States, I. Freimuth, Inc., Imperial Lines, Incorporated, Ideal Meat Market, Inc., Ibach Oil Corp., Imperial Service Corporation, I. Shainin & Company (Provisions) Inc., Industries Development Corporation, Industrial Equities, Inc., Income Estates of America, Inc., Industrial Finance Service Co., Inc., Industrial Health Service, Inc., Insurance Investment Corporation, Individual Instruction Schools, Inc., Industrial Minerals Corporation of America, Industrial and Organization Representatives, Inc., Insulation Products Corporation, Informer Publishing Company, Industrial Refractories Corporation, Indian River Game Preserve Association, Indian River Tribe, Number Thirty-Seven, Improved Order of Red Men, Indian Spring Village Inc., Independent Tung Oil Corporation, Integrity Auto Company, Inc., International Aircraft Corporation, Interborough Athletic Association, Inter-Continent Petroleum Corporation, Inverness Corporation, Investors Company, Interstate Distillers, Inc., International Distillers and Vintners Corporation, International Film Libraries, Inc., International Fruit Distributors, Inc., Interstate Fuel and Light Company, International Gold Mines, Inc., International Gyral Gear Corporation, International Gin Compress Co., Inc., International Interests Corporation, Interservices, Inc., Investors Management Company, Inter-Ocean Fisheries Corporation, Intercontinents Power Company, Inter-Racial-Photo-Plays, Inc., International Salvage, Inc., Integrity Spirit Sales Co. Inc., International Securities Incorporated, Investors Stock Union Corporation, Inter-State Coal Company, International Television & Radio Enterprises, Inc., International Wine Cellars, Inc., Investors Thrift Corporation, Intercoast Utilities Incorporated, Investors Union, Inc., Invicta Writer, Inc., The, Italian-American Citizens League, Inc., The, Ion Chemical Company, The, Isleton Canning Co., Iron City Oil & Gas Co., Island Investment Company, Irtish Salvage Co., Incorporated.

J. A. Kay, Incorporated, J. A. Mott & Company, J. & A. Company, J. B. Henderson Company, Inc., J. B. Ferguson & Co., J. & B. Investment Company, J. B. Sheppard & Sons, Inc., J. and B. Securities Co. The, J. C. Belick and Company, James E. Cairns Company, Jas. F. Martin Corporation, The, Jay Group Service, Inc., J. Goldstein & Son, Inc., J. G. Head Sales Organization, Inc., J. G. Townsend, Jr. & Co., Jasper Homesteads, Inc., J. L. Mott Sanitary & Manufacturing Company, Inc., J. L. Boals, Inc., Jack Norton Mining Co., Inc., Jackson Oil Terminal & Transport Company, Jarrett Petroleum Corporation, J. R. Lusk Company, Inc., J. Stone & Co., J. S. Bryan & Sons Corporation, Jiffy Duplicator Corporation, Ltd., Jersey Homesteads, Inc., Jefferson Journal, Inc., Jefferson Mortgage Company, Jerge Motor Corporation, John Bricker Oil Company, Joe Brown Theatrical Enterprises, Inc., Joan's Beauty Shoppe, Inc., John B. Lis Co. Inc., Jomar Corporation, John C. Cheatham Co., John E. McAllister Corporation, The, John J. Ryan, Inc., John Moore Marble and Tile Co., Johnson Mining Company, John Poindexter Distilleries Company, The, John Roman, Inc., Johann Stein, Inc., Johnson, Schaffer Drug Co., Johnson Service, Inc., John W. Moore & Son, Inc., Jones Aeroplane Corporation, Joseph H. Glennon's Brewery of Pittston, Pa., Inc., Joyce and Kerrigan, Inc., Jordan Studios, Inc., K. C. P. Corporation, L. & L. Realty Co., Inc.

Kal-Pheno Chemical Company, Kahler Shoes Company, Inc., Kansas City Rectal & Colon Clinic, Inc., Katz Exclusive Millinery, Inc., (Delaware), Keen-It Corporation, Keil Liquor Corporation, Kemp-Cromwell Pistons, Inc., Kelly Gold and Silver Mines, Inc., Kelly Graphite Mills, Inc., Kenny's Clothes Shop, Inc., Kentucky Consolidated Power and Utilities Company, Kenya Engine Company, Kennedy Press, Inc., Kennett-Shidler Corporation, Kentucky Silica Company, Inc., Keystone Burial Vault Co., Inc., Kernoe Corporation, Keyograph Corporation, Keystone Cap Co., Keystone Distillers, Inc., Keystone Foundation, Incorporated, Keystone Jobbers, Inc., Keyokla Oil Producing Company, Kettle River Mining & Lumber Company, The, Keystone State Securities Company, Keystone Temple No. 448 I. B. P. 0. E. of W. Inc., Keystone Utilities Corporation, Kettler Well Strainer Co., Kil-In-Sec Company, The, Kildall Sea Food Products, Inc., Kinney-Oakley, Incorporated, Knight Securities Corporation, Koenig Brewing Corporation, Koebel Wagner Diamond Corporation, Kor-Jul Special Formula Laboratory, Inc., Kos Mining Syndicate, Ltd., Kur Jewelry Company, Kuykendall Ramsey Motor Company.

