Delaware General Assembly



WHEREAS, 70% of the unemployed persons registered with the Employment Security Commission of the State of Delaware lack a complete high school education; and

WHEREAS, the minimum standard for many employment opportunities is a completed high school education; and

WHEREAS, job advancement is frequently based upon completion of high school education; and

WHEREAS, it is known that at least 5,000 pupils did not finish their authorized high school education in 32 school districts since the year 1953; and

WHEREAS, in a direct-question survey over 500 drop-out pupils have indicated a definite desire to continue high school education; and

WHEREAS, more than 25 pupils are currently enrolled for credentials analysis in a high school extension program and at least 50 others have made serious inquiry; and

WHEREAS, persons who have reached their 21st birthday may not be entitled to free state-supported public education at the elementary and secondary school level; and

WHEREAS, present Delaware provisions for education do not include high school extension programs or regularly organized evening high schools; therefore

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware:

Section 1. The State Board of Education is authorized to establish a high school extension program including adult evening high schools to be conducted according to rules and regulations set forth by that Board.

Section 2. The sum of $80,000.00 is appropriated to the State Board of Education for the purpose of establishing and operating said high school extension programs.

Section 3. The sum so appropriated shall be devoted to the payment of cost, over and above the normal cost of operating existing schools, when said schools are used for the purpose of conducting evening high school extension programs, and incident to the needs of the high school extension programs, including custodial services, supplies, equipment, salaries, and other necessary expenditures incident to the conduct of said programs.

Section 4. The sum so appropriated shall be expended in accord with the following table except as transfer from one division to another may be authorized following petition to the State Budget Director:


Supervisor of Extension $10,600.00

Clerical 4,000.00

Travel 1,500.00

Contractual Services 58,900.00

Supplies and Materials 5,000.00


Section 5. This act is a supplementary appropriation for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 1964, and ending June 30, 1965; and money appropriated shall be paid from the General Fund of the State of Delaware. Any funds remaining in the hands of the State Board of Education from this appropriation or from fees collected from the high school extension programs on June 30, 1965, shall revert to the General Fund of the State of Delaware.

Approved June 19, 1964.