Delaware General Assembly






Whereas, Elisha C. Dukes, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

Now, therefore, I, Charles L. Terry, Jr., Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A B C Mobile Homes, Inc.; A. B. Dyes, Inc.; A. Earl Wilson, Inc.; A. F. Seabrook Associates; A & H Enterprises, Inc.; A-H Funds, Inc.; A & H Motors, Inc.; A. I. M. International, Inc.; A & M Building Supply, Inc.; A-I Ready Mix, Inc.; A. Z. Corporation; Aaron Corporation; Abbey Automation, Inc.; Abrams Hardwear Shores Inc.; Ace Container and Paper Corp.; Ace House and Window Cleaning Co., Inc.; Ad-Kap Corporation; Adel's, Inc.; Adgate A. Lipscomb & Son, Incorporated; Advance Loan Co.; Advance & Puxico Railroad Company; Advantage, Inc.; Aerosol Container Corporation; Afco Associates, Inc.; Affiliated Investment Corporation; Affiliated Services, Inc.; Afro-American Development Corporation (Delaware) Inc.; Aggregates Sales of Michigan, Inc.; Agri Construction Company; Agw Theatre Enterprises Inc.; Aiello Investment Co.; Air Transportation Services, Inc.; Airey Realty Corporation Airway Estates, Inc.; Akm, Inc.; Alarm Company of Delaware; Alasil Corporation; Alaska Oil & Mineral Co., Inc.; Aleutco Corporation; Alexander Film Co.; Alexander Industries, Inc.; Algonquin Petroleum Company, Incorporated; Alkon International Inc.; All-Around Service Co., Inc.; All City Pretzel Co. Inc.; All States Factors Corporation; Allegheny Petroleum Corporation; Allen International Automation, Inc.; Allied Automative Appraisers, Inc.; Allied Mineral Products Company; Allied Technology and Capital, Inc.; Allied Underwriters Investment corporation; Am-Boy Productions, Incorporated; Amac, Incorporated; Amalgamated Development and Investment Corporation; Amasam Chemicals, Inc.; America-Israel Society; American Associates Car Rental, Inc.; American Automotive Units, Inc.; American Bancstock Corporation; American Club; American Education International, Inc.; American Franchise Corporation; American Girl Products, Ltd.; American Guest Plan Inc.; American Gulf Development Corp.; American Health Service, Inc.; American-Honeywell Corp.; American Income Properties, Inc.; American Notorist Guild, Inc.; American Oriental Far East Line, Inc.; American-Oriental Lines, Inc.; American Pay-TV Corporation; American Progress Association; American Realty and Investment Corporation; American Retirement Foundation; American Scale Mfg. Co.; American Seatraders, Inc.; American Union Chartering (California), Inc.; American Union Chartering, Inc.; American Waffles Inc.; Ami Enterprises, Inc.; Ammex Distributing Corporation; Amvet Electronics, Inc.; Amy Joy International Corp.; Anaconda Steel Corporation; Anchorage Supply Corporation; Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division No. 5, Incorporated; Andreeve Corporation; Angeles Financial Corporation; Anthony Construction Co.; Antilles Trading Ltd.; Anzac Petroleum & Minerals, Inc.; Apollo Plastics Corp.; Apalachian Resources Corporation; Aparel Merchandise, Inc.; Apell Petroleum Corporation; Arben Vending, Inc.; Arizona Magnetite Company; Armstrong Metals Co. of New York; Art & Als Auto Body, Inc.; Art Development Corporation of America; Art Grindle Loop 12 Chrysler Plymouth, Inc.; Artel Productions, Inc.; Artini & Consuelo, Inc.; Artists International, Inc.; Ascot, Inc.; Ash Restaurant Inc.; Asi Electronics Corporation; Askim Properties, Inc.; Aspen Mortgage & Investment Corp.; Associate Club, Inc. of Delaware; Associated Industries, Inc.; Associated Investors Management, Inc.; Astromotels Inc.; Central Division; Atelew Corporation; Atkins & Brittingham Realty, Inc.; Atkins Bros. Contracting Corporation; Atlantic Commission Company, Inc.; Atlantic Drive-In Development Corporation; Atlantic EquiLease Corporation; Atlantic Foods, Inc.; Atlantic Fruit Company of Nicaragua, Inc.; Atlantic Industrial Corporation; Atlantic Life Assurance Company; Atlantic Marine Trade Conference, Inc.; Atlantic Mortgage and Financing, Inc.; Atlantic Oceanic, Inc.; Atlantis Plastic Corporation; Atomic Shield Testing Alliance, Inc.; Attalla Spinning Mills, Inc.; Audiocation, Inc.; August W. Motycka & Son, Inc.; Auto-Equip Leasing Corporation; Auto-Lec, Inc.; Automatic Impulse Recording Co., Inc.; Automatic Washer Company; Automobile Map Holder, Incorporated; Automotive Electronics, Inc. of Delaware; Automotive Importers, Inc.; Automotive Products Company, Inc.; Autovisuals, Inc.; Autronic Industries of America, Inc.; Available Fund, Inc.; Availability of Scandinavia Inc.; Aviation Advisors, Inc.; Avila International, Inc.; Avwell Corporation, Inc.; Ayre Publishing Company.

B. C. A., Inc.; B. F. Gladding & Co., Inc.; B-G Corporation; Bahandros Developments, Inc.; Baierl Chevrolet, Inc.; Baker-Layton Machine Company; Ballina Industries, Inc.; Bama Store of Montgomery, Inc.; Bama Store of Tuscaloosa, Inc.; Bankers Development Corporation; Bankers Press Ltd.; Banner Construction Co.; Bar Harbor Estates, Inc.; Barbara Lane, Inc.; Barge Transfer Corporation; Barone, Inc.; Barry Enterprises, Inc.; Bartall Oil & Development Co.; Basic Avionics Corp.; Batavia Kritzer, Inc.; Battery Power Incorporated; Bauer and Associates, Inc.; Bauer, Darby Corporation; Baycrest Corporation; Beach View Package Store, Inc.; Beadenkopf Leather Company; Beaver Clearing, Inc.; Beaver Valley Builders, Inc.; Bedrock Builders, Inc.; Bel-Ami Knitwear Corp.; Belgrade Corporation; Bell Home Improvement, Inc.; Belok Inc.; Benefactor of Boise, Idaho, Inc.; Benefactor of Dupage County, Illinois, Inc.; Benefactor, Inc.; Benson & Benson, Inc.; Benton Trucking, Inc.; Bernard Darcy Co., A Delaware Corporation; Bernard J. Garber & Co., Inc.; Berry's Range, Inc.; Bi-State Construction Corp.; Bi-State Packing Corp.; Big Horn Oil Company, The; Binns Machine Works, Inc.; Blackwood Builders, Inc.; Bloomington Model-Paris Launderers & Cleaners, Inc.; Blue Crescent Nursing Society, The; Blue Hen State Incorporating Company; Blue Ridge Industries, Inc.; Board of Education of the Delaware Conference of the Methodist Church, Inc.; Bobb & Bobb, Inc.; Bom-Kote Corporation; Bonfor Corporation; Boni, Watkins, Jason & Co., Inc.; Bontel of Delaware, Inc.; Ambassador Mimes, Inc.; Ambrosing Tours, Inc.; Booth Farms and Hatchery, Inc.; Boutique's, Inc.; Bowl-Mor Company, Inc.; Boyer Enterprises, Inc.; Brackin's Tractors Inc.; Bradford-Prader Electric Contractors, Inc.; Brnaco-Op International, Inc.; Brandywine Sanitation Campany, Inc.; Brandywine Valley Art Association, Inc.; Brandywine Volkswagen, Ltd.; Braston Construction Co.; Bristol Development Corporation; Broadrun Mushroom Farms, Inc.; Broadway Lunch of Washington, D. C. Inc.; Brookside Shopping Center Drug Corporation; Buckingham Livery, Inc.; Buena Vista Apartments, Inc.; Buffalo Creek Land Co.; Buffalo Turbine Sales Corp.; Building Specialties Incorporated; Bunnell-Crimmins Inc.; Burkardt Electronics, Inc.; Burnelli Avionics Corporation; Burnside Corporation; Business Associates, Inc.; Business Corners, Inc.; Buy-Best Corporation, Inc., The; Byron and Mary Johnson Foundation;