Lakewood Distillers, Inc., Lake Dye & Chemical Co., Inc., Lakewood Golf Club, Incorporated, L. Hashim and Company, Incorporated, L. and L. Restaurant Corporation, Lady Margaret Company, L. N. Renault & Sons Corporation, Label Protective Company,, Inc., Lake Railways, Inc., La Santa Fe Gold Mines, Inc., Lake Shore & Southwestern Oil & Metals Corporation, L. S. Clough Land & Timber Co., Inc., La Tosca Wine Corporation, Ladow's Tavern, Inc., Lake Tracy Farms Company, Lake Underseas Development Corporation, L. W. McCormick & Co., Inc., Lancaster Asphalt, Inc., Land Bank Securities Company, Lane Corporation, The, Landgraf Manufacturing & Die Casting Corporation, Landers-Morrison Christenson, Incorporated, Land & Royalty Corporation, The, Larson Aircraft Corporation, Langenberg Lumber Company Inc., Lanphier Aircraft Corporation, Lamer Corporation, Lasco Corporation, Latimer and Maloney Contracting Company, Lavinsky's Antique Shop Inc., Laurel Homesteads of Mississippi, Inc., Laurel Realty Company, Laurence S. Kemp & Co., Royalty Security Brokers Inc., Lawton Loan & Discount Company, Inc., Lawyer Manufacturing Company, Lawler Theatres Corporation, Leapost Corporation, Leesville Mining Company, Lehigh Building Block Company, Inc., Lehulu Oil Company, Legal Practice Publishing Co., Inc., Leontine Holding Company, Levine & Leuin, Inc., Leverage Shares of America, Inc., Lewes Painting Company, Inc., Lexington Stave Company, Ligue Commerciale Franco-Americaine Inc., Lil-Ed Corporation, Lily Laundry, Inc., The, Liberty Laundry, Inc., Lincoln Circle, Inc., Lima, Inc., Lithuanian Development Corporation, Locust Hill Associates, Inc., Local No. 1 Independent Union of Masonry Workers of the State of Delaware, Lock-Steel Co., The, Lomax Company of Delaware, The, Longacre Engineering and Construction Company, Los Angeles Biltmore Company, Louis E. May Co., Louis F. Dow Investment Company, Louis F. Dow Co., Louis J. Robertson, Inc., Lucy Company, Inc., Lur Eye Products, Inc., Lump Gulch Mining Co. Inc., Ludwig Saha Co., Inc., Lyndhurst Ice and Coal Company, Lycoming Mortgage Corporation.

M. B. Service Corporation, Machinery Castings Investment Corporation, Ma-De-Ra Confectionery Company, Machinery Engineers Corporation, M. E. Bailey Construction Company, Inc., M. H. S. Productions, Inc., Ltd., M. R. Gibbons Company, M. S. Sheketoff, Incorporated, MacSulphur Corporation, M. Stevenson Trading Company, Inc., Mack Sennett, Inc., Magnus Automatic Machine Company, Magen Hardware Company, The, MacQuown River Transportation, Inc., Mahala D. Douglas Company, Mahoning Garden Homesteads, Inc., Major Oil Company, Inc., Majestic Royalty Corporation, Maire and Son Inc., Mammoth Oil Service Company, Manning Amusement Company, Manning & Company Inc., Manganese Consolidated Corporation, Manchester Coal Co., Manitoba Gas & Oil Company, Inc., Manayunk Loan Company, Manganese Steel Products Corporation, Mariner Cafe, Inc., Marine Equipment Corporation, Mariposa Gold Mining Company, Maricopa Mining

