Former Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D)

Senate Majority Leader (SD 2)
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Legislative Hall
411 Legislative Ave.
Dover, DE 19901
Leghall Phone: 302-744-4191

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B.A. Texas Southern University, M.A. Springfield College
Full Time Legislator
Senator Margaret Rose Henry has been active in the Delaware human service community for over thirty (30) years. She is the first and only African American woman to serve in the Delaware State Senate and has served the 2nd Senatorial District for 20 years. Senator Henry has worked in leadership positions for non-profit organizations and has received many distinguished awards for her exemplary life as a public servant and as an advocate for the rights of citizens throughout the community. Senator Henry has tackled many issues in the Senate such as Education, Economic Development, Gun Control, Juvenile Sentencing, Health and General Welfare, and Civil Justice to name a few. Senator Henry has been very instrumental with her unwavering advocacy of health by sponsoring bills like SB 35 that imposes dollar limits on specialty tier drugs. As a divorced mother, Senator Henry raised two sons, John and Marcus, who are both married and are successful in their own right. She is the proud grandmother of Myles Isaha Henry, Alexander Henry and Gabrielle Henry, who refer to her as "Mimi".

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