Delaware General Assembly





WHEREAS, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according of the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed.

A. J. King, Inc., A. L. Lowe General Contracting Company, A. Rodman Woodward Co., Academy of Radio Arts and Sciences, Incorporated, The, African Timbers, Inc., Agricultural Credit Corporation, Agricultural Securities Corporation, Air Freight Express Agency, Inc., Airline Service Corporation, Alabama-Georgia Mining Company, Inc., Alexander Keene Metaphysical Society, Allegheny Development Co., Inc., Allied Engineering Corp., Allied International Corporation, Allied Plastics, Inc., Allied Procurement Corporation, Alunite Reduction Company, Amasticote Co., Inc., American Allied Products Company, American Association of Shipbuilders, Inc., American Bankers Finance Company, American Board For The Syrian Orphanage At Jerusalem, Inc., The, American Fabrolite Corporation, American Fireproofing Corporation, American Fraternal Order, Inc., American-Philippine Foundation, Inc., American Poultry Company, American Protonizer Corporation, American Sound Equipment Corporation, American Wholesale Trading Co., Inc., Anglo-American Confection Co., Inc., App. Tunneling Machine Company, The, Arefo Corporation, The, Arizona Eastern Gold Mines Company, Art Crafts Woodworking Company, Inc., Arthur I Fink, Inc., Arundel Mortgage Company, Associated Manufacturers, Inc., Atlanta Plastic Products, Inc., Atlantic Food Prod-

ucts, Inc., Atlantic & Pacific Importers and Exporters, Inc., Atlas Engine Co., Inc., Atlas Home Builders, Inc., Atlas Plastic Corporation, Automatic Signal Acceptance Corporation, Aviation Products Corporation

B&B. Transportation Lines, Inc., Babbitt-Barber Asphalt Products, Inc., Bankers Capital Corporation, Barjohn Corporation, Barno Oil Company, Barry Electric Corporation, Basic Corporation, Bay Shore Farmers Guild, Inc., The, Beacon Laboratories, Inc., Beech Terrace Investment Company, Bennett & Co., Inc., Berens-Longley Corporation, Bergen Precision Castings, Inc., Berman Construction Corporation, Bessie B. Williams, Inc., Best Brands Co., Inc., Bio Chemical and Clinical Laboratory, Inc., Black Cat Tea Room, Inc., The, Bluebonnet Development Co., Inc., Boardwalk Properties, Inc., The, Bonoren Company, Inc., The, Boundary Park Gables, Inc., Brazilian Commercial Corporation, Brevaire and Company, Inc., Briar Creek Corporation, Bridgeville Cemetery Company, of Bridgeville, Delaware, The, Bridgeweld Engineering Corporation, Brief Films, Incorporated, Bristol Insulation Co. of Illinois, Brookland Mining Company, Brotherhood of Railway Police and Watchmen's Union of America, Brushkomb, Incorporated, Buddies Club, Burton-Allen Gold Reclaiming Corporation, Business Maintenance Association, Inc., Busoni Society, Incorporated, The.

. A. D. Bayley & Co., Inc., C. W. Shearman Company, Incorporated, Cabulance Company, Cafe de la Paix, Inc., California Tin Corporation, Cameo Cosmetics Incorporated, Canadian American Railroad and Development Corporation, Canned Pea Marketing Institute, Inc., Capital Distributors, Inc., Capital Management Corporation, Capital Management and Engineering Company, Capitol Association, Inc., The, Capitol Insulators, Inc., Cargair, Inc., Cargair Trading Corporation, Cargo Airlines, Inc., Caribbean Navigation Corporation, Carlisle Foundation, Inc., The, Carolina Finance Corporation, Carroll Corporation, The, Carter-Wheeler Corporation, Casseroles, Inc., Cedar Grove Community Building, Inc., Central Hotel, Incorporated, Cesco Supply Company, Chalmette Refining Company, Chas. H. Gray Funeral Home, Inc., Charter Air Service, Inc., Charwilman Corporation, Chicago Aurora and Elgin Corporation, Chubb Industries, Inc., Cinema Capital Corp., Clay County Manufacturing Corporation, Clear Water Lumber Company, Clearfield Wrecking Company,