C. A. L., Inc.; C. & C. Inc.; C. D. Fleming & Son, Incorporated; C. F. L. Inc.; C. J. Carroll Auction Co.; C. K. Industries, Inc.; C. M. G. & S. Construction Company, Inc.; C. M. P. Corporation; C. S. M. Corporation; Cal Juice Corp.; California City Overseas Ltd.; Calorizing Company, The; Cameo Mining Co.; Camden Industries Company, Inc.; Cane River Corporation; Canfalspal & Co., Inc.; Cantop Realty Corporation; Caps, Inc.; Capitol Baptist Church of Dover, Delaware, Inc.; Capitol Furniture & Novelty Co.; Capricorn Productions, Inc.; Car City, Inc.; Cardinal Dairy Products, Inc.; Career Training Institute; Caribbean Distributing Corp.; Caribotel Incorporated; Carilantic Real Estate Company; Carl-Dek, Inc.; Carmen's Pizza - Delicatessen & Sandwich Shops, Inc.; Carriage House Motors, Inc.; Carriage Houses, Inc.; Cartoon Circus, Inc.; Cass Associates, Inc.; Casserly Steel Construction Company; Castech Inc.; Castle Park Apartments, Inc.; Cavalier Productions, Inc.; Cavendish Company, Inc.; Caza Equipment Corporation; Cca-Publications, Inc.; Cecil Yacht Sales, Inc.; Cena Investment Co., Inc.; Center City Lanes Inc.; Centerville Properties, Inc.; Central Cafe, Inc.; Central City Redevelopment, Inc.; Central Towing & Transportation Corp.; Century Life Assurance Company; Century Planning Associates Incorporated; Certified Bankers Service Inc.; Chadeloid Corporation; Champion Mobile Homes, Inc.; Chargene, Inc.; Chatham Lanes, Inc.; Chemical and Industrial Corporation; Chemotherapy Research Institute, Inc.; Chemtel Corporation; Cherokee Woods Civic Association; Chessmen Home Decorators, Ltd.; Chester Litho Corp.; Cheswold Corporation; Chicago Israel Constructors Incorporated; China Garden, Inc.; Chiropractic Information Citizens Committee Inc.; Chiropractic Society of America, Inc.; Choral Arts Enterprises, Inc.; Christian Foundation, The; Christiana Concrete Co., Inc.; Cimarron Oils, Inc.; Cinema 141, Inc.; Cinema-Video International Corp.; Circle Partition Co. Inc.; Citizens Alliance Inc.; Citizens Conference on Planning, Zoning, and Housing, Inc.; Claire Apartments, Inc.; Claremont Machinery, Incorporated; Claymont Hardware & Supply Co. Inc.; Claymont Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Clifton D. Mayhew, Inc.; Clifton Private Brands, Inc.; Clifton Realty Corporation; Clinton L. Mellor, Inc.; Coastal Resort Properties, Inc.; Coins Incorporated; Collision Corporation; Colonial Builders, Inc.; Colonial Campers Sales Co., Inc.; Color Master Incorporated; Colortran Corporation; Comet Film Distributors, Inc.; Command Products, Inc.; Commerce Oil and Export Co., Inc.; Commerce Petroleum Corporation; Commercial Claims Service, Inc.; Commercial Equipment, Inc.; Commercial International Export Corporation; Commercial Plastics (U.S.) Inc.; Commercial Realty, Inc.; Commonwealth Engineering Corporation; Community Antenna Systems Incorporated; Community Progressive Club, Incorporated; Compact Agency, Inc.; Compagnie de Enchimec (USA) Inc.; Component Construction Corp.; Compunet - U.S.A., Inc.; Comtek, Inc.; Concord Corporation; Concord Duncan Company; Concord Tavern, Inc., The; Conestoga Airport Limousine Service, Inc.; Congress Corporation; Connelly Publishing Corporation, The; Consolidated Corporations, Inc.; Consolidated International Electric Company, Inc.; Consolidated Mortgage and Finance Company Inc.; Consolidated Resources Corporation; Consulting Engineers, Inc.; Contemporary Affairs Society, Inc.; Continental Bond & Mortgage Corp.; Continental Convalescent Operating Co.; Continental-Harrison Company; Continental School Interiors, Inc.; Cooper Oregon Corporation; Coprox Company, Inc., The; Copystatics, Inc.; Coral Investment Corp.; Cordelia Clay Foundation, Inc.; Cornelia Corporation; Cornelsen Development, Inc.; Corporate Plan Leasing, Inc.; Cosmic Engineering Corporation; Council of Civic Organizations of Mill Creek Hundred, Inc., The; Country Maid, Inc.; County Car Center, Inc.; County Mortgage Investors, Inc.; County Seat Motor Company, Incorporated; Courtesy Motors, Ltd.; Covered Bridge Farms Maintenance Corporation; Craft Manufacturing Corporation; Cragmere Development Co.; Crain-Rich,Inc.; Cranbrook Development Co.; Creative Enterprises, Inc.; Creosote Forest Products, Inc.; Crestview Industries, Inc.; Cromwell Funding Corporation, The; Cross-Country Leasing Corp.; Crown Meadows Corporation; Cryolife, Inc.; Crystal Klear Process Corporation; Curriculum Materials Laboratories, Inc.; Cyclo-Shine of Delaware, Inc.; Cyclotherm Corporation; Cytran Incorporated.

D & D Masonry, Inc.; D. F. C. Enterprises, Inc.; D. Harper Corp.; D-S-J, Corporation; D. Sampson, Incorporated; Dal Wil, Inc.; Dante's Inferno, Inc.; Danton China Co. Inc.; Dark Realty Co.; Data Analyses Corporation; Data Processing Corporation of America; Data Systems Development Corporation of the Ryukyu Islands; Datamation Assistants Co., Inc.; Datcom, Inc.; Davan, Inc.; Davis of Delaware, Inc.; De Baca Land & Cattle Co.; de Monchy, Inc.; Deepwood Construction Co.; Deer Park Hotel, Inc.; Del Food Corporation; Del Jet Corporation; Del Mar Va Council of Square Dance Clubs, Inc.; Del-Vue, Inc.; Delaware Factors Corporation; Delaware Kennels, Inc.; Delaware Knitting Mills, Inc.; Delaware Mart, Inc.; Delaware & N.J. Properties, Inc.; Delaware Polyastics Coatings, Inc.; Delaware Realty Company; Delaware Restaurant Association; Delaware Retailers' Council, Inc.; Delaware Society For Conservation Practices, Inc.; Delaware Truck Rental, Inc.; Delaware Valley Builders, Inc.; Delta Development Corporation; Delmar Equities Corporation; Delmar Industries Corporation; Delmarva Litter Company; Delmarva Poultry Industries, Inc.; Delmarva Southern Express, Inc.; Delmarva Truck Brokers, Inc.; Delphi Corporation; Delta Claim Service, Inc.; Delta Leasing, Inc., of Delaware; Deluca & Sons, Inc.;Delwark Trucking Company; Delway Corporation; Dempsey & Durand, Inc.; Depth Projection Production Corporation; Desmond Investment Company, Inc.; Detco Corporation; Dev-Con Enterprises, Inc.; DeWitt County Pork Factory, Inc.; Dewitt Investing Company; Dial A Total, Inc.; Diamond "K" Vegetable Farms, Inc.; Diamond State Loan & Savings Association; Diane, Inc.; DiFebo's, Inc.; Direct Mail Associates, Inc.; Diversified Industrial Sales and Services, Inc.; Dr. A. W. Chase Company Inc., The; Dollar Fund Corporation; Dollarhide, Inc.; Don & Earl Auto Body Shop, Inc.; Donahue Color Service, Inc.; Doric Cosmetics, Inc.; Dorrell Ltd.; Dorvanco Corporation; Dover Homes, Inc.; Doverdel, Ltd.; Dow Investment Company; Drigelgold Corp.; Driv-a-lert Sales Corporation; Drysdale Company, Inc., The; DuBarry Builders, Inc.; DuBarry Corporation; Duerr Masonry, Inc.; Dugan Brothers, Inc.; Duke, Inc.; Dummond Metal Window.

