Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, Pierre S. du Pont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay 'the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A B C Welding Works, Inc. of Mississippi, A. F. Porter, Inc., A. G. and T. Flatiron Building Company, Acre Construction Corporation, Acropolis Club, Inc., The, Adam Berle Inc., Adgate A. Lipscomb, Incorporated, Aero Electric Corporation, Affiliated Veterans of America, Inc., African Trading & Navigation Inc., Air Cooled Wheel Corporation, Airway Engineering, Inc., Ajax Powder Company, Inc., Alaskan Mining Co., Inc., The, Alemite Company of Eastern Pennsylvania, Alexander Corporation, Alher Associates, Inc., Allied Construction Industries of Delaware, Inc., Allied Radio, Inc., Alluwe Oil Corporation, American Amusements, Inc., American Bible College, Incorporated, American Capital Industrial Associates, Inc., American Indian Steamship Corporation, American Mercantile Corporation, American National Industries, Inc., American Research & Development Corporation, American Steel Corporation, American Transatlantic Company, American Treasury Corporation, Amusement Attractions, Inc., Analysts, Inc. Andaroy Company, Inc., Anglo-American Press Association, Inc., The, Applegate Amphibians, Inc., Arc Bild Corporation, Arch Machinery Company, Inc., Arden Court, Inc., Arizona United Development Company, Arrow Standard Transportation Co., Associated Distributors, Inc., Associated Finance Corporation, Associated Homeowners of America, Inc., Associated Products, Inc., Atlantic Industrial Corp., Atlas Shoe Corporation, Avon Manufacturing Company.

B. D. Oil Company, The, B-W Decorating Company, Incorporated, The, Ballard Ship Repair & Conversion Corporation, The, Bandbox Theatres, Inc., The, Bandcan Corporation, Batavia Plantation Company, Bel-Gwyn Shop, Inc., The, Bell Oils, Inc., Benjamin R. Tryce, Incorporated, Betts & Betts Manufacturing Corporation, Beautalure, Inc., Big Valley Coal Mining Corp., Bishop Coal Company, Inc., Black Chief Mines, Inc., Blue Mountain Industries, Inc., Bond Trustee Corporation, Boy's Incorporated, Brandywine News, Inc. Brandywine Riding Club, Brand's Restaurant Control Corporation, Brenizer Trucking Co., The, Breyer Foundation, Inc., Brighter Days Mining Corporation, Bristol Insulation Co. of Cleveland, Bristol Insulation Co. of Michigan, Brody Cut Rate Store, Inc., Builders Co-Op Company, The, Bullion Air Transport Corporation, Bunkie Oil & Refining Corporation, Burry Engineering, Inc.

C. E. Laudenslager Co., Inc., Caribbean Silk Corporation, Carmier, Inc., Caro Cloth Corporation, Cecelia C. Delfosse Foundation, Inc., Cellulose Research Corporation, The, Central Exchange Building Corporation, Central Supply Co., Cerebral Palsy Foundation Inc., Champion Electric Co., Chancer Corporation, The, Charles H. Payne Associates, Inc., Chemical Corporation of America, Chemical Enterprises Corporation, Chemical Manufacturers Corporation, Chemical Research Foundation, Inc., Chinese Benefit Society, Chinese Workers Club, Inc., Chrisman Paraffine Paint Works, Inc., Church of the Divine Word, Inc., Church of the Living God, The Pillar and Ground of The Truth, Incorporated, The, Civilian Defense Printing Services, Inc., Classified Mutual Tradesmen's Association, Inc., Clinton Shipbuilding Yards, Inc. Clorigene Laboratories, Inc., Cloth Fabricators, Inc., Club Embassy, Inc., Club Products, Inc., Co-Operative Grain & Marketing Assocation, Inc., Collateral Industrial Institute, Colonial Credit Company, Columbia Construction Company, Combined Aviation Corporation of America, Inc., Commercial Consulting Corporation, Commercial Tank and Welding Co., Commodore Hotel Corporation, Consolidated Realty Corporation, Consolidated Trading Corporation, Constance Bennett Productions, Inc., Consumers Oil Company, Cooley-Cain Aircraft Corporation, Corporation Shares Company, Correll Development Corporation, Cosmos Oil Guide, Inc., Cotton Harvester Corporation of America, Country Club Beverage Corporation, Court House Pharmacy,

Inc., Craig Coal Company, Crescent Farms, Incorporated, Cuban Credit & Real Estate Company, Cumberland Publix Corporation, Curren Fabrihome Corporation.