Corporation, Maritime Steamship Company, Marine & Trading Corporation, Marion DeVries, Incorporated, Marshall Importing Co., Inc., Marshall Petroleum Products, Inc., Marple Riding Club, Mary Lou, Inc., Maryland Land Title Company, The, Martin Manufacturing Co., Inc., Marr Natural Gasoline Corporation, Maryland and Overseas Trading Corporation, Maryland Properties Co., Ltd., Maryland Sanitary Service, Incorporated Master Appliances, Incorporated, Matholt Marine Investment Corporation, Mavis Bottling Company of America, Maxon Brothers Company, Maysud Corporation, Mayfield Gas Company, May Investment Company, Mecklenburg Baseball Corporation, Meadow Creek Gold Placer Corporation, The, Medford H. White & Company, Melvin Company, Mercer Coal Company, Mercantile Finance Corporation of Alabama, Inc., Meridian Homesteads of Mississippi, Inc., Merchants Mutual Guild, Incorporated, Mercury Motors Corporation, Merchants' Protective Association, Inc., The, Metalloys, Inc., Metropolitan Mortgage & Finance Company, Metropolitan NSE Distributors Incorporated, Metcalf & Richards, Inc., Metzner, Staley and Company, Inc., Mexican Food Products, Inc., Mexamerican Hardwood Company, Meyer Milling Company, The, Mexican National Oil Corporation, Mexico Natural Gas Company, Inc., Mianus Corporation, Midwest Airways Corporation, Mibo Corporation, Mica Corporation, Mid-East Oil Company, Midwest Elevator Warehouse Co., Midland Lumber & Coal Company, Midwest and Northern Corporation, Mid-Ocean Development Corporation, Mid-Ocean Motion Picture Corporation, Midland Oil and Drilling Co., The, Mid-West Liquor Sales, Inc., Mid-West Machine Corporation, Mid-West Securities Corporation, Milam Oil Company, Milestone System Inc. of Pennsylvania, The, Mills & Company, Inc., Miller Certified Estates, Inc., Miller Holding Co. Inc., Miller Press, Inc., The, Milton S. Kronheim Company, Inc., Minerlax Company, Minas Coffee Sales Corporation, Minah Consolidated Mines Corporation, Minerva Corporation, Minerals Exploration Company, Minerals International Corporation, Minerals, Inc., Mines of Mexico Corporation, Mineral Mining and Power Company, Minneapolis School Supply Company, Miriam C. Thorobred Association, Missouri Drilling Co., Missouri Ore Company, Mitten Management, Incorporated, Mizrahi's Perfumery Laboratorium Company, Modoo Milling & Mining Corporation, Modern Patents, Inc., Mo-Tex Corporation, Mogul Corporation, The, Mohawk Slate Machine Company, Monarch Beverages, Inc., Monmouth Beach Fish Company, Montezuma Corporation, The, Monroe County Homesteads, Inc., Montgomery-Canning, Inc., Mongahela Forest Lumber and Manufacturing Company, Monad Securities Corporation, Moon Gasoline Company, Moose Placers, Inc., Morris Blum & Co., Inc., Morgan Plan Foundation, Inc., Morisite Products Corporation, Morning Star Gold Mines, Ltd., Mortgage Assurance Corporation, Mortgage Guaranty Company of Asia, Morton Marr Company, Motor Buyers Corporation, Motor Equipment & Acceptance Co., Motor Mart Inc., The, Mt. Pleasant Storage & Sales Corporation, Mountain Varnish & Color Works, Inc., Muhlenberg Publishing Company, Multivox And Television Industries, Inc., Munson Auto-Lock Tile Company, Mundy Bros., Inc., Mushroom Marketing Bureau, Inc., Mutual Discount and Investment Corporation, Mutual Guarantee Corporation, Mutual Oil Royalty Company, Incorporated, Mutual Petroleum Company, Mutual Professional Plan Incorporated, Mutual Securities Corporation of America.

McAllister Derrick & Wrecking Corporation, McAllister Lighterage Line, Inc., McComb Honesteads of Mississippi, Inc., McCullochs Green River Whiskeys, Inc., McKeever and Gross, Inc., McKeesport Republican Club, Inc., McMurray Hill Investment Corporation.

N. B. Springer & Son, Inc., Naben Company, Inc., The, Nankin Company, The, N. E. Hoffman Inc., Nancy Crystal Co., Inc., Nancy Hanks Gold Mining Company, N. R. A. Service Company, N. T. Liquidators Inc., Nassau Securities Corporation, Nash and Turner Corporation, The, Navajo Gold Mines, Inc., The, Natural Gas Producers Corporation, Natural Loaf Cheese Corporation, Natural Rock Asphalt Corporation, National Association of Public Utility Stock and Bond Owners, Inc., Nationalist Association, The, National Association of Service Station, Operators and Attendants, The, National Aviation Supply, Inc., National American Aid Society, National Association of Exposition Exhibitors of America, National Brandies, Inc., National Business University, Inc., National Church Supplies Corporation, National Credit Association for Industry, Inc., National Coal Distributing Corporation, National Capital Amusement Corporation, National Commission Distributing Corporation, National Cottonseed Products Corporation, National Dishwasher, Inc., National Distributing Corporation of America, National Department Stores, Inc., National Export Indent Company, National Extension Forum and Delta Rho Delta Sorority, Inc., National Fisheries Corporation, National Gold and Dredging Company, Inc., National Gas Company, National Home Sanitation Co., National Intermediate Credit Corporation, National Investment Transcript, Inc., National Investors Oil Company, National Labor Exchange, Inc., National Liquidating Corporation, National Life Investment Company, National Mattress Company, National New Products Development Corporation, National Observer Publishing Company, Inc., National Oil Refining Company, Inc., of Delaware, National Premium Advertising Association, National Protected Homes Corporation„ National Quarry Company, The, National Rock Asphalt Corporation, National Retail Cleaning Stores Association, National Reorganization Corporation, National Rayon Yarn Processors Association, Inc., National Sani-Draft Co., National Salvage, Inc., National Security & Trust Company, National School of Business, Inc., National Selfservice Corporation, National Securities Oil Co., National Shoe Rebuilders Association of America, National Sewage Disposal Corporation, National Savings Corporation, National Silver Corporation, National Specialty Salesman Publications, Inc., National Short Term Securities Corporation, National Travel Checks--Inc.--Ltd., National Utilities Corporation, National Whiskey Certificate Corporation, Neale, Inc., Neighborly Aid Society, Inc., Nel-Stone Company of Texas, Neustadtl Brewing Corporation, Neuburger Brothers Rousso & Wolf Corporation, New Berne Navigation Company, New Deal Mining & Development Co., New Duluth Realty Company, New England Auto Supply Company, New England Merchandisers, Incorporated, New Idea Exchange Club, New Jersey Oil Company, New Jefferson Hotel Company, New Process Gear Company, Inc., New Process Lubricants, Inc., Neway Towel Service Company, New York Automobile Club, New York Curtain Corporation of Delaware, New York School of Chiropractic, Inc., Nirrep Mining Co., Inc., No-Chemic Research Corporation, Nodiz Drug Company, Inc., No-Drip Coaster Co., Inc., Nonpareil Silk Hosiery Co., North American Consolidated Mining Corporation, North American National Corporation, North American Oil Refining Co., North American Fuel Company, North China