Clements Productions, Inc., Clendening Employment Agency, Inc., Clifford & Dahn Company, Coffee Gum Co., Inc., Coffee X Corporation, Cole-Sumpter-Oil & Development Co., Colliers Inn, Incorporated, Colonial Realty Corporation, Colony Restaurant Co., Columbia Paving Co., Comedey Club, Commercial Consultants, Inc., Commonwealth Corporation, Community Wine Shop, Inc., The, Complete Combustion Corporation, Compressed Air Service Corporation, Concord Realty Company, Condall Oil & Gas Corporation, Conde Nast, Inc., Connell Royalty Company, Consolidated Investment Company, Constellation Film Corp., Continental Concrete, Inc., Copar Corporation, Cortez-King Brand Mines Company, Cosmos Associates, Inc., Council on Nutrition Education for Children, Inc., Craig Chemical Corporation, Cramer Realty Co., Cropp Engineering Corporation, Curb Cafe, Inc., Czernowitz Bukowiner Aid Association.

D-Moth Company, Danjac Hosiery Mills, Inc., Darling Inn, Inc., The, Davet Enterprises, Incorporated, Deal Park Company, Dee-A Products Corporation, Delano Development Corporation, Delaware Sportsmen's Club, Delaware Steel Corporation, Delaware-West Realty Company, Delmar Chemical Company, Delmarva Super Markets, Inc., Detroit Research Laboratories, Inc., Development Corporation of Delaware, Dexol Products, Inc., Diamond State Broadcast Corporation, Dino's, Inc., Disabled American Veterans, Inc., Dr. Crandall's Health Institute, Inc., Dr. Morgan Artificial Denture Corporation, Dominion Company, Dover Abattoir, Inc., Dover Dressed Poultry Co., Inc., Drilling Mud Corporation.

Eagle Bird Mine, Inc., Eagle Producing Corporation, East Side Colored Social Club, The, Eastern Reserve University, Inc., Edison Machine Co., Inc„ Electrolytic Metals Corporation, Electrophonics, Incorporated, Electropure Sales Corporation, Elkan Company-Brasil, Em. Jay Holding Corp., Empire Periodical Company, Empire Towing Corporation, Energy Research Company, Etcetera Publishing Company, Inc., Eureka Industries, Inc., Executives and Representatives Service, Inc.

Fairhaven West Island Co., Falcon Aircraft Corporation, Faltico Electronics, Inc., Far Easterner, Inc., The, Farwell Mountain Copper Co., Inc., Fayette Investment Company, Federal Land Development Corporation, Federal Production Corpo-

ration, Felton Community Fire Company, Inc., Fifty-Forty Kenmore Ave. Corporation, Fisher No. 11 Corporation, Fisher No. 15 Corporation, Fisher No. 9 Corporation, Fisher No. 13 Corporation, Fisher Towing Corporation, Flora Realty Company, Inc., Florida Silk Corporation, Foreign Commerce Corporation of America, Fork Junction Coal Company, The, Fountaineers, Inc., Franconia Mittersill, Inc., Franklin Broadcasting Company, The, Fuels and Lubricating Systems, Inc., Futura Incorporated.

G. C. Dawson Corporation, G-E-M- Mining Co., G. F. Rinard Amusement Corporation, The, G. I. Builders, Inc., G. L. Tarlton, Contractor, Incorporated, Gasomiser Corporation, General Engineers Inc., General Packing Company, General Pulp Corporation, Geophysical Company, Inc., The, George H. McGovern, Incorporated, Germantown Slate, Tile & Roofing Supplies, Inc., Glass, Incorporated, Gleamite Products, Inc., Glenfield Corporation, Glider Express Transportation, Inc., Globe Corporation, Globe Engineering Corporation, Gold Gulch Mining Co., Gordon & Walters, Inc., Grand Order of Allied War Veterans, Inc., The, Grand Restaurant, Inc., Great Lakes Vessel Fuel Dock Operators Association Inc., The, Great Northern Lumber Company, Greater New Jersey Housing Company, Greenway Construction Co., Guaranteed Moth-Proofing Corporation.