Dacar Chemical Products Company, Davidson Grocery, Inc., Day Brothers Contracting Company, Del Norte Mineral Corporation, Delaware Liquor Dispensers Association, Inc., Delaware Post No. 1 Holding Corporation, Delmarva Poultry Co., Dental Medicines, Inc., Diamond Anthracite Coal Company of Arkansas, Diamond Real Estate Company, Dinty Moore's, Inc., Direct Current Generator Research, Inc., District Commodities Corporation, Dixie Minerals, Inc., Does, Inc., Don-Kay, Inc., Dover City Cab, Inc., Duffles & King, Inc.

E. Lawrence Phillips, Inc., E. M. Raiguel, Inc., E. & 0. Detective Bureau, Inc., East Coast Oil & Gas Co., Eastern Plastering Corporation, Eastern States Chiropractic Institute, Inc., Eaton Canyon Rock & Sand Co., Eaves Sound Projectors, Inc., Ebeling & Reuss, Inc., Eberhardt & Co., Economic Policies Council (Incorporated) , Eden Manufacturing Company, Eden Park Trucking & Coal Co., Edwin S. Woods & Company, Electrical Specialty Co., Inc., Electronic Products, Incorporated, Ellen Investment & Finance Company, Elsmere Civic Club, The, Elsmere Meat Market, Incorporated, Emporium of St. Paul, Inc., The, Equitable Loan Society, Erwego Manufacturing Company, Eugene Freeman Company, The, Everybody's Supply Corporation, Executives Corporation, Exports, Ltd.

Fairfax Aviation Schools, Inc., Falmoss, Inc., Famous International Pictures, Inc., Fannie St. James Mining Co., Inc., Feldspar & Mica Corporation, Fiber Industries, Inc., First Ward COlored Republican Club, Inc., Food Service, Inc., Forrester Corporation, The, Fox Fur Co., Inc., Frankford Hosiery Mills Company, Freedom Mines, Inc.

G. & G. Realty Company, G. and W. Chinchilla Fur Farm Company, Galbraith Paving Company, Inc., Gardex, Inc., Gardnol, Inc., Gazda Engineering Corporation, Gem Theatre Company, Inc., General Fabricators, Inc., General Shrine Convention Committee, Prince Hall Affiliation, Inc., General Stores, Inc., Gray Estate Farms, Inc., Grayson Realty Corporation, Great Eastern Finance Corporation, Grossman and Herback Company, Guardian Oil Company.

H. B. Gaither Co., H. C. Spiller & Co., Incorporated, Haggerty Corporation, The, Har-Con Builders, Inc., Hartly Poultry Company, Hathmill Corporation, Helark Manufacturing Co., Inc., Henderson-Orr Properties and Subsidiaries, Inc., Henlopen Hotel and Surf Club, Inc., Hesperian Chemical Company, Highland Social Club, Inc., Hilltop Manor Association, Holland Land Company, The, Honey House, Inc., Hotel Operating & Management Corporation, Howard A. Miller, Inc., Hubbard Pressed Steel Company, The, Huntman Stabilizer Corporation.

Ideal Loan Association, Inc., Imperial Trading Corporation, Industrial Savings Society, Inter-American Passion Play, Inc., Inter Continental Commerce Corporation, International Association of Domestic Workers, Inc., The, International Chemicals, Inc., International Club, International Export and Import Corporation, The, International Oil Gas Corporation, International Ordinance Corporation, International Safety Services, Inc., International Union of Elevator Operators and Starters, Irish American Club, The.