Drug Company, Norton Coal Mining Co., Northeastern Finance Corporation, Northwestern Electric Corporation, Northwest Land & Livestock Corporation, Northumberland Mining Company, Northrup-Nichols Corporation, Northwest Oil Corporation, Northeastern Sales Company, Northern States Manufacturing Company, Northwestern Theatrical Enterprises, Inc., Northwestern Timber Company, Nut Products, Incorporated.

0. B. C. Bourbon Distillery, Inc., Oakwyn Building Corporation, Oboschell Corporation, The, Ohio-Ashland Gas Co., Inc., Oklahoma Company, Oklahoma Coal Marketing Company, Oil Conversion Process Corporation, Oil Finding Corporation, Oil & Gas Utility Co., Oildraulic Lift Company, Oil Producers Finance Corporation, Oilco Corporation, Oklahoma Production Company, Old Channel Mining Co., Old Colonel Co., The, Open E. Z. Crown Co., Inc., Orpheum Circuit, Inc., Oriente Gold Mining Company (Cia. Minera de Oro Oriente, S. A.), Orthopedics Incorporated, Oriza L. Legrand, Inc., Oregon Mines and Smelting Company, Inc., Orplid Trading Company Inc., Otterol Corporation, Otato Corporation, Outfitters Operating Realty Co., Inc., Otter Tail Truck Lines, Inc., Ozego Medicine Co. Inc., Overland News Company, Inc., Owasso Oil Co., Owl Petroleum Co., Inc., Overland Stages, Incorporated.

