Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, E. Hobson Davis, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A A A Credit Corp., A. & E. Transportation, Inc., AF SC M E Housing Corporation, A. H. Harris & Associates of Peoria, Ltd., A and H Trading Co., Inc., A & L Corporation, A & M Corporation, A & M Specialties, Inc., A & V Home Improvement Co., Abbott Eastern, Inc., Able Development Corporation, Acorn Construction Co., Inc., Acoustics, Inc., Acoustivac, Inc., Active Young Republicans of the Hundred of New Castle, Inc., Ad Co., Adams and Sons, Inc., Admiral Fiberglass Corp., Advance Enterprises, Inc., Advance Janitor & Paper Supply Co., Advanced Insurance Management Company, Advisors Associates Incorporated, Ahearn and Soper, Inc., Air Traffic Control Inc., Airnautics, Incorporated, Airport Fueling Systems, Inc., Airway Rapid Transit Service, Inc., Alaco, Inc., Alaska Consolidated Oil Co. Inc., Alaska Oil & Mineral Co., Inc., Alegna Corporation, Alfran Distributors, Inc., Allbon Industries, Inc., Allen, McFarland & Company, Alliance Corporation, Allied Barrel Sales Corporation, Allied Industrial Manufacturing Company, Inc., Allied Lending Corporation, Allied Shippers Association, Inc., Aluminum Alloyers of America, Inc., Alvarez-Van Sickle, Inc., American Advertising Corporation, American Australian Investments, Inc., American Chem-Rote, Inc., American Christian Alliance, Ltd., American Diversified Securities, Inc., American Equities, Inc., American European Travel Project, Inc., American Fuse Corporation, American Home-Service Association, American Jet Corporation, American Life Fund Inc., American Ministerial Association, American Moroccan Mining Investment Corporation, American Rare Metals Corp., American Resources Corporation, American Steel and Materials Company, American Telemetry Corporation, American Theater Association of Paris, Incorporated, The, American Velocitation Corporation, American Watershed Council, Inc., Americana Credit Card Corporation, Americans of African Ancestry, Inc., Amex of Delaware, Inc., Amsko Distributors, Inc., Anchor Oil Co., Inc., Ancon Copper Corporation, Andre Dubonnet, Incorporated, Antler Development Corporation, Apa International, Inc., Apartment Operating Company, Apex Producing Corporation,' Appaloosa Oil of Australia Ltd., Appaloosa Oil of New Zealand Ltd., Appeltized Products Corp., Appliance Discount Corporation of Delaware, Applied Communication Systems, Inc., Applied Science, Inc., Appoquinimink Stables, Inc., Aquarex Laboratories, Inc., Archmere, Inc., Arden Folklore Foundation, Inc., Argonaut Offshore Loading, Inc., Aries Chemicals, Inc., Aritemp Laboratories, Inc., Arizona Metallurgical Co., Inc., Armour Oil Company, Arnold Productions, Inc., Artalo Enterprises, Inc., Arthur Lawrence Publishing Company, Asiatic-American Industrial Corporation, Asian Geriatrics Foundation, Associated Distributors, Inc., Associated Motors, Inc., Associated Subcontractors of America, Inc., The, Astrotherm Corporation, Atlantic Craftsmen, Inc., Atlantic Foundation, The, Atlantic Heating Co., Atlantic Investment Company, Atlantic National Realty & Construction Corporation, Atlantic and Pacific Airlines, Inc., Atlantic States Leasing Corporation, Atlas Coal Corporation, Atlas International Corp., Atlas Telephone Equipment Company, Audio Language Laboratories, Inc., Audubon Gas & Oil Co., Inc., Aurora Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Austin Farms, Inc., Auto Rebuilders Supply, Inc., Automated Receipting Systems Corporation, The, Automatic Telephone Dialer, Inc., Automotive Workers Club, Autronic Electronics Corporation, Avia, Inc., Aviation Enterprises Corporation, Azalea Oil & Gas Corporation.

B. & B. Motor Sales, Inc., B & M Steel Construction Co., Bab Service, Inc., Bahan Corporation, Bar-Bloch Corporation, Bar Steel Corp., Barge Service, Inc., Barnhart-Morrow Oil & Gas Company, Barranca Production Company, Basic Chemicals, Inc., Beachcomber Magazine, Inc., Beam Chemical Industries, Inc., Beaumont Title Corporation, Beauty Tone Pre Fab Homes, Inc., Beckett Bros., Inc., Beckley's, Inc., Belmont, Inc., Bernhard Fashions, Inc., Beryllium Exportation and Development Corp., Better Feeds, Inc., Bi-State Flooring Corp., Biotex, Inc., Birad Corporation, Bittermann Electric Company, Inc., Bloomington National Corp., Blue Biard Coal Company, Blue Hen Mobile Radio Club of Delaware, Inc., Blue Hen Oyster Farms, Inc., BMB Engineering, Inc., Boating Capital Securities Corp., Bob Toulson Pharmacy, Inc., Bob's Variety Store, Inc., Bohemian Surf Properties, Inc., Booker T. Washington Land and Mortgage Company, Boo-stair Sales & Financing Corporation, Bosche Weld Construction Corporation, Bowl-A-Bite International Ltd., Bowling Development Corp., Bowser Parking System, Inc., The, Boyington International Electrical Company, Bramow Enterprises, Inc., Brandywine Engineers, Inc., Brandywine Feed Service, Inc., Brandywine Hundred Square Club, Brentwood Supply, Inc., Brick Homes of Delaware, Inc., Bridges Research Foundation, Bridgeville Tuesday Night Club, Brinkman's Realty Corp., Broadmor Corporation, Brook-Dale Builders, Inc., Brookridge Development Corp., Brown and Nellor, Inc., Brownlee Business Forms, Inc., Bruce Manufacturing Corp., Buck Wilson, Inc., Builders & Developers Corp., Buon Corporation, The, Burks & Spencer Auto Sales, Inc., Burlington Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Burr Insurance Agency Co., Burton Oil & Gas Development Corporation, Byrne Organization, Inc.

