Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, E. Hobson Davis, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. Black & Company, A. Nathanson, Inc., A. W. Holmes Co., A. W. Mitchell Foundation, Inc., ABC Bowling Supplies, Inc., Accurate Microfilm Co., Inc., Ace International Trading Company, Acoustex Chemical Corporation, Activite International, Inc., Ad-Cap. Press, Inc., Adams & Crain, Inc., Adams Feed Co., Inc., Adams Funeral Home, Inc., Advance Drilling Company, Aero Precision--Electronics, Inc., Affiliated Research Foundation, Age Unlimited Corporation, The, Air Compressor Research Council, Inc., Air Duct Installation Company, Inc., Air Freight Corporation of America, Air Lift Association, Air and Space Show, Inc., Aircraft Dynamics, Inc., Aircraft Electronics Company, Aircraft Lessors, Inc., Airport Transfer Co., Alaska Petroleum, Inc., Alaskan Northwest Oil Co., Alaskan Research Corporation, Alba Plumbing & Heating Co., Albright Construction Company, Alfieri's Incorporated, Alfran, Inc., Ali-mar Foundation, Inc., The, All Steel Welded Truck Corporation, Allegra's Diner, Inc., Allen D. Cardwell Company, The, Allen Guiberson Oil Corporation, Allied Mason Contractors, Inc., Allied Merchandise Company, Allied-Mission Oil, Inc., Allied Reporters, Inc., Almore Coin Wash, Inc., Alpha Bett Components, Inc., Alpha Tau Iota Fraternity, Inc., Altog, Inc., Alua Corporation, Alvin B. Clark Agency, Inc., Amanda Richards, Inc., Amba Incorporated, Ambee Construction Co. Inc., Amcrete Corporation, American Bowling Equipment Corp., American-Canadian Oil & Drilling Corporation, American Consumer Products, Inc., American Cranberry Exchange, Inc., American Economic and Business Council (Incorporated), American and Foreign Motors, Inc., American Foundation of Dramatic Arts, Inc., American-German Aircraft Corporation, American Guild of Professional Service Organizations, Inc., American-Hellenic Engineered Political Administrators, Ltd., American Home Protective Association, American Homeowners Association, American Laundry Services Unlimited, Inc., American Legion Holding Company of Newark, Delaware, American Missile & Transistor Corporation, American Molecular Corporation, American Motels of Italy Corporation, American Physicians Foundation, Inc., American Promotions, Inc., American Reporting Associates, Inc., American & St. Lawrence Seaway Land Co., Inc., American Small Business Association, Inc., American Sun Petroleum Corp., American Technical Enterprises Corporation, Amocal Corporation, Amusement Industries, Ltd., Anderon Construction Associates, Inc., Andrew Flagg & Co., Andrew L. Burks, Inc., Andrew T. Morrow, Inc., Angier Chemical Co., Inc., Angus Muffler Shops, Inc., Ankay Engineering & Construction Corporation, Annandale Catering Corporation, Annandale Management Corporation, Annanwood Development, Inc., Annapolis Service Station, Inc., Ansell Amusement Company, Antillan Mining Co., Aphrodite Steamship Corporation, Arbee Enterprises, Inc., ARC Projection Corp., Arizona-Golconda Metals, Inc., Art Equipment Co., Inc., Artel Enterprises, Inc., Aruba Products, Inc., Associated Beverages Company, Associated Industrial Products, Inc., Association of Auto Service Stations, Association For Delmar Centennial Celebration, Inc., Association of United Fraternal Buyers Inc., of Delaware, Astravac Corp., Astronautics Exhibits, Inc., Atlantic Advertising Corporation, Atlantic Insurance Agency, Inc., Atlantic Sands Restaurant, Inc., Audubon Company, The, Automatic Redial Corporation, Automation Construction Co., Inc., Automotive Service Co., Avenue Restaurant, Inc.

B and B Harbor and Fleet Service, Inc., B. & B. Supply Co., B. C. & K. Contractors, Inc., B & F Transportation, Inc., B. G. Industries, Inc., B. L. Rucker Drilling Co., B & M Electrical Distributing Company, B & S Poultry Co., Inc., Bac Corporation of New Jersey, Baer, McCarver & Associates, Inc., Bairiki Development Company, Baland Corporation, Bamm Corporation, Banner Vending Co., Inc., Barkap Management Corp., Barnsley Corporation, Barrentan Drilling Products Corporation, Barrentan Testing and Research Corporation, Bart Enterprises, Ltd., Baskin Furs, Inc., Bauer Industries, Inc., Beacon Plastic Printing Co., Beam Natural Gas Company, Bearing Locknut and Machine Co., Inc., Beauty Tone Construction Company, Beauty-Tone Custom Homes, Inc., Beejay Trading Corp., Beglin Hardware, Inc., Belgrade Corporation, Bell Bench Community Builders, Inc., Bell-Cohan, Inc., Ben Scharf, Inc., Beneficial Finance & Thrift Co., Beneficial Plan, Inc., The, Bermar Development Corp., Beste Bros. Inc., Bethel Institutional Pentecostal House of Prayer For All People, Inc., Better Bowling Corp., Biochemical Research, Inc., Biotron Corporation, Biron & Conrad, Inc., Bishop Turnpike Company, Blagden Homes, Inc., Blohm Optician, Inc., Blue Bell, Inc., Blue Hen Flying Club, Inc., Blue Rock Mining Corporation, Blue White Diamond Ring Corporation of America, Bob White's Seafood House, Inc., Bon-Day Publications, Inc., Bonair Corporation, Bonded Body Incorporated, Booth Metal Products Co., Inc., Booth Trucking Co., Inc., Boston-Halifax Corporation, The, Boulevard Laundromat, Inc., Bowen Associates, Inc., Bradley Associates Incorporated, Branaman Enterprises Incorporated, Brand Products, Inc., Brandenburg Boiler Corporation, Brandywine Import-Export Co., Inc., Brandywine Valley Shopping Centre, Inc., Breakthrough, Inc., Breakwater Development Co., Inc., Brelco Corporation, Brentwood Construction Company, Brighton, Inc., Brinkman Enterprises, Incorporated, Brinton's Flower Shop, Inc., Bromo Cedin Corporation, Brookside Park Associates, Inc., Brookside Real Estate and Investment Corp., Brotherhood of Industrial Products Mechanics, Inc., Bruce & Bruce, Inc., Burkhard Realty Co., Business Aviation Transportation Corp., Business Electronics, Inc., Business Engineering and Service Corporation, Butte Highlands Mining Company, Bymart Pharmaceutical and Chemical Corp.

C & G Motors, Inc., C and M Mining Company, Cabana Clubs of America, Inc., Cadence Corporation, Caesar Enterprises, Inc., California Hawaiian Steamship Co., Inc., California Pacific Trading Corporation, Callahan & Topel, Inc., Calvert Enterprises, Inc., Canadian Pacific Sulphur Co., Ltd., Candeloro Realty Company, Canmex Petroleum & Gas Exploration Corporation, Cannon Engineering Company, Canon Oil Company, Canterbury Trailer Park, Inc., Capital Air Service, Inc., Capital Land, Inc., Capitol Games Inc., Capitol Plumbing, Inc. of Laurel, Capitol Plumbing, Inc. of Snow Hill, Cappy-Souied, Inc., Capri Pizzeria & Restaurant, Inc., Carbonless Copytyper Corporation, Cardi-Aid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cardinal Cafe, Inc., Cardwell's Foods, Inc., Cardwell Manufacturing Company, Inc., Carl Wieland Enterprises, Inc., Carlak, Inc., Carma, Ltd. of North America, Caro-Del Stores, Inc., Carolina Amusement Corp., Carolina Resources Corporation, Carroll C. Burris, Jr., Inc., Carvol Inc., Casimir, Inc., Catalina Estates, Inc., Catalina Gardens Development Company, Catalina Investment Company, Catholic Daughters of America, Incorporated, Cavendish Uranium Mines Corp., Cedars Hill Farm, Inc., Cee Corporation, The, Celestial Electronic Research & Development Corporation, Centennial Oil Co., Inc., Central States Importers, Inc., Central Truck Brokers, Inc., Century Drilling Company, Inc., Chambliss Construction Company, Chances, Inc., Charles A. Eckman Co., Charles A. Finn Inc., Charles Corporation, Chas. J. Noonan Co., Chatham Corporation, Checws Collection & Protection, Inc., Chelsea Estates, Inc., Chemell Chick Company, Inc., Chemell's Hatchery, Inc.,Chennault AFB Housing, Inc., Chennault AFB Housing No. Two, Inc., Chesapeake Terrace, Inc., Chestnut Hill Developers, Inc., Chief Exploration Co., The, Christiana Shipbuilding Corp., Chrysler-Desoto-Dodge-Plymouth Dealer' Ass'n., Inc., Cline-Mark IV Productions, Inc., Cinestat Corporation, Circle Cafe, Inc., Clifton Oil Corporation, Climax Iron and Steel Corporation, Clinton County AFB Housing, Inc., Clinton County AFB Housing No. Four, Inc., Clinton County AFB Housing No. Three, Inc., Clinton County AFB Housing No. Two, Inc., Cloverleaf Land Corporation, Coastal Commerce Corporation, Cobel.
Inc., Colby Design, Inc., Coleman-Morrow, Inc., Collins Construction Company, Colloid Extracts, Inc., Colombian Mining Corporation, The, Colonial Builders, Inc., Colonial Operating Co., Colony Construction Company, Inc., Colorprint Engineers, Inc., Columbian Exploration Enterprises, Inc., Comag Enterprises, Inc., Commercial Sales, Inc., Commercial Travelers of America, Compton Products, Inc., Conam Mining Corporation, Concord Service Station, Inc., Condado Development Corporation, Congoleum-Nairn Recreation Association of Wilmington, Congress House Management Corp., Congressional Properties, Inc., Conn. Ave. Cafe, Inc., Connecticut Development Corporation, Consolidated Finance Company, Constitutional Company, Coral Sands Apartments, Inc., Corinto Marine Corporation, Corner Market, Inc., Coronado Oil & Gas Co., Corporations Incorporated, Co-search, Inc., Costa Mesa Motel, Inc., Cox Distributing Company, Creative Products, Inc., Creative Sales, Inc., Crescent Agency, Inc., Creyton, Inc., Crosby-Hill Associates, Inc., Crucible Steel Casting Company, Cruzan Yacht Corporation, Crystal Inn, Incorporated, Cumberland Development Corp., Cunningham Motors Inc., Custer-Frazer Corporation.

D. L. Boutwell, Inc., Dana Steamship Corporation, Darose, Inc., David Dangel's Sons, Inc., Davidson's Garage, Inc., Davina, Inc., Day Brothers Contracting Company, DC-6 Aircraft Syndicate, Inc., De Luxe Cleaners, Inc., Dealers Analysis Bureau, Inc., Dean Industries, Inc., Deep South Oil Co., Inc., Del Grosso Realty Co., Del-Mar-Va Pools, Inc., Del-Serv, Inc., Delaware City Pharmacy, Inc., Delaware Custom Autorama Association, Delaware Dredgers Association, Delaware Herald, Inc., The, Delaware-Idaho Gold Mining Company, Delaware Realty Company, Delaware Sales & Service Co., Delaware Spiritual Conference, Inc., The, Delaware Swimming Pool Company, Delaware Valley Express, Inc., Delcoa, Inc., Debris Corporation, The, Delta Specialty Co., Inc., Deltar Worsted Mills, Inc., Denen Electric Company, Inc., Denny, Inc., Deri-Del, Inc., Dery Industries, Inc., Diamond Plumbing Supply Co., Diamond State Janitorial Service, Inc., Diamond State Roller Mills, Inc., Diamond State Shade & Linoleum Co., Diana Shop of Pasadena, Fla., Inc., Dick Lane Enterprises--The Litter-Bug Sign, Inc., Dinkier Motor Inn, Inc., Direct Mail Associates, Inc., Diversified Oil Royalties, Inc., Dix-mil, Inc., Donaldson Asphalt Co., Inc., Donaldson Paving Co., Inc., Dover Realty Co., Drake Electronics Corp., Drexel Mortgage Company Inc., Drilling Fluids Corporation, Drinkmate, Inc., Droste Imports, Inc., Drucker Co., Du Mont Illinois, Inc., Du Mont National Distributors, Inc., Du Pasquier & Landeau, Inc., Dudley Motors, Inc., Duffy's Meat Market, Inc., Duggan's Distillers Products Corporation, Dulin's Auto Sales, Inc., Dunleith Post No. 34, American Legion, Inc., Dunlinden Liquors, Inc., Dutch Motor Courts, Inc., Dyna-Thrust Corporation, Dynamic Developers, Inc., Dynaseal Lighting Corp.

E & F Homes, Inc., E & H Inc., E. H. P. Corporation, E. H. P. Sales Company, E. 3. Pennetto & Associates, Inc., E. J. West & Sons, Inc., E. Voight Co., Inc., E. William Martin Architects, Inc., Eagle Concrete Company, Eastern Carpets, Inc., Eastern Insurance Agency, Inc., Eastern Ventures, Inc., Eastfield Steamship Corporation, Eastlawn Services, Inc., Eden Park Realty Company, Edesco Associates, Inc., Effort Steamship Corporation, Elder Housing & Redevelopment Consultants, Inc., Electricar Manufacturing Corp., Electronic Architecture Foundation, Inc., The, Electronic Computer Service, Inc., Electronic Enterprises, Inc., Electronic Test Instrument Corporation, Elevator Service, Inc., Elflex Company, The, Eiger Corporation, Elkhaven Development Co., Elm Manufacturing Co., Elmer H. Brient & Sons, Inc., Elsmere Coal Company, Emesco, Inc., Employers' Compensation Division, Inc., Enan Co., Engineering Improvements & Mfg. Corp., Engineers Royalties, Inc., Enterprise Steamship Corporation, Essex Builders, Inc., Estell Construction Company, Eugene P. Solge, Inc., Euston Lead Company, Inc., The, Evans International Corporation, Everett Associates, Inc., Exchange Stamp Co., Expanded Shale Products, Inc.

F. M. Construction Corporation, Fairbanks Co., Inc., Fairway Apartments, Inc., Falcon Mining Corp., Far East Commerce Corporation, Ltd., Far East General Services Co., Ltd., Fashion Flair Stores, Inc., Federal Adjustment Corporation, Federal Home Finance, Inc., Federal Petroleum Corporation, Feldman, Inc., Fenwick Service and Supply Co., Ferris Associates, Inc., Field And Dickey, Inc., Film Service, Inc., Films for Television of Hollywood, Inc., Finance System Southwest Region, Inc., Finnemac, Inc., 1st Chesterfield Corp., First Manhattan Corporation, First New London N. S. B. Quarters, Inc., First Senatorial Republican Association of Kent County, First State Decorators, Inc., First State Insurance Agency, Inc., First State Plumbing & Heating Co., Fisting, Inc., Flag Me Cabs Inc., Flav-R Concentrate Corp., Flick Match Corporation, Flip Top Crown Cap Corp., Florida Mutual Development Corporation, Floridian & East Coast Improvement Corp., Food Carriers Corp., Foreign Economic Research Association, Foreign Investment Foundation, Foreign Petroleum Corporation, Foreign Research and Management, Inc., Form Moulding, Inc., Formgrading & Press Machine Company, The, Ft. Leonard Wood C-11 Housing, Inc., Ft. Leonard Wood C-13 Housing, Inc., Ft. Leonard Wood C-12 Housing, Inc., Fortuf Corporation, The, Foucon Industrial Development Corporation, Foundation for Advanced Research Analysis, Fourth Manhattan Corp., Fox-Marquis Productions, Inc., Frank C. Hurley, Inc., Frontier Fiberglass Industries, Inc., Frontier Mining & Engineering Corporation, Frozen Food Institute, Incorporated, Fuhrmann and Schmidt Sales Company, Fulton Realty Company, Furr Brothers Poultry Co., Inc.

G. E. Suderow, Inc., G. K. Restaurant Corporation, G & L Company, Gainesville Shopping Center Drug Corporation, Gale Realty Corp., Galen Gardens, Inc., Gamble Corporation, Garland and Ran Road Corporation, Garment Cleansers, Inc., The, Gas Maintenance and Construction Company, Gay Engineering Corporation, General Drilling Company, General Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America and Canada, Inc., The, General Shipping & Chartering Company, General Supply Corp., General Tung Oil Corporation, Geominerals Corporation, George B. Lockwood, Inc., George J. Fisher, Inc., Gerotor Corporation, Ghana American Development Corporation, Giant Consolidated Industries Corp., Gichner, Inc., Gladstone Steamship Corporation, Glasstronics, Inc., Glen Alden Motel, Inc., Glix-Brand Co., Inc., Glendennin Mines, Inc., Glenn David, Inc., Glide Control Corporation, Global Productions Corporation, Globe Clothing Shop, Inc., The, Glodex, Inc., Gloria Swanson Enterprises, Inc., Golden Era Petroleum Company, Goldenberg Mart, Inc., Golf Institute of America, Inc., Golin Corporation, Good Motels, Inc., Goose Island Van Lines, Inc., Gore Properties, Incorporated, Gotham Services, Inc., Government Enterprises, Incorporated, Grain Agency, Inc., Grand View Park and Development Company, Grant Enterprises, Inc., Graves & Hughes Contracting Company, Inc., Grayguard, Inc., Grayson P. Beaver, Inc., Great American Investment Corp., Great Slate Products Corp., Greater Caribbean Trading Corp., Greater Delaware Contracting Co., Greater Newark Businessmen's Association Inc., The, Greenbrier Development Corporation, Greenhill Institute of the District of Columbia, Inc., Gregg Radio Group, Inc., Gregson Sales Corporation, Grenell Music Enterprises, Inc., Gro-Spike, Inc., Guaranty Cooperative Management, Inc., Guardian Securities Co., Inc., Gulf States Motors, Inc., Gunco Corporation, Gunhill Corporation, The.

H. D. Hale, Inc., H. Feinberg Furniture Company of Newark, Delaware, H. Haley & Sons, Inc., H. M. Doss & Co., Inc., H. 0. K. Engineering Co., H & S Corporation, H. W. Morgan & Co., Inc., Haas Investment Company, Haberle Engineering and Mfg. Co., Inc., Halent, Inc., Haley Builders, Inc., Hamilton Electronics, Inc., Hand Painted Portraits In Silk, Inc., Handyman Incorporated, Hanley Builders, Inc., Hanseatic Exploration Company, Happy Felton Products, Inc., Harco Industries, Inc., Hardens Enterprises, Inc., Hamar Catering Corporation, Harmar Management Corporation, Harmony Builders, Inc., Harris and Somers Development Co., Harrison-Palmer, Inc., Harry's Auto Sales, Inc., Harry Consalo, Inc., Harwood Corporation, Hathaway Corporation, Incorporated, Hayden-Wayne Oil & Gas Corp., Hazard's Farm Supply, Inc., Hed Co., Inc., Hegarty & Byrd Realty Co., Inc., Heli-Coil Corporation--Indiana, Heli-Coil Corporation--Ohio, Heliogen Products, Inc., Hemisphere Gas & Oil Corporation, Hendrychs Ford, Inc., Henral Investment Company, The, Henri Morris Incorporated, Henry-Louis Cleaning Company, Henry Retailiau Inc. Herculs Electrodynamics Company, Herington Loan and Investment Corporation, Herr & Futty Herzogs Seafood Restaurant Inc., Hibbil, Inc., Highland Development Co., Inc., Hite Motors, Inc., Holly-Tex Productions, Inc., Home Real Estate and Investment Corporation, Home Sales, Inc., Honduran Gold Placers Ltd., Honor Films, Incorporated, Hope Steamship Corporation, Horace Brown Social Club, Inc., Hotel Securities Corporation, House & Garden Furniture, Inc., Housing Foundation of Arizona, Howard L. Donovan and Sons, Inc., Howard Shoe Company, The, Hudcorp, Inc., Hugh J. McCorkle, Inc., Huron Corp., Hurst Electrical Contracting, Inc.

I & M Truck and Bus Washing Equipment, Inc., I. T. Cohen Advertising, Inc., Illinois National Mortgage Company, Imperial Attractions, Inc., Imported Cars, Incorporated, Income Investment Corp., Independent Advisory Committee to the Trucking Industry, Inc., Industrial Associates, Inc., Industrial Products of Delaware, Inc., Industries Incorporated, Inland Gas Corporation, Inmont, Inc., Insul-Proof International Incorporated, Integrated International Engineering Company, Inter-American Oil & Mining Corp., Inter-American Stock Exchange, Inc., Intercoastal Hotel and Land Development Corp., Intercontinental Aviation Services, Inc., Intercontinental Steel Consultants, Inc., Intercontinental Ventures, Inc., International Aspirin Corporation, International Commerce and Navigation Corporation, International Enterprises, Inc., International Exchange & Commerce, Inc., International Food Trading Co., Inc., International Housing Development Corporation, International Industrial Investment Corporation, International Mapping Corporation, International Marbles, Incorporated, International Motion Picture Company, International Oil Participants Corporation, International Precious Stones Corporation, International Research & Development Corporation, International Resources Development Corporation, International Sales & Engineering Corp., International Tabulating Institute of Minnesota, Inc., International Vidoscope, Inc., Interstate Cab Service, Inc., Interstate Oil Exploration Co., Inc., Intertron, Incorporated, Inviso Inc., Isadolriz Mining and Chemical Company, Inc., Isotope Chemical Company, Italo Pre-Fab Co.

J. A. Richards, Inc., J. C. Elliott & Son, Inc., J. F. Davis Restaurant Company of Delaware, J. Francis Blaine Company, Inc., J. L. Bismarck Company, J. Rogers Holcomb, Inc., J. W. Frazer & Co., Inc., J. Wesley Buchanan, Inc., Jackman's Inc., Jaco Corp., Jacobs Company, Jamaica Royale Unit Three, Inc., Jamaica Royale Unit Two, Inc., Jamar Oil Co., James H. Wood, Inc., James J. Doherty Funeral Home, Inc., James L. Sease, Inc., James Otto Trucking Co., James P. Mooney and Company, James Watson & Sons, Co., Jamison Sportswear, Inc., Janet's Apparel Shops, Inc., Jay Co., Jay-Sal Development Co., John Booth, Inc., John F. Reed Productions Incorporated, John I. Haas, Inc., John M. Cherry, Inc., John Mullins & Sons of Delaware, Inc., Johnny and Polly, Inc., Johnson, Inc., Johnson-Saunders Theatres, Inc., Joliet Tropical Plantation Company, Jones, Winkelman, Smock Company, Inc., Joseph H. Simons, Inc., Julia Navigation Company, Inc.

K. E. Ashworth Company, Inc., K. T. and P. Associates, Inc., K. U. K. Inc., K-Z Realty Corporation, Kaehn Realty Company, Kaglove, Inc., Kalico Kitchen, Inc., Kalstock Farms, Inc., Kamberta Corp., Kanium Corporation, Kaparn Drilling, Inc., Karen Co., Karparts Distributors, Incorporated, Kartways of America, Inc., Kem-I-Kal, Incorporated, Kent Associates Inc., Kent School of Memorial Counsellors, Inc., Kerpel School of Dental Technology, Inc., Key Products, Inc., Keystone Builders, Inc., Kirk Industries, Inc., Kirk Machinery Corporation, Knox Minerals, Inc., Koala Wool Limited, Kramer Acoustical Co., Inc., Krueger Construction Co., Inc., Krueger Scientific Laboratories, Inc., Kwikkopy Co., Kyron Foundation, Inc.; K. E. Farley, Inc., La Salle College Company, The, Lake Forest Development Company, Lamar, Inc., Land Liquidators, Inc., Laramie-Alaska Development Company, Inc., Latam Aero Leases, Inc., Laurel Appliance Center, Inc., Laurel Furniture & Appliance Center, Inc., Lauritano's Inc., Leathercraft Corporation of America, Lee Dye Works, Inc., Leemath Industries Corp., Lenco Corporation, Lenhart Lumber Corporation, Leonard Richards, Inc., Lesand Distributors, Inc., Levis Investment Company, Inc., Lewis D. Wall, Inc., Liberty Motors, Inc., Lievers Investment Company, Light Metals Corp., Limelight Productions, Inc., Lite-X Corporation, Litho Offset Supply Company of Delaware, Little Acorn Investment Co., Livilu Products Corporation, Lock-rem Mines Corp., Locust Corporation, Locust Petroleum Corp., Lone Star Stevedoring, Inc., Loomfixers Loom Works, Inc., Lorie Allman Originals, Inc., Loudler Corporation, Love Organization, Inc., The, Lucerne Corporation, Lundberg Air Exploration Co., Inc., Lunn Laminates Company.

A. L. Land Development Corp., M. A. Sokolka Corporation, The, M. B. Fairchild, Inc., M. E. Blatt Co., M & L Development Corporation, Machine Steel Products Corporation, Macinar Incorporated, Macon Plumbing & Heating Co., Madison Drug Co. of Armenia Center, Inc., Magness Shopping Mart, Inc., Magnolia Supply Company, Inc., Majax Minerals Corporation, Malone Cement Construction Co., Inc., Malone & Slater, Inc., Management, Engineering & Development Corp., Manganese Battery Corporation, Maple View Farm, Inc., Marau-Copau Mining Company, Inc., Marco Ranch Company, Mardele Enterprises, Inc., Margrite Corporation, The, Marian Martin, Inc., Marine Supply Company, Mariners Steamship Agency Inc., Marion Wright, Inc., Marshall Ford Sales and Service, Inc., Martis Steamship Corp., Marvel Repeater Razor Co., Maryland Avenue Liquor Store Co., Maryland Conduit, Inc., Max Ein Minerals Corporation, Max Schriber, Inc., Maxwell Dynaometer Company, Maxwell Home Service, Inc., McCann Contracting Co., Inc., McIver Art and Publications, Incorporated, McIver & Company, McLean Development Corporation, Meade Metal And Manufacturing Corporation, Medearis Industries, Inc., Mel's Auto Body Co., Inc., Mercury Enterprises, Incorporated, Merritt Homes, Inc., Messerschmitt Motor and Engineering Corporation of America, Metal Life Inc., Metzgar Equipment Co., Inc., Mica & Beryl Corporation, The, Michigan Industries Company, Micro Jewel Corporation, Micronaire Electro Medical Products Corporation, Mid-Continent Constructors, Inc., Mid-Continent Housing Corp., Mid-Eastern Investment Corporation, Mid-State Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Mid-West Laundries, Incorporated, Middle Atlantic Planning Corporation, Midway Shopping Center, Inc., Midwest Sponsors, Inc., Milani International Automotive Imports, Inc., Miles Agricultural Research Foundation, The, Mill End Shop of Dayton, Inc., Mill End Shop of Kansas City, Inc., Mill End Shop of Louisville, Inc., Mill Furniture Store, Inc., Miller's Motor Freight, Inc., Millsap Oil & Gas Co., Milton Poultry Co., Inc., Miner & Welch Company, Minerals Investors Co., Inc., Mining & Petroleum Advisors, Inc., Minnekota Petroleum Corporation, Misco Industries, Inc., Misco Precision Casting Company, Mississippi Terminal Company Incorporated, Mr. Service Club, Inc., Mrs. America Homemakers, Incorporated, Mrs. America Investors, Incorporated, Mitchell's Appliances, Inc., Mobile Housing Institute, Inc., Mode Insurance, Inc., Modern Kitchens, Inc., Modern Radio & TV Service Co., Mohawk Cedar Log Homes, Inc., Mohawk Lumber Company, Molco Drill & Pin Co. of Ohio, Inc., Monaco & Son, Inc., Monarch Enterprises, Inc., Montaqua Mineral Well Co., Montego Villas, Inc., Monticello Lumber Corporation, Mooney & Hill Co., Moore International Corporation, Mormur Games, Inc., Morris & Company, Inc., A Delaware Corporation, Mortgage Financing Corporation, Moss Enterprises, Inc., Moss Stores, Inc., Mount Prospect Country Club, Inc., Mundorff Beverage Company, Municipal Tax Free Income Fund, Inc., Music Society of America, Mutual Fund Distributors Inc., Myco Company, Inc.

N & R Operating Corporation, Nagler Helicopter Company, Inc., Napier Corporation, The, Nathan A. Siegel and Associates, Inc., Nation Wide Realty Co., Inc., National Association of Small Business, Inc., National Bellas Hess Mexico Corporation, National Builders Mortgage & Finance Corp., National Commercial Turnpikes, Incorporated, National Convention Halls, Inc., National Council of Millinery Associations, National Dairymen's Association Inc., National Electronic Research & Development Corp., National Gas Corporation, National Institute of Professional Services, Inc., National Interests, Inc., National Land & Investing Corporation, National Land Service Corp., National Lumberman's Association of America, National Oil and Chemical Co., National Ornamental Iron Manufacturers Association, National Petroleum Bureau, Inc., National Pharmaceutical Association, Inc., The, National Quaker Maid Restaurant System, Inc., National Religious Broadcasters, Inc., National Reporting Associates, Inc., National Steel Products Corporation, National Trading Corporation, National Vitamin Corporation, Nationwide Development and Leasing Corp., Nationwide Properties, Inc., Nationwide Small Business Capital Investing Corporation, Nautilus Camps of America, Inc., Neptune, Inc., New Castle Greyhound Racing Association, New Castle Investment Corp., New Cornelia Extension Copper Corp., New England Airlines, Inc., New England Service Corporation, New Freeway Investment Company, New Jersey Finance & Discount Corporation, Newark Building & Supply, 7nc., Newark Funeral Home, Inc., Newark Stationers, Inc., Newport Drive-In, Inc., Niasol Products Company, Inc., Nicholas Electronics, Inc., Nolan Loan Co., Inc., Nordel Corporation, North Shore Shopping Center Drug Corporation, North Versailles Catering Corporation, North Versailles Management Corporation, Northcutt Import Cars, Inc., Northern Plywood Corp., Northfield Manor Homes, Inc., Northwest Land & Timber, Inc.

Oasis Liquor Mart, Inc., Ocean Barging Corporation, Ocean Tramp, Inc., Oceanic Industries Corporation, Oceanview Towers, Inc., Oil and Gas Corporation of America, The, Oklahoma-Delaware Corporation, Olin's Rent-A-Car System, Inc., 119 Corporation, The, Operators' Management Company, Optics Agency of Delaware, Inc., Orbits, Incorporated, Oro Valley, Inc., Ouachita Mining & Exploration Co., Overseas, Inc., Overseas Investment Corporation of America, Owens Enterprise, Inc., Ozark Construction Company, Inc.

P A C Construction Company, P-I-P of Illinois Inc., P. J. Gruber & Co., Inc., P. L. C. & G., Inc., P. S. Cummins, Inc., Pacific Isle Steamship Corporation, Pacific Pulp Company, Pacific Ranger Steamship Corporation, Pacific Thunder Steamship Corporation, Pacvan Corporation, Palmer House Products, Inc., Palms Motel Corp., Palmyra-Modesto Grain Company, Inc., Pam Homes, Inc., Pan American Land & Development Co., Inc. of Brasil, Pan American Mud & Chemical Company, Papell Investment Company, Pappas Paper Products Company, Paramount Homes Corp., Park Bowl, Inc., Parlynn Enterprises, Inc., Parklynn-Greenville Pharmacy, Inc., Parklynn-Hockessin Pharmacy, Inc., Parkview Builders, Inc., The, Pas Crab Co., Inc., Pathways, Inc., Paul Comly French and Associates, Inc., Pay-Less Fabrics, Inc., Peachtree Sales Corporation, Pencader Construction Corp., Pencader Realty Company, Pendale Nurseries, Inc., Peninsula Building Supply Co., Penn Construction Corp., Penn-U. S. Industrial, Inc., Penn-drew Masonry Company, Pennsylvania Counties Gas Corporation, Pension Mutual Fund, Inc., The, Permanent International Exposition, Inc., Permindex, Inc., Perpetual Care Cemetery Corporation, Pershing Square Financial Corporation, Personal Finance Company of Maplewood, Personal Finance Company of Wyoming, Personal Finance & Thrift Company, Petro-Nucleonics, Inc., Petroleum Diamond Drilling Association, Petroleum Financial Corporation, Philadelphia Plan, Inc., Philadelphia Studebaker Dealers Advertising Association, Inc., Philmont Chapel Incorporated, Phosphate Rock Institute Incorporated, Photo Enterprises, Inc., Physio-Control Company, Inc., Physo-Drug and Chemical Corp., Pickens Manufacturing Co., Pico Freight, Inc., Piedmont Enterprises, Inc., Pierce-Arms. Co., Pilot Investment Corporation, Pin Money Exchange, Incorporated, Pine Tree State Candies Corp., Pinebrook Foundation, Inc., Pitt International Corporation, Pitt Investing Corporation, Pittsburgh Mineral Industries Corporation, Pittsburgh Studebaker Dealer Advertising Association, Inc., Planet Exploration Corporation, Plastics Sales Company, Plasticslab, Inc., Play Center, Inc., Plymouth Carry-Out Shop, Inc., Pocketune Records, Inc., Polin Poultry Co., Inc., Poll-A-Vac, Inc., Polymer Engineering & Development Corp., Port Mahon Wharf Co., Inc., Porter Hotels System, Inc., Portracolor, Inc., Posture Service, Inc., Potomac Appliance and TV Corp., Power Steamship Corporation, Practice Golf, Inc., Precon Electronics Corp., Prefect Theatres, Inc., Prime Realty Corp., Princess Vogue Shops, Inc., Process-General Engineers, Inc., Products Development Corporation, Property-America Corporation, Providence Trading Corporation, Prudential Commercial Corporation, Public Development Corp., Public Relations Associates Inc. of Delaware Valley, Public Utilities Fund, Inc., Pusey and Jones Corporation, The Quaker Sew-Vac Stores, Inc., Quality Belts, Inc.

R. A. Bland Electric Co., R. B. R. Film Productions, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing No. Eight, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing, No. Five, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing No. Four, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing No. Seven, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing No. Six, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing No. Three, Inc., R. I. Bong AFB Housing No. Two, Inc., Ranch Estates, Inc., Raulston Construction Co., Ray Colomb's Incorporated, Reade Engineering Company, Inc., Realty Associates, Inc., Reciprocal Security Association, Redskin's Lounge, Inc., Regal Investment Corp., Registered Rides, Inc., Registered-Tested Cars of Puerto Rico, Inc., Rehoboth Dispensary, Inc., Rein-gold Investment Company, Rent-A-Bag Company, Inc., Resources Development Corporation, Retirement Assurance Corporation, Rex Bucket and Fabricating Corporation, Richard A. Blythe, Incorporated, Richardson, Bonds and Train, Inc., Richmond Catering Corporation, Richmond Management Corporation, Ricky Ties, Inc. of Pittsburgh, Riverside Liquors, Inc., Riverside Motors, Inc., Riverside News Center, Inc., Riverside Pharmacy, Inc., Robert J. Stamp, Inc., Robinson Theatrical & Sports Promotions, Ltd., Rock Island Southern Corporation, Roger, Inc., Roller Derby T. V. Inc., Rose Fashions, Inc., Rosensohn Enterprises, Inc., Ross, Incorporated, Royal Crown Bottling Company of Reading, Inc., Royal Recording International, Inc., Ruco, Inc., Rusco Window & Supply Co., Inc.

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Yorktowne Builders, Inc., Young Discoveries Incorporated.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, ELBERT N. CARVEL, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this seventeenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and eighty-seventh.


By the Governor:


ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State