P. B. M. Oil and Refining Company, Pacific Contracting and Sales Corporation, Dayton, Washington, P. D., Inc., Pacific Electrified Sugar Company, P & F Dairy Products Corporation, P. F. Harris, Incorporated, P. F. Brown & Company, Inc., Pacific Investment Inc., Pacific Products Company, Paf Sales Co., P. T. McDermott Co., Inc., Pan-American-Canadian Development Corporation, Pan-American Lumber Co., Pantone Corporation, Palacio Desportivo, Inc., U. S. A., Panhandle Farms, Inc., Pandora, Inc., Pam-Pa International, Inc., Palustrepine, Inc., Pan Chocolate Products Co., Park-side Beverage Co., Parlac Corporation, Parkview Company, ParCar Corporation, The, Parker-Holladay Company, The, Parelmans, Inc., Parko Products, Inc., Park Range Gold Mines, Inc., Paramount Research Corporation, Pasadena Bond and Mortgage Company, Pasteurizer Corporation, Patents Development Corporation, Paymaster Gold Placers, Inc., Peggy O'Neal Cigar Corporation, Peerless Pulp and Paper Corporation, Peabody Securities Company, Pen Argyl Textile Company, Pennsylvania Business Men's Protective Association, Pennsylvania Dispatch Publishing Co., Penn-Del Finance Corporation, Penn Gas & Oil Co., Penderlea Homesteads, Inc., Penn Liquor Sales Co., Inc., Pennsylvania Metal Products Co., Penn-Ohio Oil and Gas Company, Penn-Ohio Distilling Corporation, Pennsylvania Refining Company, The, Pennsylvania Research Laboratories, Inc., Penny Shares, Inc., Pennsylvania Securities Investment Corporation, Pennsylvania Security Holding Company, Penn-Victor Dairies, Inc., Penn Well Oil Co., Inc., Penn-York Development Company, Inc., The, Permanent Builders, Inc., Peoples Department Store, Incorporated, Peoria Distilling Company, Perry Insurance Claims Service, Inc., Permanent Mortgage Corporation, Perry Oil & Gas Corporation, Perfect Safety Window Corporation of New jersey, Peoples Service Power & Light Company, Petroleum Chemical Corporation, Petroleum Exploration Corporation, Petroleum Investors Corporation, Petroleum, Inc., Petty Laboratories, Inc., Peter Pan Stores Co., Petroleum Processing Corporation, Phillippe's Beverages, Inc., Phoenix American Trading & Finance Company, Ltd., Phoenix Corporation, Philadelphia Dairy Stores Association, Inc., Philadelphia Fishermen's and Hunters' Club, Phillippi Investment Engineering & Sales Corporation, Philadelphia Monarch Club, The, Phoenix Petroleum Products, Inc., Phila. Roll Co., Philadelphia Tire and Battery Trade Association, Inc., Philadelphia, Trenton & Chester Forwarding Co., Phillips, Weinstein and Jones, Incorporated, Pierce-Arrow Sales Corporation, Picken Club, Pierce Holding Company, Pike Motors, Inc., Pine Crafts Company, Pilcher, Incorporated, Pioneer Mechanical Corporation, Pittsburgh Dispatch Publishing Co., Pitt Fuel Corporation, Pittsburgh Investment Building Company, Pitt-Tex Royalties Co., Placer Gold Corporation, Planet Mills, Inc., Plant Products Company, Plaza Restaurant, Inc., Plymouth-Chesapeake Corporation, Plymouth Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd., Plymouth Steel Products Co., Plush Workers' Association, The, Pommery & Greno, Inc., Ponta Oil Company, Polamer Trading Corporation, Portchester Corporation, Porphyry Development Company, Pooled Investments, Inc., Popular Pictures Inc., Porto Rico Child Health Committee, Inc., Porter Ross Company, Portland Theatres Corporation, Poured Concrete Block Manufacturing Company of Memphis, Tennessee, The, Power Cost Engineering Company National, Pottsville Coal Company, Pottstown Coaster Company, Power Equipment Engineers, Inc., Potomac Precooling Company, Post Publishing Company, The, Potomac Trading Corporation, Premier Developers, Inc., Preferred Finance Service, Inc., Preferred Investments, Inc., Precision Instrument Co., Inc., Press of Kells, Incorporated, The, Premier Oil & Gas Corporation, Precast Products, Inc., Prudential Bankers Corporation, Professional Business Service, Inc., Producers, Inc., Property Maintenance & Disposal Corporation, Price Produce Company, Princess Stephanie, Inc., Prudential Shares Corporation, Producers Service Corporation, Prior Tire Company Inc., Principal Theatres Corporation of Pennsylvania, Pupp Air Ship Lines, Inc., Pumpless Blow Torch Company, Purity Connellsville Coal Co., Pueblo Mines, Incorporated, Pyramid Mausoleum Corporation, Publix-Maine, Inc., Publix New Jersey Theatres, Inc., Publix Ottumwa Theatres, Inc., Publix Pennsylvania Theatres, Inc., Pure Springs Brewing Co., Inc.

Quaker City Co-operative Company, Inc., Quartz Hill Gold Mining Company, Quality Homes and Structures, Inc., Quick Tire Service of El Paso, Inc.

Rahn Brewing Company Incorporated, Radio Broadcasting Incorporated, Radio City Amusement Corporation, Raabs, Inc., R. & L. Baking Co., Rainbow Mining & Milling Co., R. M. Morriss & Company, Inc., R. 0. Deacon Lumber Company, Railplane Syndicate, Inc., Radio Spark-Plug Corporation, Ranney Corporation, The, Ramonat's Inc., Rapid Air Lines Corporation, Raymond & Co., Ray E. Jacoby & Co., Inc., Rayon Industries Corporation, Raspin Productions, Inc., Rapid Tool Corporation, Recreation Bowling Alleys, Inc., of New Kensington, Pa., Realfoods Corporation, Reedsville Experimental Community, Inc., Reading Grain Company, Inc., Reba Ginns, Inc., Redmon Heating Company, Redfern Mines, Incorporated, Real McCoy, Inc., The, Recovery Securities Corporation, The, Reciprocal Trade Corporation, Reconstruction Unit Corporation, Reliance Consolidated Gold Mines, Inc., Rennobec Company, Reliance Capital Corporation, Republic Distillers, Inc., Reliable Decorative Company, Regional Finance Corporation, Reliance Gold Mining Company, Reliance General Corporation, Reo-Hickey Inc., Reptivogue Leather, Inc., Reineke Motor Corporation, Reliance Overseas