Erection Corp.; E. A. Cochran & Son, Inc.; E. B. Steele Co., Inc.; E. & E. K. Enterprises, Inc.; E Tai (U.S.A.) Ltd.; Earl's Auto Parts, Inc.; Earle Restaurant, Inc.; East Coast Electronics Corporation; East End Athletic Club; East-West Export Import Corporation; East Wilmington Associates Club, Incorporated; Eastco Leasing Corporation; Eastern Expositions, Inc.; Eastern Roofing Co.; Eastern Shore Associates, Inc.; Eastern Shore Installation Co.; Eastern Society of Electroencephalographic Technicians; Economic Timing Corporation; Edco, Inc.; Edlyn Holding Co.; Education Associates, Inc.; Eggert Charters, Inc.; Eight Ward Democratic Club,Inc.; Eileen Desmond, Inc.; El Sombrero, Inc.; El Venado Mining Co.; Elcom, Inc.; Electrolease Corporation; Electronic Science Services Co. of New York, Inc.; Elizabeth Storch Kraemer Memorial Foundation, Inc.; Elkton Developing Co.; Ellendale Corporation; Ellwood Agency, Inc.; Elsandan Realty Co.; Elsmere Pharmacy, Inc.; Elwood B. Evans & Son, Inc.; Empire Buying Service, Inc.; Empire Engineering, Inc.; Emson Aerosol Corporation; Encore Films, Ltd.; Endocrine and Metabolic Laboratories of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Energy Systems, Inc.; Engineered Installations, Inc.; Engineering Construction Corporation; Enterprise Aircraft Corporation; Episcopo Brothers, Inc.; Equipment Locator Corporation; Equitable Investors' Securities, Inc.; Equitable Reliance Corporation, The; Erectros, Incorporated; Eregina, Inc.; Errand Boy of Delaware, Inc.; Errand Boy of Oak Brook, Inc.; Escom, Inc.; Escott Plumbing & Heating Co.; Essem Realty, Inc.; Europak, Ltd.; Evans Aircraft Leasing, Ltd.; Excess Insurance Corporation; Exchange Furniture Store Inc.; Exchange Royalty Co. of Texas.

F & A Sales, Inc.; F & J Contractors, Inc.; F. Joseph Burke, Inc.; F. P. I., Limited; Fabrics, Incorporated; Fabrics Unlimited, Inc.; Fabulite Electric, Inc.; Fairbanks, Inc.; Fairfax Storage Company; Fairview of America, Inc.; Fairview Heights, Inc.; Falco and Son, Inc.; Family Court Association; Farnsworth Management Co., Inc.; Fashion Merchandise, Inc.; Faulk Road News Center, Inc.; Federal Excess Insurance Corporation; Federal Medicare Corporation; Ferndale Lumber and Supply, Inc.; Fideli-fax, Inc.; Fidelity Security Corp.; Fireside Camps of America, Inc.; First Columbia Corporation; 1st Country Club Investment, Inc.; First Estate Corporation; First of Georgia, Inc.; First Greenwich Corp.; First Liberty Corporation; First Resources Corporation; Fisher Trucking Corporation; 512th Association, The; Flack Oil Corporation; Flattop, Inc.; Fleisher Contracting Corp.; Flo Time Ticket Printer, Inc.; Floral Creations Incorporated; Florex Enterprises Ltd.; Florida Bancorp, Inc.; Florida Showcase, Inc.; Florida Southern Oil Company; Flying Associates Incorporated; Foam Rubber City National of California, Inc.; Form-A-Pak Leasing Corporation; Form-A-Pak Sales Corporation; Form-A-Pakmatic Research & Development Corp.; Formco, Inc.; Formflex Caribe, Inc.; Fornaire of Delaware, Inc.; Forrest Holding, Inc.; Fort Davis Bowling Alleys, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Chicago, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Delaware, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Frederick, Inc.; Fountain Fresh, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Independence, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Moorestown & Cherry Hill, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Newport Beach, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Santa Barbara, Inc.; Fountain Fresh of Ventura, Inc.; 4-D Marketing Company, Inc.; 414 South State Street, Inc.; Fourth Liberty Corporation; Fox Engineering & Mfg. Co.; Francis J. Dicriscio, Inc.; Francis W. Corridori, Incorporated; Frank's Beauty Salon, Inc.; Franklin Construction Company; Franz Chemical Corporation; Friendship Foundation; Frio Service Inc.; Frog Corporation, The; Frontier Oil & Gas Corp.; Frozen Food Marketing Institute, Inc.; Fuels Research Service Company; Future Gas & Oil Development Corporation.

G A C Construction Company; G.P.S.-Wood Products Corp.; G & R Automotive, Inc.; G. S. & G. Marine Service & Construction Corp.; G-T Auto Body, Inc.; Gabriel Corporation of Texas, The; Gaines Restaurant, Inc.; Galaxy Enterprises Inc.; Gallatin Equipment Co.; Galloway-Von Gruenigen Plbg. & Htg. Co., Inc.; Garden Spot Airpark, Inc.; Gardner Theatre Service, Inc.; Gatum Industrial Corporation; Gawel Enterprises, Inc.; Ge Ze, Inc.; GelpiCarter Corp.; Gem City Dorms, Inc.; Gemini, Inc.; Gemini Pictures Inc.; General Cosmetics, Inc.; General Medicare Centers, Inc.; General Newspapers Inc.; General Oil Processes Inc.; General Resources, Inc.; General Studios, Incorporated; General Transmissions Corporation of Wilmington; General U.S. Engineers Corporation; George H. Hartman Company; George T. Kane Jr., Inc.; Geriatric Services, Inc.; GF Liquidating Corp.; Glandings, Inc.; Glasgow Glass Co.; Gmp Productions, Inc.; Gna Corporation; Goddard, Inc.; Gold Seal International A & C Inc.; Goldberg-Emerman Corp.; Golden Coast Capital Corporation; Goodell Monorail Systems, Inc.; Goodman Bros., Inc.; Goodwin-McElroy Co., Inc.; Gozo Internacional Ltd.; Graco Equipment Co.; Gradys, Incorporated; Graham Petroleum Co., Inc.; Grampp Builders, Inc.; Grand Hotel Corp.; Grand Service & Salvage Corporation; Great Atlantic Development Corp.; Great Lakes Gas Corporation; Great Lakes Outdoor Sales, Inc.; Great Southwest Petroleum Properties, Inc.; Greater Wilmington Associates, Inc.; Green Cross Toothbrush Company; Green Hill Corporation, The; Green Mountain Investment Corp.; Greencroft, Ltd.; Greenwood Builders, Inc.; Greenwood Printers Incorporated; Gregg Godwin, Incorporated; Grier Electronics, Inc.; Grigco, Inc.; Grocery Express, Inc.; Grove Dodge Sales, Inc.; Grow Chemical Corp.; Guaranteed Capital Corporation; Guild Hearing Aid Dispensers, Inc.; Gulf Stream Corporation; Gyno Medical Products, Incorporated; H. & H. Leasing Corp.; H. R. Weissberg Corporation; H. T. Medford Properties, Inc.; Hackathorn Australian Oil Ltd.; Hadore Corporation; Hallmac Construction Company; Hamel, Inc.; Hanover Togs, Inc.; Harco Enterprises, Inc.; Hardy Advertising, Inc.; Harjohco, Inc.; Harman Shoes, Inc.; Harmin Industries, Inc.; Harmony Pools, Inc.; Harnel Company, The; Harrel Blagg, Inc.; Harris Distributing Company; Hart & Co. Associates, Inc.; Hartley Corporation; Haslen Sales Corporation; Haven Lake Civic and Improvement Association, Inc.; Hawaiian Steamship Corporation; Hawk Rod and Gun Club; HawthorneQueensboro Dairies, Inc.; Haynes & Son Laboratories, Inc.; Haystack Ranchers, Inc.; He-Hi Developers, Inc.; Health Economics Association, Inc., The; Heather Valley Service Corp.; Heca Corporation; Henderson Company, The; Henry H. Bellamann Foundation; Hepinstall Hydraulics, Inc.; Hercules Publishing Company; Herman & Appley Inc.; Hess Family Stores, Inc., of Irvington; Hiawatha Swim Club; Hickory-Penn Gas Co.; Highlander Motors, Inc.; Highway Paving Company; Hill Land Co.; Historic Structures, Inc.; Hollenbeck Drywall, Inc.; Hollerith & Walgenbach Company; Holly Oak Supply Co.; Holly Restaurant Inc.; Hollywood-Kimball Bldg. Corp.; Home Arts, Inc.; Home Fashions, Inc.; Home Royalty Association, Inc.; Honeydale Farms Packing Co.; Horace Brown Social Club, Inc.; Horizon Broadcasting Corp.; Horizon Inns of America, Inc.; Hornets Clubs, The; Horse and Hounds Lounge, Inc.; Hospital Equipment Research Corporation; Hotel New Yorker, Inc.; Howard L. Shockley & Sons, Inc.; Hrandt H. Norair Foundation; Hrc Associates, Inc.; Hugo J. Wunderlich Insurance Agency Inc.; Hunt Incorporated; Hunter Sales Co., Inc.; Hunting Hills Maintenance Corporation; Huntly Association, Inc.; Huss, Inc.; Hw-Winnetka Builders, Inc.; Hwijquinck Shooting Club; Hydro Chemical Co. Inc.; Hydrofoil Research Corporation; Hyman Schinfeld, Inc.; Ice Cream Au Go Go, Inc.; Ice Sports, Inc.; Ideal Furnace Company; Ideal Home Heating & Modernization, Inc.; Illinois Limestone Company; Illinois Shade Cloth Company; Imagination Incorporated; Imago Inc.; Impex Inc.; Import-Export Inc.; Ina French Hair Styling, Inc.; Incentive Institute Income Protection Corporation; Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association; Independent Traders, Inc.; Indian Company, The; Indian River Oyster Rasin, Inc.; Indiana-Illinois Theatres, Inc.; Indmar International Corporation; Industrial Growth Fund of North America, Inc.; Industrial Polymer Corporation; Industrial Titanium Corporation; Information Investments Corporation; Inner Sanctum Foundation of Successful People, Inc.; Inner Space, Inc.; Institute For Dance Stud y, Inc.; Institute of Government, Inc.; Institute of Stockholder Opinion, Inc.; Institutional Design, Inc.; Instrument Research Institute, Incorporated; Insurance Developers, Inc.; Insurance Reporting Service, Inc.; Inter American Minerals Corporation; Inter-Continental Enterprises Corporation; Interamerican Life Insurance Company; Intercole, Incorporated; Intercontinental Container Corporation; International Bedaux Company, Incorporated; International Community Club Awards, Inc.; International Container Corp.; International Contract Service, Inc.; International Development and Engineering Corporation; International Entertainment Corporation; International Executive Consultants, Inc.; International Film Exchange, Inc.; International Financial Corporation, International Food Processing Corporation; International Food Services of Michigan, Inc.; International Industries Development Corporation; International Instrument & Machine Company; International King's Table, Inc.; International Magne-Tape Ltd.; International Management Associates, Inc.; International Management Services, Inc.; International Plastics & Chemicals, Inc.; International Plywood & Lumber Company; International Technical Surveys Inc.; International Time Clock Mfg. Corp.; International Television Directory, Inc.; International Training Organization, Incorporated; International Underground Storage Corporation; Interocean Terminal Corp.; Interphase Corporation; Interstate Pizza, Inc.; Investment Management Associates, Inc,; Investment Property Builders, Inc.; Investors Acceptance Corporation; Ionia Corporation of Delaware, Inc.; Iranian Development Corporation; Iris, Inc.; Iron Hill Construction Company; Irusa Navigation Company Limited.

J & C Engineering, Co.; J. C. Oil and Gas Company, The; J. C. Vaugn Leasing Co., Inc.; J. E. Hunt Petroleum Corp.; J & F, Inc.; J. J. Doherty Funeral Home, Inc.; J. Jones General Company, Inc.; J. P. Blair, Inc.; J, Pinky and Son, Inc.; J & R Fence Co.; J and S Waste Paper Company; Ja-Lee Corporation, The; Ja-Son Brokerage Company; Jack Buchanan Memorial Foundation, Inc, The; Jacobs Construction Co.; Jaddo Enterprises, Inc.; Jadeco, Inc.; James N. Picciotti, Inc.; Jan Restaurant Inc.; Jasper Promotions Inc.; Jefferson Farms Shopping Center, Inc.; Jefferson Properties, Incorporated; Jerret Resources, Inc.; Jewell Academy and Seminary, Inc.; Jlc Distributors, Inc.; John E. Campanelli Builders, Inc.; John F. Dolan Enterprises, Inc.; John Landers Corporation; John Minder & Son, Inc.; John T. Feeney, Incorporated; John W. Fuller, Jr., Inc.; Johnson Capital Corp.; Johnson Home Products, Inc.; Joliet Top-Value Homes, Inc.; Joseph L. Capano Builders, Inc.; Joseph L. Colvard Co.; Joseph Melchiorre, Inc.; Jos. T. Stryker Associates, Inc.; Jos. V. Palumbo & Son, Inc.; Judiciary Building, Inc.

IC-Blend Corporation, The; K & H, Inc,; Kalico Kitchen, Inc.; ICanaranze Ore Milling Co.; Kane Broadcasting Corporation; Kay Atom, Inc.; Kbarb, Inc.; Keller & Voelker, Incorporated; Kelly Enterprises, Inc.; Ken M. Davis Enterprises, Inc.; Kent County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Kent Enterprises, Inc.; Kent Explorations, Inc.; Kent Rod and Gun Association of Kent County, Delaware; Kentwood Construction Inc.; Kenway Mills Inc.; Kevrick, inc.; Keystone Corporation; Keystone Polymer, Inc.; Kiddie Towne of Wilmington, Inc.; King Building, Inc.; Rink Lincoln-Mercury, Inc,; King Liquors, Inc.; Kirby Company of Delaware, Inc.; Kishwaukee Leasing, Inc.; Klueter Feed Store, Inc.; Knotty Pine Club, The; Kraft-Bronxvine Corporation of Delaware; Kruft Corporation; Ksoc, Inc.; Kugel, Stone & Co., Incorporated; Kummelwect, Inc., The; Kurringwass Fruit Company.

L. B. J. Ranch, Inc.; L. Fortunato Associates, Inc.; L. J. H., Inc.; L/M Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; L. & S. Electric Company, Inc.; L & T Wholesale Jewelers, Inc.; L. Tena Gray, Inc.; La Corporacion De La Pandura; LaBrea Productions, Inc.; Lake Creek Corporation; Lake Lawn Inn, Inc.; Lamar, Inc.; Land Liquidators, Inc.; Land Planning, Incorporated; Lague Holding Company, Inc.; Larem, Inc.; Larmor, Inc.; Larry Dixon Development Corporation, Inc.; Laurel Foods, Inc.; Laurel Truck Brokers, Inc.; Lawco Corp.; Layton Clinic, Inc.; Lease Service Associates of Delaware, Inc.; Leather Life, Inc.; Lebhar, Incorporated; Lefcourt Foundation, Inc., The; Len Della Builders, Inc.; Land-Lease of Delaware, Inc.; Leonetti's Bakery, Inc.; Levering Coffee Company, The; Lewis J. Smith & Co., Inc.; Lewis, Levin & Lewis, Inc.; Lexington Park Pharmacy, Inc.; Liberty Bell Coffee Shops, Inc.; Liberty Freezer Meats Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware; Lichlyter & Root, Inc.; Lifestream Laboratories, Incorporated; Lighting Unlimited, Inc.; Likins-Foster Salina Corp.; Likins-Foster Topeka Corp.; Limestone Gardens Civic Association, Inc.; Lincoln International Limited; Lincoln Social Club, Inc.; Lincoln Street Sportsman's Club; Linden-Empire Co., The; Lisa Fashions, Inc.; Lithocorp, Inc.; Little Bear Gas Corporation; Little Egypt Investments, Inc.; Local 42 Building Corporation; Locked-Lattice Steel Company; Logar Steamship Corporation; Lok-In Products of Philadelphia, Inc.; Longfellow Associates, Inc.; Longhorn Beef Supply, Inc.; Longwood Construction Co.; Loptronics Corp. of America; Lo-Temp Corporation; Lotus Corp.; Lucky Stride Shoes, Inc.; Lwh Corporation; Lyngawl Builders, Inc.

Buschel & Son, Inc.; M. & H. Norge Laundry & Dry Cleaning Village Inc.; M. Livingstone Stores, Inc.; M. & M. Bakery, Inc.; M.V.A., Inc.; Machine Tool Manufacturers Affiliates, Inc.; Macon Professional Baseball Club, Ltd.;Macville Sales Co.; Magic Chef Frozen Foods, Inc.; Magic Minut Wash, Inc.; Maglie and Company; Magness & Staib Construction Co.; Majenta Dolphin, Inc.; Majestic Oil & Gas Co.; Management Systems Development Corporation; Manchester Shopping Center Drug Corporation; Manor Crest, Inc.; Manufacturers Distributors, Inc.; Mar-Cap Development Co., Inc.; Maraca Corporation; Marcook Corporation; Marianas Corp., The; Marilyn's Garment Fair, Incorporated; Marine Distributors Association; Marine Mill Properties, Inc.; Marken, Inc.; Markowitz Bros. (Delaware), Inc.; Mart Photo Shop, Inc.; Marta Builders, Inc.; Martax Corporation; Martindale Corporation; Marton Enterprises, Inc.; Marvel & Melson Sales, Inc.; Marvin Glass Creations Inc.; Massasoit Tribe No. 56 Improved Order of Red Men's Wigwam Company; Master Auto Service, Inc.; Matella Corporation, The; Material and Supply Trade Association, Inc.; Matlyn Delaware Corporation; Matthews Associates, Inc.; Matthews, Matthews & Corkery, Inc.; Maxam Akron, Inc.; Maxwell Cab Company, Inc.; May Products, Inc.; Mayfair of Delaware, Inc.; Maykut & Irelan, Inc.; McAliley Farm Supply, Inc.; McCann Insurance Agency Inc.; McCormick-Healy Construction Co.; McDonnell & Associates, Inc.; McAlwee Building Co.; McKee Auto Service, Inc.; McNary Corporation, The; McRodan Construction Corp.; Medallion Sports of Riviera Beach, Inc.; Medical Electronics Hospital Supply Company, Inc.; Medina Transmission Corporation; Memory Lane Paper Products Corp.; Mercury Investments, Inc.; Merit Construction, Inc.; Merriwether Corporation, The; Meta-Technical Institute of Christianity; Metal Skin Process Corporation; Metro Petroleum Shipping Company, Inc.; Metromark, Inc.; Metropolitan Cab Association, Inc.; Michael-Stephen, Inc.; Micheal, Inc.; Michigan Charolais Breeders, Inc.; Micro-Biological Laboratories, Inc.; Micro-Box, Inc.; Microwave Electronics Corporation; Mid America Oil & Gas Co., Inc.; Mid-Del Realty Co.; Midland Broadloom Inc.; Midway Plumbing and Heating Co.; Midway Professional Centre, Inc.; Midwestland Corporation; Mil-Jam Instrument Corporation; Milford Athletic Club, Inc,; Milford Post #3, American Legion Inc.; Mill Creek Realty, Inc.; Mill Run Theater Corporation; Millsboro Go-Kart Club, Inc.; Millwood Community Center, Inc.; Millwright and Machinery Erectors Association of Delaware; Milton H. Rossler, Inc.; Minera de Motilones, Inc.; Mineral Coal Development Corporation; Mineral King Development Co.; Miraclean, Inc.; Mississippi Apartments, Inc.; Mississippi Southern Oil Co.; Mista Kleen Systems, Inc.; Mister Pants of America, Inc.; Mr. Safety Corporation; Mr. Travel, Inc.; Mobile Book Fair, Inc.; Mobile Telephone Corporation; Modern Machine Mfg. Co. Inc.; Modern Marketing Corporation; Modern Way Roofing & Improvement Co.; Modernizing Construction, Inc.; Moisant Bowl, Inc.; Moldex Designs, Inc.; Molecular Systems Corporation; Monarch Builders, Inc.; Montchanin Apartments, Inc.; Monticello Liquors, Inc.; Morgan's Auto Body Shop, Inc.; Morse Sewing Centers, Inc.; Mortgage and Guaranty Company; Mossell & Chambers, Inc.; Motive-Ads, Inc.; Motor Inns Operations Corporation; Motrac Parts, Inc.; Mt. Lebanon Motors, Inc.; Municipal Auto Sales, Inc.; Muscatine-Joliet Investment Corporation; Musselman Insurance Co., The N. P. Corporation, The; Naaman's Builders, Inc.; Nalana Corporation; Nan-Bec Company; Nanticoke Indian Association, The; Nanticoke Little League, Inc.; Naper Cleaners, Inc.; Naples Hardware Company Inc.; Napoleon Hill Academy Eastern Division, Inc.; Nassco, Inc.; National-American Steel Products Corporation; National Association of Scandinavian Furniture Importers; National Bellas Hess Processing Corp.; National Builders, Inc.; National Coin-Op Sales of N. Y., Inc.; National Convalescent Centers, Inc.; National Design Center Delaware, Inc.; National Encyclopedia of Los Angeles, Inc.; National Franchise Systems, Inc.; National Homeowners Association, Inc.; National Industrial Development Corporation; National Industrial Loan Corporation; National Insurance Underwriters, Inc.; National Investment Securities Incorporated; National Lift Parts Mfg. Corp.; National Mercury Corporation; National Office Management Association; National Penn Printing Company; National Service and Appraisal Company; National Telecable Corp.; National Theatre Society, Inc.; National Thriftway Leasing Company, Inc.; Nationwide Enterprises, Inc.; Nationwide Mortgage and Investment Co.; Navesink Publishing Co., Inc.; Navionics, Inc.; Nebraska-Iowa Bridge Corporation, The; Neighbors Pharmacy Inc.; Nelligan Boot Shop, Inc.; New Canton Realty Co.; New Castle Truck Rental Inc.; New England Dredge & Dock Corporation; New Markets International, Inc.; New Wrinkle, Inc.; New York Development Company, Inc.; Newark Fair, Inc.; Newco Enterprises Inc.; Newcraft Corporation; Newman's Dry Wall Applicators, Inc.; Newman Investment Co.; Newport Distributors, Inc.; Newport Siding and Sheet Metal Contractors, Inc.; Newport Wholesale Company; News Transportation Company; Newspaper Industries, Inc.; Nibur Corporation; Nickey Used Cars, Inc.; Nile Social Club, Incorporated; Noisette-Young Agency, Inc.; Nort Fowler, Inc.; North American Exploration & Development Corporation; North Ainerican Grocery Sales, Inc.; North American Realty & Development Corporation; North Shore Club of Racine, Inc.; Northchester Corporation; Northeast Banchares, Inc.; Northeast Mining Corporation; Northeast Shippers Cooperative Association; Northeastern Creative Food Merchandising Service, Inc.; Northern Builders, Inc.; Northwest Mortgage Placement Corporation; Northwest Motors, Inc.; No-strip, Inc.; Nu-Desk Corporation; 42 Foam Rubber City of California, Inc.; Nursing Homes of America, Inc. O. & G. P. M. Construction; 0. & G. P. M. Oil Company, Inc.; 0 H M Realty, Inc.; Oakmont Civic Association; Oakridge Mausoleum Company, The; Oba Corporation; O'Boy Trailer Sales & Rental, Inc.; Ocean Agency, Inc.; Ocean Broadcasting Company, Inc.; Ocean Road, Inc.; Ockerlund Construction Company; O'Donnell Construction Company, Inc.; Ohio Southeastern Oil & Gas Company, The; Oil and Mineral Operations, Inc.; Oklahoma Adjustment Company, Inc.; Oklahoma Investment Association; Old Landing Golf Course, Inc.; Old Mill Coffee Service of the Bay Area, Inc.; Olentangy Corporation, The; Olympia Bakery, Inc.; Olympia Sporting Club; Olympic Paint & Chemical Corporation; Omar Laboratories, Inc.; Omar Productions, Inc.; Omni-craft Corporation; Omnistat Corporation; Omnitec Corporation; On-Site Total Utilities, Inc.; One-Hour Valet of Salem, Inc.; 1000 Figueroa Corp.; One Thousand One Corporation; Orion Metallurgical Corporation; Osterholt Chevrolet Corporation; Otco, Inc.; Outcasts Incorporation, The; Overland Freight, Inc.; Overseas Trade Corporation.

P.A.L. Transportation Company, Inc.; P F C of Greater Cleveland, Inc.; P. F. Mack Enterprises, Inc.; P. M. Golf Corp.; Pace Realty Co., Inc.; Pacific Match Co.; Paddock, Inc., The; Palm Beach Swim Club; Pamas-Midwest, Inc.; Pan-African Industrial Corp.; Pan America Tours of Chicago, Inc.; Pan American Industries, Inc.; Pan-Carib, Inc.; Pan-Western Enterprises, Inc.; Panamerican Investment, Inc.; Pancake Equipment and Supply Co.; Paradise Yacht & Cabana Club, Inc.; Paramor Electronics, Inc.; Parcom, Inc.; Park Colonial Optical Company; Parker-Van Hook, Inc.; Partake of Boise, Inc.;Partake of Hawaii, Inc.; Partake of South Jersey, Inc.; Particle Reduction Corp.; Parts Unlimited Electronic Centers, Inc.; Patchke Productions, Inc.; Patex, Inc.; Paulina Corporation; Pengreen "Econo" Clean, Inc.; Penham Corporation; Penn-Atlas Holding Co., Inc.; Penn Imperial Corporation; Penn-Oliver Coke Co., Inc.; Penn-Standard Sole Cementing Process, Inc.; Pennsylvania Storage Corporation; Pennytop, Inc.; Pension Planning Company Inc.; Penthouse Modern, Inc.; Perfume by Georges, Inc.; Perma-Cement Midwest, Inc.; Petro-Products Corporation; Petroleum Financial Corporation; Peuchen, Inc.; Phelco Leasing, Inc.; Phil Frates, Inc.; Philadelphia Companies Service Corporation; Philton Corporation; Pie-Cap Construction Co.; Pied Piper, Inc.; Piggybank Inc.; Pike Hardware, Inc.; Pioneer Medical Buildings, Inc.; Pitts Restaurant, Inc.; Pittsfield Lanes, Inc.; Pizza Papa, Inc.; Playchem Co.; Playgirl Enterprises, Inc.; Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing Company; Poca Poca, Inc.; Point Corporation; Polan's 5 To $1.00 Store, Inc.; Polans, Inc.; Polaris Power Pole, Inc.; Policy-Matic of New England, Inc.; Pollution Abatement Corporation of America; Polydon Packaging Corporation; Polymer Engineering Corp.; Pomeroy-Beco-Zapata Drilling Corporation; Pon Tello, Inc.; Post Oak Square Corporation; Potomac Country Club, Incorporated; Potter Marine Products Inc.; Precise Mold Engineering, Inc.; Preferred Groups Association, Inc.; Premium Finance Corporation; Presidential Management Company; Presidential Services, Inc.; Price Industrial Corporation; Press Features, Inc.; Pressure Technology Corporation of America; Prestige Portraits, Inc.; Price's Corner Driver-In Theater, Inc.; Price Manufacturing Corp.; Price Realty Corporation; Printmanship, Inc.; Printz Grill, Inc.; Private Placements Corporation; Product Development International, Inc.; Professional Photographic, Inc.; Professional Research Products, Inc.; Programmed Leasing of Assets Nationwide, Inc.; Prolean International Corporation; Provident Publishing Company; Pruitt Petroleum Company, Inc.; Puerto Rico Management & Realty, Inc.; Pullman Couch Company of California, Inc.; Purwill, Inc.

Quaker State Foods Corporation; Quality Home Builders, Inc.; Quebec Molybdenum, Ltd.; Queen Fabricating Corporation, The; Quiett & Krueger Enterprises, Inc. R. B. and Associates, Inc.; R & D Corporation; R. E. McConnell Co.; R. F. Allen, Inc.; R. F. Sedgley, Inc.; R. & M. Development Corporation; R. & M. Industrial Corporation; R & S Distributors, Inc.; R. Terry Blazier & Son, Inc.; Radiation Kinetics Corp.; Radion Corporation; Radium Emanation Corporation, The; Rados - De Vries Fishing Co.; Rableton Acres Civic Association; Randey Oil & Gas Corporation; Randhurst Investment Corporation; Rapuano-Fusco Iron Works, Inc.; Ray-Evy, Inc.; Ray H. Callaway, Inc.; Re:Cap of Delaware, Inc.; Re:Cap, Inc.; Ready T' Pour, Inc.; Realty Appraisal and Title Company; Realty Land Company; Reburn Radio Stores, Inc.; Recess Club, The; Recorder Corporation; Recreation Clubs of America, Inc.; Recreation Investments, Inc.; Redding and Company, Inc.; Refiners Pipeline Company; Regional Research, Inc.; Registered Exchange Fund, Inc.; Reid Research & Development Co., Inc.; Reliable Home Products, Inc.; Remington & Ross, Inc.; Rent-Lease Publications, Inc.; Republic Gas Pipeline Corporation; Research Press, Inc.; Research & Recovery, Inc.; Resource Utilization Consultants, Inc.; Retailers Discount Co., Inc.; Retirement Foundation, Inc.; Retreats, Inc.; Revell, Incorporated; Revere Recording Laboratories, Inc.; Rex Rotary America, Inc.; Reynoldson Company, Inc.; Ri-Mac, Co.; Richmar Frozen Food Center, Inc.; Riker Delaware Corporation; Rinaldi & Sons Custom Cleaners, Inc.; River-Del, Inc.; Riviera National Motor Inns, Inc.; Roaring 20's, Inc.; Rob-Nora, Inc.; Robert E. Johnson, Inc.; "Robert J. Darrah" Inc.; Robert Straile Fair Company, Inc.; Robin Oil Company; Rockwood Development Corp.; Rodney Court Apts., Inc.; Rodney Parking Service, Inc.; Romparlo Productions, Ltd.; Roof Ion Corporation; Rosenbloom, Elias & Associates, Inc.; Rotary Telephone Dialer, Inc.; Rotokleen Systems, Inc.; Route 50 Development Corporation; Rowber Corp.; Roy Fruehauf Foundation, Inc.; Royal Car Wash Corp. #2; Royal Home Equipment Co., Inc.; Royal Investments, Inc.; Royal Social Club Inc.; Royale Kosher Poultry Ruddy Trucking Service, Inc.

S & A Corporation; S and B Construction Company; S. D. Wood Enterprises, Inc.; S. E. Nichols-Dover Concession Corp.; S. E. Nichols-Dover Corp.; S & H Enterprises, Inc.; S.I.M. Construction Corp.; S. & M. Foods, Inc.; S. and S., Inc.; S. T. 0. P. Corporation; Sac Engineers Ltd.; Safeguard Business Machines Company; Saf ti-Vial Corporation; Sage Ventures, Incorporated;

Sail Oil Company, Inc; St. Clair Foundry and Manufacturing Campany; Salary Security, Inc.; Sales Training, Inc.; Samoan Airlines Limited; Samuel Adler Foundation, Inc, The; Samuel Gray Electric Co.; Samuel M. Fox, Inc.; San Juan Petroleum Corporation; Sand Mountain Produce Co.; Sandanona Convalescent, Inc.; Sanmar, Inc.; Sapphire Steamship Lines, Inc.; SarJay, Inc;. Satana Farms, Inc.; Savanna Corporation; Saviour Corporation, The; Scanotronics, Inc.; Scenic Traveler Corp.; Scharres & Associates, Inc.; Scheib & Reiss, Inc.; Schenck & Van Haelen, Inc.; Scholfield Soil Service, Inc.; Schoonmaker-Scott Company; Scientific Communications Consultants, Inc.; Scotch-America, Ltd.; Scotch Water Importers, Ltd.; Scrooge & Marley, Ltd.; Scythian Fund, Inc.; Sea Chemical Corporation; Seafood Shanty, Incorporated; Seaford Automotive Specialists, Inc.; Seaford Centennial Incorporated; Seaford Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Seaford Frozen Food, Inc.; Seaford Industrial Development Corporation, Inc.; Seaside, Inc.; Second Liberty Corporation; Security Agency of Family Income, Inc.; Security Reserve Corp.; See-Tee Mining Corp.; Sellit Corporation; Semf, Inc.; Sentinel Instruments, Inc.; Sepy Ventures, Inc.; Sgt. Steiner, Inc.; Service Machinery Co.; Seventh Realty Corporation; Shelleys Incorporated of Delaware; Shellys Operating Corporation, Inc.; Shoe Press Corporation; Shore Associates Corporation; Sid-Jer National Corp.; Siena Properties, Inc.; Site Energy Systems, Inc.; Silver Mills Mining Corporation; Silver Service Corporation; Silver Tavern, Inc.; Silview Dry Cleaners, Inc.; Simpson Motors, Inc.; Sion Corp.; Sirloin Houses of America, Inc.; 6-B Ranch, Inc.; Skyview Corp.; Smith Golf Club, Inc.; Smith and Strevig Pharmacists, Incorporated; Smith Typewriter Exchange, Inc.; Soilcide Corporation; Solar Cast Incorporated; Solway Decorating Company, Inc.; Sorbeau, Incorporated; Sorensen-Wink Corporation; South Atlantic Mines Corp.; South Main Corporation; Southern Area Developers, Inc.; Southern Associated Engineers, Inc.; Southern Cross Steel & Mining Company; Southern Gulf Utilities South Carolina Division, Inc.; Southern Hills Apartments Section 11, Inc.; Southern Hills Apartments Section 111, Inc.; Southern Hills Development Corporation; Southern National Theatre Company; Southgage Associates Incorporated; Southwest Leasing Co., Inc.; Space Aero Products Co., Inc.; Space Rental Corporation; Sparrows Limited; Speake, Incorporated; Speed-Wash, Inc.; Speedway Realty, Inc.; Sportsman's, Inc.; Spring Valley Enterprises, Inc.; Springer Fashion Uniforms of N. Y., Inc.; Springfield Finance Company; Sprunger Rental of Delaware, Inc.; Sprunt Corporation, The; Standard Air Transport System, Inc.; Standard American Fire Escapes, Incorporated; Standard Feed Corporation; Standard Medical Co. of Delaware; Standard Rectifier Corporation; Standard Seismograph Company; Standard Supply and Construction Co.; Stanley Green Management Corp.; Stanley Investment Corporation; Stanphyle Corporation; Star - Glow, Inc.; States-Wide Products Unlimited, Inc.; Stats Hotel Corporation of Delaware; Stearns-Mishkin Construction Co., Inc.; Steiner-Massari Builders, Inc.; Sterling Boatbuilding Corporation; Sterling Boatworks, Inc.; Stewardship and Endownment Counseling Service, Inc.; Stewart Grain Co.; Stillman Bakery, Inc.; Stiltz, Inc.; Stonak Properties, Inc.; Stonewall Enterprises, Inc.; Stonybrook Developers, Inc.; Strategic Investors, Inc.; Structural Co.; Stump Pass Corporation; Style Merchandise, Inc.; Suakim Temple No. 60, A.E.A.O.N.M.S., Inc.; Suburban Youth Center, Inc.; Sugar Corporation of America; Summit Brokerage Corporation; Sunny Ayr Distributing Corporation; Sunnyfield Farm Inc.; Superior Commercial Corporation; Surface Chemical Company; Surface Seal, Inc.; Survival Research Corporation; Susquehanna Petroleum Corporation; Sussman Overseas Corporation; Sutton House, Inc.; Swiba Trading Corporation; Swope Jewelry Company, Inc., The; Swormco, Inc.; Sycamore Civic Association; Sycamore Social Club; Cynmar Corporation; Systems Engineering Institute; Systems Unlimited, Inc.

T. L. & C., Inc.; T. S. C. Materials Mfg., Inc.; T. V. & Radio News Inc.; Talache Mines Incorporated; Talleyville Motorcycle Rentals, Inc.; Taluy Corporation; Tan Top Cab Co.; Tang Industries, Inc.; Tanglewood Manor, Inc.; Taylor Ceilings, Inc.; Tech Industries, Incorporated; Techneering Associates, Inc.; TeleGraphic Electronics Corporation; Telenews of Wisconsin, Inc.; Telethin Corporation; Telstar Air Freight, Inc.; Tem Corporation, The; Temple Bar, Inc.; Temple Beth El, Inc.; Tenney Broadway Realty Corporation; Tenney-Broff Corporation; Tenney Realty Corporation; Tenney Realty Corporation of Florida; Tenney Realty Corporation of New York; Tenney Realty Corporation of Ohio; Terry Industries, Inc.; Tex-La Financial Corporation; Thermal Materials, Inc.; Third Liberty Corporation; 3-D Landscape, Inc.; 3E Eye Examinations and Eye-Glasses Plan, Inc.; Three Little Bakers, Inc.; Tiedlands Development Corporation; Tiderock Corporation; Tidewater Sales Co.; Tilmore Corporation; Timbers, Inc, The; Time Travel Organization, Inc.; Timely Events Inc.; Tioga Petroleum Corporation; Tipps Restaurant Inc.; Tommy Thomas Chevrolet, Inc.; Torres & Sons, Inc.; Total Energy Corporation; Tourist Industry for Latin America, Inc.; Tower Equipment Corporation; Town & Country Nursing Home, Inc.; Tradewind Charters, Inc.; Traffco Incorporated; Trans American Exporters, Inc.; Trans-American Truck Brokerage, Inc.; Transamerican Marketing Corp.; Trans-bar Pressurizing Corporation; Transcaribbean Products Corporation; Transcontinental Leasing Corporation; Transpermeate Chemical Corporation; Transunion, Inc.; Transworld Enterprises Marketing Corp.; Transworld Resources Corporation; Travel Clubs International Incorporated; Treet Industries, Inc.; Tremont Corporation; Trend Way, Inc.; Tri-Varieties, Inc.; Triad Swim Club, Inc.; Trio Electric Sales Co.; Troxel Co., Inc.; Truck Personnel, Inc.; Truck & Trailer Service Co. Inc.; Trustees of the Wilmington District of the Delaware Conference of the Methodist Church, Inc., The; Tschirn Oil Company; Tull Feed Company; Tunod, Inc.; Tupper Expositions, Inc.; Turvey House, Inc.; 12th Street Store Corporation, The; XXth Century Associates Inc.; 27th District Democratic Club of Kent County; Twinkle Shoe Company; Tyler Holding, Inc.;

U. H. Inc.; U. S. Modern Pentathlon Team, Inc.; U. S. Powder Corporation; U. S. Statewide Corp.; U.S. Transport Corp.; U. S. Vibrationless Pneumatic Power Tool Corporation; Ulrich Process Company International, Inc.; Under Seas Mining Co.; Uni-Copter Corporation, The; Union Contractors, Inc.; Union Gas Company; Union Prescription Service, Inc.; Union Street Enterprises, Inc.; United Association for Blind, Crippled & Retarded Children, Inc.; United Electronics, Inc.; United Global Corporation; United Service Associates, Inc.; United States Acceptance Corporation; United States Motors Corporation; United States Overseas Airlines, Inc.; United States Pipe Line Company; United States Projector Corporation; Universal Aviation, Inc.; Universal Capital Development Corporation; Universal Combustion Ltd.; Universal Development and Investment Corporation; Universal Export, Inc.; Universal Skytels, Inc.; University Gulf Station, Inc.; University Inn, Incorporated; Utility Sales Corporation.

V. F. Zahodiakin Aircraft Ltd.; V. 0. M. Corporation; V. S. & W. Inc.; Vailco, Inc.; Valentine Petroleum & Chemical Corporation; Valmy Estates Land Development Co., The; Vare Industries, Inc.; Vermont Avenue Associates, Inc.; Vican & Roe, Inc.; Videcor Inc.; Viking Chair of California Ltd.; Villa Development, Inc.; Villa D'Oro - Order of Brotherly Love, Inc.; Vine Creek Poultry Farms, Inc.; Vine, Inc.; Vision-Bilt Homes, Inc.; Vogt Realty Company; Vogue Merchandise, Inc.

W-A-M, Inc.; W. A. Stewart Company Inc.; W. & D. Associates, Inc.; W. Elbert Liden, Jr. Corporation; W. P. Dallett Company; W. T. Burton Oil & Gas Corporation of Delaware, The; Walk-in Supply Co., Inc.; Wallyn Corporation; Walnut Theatres, Inc.; Walter and Esther Florin Foundation; Washam Electric Company, Inc.; Washington-Lincoln Corporation; Washington Park Civic Association, Inc.; Washington Sightseeing Co., Inc.; Watchung Associates, Inc.; Waters of the World, Inc.; Waybus International, Inc.; Waydon, Inc.; Waymer Realty Co.; Wdcf Radio, Inc.; Weaver Laid Floors, Incorporated; Webber-Simpson & Company; Wellco Food Corp.; Wenner-Gren B. C. Development, Inc.; West Chester Farm Equipment Co.; West's County Fair, Inc.; Western Foundation Corporation; Western Hemisphere Trading & Transportation Corp.; Western Holding Company, Inc.; Westfield Construction Company; Westgrove Corporation; Westheimer Dodge, Inc.; Westport Securities Corporation; Whirla-Whip, Inc.; Whit-Mar Corp.; White Chimney Inn, Inc.; Wig City, Inc.; Wilberding, Gompf, Urdahl, Simpson & Lample, Inc.; Wilco Speed Wash, Inc.; Wild Mouse, Inc.; Wildel Trading Corporation; William H. Hudson, Inc.; Wm. L. Quinlan Jr. Co.; William Matthews Builder, Inc.; Williams, Darnell & Company; Willow Run Civic Association; Wilmington Coal Stripping Company; Wilmington Jaycee Second Chance Scholarship Foundation, The; Wilmington Lodge, No. 184 International Association of Machinists; Wilmington Professional Football Club, Inc.; Wilshire Numismatics International Ltd.; Wilson Harrell and Company, Ltd.; Wilson Harrell and Company West Coast, Inc.; Wimcell, Inc.; Windybush Civic Association, Inc.; Winston Manufacturing Corporation; Wix Restaurant, Inc.; Wolf's Head Coal Company; Wood Office Furniture Institute; Woodcrest Construction Corporation; Woolfur Company, Incorporated; World Mission Incorporated; World Oil and Gas Corporation of Delaware; World Resources, Inc.; World-Wide Chemicals, Ltd.; World-Wide Circus Enterprises, Inc.; World Youth Culture Incorporated; Worthy Bros.-Gallatin Pipeline Corp.; Wrangler Corporation, The; Wrightsman Real Estate & Insurance, Inc.; Writing Match U. S. A. Incorporated; Wrk Works, Inc.; Wynnewood Manor Co.; Wynnewood Sales Corporation.

Xchequer Inn, Inc.; Xerxes Life Insurance Company.

Y and M Sporting Goods Co.; Yanco Stores, Inc.; Yard, Incorporated, The; Yates Development Corporation; York Restaurant, Inc.; Yorklyn, Industries, Inc.; Young & Dutten, Inc.; Youth Education on Smoking Foundation, The; Youth Problems Anonymous, Inc.

Zimmer-Cherry, Inc.; Zuber Association, Inc., The; Zutz and Glantz, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Charles L. Terry, Jr., Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this seventeenth day of January in the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and ninety-third.


By the Governor:


Attest: ELISHA C. DUKES, Secretary of State