C. A. L. F. C., Inc., C. A. Short & Co., Inc., C. A. Short, Inc., C. C. Burris & Sons Co., C & C Enterprises, Inc., C. & E. Marshall Co., C I M R Incorporated, C& N Sheet Metal Works, Inc., California Land Grants, Inc., California Starr Land Corporation, Cam Chemical Co., Cambridge Development Corporation of California, Canadian American Associates, Ltd., Canal Dry Cleaners, Inc., Cantrell & Cochrane - Peninsular Corporation, Cantrell and Company, Inc., Cape End Corporation, Capital Enterprises, Inc., Capitol City Real Estate Corp., Capri Pools, Inc., Captains Club, Inc., Car Fair Corporation, The, Cardinal Building & Constructors Inc., Cargo Brokerage Corporation, Caribbean & Southeastern Development Corporation, Carl J. Schuh Foundation, Inc., The, Casey J. Wilken Products Co., Caslon Press, Inc., The, Castle Distributors, Inc., Castle Investment Co., Cave Co., CBS Corporation, Cedarhurt Lawrence Warehouse, Inc., Centaur Oil and Gas Corporation, Central Bureau of Traffic Violations, Inc., Central Cab Co., Inc., Century Chemical Corporation, Cepi-American, Inc., Certified Temporaries Incorporated, Chain Vending, Inc., Championship Bowling Lanes, Inc., Chandler Motor Co., Inc., Chantereau, Inc., Charles Kreisler, Inc., Charles M. Upham International Corporation, Charmil, Inc., Chelemer Investment Corporation, Chematomics, Inc., Chemical Shipping Corporation, Chemon Corporation, Chez Coiffeurs Salons, Inc., Chief Mountain Company, China Sea Development Corporation, Christian Press Service, Incorporated, Church of Divine Science of Life Inc., Churchill Steamship Corporation, Churchill's Restaurant & Bar, Inc., Circle 8 Cafe, Inc., Citizens Investment Corporation, Circuitronics, Inc., Clairhaven Corp., Clayton Bowling Supply Corporation, City Auto Sales, Inc., City Bankers Corporation, City Cab Co., City Fish Market, Inc., Clearfield Village Civic Association, Clement Moore Associates Incorporated, The, Clouthier Research Corporation, Clowe & Davis, Inc., Club 400, Inc., Co-Operative Restaurant Corporation, Coast Airlines, Inc., Cochran Motors, Inc., Cochrans' Bus Company, Inc., Coin Machine Industries Corporation of Texas, Coker System, Inc., Cole the Florist, Inc., Coleman Du Pont Road, Incorporated, Coli, Inc., Coliowa Uranium Corporation, Colloidal Lubbricants, Inc., Colonnade Construction Corporation, Columbia Cab Co., Columbia Farms Corporation, Columbia Neon Sign Company, Columbium Corporation of America, Comfort Spring Corporation of Delaware, Command Industries Corporation, Commercial and Industrial Consultants, Inc., Commercial Research and Development Corporation, Communication Development Corporation, Community Improvement Association, Inc., Como Corp., Comstock Historical Foundation, Concent Holding, Ltd., Concert Hall Society, Inc., Concord Pharmacy Inc., Concrete, Incorporated, Condor of Delaware, Inc., Congress Enterprises, Inc., Conray Merchandising Corp., Consharp Corporation, Inc., Consolidated Cargo Carriers, Inc., Consolidated Farm Commodities Corporation, Consolidated Vitamin Corporation, Consumers Research and Sales Corporation, Continental Fiberglass Corporation, Continental Produce Co., Continental Silica Corporation, Contract Sales Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Conway-Roberts, Inc., Cook Street Shopping Center, Inc., Cornwell Electronics, Inc., Corporate Advisers, Ltd., Corporate Counsellors, Inc., Corporate Financial Services, Inc., Cosmedic Corporation of America, Cosmopolitan Happiness, Inc., Council of Liberal Churches (Universalist-Unitarian) Incorporated, Country Club Corporation of America, Country Club Developors, Inc., Court Inn, Bucks County, Inc., Coverbond Corp., Coyne Realty Corporation, Craftsmens Underwriters Agency, Inc., Cransberry Iron and Steel Co., The, Creative Chemicals & Electronics, Inc., Credit Card Leasing Corporation, Credits, Loans and Collections, Incorporated of Washington, D. C., Crest Brands, Inc., Cretaceous Natural Resources Corp., Cristofv Corporation, The, Cronk, McKelvey & Yaworsky, Inc., Cross Keys Ultility Construction Co., Inc., Crown Aluminum Company of Delaware, Inc., Crown Carpet Mills, Inc., Crystal Marine, Inc., Cullen Minerals Corporation, Currey Sales Associates, Inc.