H. R. Aiken Company, H. S. Omohundro, Incorporated, Hadley Electronic Corporation, Hafs Iron Works, Inc., Hagerstown Independent Oil Company, Hammond Construction Company, Handicapped Persons Industries, Incorporated, Hanway Industries, Inc., Harman-Foulke Corporation, Harold's, Inc., Harrison Research Corp., Harry Goldberg & Son., Inc., Harry H. Salk & Associates, Inc., Hart Oil Corporation, Hawk Line, Inc., Henry Ambrose, Inc., Henry C. Blair Company, The, Herbert Manufacturing Corp., Highlands Corporation, Hi-Green, Inc., Hoffman 3-Ring Circus, Inc., Hopockohacking Tribe, No. 17, The Improved Order of Red Men of Delaware, Household Service Company, Howard, Underwood & Howard, Inc., Humphrey Estates, Inc., Hyland Park Development Company, Inc.

I. M. S., Inc., Ikap, Pan-American Corporation, Illinois Broadcast Corporation, Immaculate Conception Beneficial Society of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Impervo-Pack, Inc., Improlite Corporation, Independence Fire Insurance Security Company,

Independent Motor Wheel Corporation, Indestructible Structures Corporation, Index Industries, Inc., Indrieri Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company, Incorporated, The, Industrial By-Products & Research Corporation, Infra Mfg. Corp., Inter-American Commercial Relations Corporation, Inter-American Newsreel Productions, Inc., International Theatrical and Television Corporation, International Theatrical and Television Corporation of New England, Interstate Steel Company, Inc., Inventions Holding Corporation, Iran Foreign Commerce Corp., Isle of Wight Sales Company.

J. J. Kelly, Inc., J. J. Ryan Company, James A. Munroe & Sons Construction Corporation, James A. Munroe & Sons, Inc., Jay Bee Construction Corporation, Jewel Shop, Inc., The, Jewel Steven Productions, Inc., John Sherman Products Corporation, Juice Extractor Co., Inc., The, Julian's Limited, Juvenile Court Association

Keith Consolidated Corporation, The, Kemix, Inc., Kenda Corporation, Kent Construction Company, Kentucky Mutual Oil and Gas Company, Keywaydin, Inc., Kiddie Gym Corporation, The, Kimball Cattle Company, Inc., King Development Corporation, King Wilhelm Mines, Inc., Kingan & Co., Inc., Kingly Air Conditioning Corporation, Kit-Carson Mining Corp., Kitehen Equipment Manufacturers Association.

L. G. White, Inc., L & L Construction Co., Inc., L. & R. Mkt., Inc., L. V. Fox Company, Inc., La Mar, Inc., Land Improvement & Supply Company, Lando Stores Co., Inc., Latin American Airways, Inc., Laundry Mart of Connecticut, Inc., Laundry Mart, Inc., Laundry Mart of Pennsylvania, Inc., Laundry-White Mfg. Co., Inc., Lee Chocolate Company, Lee De Forest, Inc., Leffell Devices, Incorporated, Lenbob Investments, Inc., Leo. P. Schaefer Co., Leonberger Music Co., Inc., Lewis Superheaters Corporation, Liaison and Trades Corporation, Liberty Housing Company, Liberty Tanning Co., Lincoln Tanning Company, Little Castles, Incorporated, Little Egypt Mining Company, Lucky Oil and Refining Company.

M. B. Kolb Co., Inc., of Delaware, M & W Market, Inc. Machinery Corporation of America, The, Magnesium Fabricators,

Inc., Malvern Oil & Gas Company, Marapom Corporation, Marthann Oil Company, Martin Aeroplane Development Laboratory, Inc., Maryland Testing Laboratories, Inc., McAvoy Brewing Company, McDermott Coal and Coke Company, Meat Master Corporation of America, Melson Acres, Inc., Memorial Extension Commission Incorporated, The, Merchants Intercontinental, Inc., Merit Foods, Inc., Merkel Bobbin Company, Metal Craft Engineering Service Corporation, Metals Mining Corporation, Metropolitan Fixture Co., Inc., Metropolitan Grocery Stores, Inc., Metropolitan Natural Gas Corporation, Micro-File Corporation, The, Micro Measuring Devices, Inc., Midland Finance Corporation, Midwest Coaches, Inc., Miles Smith Corporation, Milford Chemical & Manufacturing Company, Milford Crystals, Inc., Milk-0- Mat N. J. Inc., Milk-O-Mat Vending Co. Inc., Milk Oil Corporation, The, Mine B Coal Company, The, Mineral Exploration Co., Mishkin Construction Company, Inc., Mo-Jo, Inc., Modern Products Company, Mohawk Supply Company, Monterey Corporation, Moore Windsor Corporation, Moreland Industries, Inc. of San Francisco, California, Moss Purchases, Inc., Moss Stores Inc. of Sacramento, Motembo Basin Petroleum Company, Motor Sales Corporation of Georgia, Motor Research Company, Mt. Zion Baptist Missionary Association of Delaware and Adjoining States, Incorporated, Multimarkets, Inc., Municipal Capital and Acceptance Corporation, Murray Hill Tool Company.