Corporation, Reno Theatres, Inc., Reliance Trading Corporation, Rhodium Corporation of America, Reyer Construction Corporation, Resource Development Company of Mexico, Rhea Lightning Rod Company, Reserve Realty Corporation, The, Ribbonew Corporation of America, Rialto Company, The, Rice and Bealor, Incorporated, Richmond Corporation, The, Richton Homesteads of Mississippi, Inc., Rice Lands Investment Co., Richardson's Pharmacy, Inc., Riman Corporation, Rio Mayo Gold Mines, Inc., Ritz Motor Company, Inc., Riverview Mining Corporation, Riverview Manor Development Company, Riverside Oil Corporation, Ritz Restaurant, Incorporated, Ro-Be Company, Inc., Robin Dee Mines, Inc., Robinson Products, Incorporated, Robin Redbreast Hosiery, Inc., Roederer & Co., Inc., Rodney Clothes Shops, Inc., Rodelle Corporation, Rohm Gas & Oil Company, Rogers Jewelry Company, Rosanoff Process Co., Rose-Ann Frock Company, Ross-Republic Marble Corporation, Rothman Manufacturing Co., Round-Robin Libraries, Inc., Roup Super Service, Inc., Rotor Spark Corporation, Roto Signal Corporation, Roth-well Trading Corporation, Rozwick Corporation, Roy F. Bridge-man, Inc., Rowland Productions, Inc., Royal Security Co., Royal Tire Sales & Service, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Birmingham Inc., Royalty Management Corporation, Rurban Homes, Inc., Russell-Lock Super Service, Inc., Ryeloc Realty Corporation.

Sachem Aeronautical Corporation, Safbilt Fibre Products Corporation, Safe Holder Co., The, S. L. Crook Corporation, Sabana Petroleum Corporation, S. P. Bowers Company, The, S. R. A. Inc., Safety Wheel Corporation of America, St. Paul Realty Holding Company, Salyer Consolidated Mines Company, Samuel Kabler Funeral Home, Inc., Sanz Corporation, San Domingo Development Co., Santo Domingo Club, San Francisco--Oaxaco--Mining Corporation, Inc., Sarasota Improvement Company, Sanitary Tissues, Inc., Saul Bros. Inc., Sawnox Oil Company, Schaffhauser Corporation, Schafer's, Inc., Schagrin's, Inc., Schotz Safety Razor Corporation, Schuyler Corporation, Schuyler Fund, Inc., Schwartz Brothers & Company, Inc., Scott Baker Corporation, The, Scranton Banana Supply Company, Inc., Seaboard Brokerage Corporation, Seaboard Distilleries Inc., Seco Electrical Corporation, Seeler-Farnum, Inc., Seabeacons, Inc., Seaboard Liquor Company, Inc., Securities Management Corporation, Seabury Oil Company, Seaway Oil Company,

Sealed Oil, Inc., Sears Publishing Company Inc., Securities Registration Corporation, Seeger Refrigerator Sales Corporation, Secrus Security Corporation, Seaboard Utilities Shares Corporation, Selected Importations, Inc., Serap, Inc., Seidel's Incorporated, Selective Intercontinental Company, Inc., Serv-Ice Refrigeration Company, Selflock Nut and Bolt Co., Seismo Oil Corporation, Seminole Supply Company, The, Sell's Wayside Inns, Inc., Shamokin Anthracite Coal Company, Shanedling Brothers Company, Shanghai Casket Company, Shannon & Luchs Construction Company, Shanghai Medzon Corporation, Shanghai Respiratory Clinic, Inc., Sharpe Sand and Gravel Co., Shelly Electric Co., Inc., Shippers Ice Corporation, ShiloLovett Service Corporation, Showcraft Productions, Inc., Shoreham Pharmacy, Inc., Shortwave & Television Corporation, Show Van, Incorporated, Sierra Cona De Oro Mines, Inc., Sierra Financial Corporation, Signal Gasoline Company of Oklahoma, Sierra King Gold Mines, Ltd., Silver Label Products Company, Inc., Silver Lunch Co., Inc., Sierra Magnesite Company, Ltd., Sierra Madre Bonanza Mines, Inc., Silcox Smokeless Coal Company, Silent Victory Gold, Inc., Simons & Eichhorn, Inc., Sinclair & Grigg, Inc., Simrall Refining Corporation, Sitting Bull Corporation, Sixth Ward Second Precinct Republican Club of Haverford Township, Sir Walter Hotel Company, Smiling Charlie, Inc., Smith Container Corporation, Smith-Sheller Co., Inc., Snowcrest, Inc., Snow Point Mining Co., Inc., Solar Aircraft Company, Ltd., Sodalectric Corporation of America, Soilife Humus Company, The, Soap Specialties Corporation, Sonor Electric Company, Incorporated, Sonora Gold Mines Co., Ltd., The, Sonora Oil and Gas Company, Sonard Products Manufacturing Co. Inc., South Broad, Inc., Southern Cross Relief Association, The, Southern Hotel Company, Southern Illinois Homesteads, Inc., Southern Independent Pictures, Inc., Southern Motors, Incorporated, Southern New York Corporation, Southern Public Utilities Company, Southeastern Pictures Corporation, Southeastern Realty Company, Southern Retail Stores, Inc., Sowers, Shayne & Company Inc., South Shore Sand & Transport Company, The, South Shore Playhouse, Inc., The, Southwestern States Oil and Gas Corporation, Southern States Breweries, Inc., Southwestern Securities Company, Sphinx Acoustical Company, Spencer Company, Specialty Film Company, Specialty Importers, Inc., Specialty Manufacturing Co., Sperry Products, Inc., Special Service Corporation, Sports Club of America, Inc.,