D. & W. Mason Contractors, Inc., Dalmid Oil & Uranium, Inc., Dalt Adams & Associates, Inc., Dandrug Products Corporation, Danville Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Dardick Corporation, Dataservice Corporation, Dateline Publications, Inc., Daut Bros., Inc., Davidson & Weinberg, Inc., De Met Co., Deacons and Deaconesses Union of the Missionary Baptist Church of Wilmington, Debutante Foundation, Ltd., The, Decatur Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Defender Coatings Corp., Dega Investments, Inc., Del Campo Construction Co., Inc., Del Campo Improvement Co., Inc., Del-Chanin, Inc., Del City Apartments, Inc., Del Consolidated Industries, Inc., Del-Fax, Inc., Del Mar Hosiery Corporation, Del Rogers Corporation, Delaware Chemical Engineering & Development Company, Delaware Concrete Company, Delaware Decorating Co., Inc., Delaware Hardware Company, Delaware House, Inc., Delaware Optometric Association, Delaware Oyster Farms, Inc., Delaware Retail Liquor Association, Delaware Steel Warehouse, Inc., Delaware Valley Vending Company, Delaware Valley on Wheels, Inc., Delcampo Baking Company, Delcor Syndicate, Del Oil & Gas Corporation, Delmar Real Estate Corporation, Delmarva Claims Service, Inc., Delmarva Communications, Inc., Delray Construction Co., Delta Hardwood Lumber Corporation, Delta Investment Company, Delta Smelting Corporation, Deni Company, Inc., The, Des Moines National Corp., Destroilet Corporation, Dever Metal Works, Inc., Devon, Incorporated, Dexter Sales & Engineering Co., Inc., The, Diamond Credit Company, Diamond Decorators, Inc., Diamond State Bus Lines, Inc., Diamond State Development Corporation, Discopress Industries, Inc., Discount World of Washington, D. C. Inc., District of Columbia Nursing & Convalescent Home Association, Dittbrenner Associates, Inc., Doman Helicopters, Inc., Dominick, Inc., Domino Petroleum, Ltd., Don Fortune Publishing Co., Inc., Don W. Brantley Drilling Corp., Dorothy Fischer, Inc., Dorothy Lamour, Inc., Dover Downtown Park and Shop, Inc., Dover Recreation, Inc., Dow Realty Company, Draco, Inc., Dray Corporation, The, Dream House Builders Co., Drilled-In Caisson Corporation, Durazzo, Inc., Durham Telefilms, Inc., Durox Corporation.

E. F. Drew Distributing Co., Inc., E. L. Durbin & Co., E. M. Abbott & Eon, Inc., Eagle Associates, Inc., Eagle Rod and Gun Club, Earl's Cafe, Inc., Earl's Tire Service, Inc., East Coast Imports, Inc., East Coast Laundrycenter, Inc., East Coast Realty Corporation, East West Carriers System, Inc., Eastern Consolidating & Distributing Co., Inc., Eastern Development Company, Eastern Electronics, Inc., Eastern Shore Amateur Radio Club, Eastern Shore Petroleum Company, Easy Method Auto Driver Training School, Inc., Ecomo Corp., Econowash of Ocean View, Inc., Ecto Chemical Corporation of Delaware, Ecurie Edmonds, Inc., Edelweiss Apartments, Inc., Edga Investments, Inc., Edge-hill Developers, Inc., Edward Savage Co., Eighteen, Inc., Elburz Corporation, Electric Truck Company of America, Inc., Electro Astronautics International Corp., Electromatic Industries, Inc., Electronic and Chemical Research Corporation, Electronic Communications, Inc., Electronic Plastic Inc., Elfran Construction Company, Elk River Development Co., Elkland Transportation, Inc., Ellen-Kay Enterprises, Inc., Elwin Engineering, Inc., Empire Industries, Inc., Empire Productions, Inc., Epic Phamaceutical Corporation, Esk Manufacturing, Inc., European Employment Service, Inc., Evans Oil & Gas Company of Kentucky, Executive Capital Corporation of America, Exercycle of Delmarva, Inc., Exhibition Ship Company, Inc., Erie Natural Gas Company, Inc.

F. J. F. Corp., Fairfield Construction Co., Fairfield Realty Co., Fajaraca Corporation, Falling Rock Gas Company, Fantabulous, Inc., Farm Direct Agriculture Supply Corporation, Farm Equipment Co., Inc., Federal Employees Finance & Insurance Corp., Feingarten Galleries, Inc., Fenwick, Delaware, Inc., Ferro, Inc., Fiber-Brite Awning Fabricators, Inc., Finance Management System of America, Incorporated, Firebar Corporation, First Funding Corporation, First National Finance Corporation, First Pacific Trading Corporation, First Securities Company of Florida, First State Sales, Inc., Flash-Maid Midwest Corporation, Fleet Universal Corporation, Florida Development Corp., Floweraids, Inc., Floyd Durham, Inc., Floyd Williams Oil Industries, Inc., Flying Commuter, Inc., The, Foam Rubber Center, Ltd., Foam Rubber Center of Wilmington, Ltd., Fonit Electronics Corporation, Foremost Motors, Inc., Forest Estates, Inc., "Forever Yours" Album, Incorporated, Forrest E. Peters, Inc., Forrest Gardens, Inc., Forsberg and Decicco Studios, Incorporated, Fotoform International, Inc., Foulke's Supertessen, Inc., Four State Life Agency Inc., France Jet Motors, Ltd., France Jet World Distributing, Ltd., Frank A. Kremser and Sons, Inc., Franklin's Enterprises, Inc., Freda's Market, Inc., Freudenheim, Inc., Freeport Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Frontier Oil Lease & Royalty Company, Fuller Publishing Company, Inc., Funo Corporation, Future Products, Inc.

G and G Corporation, The, G. N. G. Productions, Inc., G. S. W. Corporation, Galesburg Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Galway Parking Co., Inc., Garden State Acoustical Company, Gardner M-E-L Co., Garmac Toothbrush Company, Inc., Gasconade Mining Company, Gateway Company of Ohio, Gateway Engineering Company of Maryland, Gaunart Corporation, Gaylord-Shelton Inc., General Aluminum Corporation, General Compost Corporation, General Fertilizer Corporation, General Home Equipment Company, Inc., General Hydraulic Company, General Jobbing Company, General Management Associates, Inc., General Management Company Inc. of Delaware, General Purchasing Corporation, General Spray of Southern Del., Inc., General Universal Corporation, General Wood & Paper Products Corporation, George Meir, Inc., George O'Toole, Inc., Geotis Industries, Inc., Ghanita Enterprises, Incorporated, Gibraltar Coin Company, Ginny Steward's Bowling Lanes, Inc., Girl Friday Services Inc., Glade Mountain Manganese Co., Globe Products - United Services, Inc., Globe Shopping Centers, Inc., Golf Enterprises, Inc., Goodearth Development Corporaton, Inc., Goodride Inc., Goodwill Industry, J. Q. A. Martin, Incorporated, Gordon Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc., Gordon, Incorporated, Gorin Realty Co. Inc., Goudie Industries, Inc., Government Projects Corporation, Governor Printz Inn, Inc., Grady Sales Corporation, Grand Island Baseball Club, Inc., Grange Pharmacy, Inc., Graphic Arts Studio, Inc., Grazing, Inc., Greentree Catering Corporation, Greentree Management Corporation, Greenville Securities & Investment Company, Greeting Cards Exclusively, Inc., Gregory Park Incorporated, Greige Products, Inc., Griebe Limited, Grimes and Paoline, Inc., Griswold Aeronautical Corporation, Groman Candy Company, Inc., Group Investors, Inc., Growth Finance Corporation of America, Guide Publishing Company, Inc., Gulf-Tex Development, Inc., Gwaltney and Wootten, Inc., Gyro Metal Products, Inc.