National Bus Sales Corporation, National Capital Securities Corporation, National Credit Company, The, National Engineering Foundation, Incorporated, National Food Service, Inc., National Highway Stations, Inc., National Investors Service, Incorporated, National Minerals Corporation, National Small Homes Demonstration, Inc., National Tool Salvage Industries, Inc., National Trusteed Fund, Incorporated, National Vending Corporation, Natural Food Products Company, Navigators Flying Club, Inc., Neville Victory Corporation, New England Extrusion Company, New Hope Temple Baptist Church Society, Nick Bombard, Inc., 9th & Eye Service Center, Inc., Ninth Ward Republican Club, Inc., Nitromal Corporation, The, North American Gas and Electric Company, North American Import & Export Company, Inc., Northern Agencies, Inc., Northern Coal Products Company.

0-Quaka Company, Inc., Oak Retreat, Inc., Ocean City Hotel Laundry Co., Ohio Belle Silver & Lead Mining Co., Olson

Steamship & Navigation Corporation, Olympic Skylines, Inc., Orion Productions Incorporated, Owl Press, Incorporated, Ozonator Corporation.

Pacific Coast Trotting Association, Pacific Gas Co., Pacific War Emergency Pipelines, Inc., Pan American Banking Corporation, Pantheon Properties, Inc., Paris Plastics,Inc.,Paul Campbell Incorporated, Paving Machinery Corporation, Pedco Products, Inc., Peirce Investment Company, Peninsula Corporation, The, Pepper Box Mica Corporation, Pershing & Kennedy Co., Inc., Petco Inc., Peter Gordon Co., Peter Vassallo Inc., Petroleum Associates, Inc., Philadelphia Construction Co., Inc., Philippine American Commercial Corp., Philippine Trading and Sales, Inc., Photometric Products Corporation, Physical Chemistry Research Company, Picard Builders, Incorporated, Pilot Laboratories, Inc., Pilots Haven, Inc., Pitman Manufacturing Company, Pitman Properties, Inc., Plasti-Chem Corporation, Plasticraft Corporation, Plastics Engineering Co., Inc., Pomeroy Hydraulic Jack Company, Port Mahon Corporation, Porto Rico Consolidated Fruit Company, Porto Rico Products Co. Inc., Potomac Publishing Company, Power Hammer Co., Power-Masters, Incorporated, Precision Sports, Inc., Prefabricated Ships & Equipment Corporation, Process Chemical Corporation, Progressive Poultry Farms Corporation, Purisimaline Petroleum Corp., Purple Heart Productions, Inc.

Quaker City Cleaners, Inc., Quaker City Vaults, Inc., Quality Printers and Publishers, Inc.

R B R Corporation, R. M. Company, Inc., R. M. King Plantations, Inc., Ra-Loy Spark Plug Company, Incorporated, Radio-guide Manufacturing Co., Inc., Rainey Accounting Machine Corporation, Ralone', Inc., Ray Bowen Copley Plaza, Inc., Real Estate Investment & Financing Co., Redco Oil Company, Redz Solvents Corporation, Reeser Paint and Chemical Co., Refrigerated Dispensers, Inc., Refrigeration Incorporated of Washington, D. C., Register Foundation, Inc., The, Reliance Commercial Company, Reliance Fertilizer Company, Rembrandt Corporation, Reproducers, Inc., Retten Trading Company, Rhodes Musical Enteiprises, Inc., Rhythm Hosiery Company, Rittenhouse Motor Company, Robinson Lumber Company, Rockhouse Coal Company, Rockton Inc., Rodard & Co., Inc., Roddy Company, The,

Rooney Company, The, Root Pop Bottling Co., Inc., Rose Polymer Process Corporation, Ross Broadcasting Corporation, Rulo Oil and Gas Company, The, Rustin Carburetor Corporation, The, Ruthridge, Inc.

