Delaware General Assembly



WHEREAS, during the year, 1938, various celebrations were held throughout the State of Delaware under the auspices of the Delaware Tercentenary Commission, culminating in a State, National, and International celebration on June 27 in Wilmington, in commemoration of the founding on March 29, 1638, of the Colony of New Sweden and the establishment of the first permanent settlement in the State of Delaware as well as in the Delaware River Valley at "The Rocks" on the Christina River in the present City of Wilmington, and

WHEREAS, the State of Delaware in the same year created a park at The Rocks," known as "Fort Christina State Park," to mark perpetually the site of the first permanent settlement, and

WHEREAS, the Governor proclaimed March 29, 1938, as "Delaware Tercentenary Day," and

WHEREAS, it is very desirable to keep green the memory of the significance of the date, March 29, in the history of the State of Delaware, and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the recurring anniversary of this occasion of the founding of the first permanent settlement and the establishment of the first permanent government upon the soil of Delaware at Fort Christina near "The Rocks" on the Christina River, located at "Fort Christina State Park," be commemorated with suitable patriotic and public exercises, therefore

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

That the Governor of the State of Delaware be authorized and directed to proclaim March 29 of each year as "Delaware Swedish Colonial Day," and

That he be further authorized and directed to issue a proclamation calling upon officials of the government to display the flags of the United States and of the State of Delaware on all governmental buildings on March 29 of each year to be known as "Delaware Swedish Colonial Day" and inviting the people of the State of Delaware to observe "Delaware Swedish Colonial Day" in schools, churches, patriotic and historical societies and other organizations with appropriate ceremonies in commemoration of the landing of the Swedes upon the soil of Delaware.

Approved March 17, 1939.