H. C. Malcom & Sons, Inc., H. J. Bolz Machinery Co., H. Jimco, Inc., H. R. Bates, Jr., Inc., H. R. Truskin, Inc., H. T. Medford Properties, Inc., H. W. Blendt, Inc., Hadley Contracting & Construction Company, Haggar Mills, Inc., Hal's Exchange, Inc., Haldane Institute, The, Hallmarw Petroleum & Drilling Corp., Handel Society, Inc., Hanks Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, The, Happy House Foundation, Inc., Happy House, Inc., Harco Equipment Corp., Hardware & Machinery Export Corp., Harmil, Incorporated, Harold B. Hughes, Inc., Harry Schwartz Foundation, The, Haslen Rental Corporation, Haslen Service Corporation, Hasson & Eisen Towing Corp., Hatfield Fair Grounds Bazaar, Inc., Hawkins & Milner, Inc., Hawthorn Supply Company, Hellenic Metals Corporation, Henlopen Avenue Realty Corp., Henry Nelkin Foundation Inc., The, Hewgley Drilling Company, High Point 0. P. 0. Inc., Highland Manor Farm, Inc., Highway Safety, Incorporated, Hill's Jitney Service, Inc., Hillsgrove Transportation, Inc., Hilton's & Cunningham, Inc., Hilton's of Portland, Incorporated, Hitt Heating and Air Conditioning Company, Hobbies, Incorporated, Holiday Builders, Incorporated, Holiday Development Co., Holiday Park Properties Inc., Holley Corporation of America, Hollywood Ice Revue, Inc., Holyoke Shopping Center Drug Corporation, Home Comfort, Inc., Home Owners, Inc., Hope Lodge No. 21 of the I. 0. 0. F. of the State of Delaware in the City of Wilmington, Horwitz Market, Inc., Hotels Development Corporation, House'n' Home, Inc., House of Kent Corporation, The Howard Cabs, Inc., Howland Construction Co., Hoya Incorporated, Hudson Hosiery Shop of Wilmington, Inc., Humphreys-Godwin Company, HussmannSan Antonio, Incorporated, Hussmann-Tampa, Incorporated, Hyatt Panama Manganese Company, The, Hynes Securities Corporation, Hy-Tex Foods, Inc.

I. A. Wyner Co. of California, Inc., I and F Construction Company, The, I. M. Isoe Foundation, Inc., Iceland, Inc., Indel Co., Indian Creek Smokeless Coal Company, Indian Head Pontiac, Inc., Indian Ridge Management Corporation, Indian River Lines, Inc., Indian River Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc., Indoor Trap Shoot Inc., Innmasters Incorporated, Insurance Associates, Inc., Intel, Inc., Inter-American Hospital Association, Inc., Intercontinental Displays Corporation, Intercontinental Films, Inc., Intermountain Exploration & Engineering Co., International Artists, Incorporated, International Audio Productions, Inc., International Automatic Foods, Ltd., International Boating Association, Inc., The, International Corporation Lawyers Club, International Corporation for Public Affairs and Development, International Corrugating Company, International Data Processing Corporation, International Dinner of the Month Club, Inc., International Dynamics Corporation, International Exhibitors Service Corp., International Farm Services, Inc., International Film 16, Inc., International Football League, Inc., International Hotel Development Corporation, International Iron, Inc., International Mosaic Corporation, International Spiritualist Society, Incorporated, International Telefilm Corporation, International Trading Corp., Interstate Commercial Corporation, Interstate Mortgage Brokers and Discount Association, Inc., Investamerica Management Corporation of California, Investment Corporation of North America, Iota Mud Company, Inc., Island Research, Inc.

J. A. M. Corp., J. E. Milam Construction Company, Inc., J. E. Milam Equipment Company, Inc., J. & E. Stevens Company, J. George Staib Inc., J. J. Haley, Inc., J. Q. A. Martin Products Company, J. R. Cumberland, Incorporated, J. T. Land & Cattle Company, J. W. Allen Foundation, Inc., Jam-Am Trading, Inc., James A. Andrew Ins. Agency, Inc., James B. Thomas, Inc.,

James Shop, Inc., Jazztone Society, Inc., The, Jemscope Sales Corporation, Jemscope Service Laboratories, Inc., Jensen .Associates, Inc., Jet Motor Sales, Inc., Jet Rental Service, Inc., Joan Corporation, The, Joda Contracting Co., Joed Realty Co., Jof, Inc., John A. Carlson Company, John Basilone Society, John C. Ogilvie, Inc., John D. Pelham, Inc., John M. Yeatman Company, Inc., John P. Harris Corporation, The, Johnson & Kelly Hotel Supply Company, Inc., The, Joliet Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Jondee Construction Co., Jones Moving and Storage Co., Inc.