Spina Holding Corporation, Square Deal Mining & Milling Co., Square Deal Loan Company, Inc., Spring Hill Company, The, Stamford Oil Company, Standard Bond & Investment Company, Staple-ford Chevrolet, Inc., Standard Coast Products Co., Standard Cut Rate Pharmacy, Inc., The, Standard Cut Rate Stores Co., Standard Crown Company, Standard Finance Company, Inc., Standard Investment and Development Company, Standard Mining & Milling Company, The, Standard Malted Milk Company, Inc., Standard Motor Holding Co., Standard Motor Service Corporation, Standard Pawn Company, Stanley Steel Welded Wheel Corporation, Star Dyeing & Cleaning Company, Star Food and Remedy Company, Star Roof Corporation, Steel Castings Development Bureau, Inc., Stein Securities, Inc., Stephan Engineering Corporation, Stevenson Foundry, Inc., Stedefyr, Inc., Steel Tube Products, Inc., Sterling Foods, Inc., Stock and Bond Guaranty Company, Stonehurst Athletic Association, Stop-Fire Inc., Stortz Gear Shift Company, Straitway Coffee, Inc., Stone Preservation, Inc., Sturdy-Bilt Products Corporation, Studebaker Chemical Company, Style Shoe Manufacturing Company, Inc., Students Stores Company, Sugar Operators, Incorporated, Suburban Publication, Inc., Suburban Security Corporation, Successor Stores Corporation, Super Concentrates, Inc., Superior Discount Sales Co., Superior Finance Service, Inc., Superior Gold Mines, Inc., Suprefoods, Incorporated, Sup-Ra-Hot Automatic Water Heater Corporation, Syndak, Inc., Sylvan Mining Corporation, Swiss Tri-Ergon Corporation.

T and H Pharmacal Co., T. & H. Vending Machine Corporation, Tax Payers League of Pittsburgh, Inc., Talking Clock Corporation, Tel-A-Ray Research Corporation, Terminals Development Corporation, Texas Gulf Coast Production Company, Texokan, Incorporated, Temple Luncheonette & Drug Company, Inc., Texas-Louisiana Power Company, Texene Packing Corporation, Texas Royalty Syndicate, Inc., Textile Shareholders Corporation, Tennessee Valley Oil and Gas Company, Tennessee Valley Rock Asphalt Corporation, Thea-Botal Oil Co., Inc., Thermolized Coal Corporation, Thermostat Devices Manufacturing Co. Inc., Thermal Industries Corporation, Three Associates, Inc., Thoraxium Company, The, Thompson Gas Company, Thrift Investment Corporation, Three River Gardens, Inc., Three Rivers Corporation, The, Tippett & Bond Drilling Company, Tinton Gold Mining Company, Inc., Tivoli Oil & Gas Company, Tioga Private Hospital, Inc., Tio-Penn Refining Company, Tom Bennett, Inc., Townsend Lumber Company, Topkis Steel Novelty Corporation, Trade Marks, Inc., Trans-Atlantic Distributors Corporation, Transpacific Airlines Corporation, Trinity Alps Gold Mining Company, Trade Association Institute, Inc., TriBullion Corporation, Transkote Corporation, Trimble Distilling Company, Inc., Triangle Finance Company, Trans-Gulf Corporation, Trade Mark Title Company, Inc., Trabold Motors Company, Transcontinental Rest Cabins, Inc., Triangle Ranching Co., Transcontinental Signal Light Company, Tri-State Hotel Company, Triway Razor Corporation, Triple X Club, Trust Worthy Stores, Incorporated, Tuberculosen Corporation, Tupelo Homesteads of Mississippi, Inc., Turner & Coane Inc., Tur-Mac Oil Corporation, 20th Century Depositor Corporation, Twin Mountain Oil & Mining Company, Tyro Refining Co., Tygart Valley Homesteads, Inc.

Universal Bag Closing Machine Co., Inc., Unemployment Benefit Association, The, Universal Federation of Trades Workers Union of America, Universal Fittings and Scaffolding Company, Universal Houses, Inc., Underwriters Insurance Corporation, Universal Loan & Investment Company, Universal Loan Corporation, Universal Mining Company, The, Universal Pneumatic Lacquer-Spray Painting Corporation, Unit Petroleum Corporation, Universal Stoker Company, Inc., Universal Society for the Advancement of Astrological Science, Inc., Universal Solvents Corporation, Upland Textile Corporation, Universal Wines and Spirits Company, Inc., United Authors Corporation, United Business Publishers, Inc., Union Banana Co., United Chemical Works, Inc., United Coupon Co. Inc., United Water & Ice Corporation, Uniontown Food Jobbers, Inc., inked Gold Corporation, United Investors Equity Corporation, United Liquidation Company, Union Mortgage Investment Company, Union Navigation Company, Inc., Union Oil & Development Company, United Progressive Association, The, United Pictures, Inc., Union Products Corporation, United Radio Artists, Inc., United Reliance Corporation, United States Bond and Mortgage Corporation of Kentucky, United States Development Company, Inc., United States Drug Company, Incorporated, United States Daily Publishing Corporation, The, United States & General Securities Corporation, United States Jack Company, United States Mortgage Company, United States Refund Corporation, United States Wheel Track-Layer Corporation, United Theatres Corporation of Pennsylvania, United Tung Oil Corporation, Unity Trade Corporation, Upper Union Mining Co., United Western Mines, Inc., Utility Manufacturing Co., Utility Motor Products Corporation, Useful Service Artcraft, Inc.