J. Rogers Flannery & Co., Jack Canuck Company, Limited, The, James Realty Company, John Alonso, Inc., John F. Slater Lodge No. 2561, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of .Smyrna, Delaware, Inc., John W. Hill Manufacturing Company, Joseph Phillips Realty Co., Joshua Realty Company, Julius Shanedling & Sons, Inc.

Kalorotor, Inc., Katoen Liquidation Corporation, Kena, Inc., Keystone Face Brick Company, Kia-Ora Consolidated Mines, Inc., Kingland Drilling Co., Inc., Kleenmaster Corporation.

Laham Corporation, Lake-Dearborn Corporation, Lakeside Holding Company, Lancaster Village Civic Association, Lat-America, Ltd., Lawson & Co., Inc., Lewes Poultry and Feed Company, Liberty Building & Loan Association, Lightner-Thomas Exploration Company, Inc., Lithium Corporation, Lookout Company, Incorporated, Louis A. Stein Realty Corporation, Louis Davis, Inc., Louisiana Oil Producing Company, Lowell G. Friedly & Company, Inc., Lucem College of Sciences, Incorporated.

cess Corporation, Mahogany Logs & Lumber, Inc., Marion County Oil Company, Messick Heating System, Inc., Metal and Mineral Sales Corporation, Metallurgy Inc. of Texas, Metals Coating Company of America, Midvale Realty, Inc., Midwest News Publishing Co., Milford Petroleum Corporation, Miller, Franklin Associates, Inc., Milt Davis, Inc., Milton University, Incorporated, Mineral Springs Products, Incorporated, Minqua Tribe No. 8, Improved Order of Red Men of Wilmington, Delaware, Mispillion Fishing Boat, Inc., Mrs. Reener, Inc., Mitchell Mattress Company, Inc., Model Cleaners, Inc., Montrose Company, Moore Operating Corporation, Morgan & Wood, Inc., Morrison Lines Steamers, Inc., Motor-Vac Pump Company, Music Master, Inc., Mutual Saving & Thrift Association.

Naben Company, Inc., The, National Airship Transport Corporation, National Association of Lawyers, National Beet Growers' Association, National Boat Builders Association, National Equipment Company, National Forum, Inc., National Foundation for Visual Education, Inc., National Growers Fruit and Vegetable Sales Corporation of America, The, National Guardian Corporation, National Importing Corporation, National Plastic and Chemical Co., National Products Corporation, National Ready-Mix Concrete Corporation, National Specialty Company, The, National Stevens University, Including The Meta College, Inc., The, Natural Carbonic Holding Corporation, Natural Resources, Inc., Netherland-America Foundation, Incorporated, The, New Era Theological Institute and Seminary, Incorporated, The, New Warner Furs, Inc., New York Pawnbrokers Exchange, Inc., Newark China Clay Company, Newmex Mining, Milling and Power Company, Newport Shipbuilding Corporation, Nobis, Incorporated, Northern Liberties Finance Corporation, Numismatic Film Production, Inc.

Oak Park Amusement Company, Oil and Gas Exploration Development Corporation, 01 Rosenberger's Sons, Inc., 1523 L. Street, N. W., Inc., Oscar Serlin Productions, Ltd., Outdoor Arts Company, Oxycarbon Corporation.

P. Feinberg, Inc., P. J. Butler Furniture Company, P. J. McMahon Incorporated, Pandale Development Company, Inc., Paradise Club, Inc., Paramount Investment Corporation, Patt Machine Corporation, Penmarva Contractors, Inc., Penn Patching Plaster Co., Peoples Auto Loan Company, Perennial Robe Corpo-

ration, Phil's Battery Service, Inc., Philadelphia Detroit Lines, Inc., Piedmont Exploration Company of Missouri, Pierce Drilling Company, Plews & Hutchinson Corporation, Porter Oil & Gas Company, Post Construction Co., Inc., Power Fuels Corporation, Poulson E. Bolden, Inc., Pressure Amalgamation, Incorporated, Pronto Dishwasher, Inc., Protective Realty Corporation.

Rate-Audits Incorporated, Record of the Month Club, Rehoboth Air Service, Inc., Republic Plastics Corporation, Richards Electric Corporation, Richmond Baltimore New York Transportation Corp., Roaring Hole Mica Mines, Inc., Rose Hill Inn, Inc., Rose Hill Protective Corporation, Rub-Ren Chemical Corporation.

St. Peter's Overcoming Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc., The, Sales Agent Company for "Teixeirium" Alloy in The U. S. A., Sam-Real Co., Santa Fe Oil Co., Saw Oil & Gas Co., Incorporated, Schagrin Booth Co., Schagrin Ride Co., Inc., Seaboard & Southern Minerals, Inc., Seaboard Steel & Engineering Corporation, Seaford Ice & Cold Storage Co., Security Finance Corporation of Maryland, Security Stamp Company, Security Suburban Farms, Inc., Seventh Ward Republican Club, Inc., Siemoneit Drilling Company, Inc., Sign Animation Corporation of Pennsylvania, Signatures, Inc., Silver City Mining & Milling Company, Silvia Doree Accessories, Inc., 6334 Sheridan Road Building Corporation, Small Construction Incorporated, Sofrahast Corporation, South Side Colored Republican Club, Southeastern Investment Company, Inc., Southern Engineer Associates, Ltd., Southern Fruit Package Co., Inc., Southern Sales, Inc., Southwestern Industrial Distributors, Inc., Standard Apex Corporation, Standard Geophysical Service, Inc., Stanley S. Yasik, Inc., Sterilin Corporation, Stone Erectors, Incorporated, Suburban Natural Gas Corporation, The, Sulphate Products Corp., Sunfeast Food Products, Ltd., The, Super Steam Power Co., Inc., Surplus Commodities, Inc., Superior Cinder Block Company, Inc.

Tank and Body Builders Union of Philadelphia, Tapco, Inc., Tele-Montage Corporation, Temple Restaurant Corporation, Texet Corporation, Theater Program Publications, Inc., Three Brooks , Inc., The, Tire Meter, Incorporated, Tourist Service, Inc. of Pennsylvania, Trafiglas Products, Inc., Trans-Pacific Chemical Co., Trenton Realty Co., Tri-State Broadcasting Company, Trinidad Manganese Company, Tropical Shop, Inc., The.

Ultramares Shipping Company, Union Business Society of America, Union Sporting Club, Union Street Hardware Co., United Manufacturing Corporation, United Plastics Manufacturing Company, Inc., United States War Service Banners, Inc., United Steel Workers of Claymont, Delaware, Inc., The, Urbana Coke Corporation, Usino Industrial Corp.

Vernor Oil Corporation, Vertex Mining Company, Victory Cab Company, Inc., Victory Oil and Gas Company, Viking Pump Company, Virginia Moulding Company, Inc., Visual Records Corporation, The.

Waco Company, Inc., The, Wardman Construction Company, Warner-Biddle Laboratories, Inc., Washington Counselor, Inc., The, Washington Discount Corporation, Washington National Insurance Agency, Inc., Waterproofing Service, Incorporated, Watt Hangars, Incorporated, Weaver Associates, Inc., Webster University, Inc., Welfare Community Club, Inc., West Penn Industries, Inc., West Side Social Club, Western Chemical Co., Inc., Western Financing Plan Company, White Book House, Inc., White Crystal Beach Corporation, White, Inc., White Newspaper Syndicate, The, White Signal Mining and Milling Corp., Wholesale and Retail Employees Union of America, Wm. Bohler Livestock Industries, Inc., William Moore, Inc., Wilmington Gmeloth Chesed Association, Wilmington Monarch Club, Wirt Wilson, Inc., Woodruff Realty Company, The, Woodward Grill, Inc., Woodward Housing Corporation.

Xedus Incorporated.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this nineteenth day of January, in the year

(GREAT SEAL) of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventy-second.

By the Governor:


WILLIAM J. STOREY, Secretary of State.