K. C. Hill, Inc., K & S Engineering Co. Inc., Kamac Oil & Gas Corporation, Kar-Fone, Inc., Karr Supply Co., Inc., Kasara Electronics, Inc., Kasara Kruiser, Inc., Keefe Extinguisher Company, The, Keller Corporation, Kem-I-Kal Engineering Laboratories, Inc., Kennedy-Rambler, Inc., Kent Holding Company, Kent Plumbing Supply Co., Kewanee Carson Pine Scott & Company, Keystone Construction Company, Kiehart Corporation, Kirk Sheet Metal Co., Kiwanis Club of Frankford, Inc., Klein-paste & Rollene, Inc., Knickerbocker Fashions, Inc., Knox Electric Company, Inc., Knox-Lee Incorporated, Konrad's, Inc., Kurt Schoen Dance Studios No. 2, Inc., Kwick Steak Company, KwikWay Service Supply, Inc., Kyona Corporation.

L. A. Pickett, Inc., L. C. Morris Co., Inc., L. H. Management Corporation, L. M. K. Inc., L P Gas Savings Stamp Company, Inc., L. & R. Trading Corp., L. R. Vessels, Jr. Company, L. S. S. Inc., Lakeview Country Club, Lamontex Reserves, Inc., Land Investment Corp., Landex International, Inc., Larchmont Fund, Inc., Larpenteur National Corp., LaSalle Paint Products, Inc., Latino Films, Inc., Laurel Cabinet Works, Inc., Laurel FF Enterprises Inc., Laurel Mills, Inc., Lawrence Investment Corp., Le Tourneau Asbestos Corporation, Lea River Lines, Inc., Lectour, Inc., Lee's Sub Shop, Inc., Leewood Estates, Inc., Lehigh Finishing Co., Leisan Enterprises, Inc., Lena Horne Beauty Products Inc., Leslie's of Eastern Plaza, Inc., Life Fund Advisors, Inc., Life Fund Distributors, Inc., Likins-Foster Biggs Corp., LikinsFoster El Paso Corp., Lilkins-Foster Monterey Corp., LikinsFoster Ord Corp., Limestone Liquors, Inc., Limetal Corporation, Lincoln Associates, Inc., Lincoln Western League Baseball Club, Inc., Linde Land and Development, Inc., Linde's Sporting Goods, Inc., Lindy's Delicatessen, Inc., Linn Avenue Corporation, Linstan, Inc., Lisard Development Corp., Little Creek Volunteer Fire Company, Livigen Laboratories Sales Company, Inc., Llewelyn and Company, Inc., Long Elevator and Machine Co., Inc., Lorillard Research Foundation, Inc., The, Louis Furriers, Inc., Lucas Auto Co., Lynch & Hickman, Inc., Lynch Realty Company, Lyndale Corporation, Lynpall, Inc.

1VI & H Mobile Park Home, Inc., M & M Fairfax Delicatessen, Inc., M. and S. Home Improvement Co., Macner, Inc., Madison Gardens, Inc., Magic Kingdom, Inc., Magna Development Corp., Maine Line Auto Sales Inc., Maintcorr, Inc., Malden Carpet Mills, Inc., Mall Tool Company, Management Sciences Corporation, The, Mancari's Italian Restaurant, Inc., Mandell Industries Corporation, Manufacturers Direct Promotions, Inc., Maple Hill Corporation, Marinas Corporation of America, Mark Miller, Inc., Marwet Builders, Inc., Markets & Management, Inc., Marlowe Chemical Company, Inc., Marmat Construction Co., Marsh Road Animal Haven, Inc., Mary-Ellen Enterprises, Inc., Massachusetts Pigeon Hole Parking Corp., Matex Co., Inc., Mats Aero Club--Dover Chapter, Maume Foundation, Inc., The, Mayfair Restaurant Corporation, Mayor's Committee for a Beautiful Wilmington, Inc., McArthur Advertising Corporation of Detroit, McArthur Advertising Corporation of St. Louis, McArthur Advertising Corporation of Washington, McArthur Advertising Studios, Inc., McKenzie Development Corporation, Medina Lodge No. 1 of A. F. & A. M. Inc., Megadyne Electronics, Inc., Meldale Industries, Inc., Memorial Investments, Inc., Merchandise World of Pittsburgh, Inc., Merit Construction Co., Meryle E. Uffelman Inc., Metals Management, Incorporated, Meyer Mineral Separation Company, Meyle-Spangler Associates, Incorporated, Mid-Central Tel-Hotel Corp., Middle Atlantic Investment Company, Middle East Petroleum Corporation, Midway Beverage Mart, Inc., Midwest Automatic, Inc., Midwest Development Corporation, Midwest Freight Forwarding Company, Miller's Pharmacy, Inc., Millsboro Purchasing Co., Inc., Mineralag Corporation, The, Mines of America Inc., Mission Oil of Oklahoma, Inc., Mirafoam Industrial Sales of Illinois, Inc., Mitsui Bussan Inc., Mo-Bar Hydraulics Co., Mobile Home Midwestern Division, Inc., Modern Cemetery Company, Modern Education Distributors, Inc., Moline Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Molinum Corporation, Monoxit Pantex Corporation, Monticello Stables, Inc., Moore's Maid Service, Inc., Moore's New & Used Cars, Inc., Morgan Development Corporation, Morrison & Company, Inc., Motor Mileage Leasing Corporation, Mount Pleasant Corporation, Mulroy Builders, Inc., Multiple Services, Incorporated, Municipal Employee's Political Organization, Inc., Murray Jewelers, Inc., Musical Masterpiece Society, Inc., The, Mutual Mortgage Management Company.