Vacuum Bolting Cloth Cleaner Corporation, Vacuum Cotton Harvester, Inc., Vacuum Jar Corporation, Valley Bar Gold Placer Mines, Inc., Valley Club of Millvale, Inc., Vasel Grinding Mills, Inc., Van Locham Company, Van Loan Equipment & Bus Company, Van Meter, Shepherd & Hughes, Inc., Van Vliet Corporation, Velasko Mining Co., Venango Mortgage Loan Corporation, Vermiculite Products Corporation, Victory Building Company, Vicksburg Bridge and Terminal Company, Victor Dairies, Inc., Victor Flower Shop, Inc., Virginian Advertising Service Co., Inc., Vitalizer Corporation, The, Vitamine Co. of America, Virginia-Carolina Securities Corporation, Virginia Marine Products Company, Vision Pictures, Incorporated, Virginia Trading Corporation, The.

Wakulla Corporation, The, Wakefield Dairies, Inc., W. D. Smith Silver Company, W. E. R. Boston Producing Company, W. F. White & Co., Inc., W. P. Harms Company, Inc., Wakefield Mining Company, Incorporated, W-R-M, Inc., Wallace & Company, Inc., Walkson, Inc., Waldon, Inc., Wall Street Corporation, The, Walter M. Murphy Motors Company, Warehouse Products Corporation, Ware Trading Corporation, Warhorse Exploration Company, Warshaw, Inc., Washington Accessories & Garage Co., Washington Bleacher Seat Company, Washington Club, The, Washington Company of D. C., The, Washington Diplomatic and Consular Institute, Inc., Washington Equipment Corporation, Washington Industrial Mortgage Corporation, Washington Investment and Transactions Company, Washington Land & Livestock Corporation, Washington, London & Globe Legal Bureau, Inc., Waste Manufacturers Association, Inc., Washington Service Bureau, Inc., Washington Springs Works, Inc., Weago Corporation, Weber Knitting Mills, Inc., Webster Realty Corporation, Inc., Webster Stogie Company, Inc., Weisbrod & Hess Brewing Co., Inc., Weeks Realty Corporation, Weldon Pictures Corporation, Western Amusements Inc.,,West Audit Company, Inc., Western Bond & Securities Company, Western Consolidated Gold Mines, Inc., Western Continent Minerals, Ltd., Western Fisheries Co. Inc., Western Gold Mines, Inc., Western Gold Products, Inc., Westmoreland Homesteads, Inc., Wessyngton, Inc., West Indies Oil and Alcohol Company, Westwood Lumber Company, West-National Finance Co., Western Petroleum Co., Inc., The, Westham Petroleum Corporation, West Philadelphia Social Club, Western Power Light & Telephone Company, Western Show Co., Inc., Western Sulphur Industries, Inc., Ltd., Whalen Tire Service Inc., Whe-Ta-Lon Corporation, Whitney Payne Corporation, White Palace System, Incorporated, White Rose Brewing Company, Wichita Falls & Western Pipe Line Co., Wichita Gardens, Inc., Wilcox Construction Company, William H. McCeney Jr., Incorporated, Willson Holding Company, Willmore Incorporated, The, William N. Compton, Incorporated, Williams Oil Well Flow Device, Inc., William P. Morris Implement Company, William W. Fahey Post Home Corporation, Wilmington Academy of Beauty Culture, Inc., Wilmington Dairy, Inc., Wilmington and Dover Mortgage Corporation, Wilmington Texas Oil & Gas Company, The, Wilmington Wool Pulling Co., Inc,. Wilson and Company, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio, Winkler Ice Machine Co., Wine & Spirits Importers, Incorporated, Wissahickon Bakeries, Inc., Winston & Company, Wisconsin Forest-Farm Homesteads, Inc., Wisconsin Holding Corporation, Witten Aerial Exploration, Inc., Witty Engiw neering Corporation, Wlpfe Royalty Corporation, Wolverine Power Company, Woodland Club, Inc., Woodrow Realty Corporation, World Bestos Corporation, World Circus Company, Incorporated, Worthington Gas Company, Wotan Metals Compositions, Inc.

Yeasted Foods, Inc., Yerger, Inc., Ye Olde Edgmont Inn, Inc., York-Delewar Corporation, Young-Keller, Inc.

Zion Institutions and Industries, Inc., Zeco Research Corporation, Zueda Co., The.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Richard C. McMullen, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto


(Great Seal) affixed this twenty-fourth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-second.

By the Governor: