Representative Kendra Johnson (D)

Representative (RD 5)
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Dover, DE 19901
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Legislative Service

House, 2018 - Present


Master of Human Services, Lincoln University
Executive Director, Elwyn

Kendra L. Johnson has dedicated her entire career to serving individuals living with disadvantages and life challenges. Having been born and raised in the city of Chester in an extended family environment, it was through that experience where she learned the value of service to others. Those experiences were a catalyst that continue to drive her passion today.


Kendra earned a master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University. After graduation, Kendra assumed a role of Executive Director, for one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious nonprofit organizations in the United States. In that role she excelled with integrity and had the fiscal responsibility of managing and budgeting multimillion dollar contracts and was responsible for oversight of 21 programs in Delaware and Pennsylvania, serving over 1,100 individuals. Kendra has a history of being an active and engaged servant leader who was constantly in the trenches with her teams, leading by example by demonstrating the desired behaviors which enhanced the experiences of the vulnerable individuals that were served under her leadership.


Kendra is currently serving as Director of Community Relations for Conexio Care and CORAS Wellness & Behavioral Health, one of Delaware’s largest providers of human services supports.  

Kendra is also serving on the board of The Ability Network of Delaware, an advocacy group focused on nonprofit providers of Human Services. 


Kendra has been the state representative of the 5th district in Delaware since 2018. She is also serving as the chair of the Delaware Legislative Black Caucus.

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