N. L. Wartel, Inc., N-States Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Nanticoke Garment Co., Inc., Nathan Schwab & Sons, Inc., National Anesthesia Corporation, National Art League Service, Inc., National Association for Service to the Retired and Pensioned, Inc., National Association of Development Companies, National Automobile Insurance Company, National Business Conselors, Inc., National Capital Investment Corporation, National Coal & Supply Company, National Committee for Municipal Bonds, Inc., National Development Corporation, National Drug Plan, Inc., National Dynamics Corporation, National Fidelity Corporation, National Foundation Schools, Inc., National Institute of Commerce and Technology, Inc., National Motors, Inc., National Natural Gas Consumers Union, National Nurseries Sales Corp., National Oil Corporation, National Optical Plan, Inc., National Pool Properties, Inc., National Products, Inc., National Promotions, Inc., National Resources, Inc., National Retail Board of Trade, Inc., National Shopping Cities, Inc., National Sportman, Inc., National Women's Realty Association, National Yeast Company, The, Nationwide Government Employees Finance & Insurance Corp., Nationwide Safti Brake Centers of Wilmington, Inc., Natrona Merchandise World, Inc., Nepenthe Corporation, New Castle Businessmen's Association, New Castle Liquors, Inc., New Castle Motel, Inc., New England Forwarding Company, Inc., New Jersey Milk Products Co., Inc., New Products Corporation, New Venture Board of Trade Inc., New York Gothams Corp., New York & Gulf Capital Corporation, Newark Concrete Company, New Port Enterprises, Inc., Nicoud Manufacturing Co., Ninth Ward Democrats, Inc., Noll's Baking Co., Non-Partisan Committee for Good Government, Inc., Nor-Feld of Delaware, Inc., Nor-Feld Materials, Inc., Norita Shipping Corp., Norescot Foods Corporation, North American Middle East Development Corp., North American Paper Process Co., Inc., North Fenwick, Inc., Northeastern Engineering Corporation, Northern Illinois Tractor & Equipment Co., Northern States Construction Co., Northwest Dover Heights Construction Co., Novi Sales and Service Co., Inc., Nurserymen's Research Foundation, Inc.

0. P. 0. Savannah, Inc., Oakhaven Corp., Ocean Transport Company, Inc., Office & Clerical Services, Inc., Offutt AFB Housing No. Eight, Inc., Offutt AFB Housing No. Seven, Inc., Offutt AFB Housing No. Six, Inc., Ohio Steel Products Company, OHM Electronics, Inc., Oil & Gas Development Company, Inc., Olan Industries, Inc., Olney Acceptance Corporation, 109 Corporation, 113 Diner, Inc., 1702 12th Street, Inc., Opera Society, Inc., The, Opmac Credit System, Inc., Orbitronics Corp., Ore Industries, Limited, Ottawa Carson Pixie Scott & Company, Over Seas Import Corporation, Overland Industries, Inc.

P. B. S. Investment Corporation, P. H. C. Home Owners Club, Inc., P. H. Cummings & Co., P & J Development Corp., Pacific Aircon, Inc., Pacific Cattle Co., Pacific Engineering Corporation, Padevco, Inc., Palo, Inc., Pan American Banking Corporation, Pan American Financial Corporation, Pan American Transport Company, Parcoa Systems, Inc., Parkonomics Corporation, Patricia Drilling Co., Pearson's Pharmacy, Inc., Peerless Turbine Corporation, Pega Palo, Inc., Pendel Newspapers, Inc., Pendergraft and Stake, Inc., Peninsula Finance Company, Peninsula Flying Co., Inc., Peninsula Realty Corporation, Peninsula Sand & Stone Co., Penn Valley Mortgage Company, Pennrose, Inc., Pennwoven, Inc., Penthouse Dry Cleaning Company, People's League, Inc., Peoples Lobby, Incorporated, Peoria Carson Pixie Scott & Company, Perco Construction Company, Pere Marquette Insurance Agency, Inc., Perfex, Inc., Perfume by Georges, Inc., Permac Products Corp., Permachem Home Products Corp., Peter J. Bottazzi Aircraft Sales Incorporated, Petrochemicals, Inc., Petroleum States Development Company, Peuchen Engineering Corporation, Philadelphia Pharmacists Guild, Inc., Physical Measurements Corp., Piedmont Petroleum Corp., Piggy-Back Corp., The, Pioneer Development Company, Inc., Pioneer Enterprises, Inc., Pioneer Fence Company, Inc., Pioneer Manufacturing Company, Pipeline Engineering Surveys, Inc., Piscataway Land Development Company, Plastic Engineering Corporation, Play Communities, Incorporated, Plaza Financial Corporation, Plymouth City, Inc., Polan Banks Enterprises, Inc., Polan Banks International Pictures, Inc., Polaris Motel, Inc., Pollack Interiors, Inc., Poplar Oils Co., Portable Jon of Baltimore, Inc., Porter Developers, Inc., Portodon Incinerator Co., Poultry Equipment Sales Corporation, Precision Construction, Inc., Preferred Development Corporation, Prepano Incorporated, Presidential Apartments, Inc., Preston Mining Company, Pretty Polly Products, Inc., Prices Corner Enterprises, Inc., Products Research Co., Inc., Professional Athletes Bowling Assoc., Inc., Program Publishing Company, Inc., Progressive Associates, Inc., Progressive Clay Co., Prudential Wares, St. Louis, Inc., Puerto Rico Fruit Co., Inc., The, Pure Cane Sugar Company, Inc., Pure Silicon Company, Inc.

Quality Beverages, Inc., Queens Chapel Investment Corporation, Quincy Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Quinn Investment Company.

R. and H. Filter Co., Inc., R. J. Brown Industries, Inc., R. & M. McCormick, Inc., R & S Builders, Inc., R. & S. Engineering Co., Inc., Rainbow Ridge Project No. 1, Inc., Randolph Properties, Inc., Ray E. Thompson & Sons, Inc., Ray Hoey, Inc., Ray Johnson Machine Works, Inc., Ray's Rug Service, Inc., Raynor Apartments, Incorporated, Rector's Restaurant, Inc., Redwall Corporation, Regency Finance Company, Inc., Regent Corporation, The Regis Western Corporation, Rehoboth Bay Water Ski Co., Inc., Rehoboth Beverage Mart, Inc., Reilly Residential Co., Relay & Mechanical Research, Inc., Reldiew, Inc., Reliance Cabinet Company, Inc., Relnac Corporation, Rem Engineering Co., Repeat Development Corporation, Reproduction Research, Inc., Research & Security Corporation, The, Reserve Water Corporation, Restaurant Credit Corporation of America, Retail Floor Coverings Council, Inc., Revere Builders, Inc., Rex Electric Supply, Inc., Reynolds Supply Co., Inc., Rice Brothers, Inc., Rich Holding Corp., Richey, Browne & Donald, (Delaware), Inc., Richie Builders, Inc., Richmond Hill Development Co., Inc., Rippon Estates, Inc., Rite-Way Auto Top Company, Inc., Riverside Industries, Inc., Road Runner of America, Inc., Robert Claire, Inc., Robert R. Carl Associates, Inc., Robert Wade & Sons, Inc., Robinson Motors, Inc., Robinson Oil Corporation, Rochesterites of Virginia, Incorporated, Rockford Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Roosevelt Motors, Inc., Rotavion, Inc., Rothlein Security Service, Inc., Rotojet Turbines Limited, Royal Gas Products Corporation, Royal Hawaiian Motels, Inc., Royal United Transports, Inc., Royalty Distributing Co., The, Royersford Manufacturing Corporation, Ruffing Products, Incorporated, Ruthello Corporation, Ryal Corporation, Ryan Corporation.

S. & W. Tank Painting -- Maintenance Co., Safety Light Equipment, Inc., Sag-No-Mor Jersey By Wyner, Inc., St. James Development Corp., St. Joe Consolidated Mines Corp., Saiant Lo Construction Company, Inc., Salvador Run, Inc., Sam's Delicatssen, Inc., Sam Snead Productions, Inc., Samana Corp., Samco, Inc., Samuels Realty Co., Sanctuary of Faith Church, Inc., Sanitary Rendering Company, Scandinavian Overseas Trade Co., Inc., Schaake & Company, Inc., Schoenthaler and Associates, Inc., Scholnick, Inc., Schreiber, Inc., Schulte-Redline Company, The, Scientific and Medical Corp., Inc., Scott Land & Grain Co., Sea-Highways, Inc., Sea-Land Trucking Corporation, Sea Wall Motel, Inc., Seaboard Air Service, Inc., Seaboard Chemical Company, Inc., Seaflight Corporation, Seafood Products, Inc., Sealake Shipping Corporation Seamaster, Inc., Second Realty Corporation, Security Small Business Association, Inc., Segal's, Inc., Selznick Releasing Organization of Brazil, Ltd., Sem, Incorporated, Service Instrument Corporation, Service Terminal Corporation, 777 Lease Management Corporation, Seven Seas Airlines, Inc., Shamrock Realty Corp., Shaw-Baker Chemical Company, Shepherd Park Bakery, Inc., Sherman Ambassador Operating Corporation, Shieldcoat International, Inc., Shillingsburg Oyster Company, The, Shore Builders, Inc., Shore Spray Service, Inc., Shore Trucking Co., Shull Home Improvement Co., Shur Construction Co., Inc., Shur-Shot Oil & Gas Company, The, Sigma Alpha Kappa-Inc., Siguard Scholle, Inc., Sijo, Inc., Silvermarsh Roads Company, The, Sima Shipping Co., Simplified Farm Record Book Company of Illinois, Simplified Farm Record Book Company of Kentucky, Simplified Farm Record Book Company of South Carolina, Simplified Farm Record Book Company of Virginia, Sincere Cleaners, Inc., Sinclair Oil and Refining Company, Sioux Production Co., Sly Industries, Inc., Smith's Pharmacy, Inc., Smyrna Flying Club, Inc., Snak-King Corp., Society of Automotive Service Managers, Inc., Soltow, Inc., Son-Mark Industries, Inc., Sonatronics Corporation, Southeastern Industrial Models, Inc., Southern Broadcasting Company, Southern California Development Corporation, Southern California Land Development Corporation, Southern Produce, Inc., Space Fund, Inc., The, Space Toys, Inc., Spandeck Corporation, Specialty Rock Products, Inc., Spectron, Inc., Sperber Company, Spring Valley Enterprises, Inc., Stagedoor, Inc., Stan's Shooting Supplies, Inc., Standard Engineering Company of Washington, D. C., Standford Corporation, The, Starcher & Co., Incorporated, Starfire Development Corporation, Starmeyr, Inc., Starr Engineering Company, State Contracting Co., State Housing Corporation, Steak Ranch Incorporated, Steamer Avalon, Inc., Steller-Vision, Inc., Stemmer Run Corporation, Stevens Bros. and the Miller-Hutchison Co., Inc., Stone Hall School and Camp Corporation, Stone's Unique Shoe Store Inc., Storch Aluminum Bearings, Inc., Storm King, Inc., Stratton Mountain Corporation, Straw Corporation, Strong Productions, the., Suckow Borax Mines Consolidated, Inc., Sugar Grove Manganese Company, Sulgrace Corporation, Summit Pharmacal Co., Inc., Sunburst Madison Oil Corporation, Sundance Petroleum and Uranium Company, Sunny Hunny Shoppes of Delaware, Inc., Sunshine Land Development Corp., Superior Electrical Industries, A Corporation, Superior Films, Inc., Supreme Council of the Brotherhood, Inc., Sutton Leasing of Delaware, Inc., Sweet Sands Oil Corporation, Swift Business Machines Corporation, S & S Enterprises, Inc., Squan Marina Inc.