S & N Co., Saf-Tee Marine Engineering Company, Safety Sales Service Company, Inc., Saffian Engineering Corporation, San Gabriel Valley Transit Lines, Inc., The, San Juan Oil & Gas Company, Sangamon County Mining Company, Scott Laboratories Incorporated, Scrap, Inc., Seaford Shipbuilding Company, Sccond Ward Civic Club of Wilmington, Delaware, Secured Shares, Inc., Securities Realization Company, Senator Publishing Company, The, Service Parts Corporation, Servicemen's Interstate Veterans Union, Seven-Eleven Oil Company, The, Shannon & Luchs, Inc., Shaw Publishing Company, Sheridan Harriss & Shaw, Incorporated, Slav Publications, Inc., Slayton-Ellis-Fisher, Incorporated, Slide Rule & Scale Engineering Company, Smyrna Electrical Corporation, Smyrna Producers Co-Operative Association, Snow Lake Gold Mines, Ltd., Sol's Auto Supply, Inc., South Church Street Company Incorporated, Southeast Concrete Construction Co., Southeastern Clays, Inc., Southeastern Industrial Bankers, Inc., Southwestern Air Freight & Express Airlines, Inc., Speedbreck Corporation, Spot, Inc., The, Spring-Hickman Corporation, Spruance Drug Company, Stenorite Associates, Inc., Sterling Finance Limited, Stevens Bros. & Shafer, Inc., Stigler Oil Corporation, Stockade Riding Club, Inc., Stoneham Chemical Corporation, Stonehill Engineering Company, Structure Oil & Gas Corporation, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Georgia, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Illinois, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Minnesota, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Missouri, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of New England, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of New York, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Ohio, Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Tenn., Sun-Kraft Distributing Company of Texas, Sunset Manganese Mining Co., Surfacer Sales Co., Inc., Sussex Housing Corporation, Sussex Milk Association, Incorporated, Swan River Mining Corporation, Swanee, Inc.

Takoma Sales & Service, Inc., Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation, Technical Associates, Inc., Telephone Answering & Recording Corporation, Texas Detergent Company, Theatre Equipment Supply Company, Three Dee Corporation, Tillavator Corpora-

tion, Tipton Aircraft Company, Inc., Todd Royalty Syndicate, Track Supply Company, Trans-America Airways, Inc., Trans-Pacific Airways, Inc., Trans Pacific Commodities Corporation, Trans-Pacific Development Corporation, Travis Oil Corporation, Tri-State Fuel Corporation, Triometric, Inc., Twenty-One Pals Club, The, Twentieth Century Club, Twin States Gas Corporation.

Ulen & Company, Ulen Engineering Corporation, Una Welding, Inc., Union American Methodist Episcopal Church, Incorporated, United Air Pickup and Delivery Systems, Inc., United Alloy Corporation, United Building Construction Corporation, United Engineers, Incorporated, United Home Service, Inc., United Nations Trading Corporation, United Peoples' Organization, Inc., Universal Equipment Products, Inc., Universal Skyways, Inc., Uptown Acceptance Corporation, Utah Synthetic Rubber Corporation, Utility Products Corporation, Utility and Water Works Service Corporation.

Venrica Development Corp., Veterans Indian River Development, Inc., Victory Film Corporation, Victory Oil & Refining Corporation, Vitamin Concentrates Corporation, Voss Brothers Manufacturing Company.

W. A. Forry Associates, Inc., W-R Mining Company, Wagner Assets Realization Corporation, Walk-A-Chair Corporation, The, Walter 0. Gutlohn Inc., Warren Oil and Gas Co., Washington Lane Corporation, Washington Steamship Corporation, Welders Equipment Corporation, West Coast Sun-Kraft Distributing Company, West Side Improvement Company, Western Pictures Corporation, Wheeler-Gibson Corporation, William Penn Electric Appliance Corporation, Williams Tax & Accounting Service Inc., Wilmington Drug Company, Wilmington Lawn Mower Supply Co., Wimgrisch Foundation, Inc., Winfield Oil Company, Wips, Incorporated, The, Women In Production Service, Inc., World-around Transport and Shipping Co., Wyoming Water Company.

X-Ray House of America, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this fourteenth day of January, in the

(GREAT SEAL) year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and seventy-third,

By the Governor:


WILLIAM J. STOREY, Secretary of State.