Delaware General Assembly







TO: Heads of all State Departments and Agencies

SUBJECT: Establishment of a Delaware State Arts Council

WHEREAS, there is a growing public demand for the practice and enjoyment of the arts throughout the State of Delaware; and

WHEREAS, with increasing leisure time, Delaware's citizens need improved opportunities to view, enjoy, and participate in theatrical performances, art exhibits, musical concerts, operas, dance and ballet recitals, examples of fine architecture and the performing and fine arts generally; and

WHEREAS, the general welfare of the people of the State will be promoted by giving further recognition to the arts as a vital part of our cultural heritage and a valued means of expanding and improving our educational programs and the quality of our life; and

WHEREAS, exposure to excellence in the arts will inspire our children and our schools to reach for excellence not only in such areas as music, art, drama and ballet but in other fields of personal endeavor as well; and

WHEREAS, it is anticipated that the joining in an arts council of private patrons with representatives of institutions and professional organizations concerned with the arts will assist in assuring that the role of the arts in the life of the Delaware community will continue to grow:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RUSSELL W. PETERSON, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby declare and order as follows:

1. That there is hereby created and established a Delaware State Arts Council to consist of at least 15 members broadly representative of all fields of the performing and fine arts from among Delaware's citizens known for their competence in this area.

2. Members of the Council shall be appointed by the Governor and shall serve three years, with the exception of the Chairman who shall be designated from among the members by the Governor and shall serve during the pleasure of the Governor.

3. The duties of the Council shall be:

(a) to promote and encourage public interest in the cultural heritage of our State and to expand the State's cultural resources, and to promote public education in all fields of artistic and cultural activities, including but not limited to, music, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, and allied arts and crafts;

(b) to encourage and assist freedom of artistic expression;

(c) to encourage, promote and provide technical and professional assistance to arts programs of individuals, organizations and institutions in the State;

(d) to make such surveys as may be deemed advisable of public and private institutions engaged in artistic and cultural activities, and to make recommendations concerning appropriate methods to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts to meet the needs and aspirations of persons in all parts of the State;

(e) to cooperate with and assist public and private institutions and organizations with a view toward mutual promotion and improvement of the performing and fine arts;

() to study and make recommendations to the Governor concerning legislation establishing a permanent Delaware State Arts Council.

4. The Council is authorized and empowered to accept gifts, contributions, and bequests of unrestricted funds from individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations or institutions for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the Council's programs. The Council may request and shall receive from any department, division, bureau, commission, or agency of the State of Delaware such reasonable assistance and data as will enable it properly to carry out its functions hereunder.

5. The Council shall be the official State Agency to receive and disburse any funds made available by the National Endowment for the Arts.

6. The Council shall make periodic reports to the Governor at such times and in such form as the Governor shall direct.

Approved this 31st day of March, 1969.





Secretary of State