T V Funfare, Inc., Taft Corporation, Tall Size Shops of Ohio, Inc., Tandy Leather Company of Delaware, Inc., Tastee Freez of Greece, Inc., Tasti-Cup Coffee Corp., Taylor Construction Corporation of Dover, Teagle Transportation Corporation, Technical Institute of Arts and Sciences, Inc., Technical Investment Corporation, Techtro Corporation, Tele-Pac, Inc., Telenar Corporation, The, Telog Corporation of Pennsylvania, Television Capital Management Corporation, Telitronics Corporation, Teltron Corporation, Tempest International Corporation, Tenth Columbus Club, Termionix Industries Corporation, Thermo-Jet International Corporation, Thermoseal Insulation, Inc., 33 Industrials Fund, Inc., The, Tho-Nol, Inc., Thomas, Inc., 300 Sportsmen's Club, The, Thrifty Appliance Service, Inc., Thunderbird Foundation, Tilt, Inc., Timber Products Inspection Service, Inc., Times Publications, Inc., Tinywood Kartoon Time, Inc., Totts Pharmacal Corp., Town & Country Lincoln-Mercury, Inc., Towers Marts International, Inc., Toytronics Corporation, Tractor Transport Company, Trans-Carolina Pipeline Corporation, Trans European Car Rental System, Inc., Trans-Fun Co., Trans-Videotape Productions, Inc., Transatlantic Real Estate Corporation, Transcar Corp., Transcontinental Oil Corporation, Trans-electron, Inc., Transportation Equipment Development Corporation, Transicam Industries, Inc., Travelcar, Inc., Travellers Budget Service, Inc., Treasure Trails Incorporated, Tremont Enterprises, Inc., Tricolore Imports, Inc., Triple A Distributors, Inc., Triumph Industries Corp., Tropic Tone Inc., Tropicana Motel Inc., Elat, Israel, Trustor's Corporation, Trustees of the Wilmington Annual Conference of the M. E. Church, Tugs & Barges, Inc., Twin Auto Parts, Inc.

U. S. Designers Corporation, U. S. Fusel Quartz and Manufacturing Corporation, U. S. Industrial Maintenance Corp., U. S. Lands Incorporated, U. S. Petrol Reserves, Inc., U. S. Systems, Inc., Ultra Chrome Incorporated, Ultra Laboratories, Incorporated, Ultra Products Corporation, Uncle Pinky's, Inc., Union Grill, Incorporated, Union Gulf Line, Ltd., Union Managanese Mining Company, Union Shopping Center Drug Corporation, United Employees Insurance Co., United Minerals & Metals Corporation, United States Foreign Investment Company, United States Glass Company, Inc., United States International Airways, Inc., United States Pari-Mutuel Corporation, United Trading & Development Corporation, Universal Broadcasting Company, Universal Insurance Service, Inc., Universal Land Development Corporation, Universal Lithium Corp., Universal Leasing Corp., Universal Pen Corp., Universal Water Purification Corp., Up-Town Sales, Inc., Utica Transport Company, Inc., The.

V. G. V. Sales Corporation, V-J Building Corporation, V. L. Sweeny Company, V. P. A. Realty Company, Val-Lo Will Farins, Inc., Valley Forge Ltd., Inc., Van-Ships, Inc., Vapo-Gas Corporation, Vendamatic Inc. of Lake Charles, Vermont Tissue Mills Inc., Verti-Gyro Company, Vic Verity Publicans Inc., Vickers-Crow Mines, Inc., Viking Parking Services, Inc., Village Bakery, Inc., The, Vincent Associates, Ltd., Vipaco, Inc., Vision-VoiceValue Incorporated, Vita-Grass Corporation, Vital Interest, Inc., Volunteer Service Coupons Inc.

W. D. G. Pharmacy, Inc., W. E. Moore Lectromelt Furnaces and Lectrodryer Products, Inc., W. P. McFarland & Company, Inc., Wallace Process Piping Company of Delaware, Walnut Street Friendly Club, Walnut Street Liquors, Inc., Walter Belle Jr. Co. Inc., The, Walter J. Taylor & Company, Walton Walk, Ltd., Wane Management Service, Inc., Ward Mushroom Corporation, Warehouse Points, Inc., Washington Estates, Inc., Water Conversion Corporation of America, Water Systems International, Inc., We Grow Grass, Inc., Webster Farm, Inc., Weidler Construction Corp., Weissing Lumber Co., Inc., Werner Industries, Inc., West Mesa Industries, Inc., The, West River Inc., Western Growth Corporation, Western Hemisphere Constructors, Inc., Western Homes, Inc., Western Standard Company, West-view Maintenance Corporation, Wheeler Fibre Glass Boat Corporation, Whitney Reduction Company, The, Wiita Oldsmobile, Inc., Wil-Del Rod and Gun Club, Wilbur-Rogers Boston Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Charlotte Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Richmond Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Southgate Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Wilmington Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Woodward Corporation, The, Wilbur-Rogers Worcester Corporation, The, Wm. H. Husted & Company, Inc., William Penn Supply Corporation, William Brothers Overseas Company, Williams Realty Corp., Williams & Son, Inc., Wilma, Inc., Wilmington Kart Club, Inc., Wilmington Men's Social Club, Wilmington Milk Dealers' Association, Wilmington Steel Fabricating Co., Wilmington Union of Women's Christian Temperance Union, Wilrich American Petroleums Inc., Wiltbank-Czygan, Incorporated, Windsor-Fifth Avenue, Inc., Wines and Company, Inc., Winged Instrument & Accessory Corp., Winnetka Carson Pixie Scott & Company, Wolf and Wolf, Ltd., Woodbury Plating Co., Woodcrest Fire Department, Inc., World Credit Corporation, World Industries, Inc., World Recovery Association, Inc., World Suppliers, Inc., World Wide Life Insurance Company, Worthy Bros. Contracting Co., Inc., Wyoming Oil Company.

Y-H Corp., Y-K Management Corp., Yacht Haven Apartments, Inc., Yacht Shelters, Inc., Yax Pontiac-Cadillac Co., Yeomans & Mitton, Inc., Yeomans & Mitton Products, Inc., York Iron Works, Inc., York Mining Industries, Inc., Ytong Corporation of America.

Zebra Corporation, The, Zenith Artists, Inc., Zinn Paint Company, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and Sixty-four, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-eighth.



ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State